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''Yaoi'', also known in Japan as "Boy's Love", is a subgenre of {{Shoujo}} [[QueerRomance focusing on male homosexuality]], for a [[YaoiFangirl predominantly female audience]]. Typical pairings have the {{seme}} and the {{uke}} roles, which signify the characters' roles during sex, penetrative and receptive respectively, and often times even dictate their personalities and masculinity relative to each other. The word itself comes from ''"yamanashi, ochinashi, iminashi"'' (or [[PornWithoutPlot "no climax, no ending, no meaning"]]), though fans have also come up with another memetic acronym: ''"Yamete! Oshiri ga itai!"'' ("Stop it! My ass hurts!")

Sometimes it's just part of the scenery, although most series directly foster what [[{{Fanservice}} the audience expects and likes]], with the plot usually being [[RealityIsUnrealistic quite unrealistic with respect to actual LGBT culture and people]]. Common criticisms include: Yaoi fetishizes and objectifies gay men, and is often claimed to be a genre only for women; the rigid seme/uke dynamic reinforces heteronormative values of masculinity and femininity, from who is allowed to penetrate whom, to the characters' personalities, and their body types; characters [[IfItsYouItsOkay rarely identify as gay or bisexual]], diminishing issues of homophobia and limited gay rights, and removing itself entirely from the LGBT narrative; rape is often fetishized or portrayed as a display of love.

See UsefulNotes/BoysLoveNotes for a list of standard character types and BoysLoveTropes for tropes associated with the genre.

For the corresponding genre aimed specifically at a gay male readership (not female readership), see BaraGenre. For the DistaffCounterpart to this genre, see YuriGenre, or {{Hentai}}.

No relation to the {{Yowie|s and Bunyips and Drop Bears Oh My}}, an UsefulNotes/{{Australian|Wildlife}} cryptid similar to the BigfootSasquatchAndYeti.

If you're looking to write in the genre yourself, see the page on [[SoYouWantTo/WriteAGoodYaoi how to write a good Yaoi]].


[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* ''Manga/AcidTown''
* ''Manga/AmeagariNo10Nenme''
* ''Manga/AnimalX''
* ''Manga/AwkwardSilence''
* ''Manga/BananaFish'' is very, very light on the yaoi—the two men hardly ever touch, and romance is only ever implied. But it's there, all right, if you know where to look.
* ''Manga/BlueSheepReverie''
* ''Manga/BreakfastClub''
* ''Manga/{{Calling}}''
* ''Manga/CasteHeaven'' is a psychological drama that's heavy on NightmareFuel.
* ''Manga/{{Challengers}}''
* ''Manga/{{Chintsubu}}'' is a manga about boys with talking penises.
* ''Manga/CrimsonSpell'' is a hybrid of HeroicFantasy and Boys' Love.
* ''Manga/ACruelGodReigns''
* ''Manga/DekichattaDanshi'' features ChildhoodFriends as the main couple and they raise an infant together.
* ''Manga/TheDemianSyndrome''
* ''Manga/EerieQueerie''
* ''Manga/EndlessWorld'' has drugs, sex, and [[spoiler: suicide]].
* ''Manga/{{FAKE}}'' takes the HoYay inherent in the BuddyCopShow dynamic to its inevitable conclusion. It's also one of the first widely popular yaoi to softpedal the seme/uke dynamic - while it still exists with defined seme and uke, they are very close to equals.
* The ''Manga/FinderSeries'': {{Angst}}y, rapey {{melodrama}}, mostly about a photographer who takes some unwelcome candids of a hot {{yakuza}} boss and is punished for it...
* ''Manga/FishInTheTrap''
* [[/index]]Creator/FujisakiKou is a BL author with roughly a third of her works occuring in the same {{verse}}. These currently include:
** [[index]]''Manga/HappyYarouWedding'' which follows university student Yuuhi and Professor Todou Akira (the elder son of the Todou boss) and Akira's 5 year old son, Shouta.
** ''Manga/VirginLove'', ''Manga/JunaiNoSeinen'' and ''Manga/MensLove'' follow the smutty romance of Todou Group employee Kirishima Kaoru and Mercury executive Daigo Mikihisa.
* ''Manga/FutureLovers'', a two-volume manga series that's relatively realistic and down-to-earth compared to many other BL manga.
* ''Manga/GDefend''
* ''Manga/GorgeousCarat''
* ''{{Manga/Gravitation}}'': Despite its music-themed plot, the main focus is on the relationship between {{Keet}} singer Shuichi Shindou and angsty novelist Eiri Yuki. It (and especially the PornWithoutPlot doujinshi connected to it) also features some of the most strict, stereotypical seme/uke characterization, with the uke Shuichi eventually undergoing {{Wimpification}} to the degree of {{Chickification}} and, in the doujinshi, {{Flanderization}} to the point of appearing childlike.
* ''Manga/HanaNoMizoShiru''
* ''Manga/HaruWoDaiteita'' (''Embracing Love'') is a 14-volume manga series (and 2-episode OVA) concerning two "adult video" actors who are trying to break into mainstream acting.
** ''Anime/WinterCicada'', by the same author, is a series of 3 OVA detailing the romance and eventual suicide of two samurai, set in the Edo Period. It originated as a [[ShowWithinAShow film the two main characters of ''Embracing Love'' were appearing in]].
* ''Manga/TheHeartOfThomas'': one of the very first Boys' Love mangas. Written by Creator/MotoHagio, a contemporary of Creator/KeikoTakemiya.
* ''Manga/HideAndSeek'' AKA ''Himegoto Asobi.'' A love story between a divorced single dad who owns a candy shop and the local pediatrician
* ''Manga/HontoYajuu'' A romantic comedy about the forbidden love between a cop and a yakuza.
* ''Manga/HybridChild'', a collection of oneshots from Nakamura Shungiku revolving around the eponymous "hybrid child", dolls that can gain emotions and grow when given affections from their owners.
* Hyouta Fujiyama has created a number of loosely related stories around the setting of Kinsei High, an all-boys school where "rumor has it" that [[/index]] [[EveryoneIsBi 90% of the student body really is bi]], [[index]]if not gay. Oddly, the main stories always seem to focus on the boys who think they're in the 10%...
** ''Manga/FreefallRomance''
** ''Manga/{{Sunflower}}''
** ''Ordinary Crush''
* ''Manga/IkokuIrokoiRomantan'' AKA ''A Foreign Love Affair'': a romance between an Italian sailor and a man of the Japanese yakuza.
* ''I Shall Never Return'': A relatively early example from the mid-90s; it's notable for averting or subverting many of the more common BL tropes, possibly because of the [[/index]][[UsefulNotes/BoysLoveNotes Uke x Uke relationship type]].[[index]]
* ''Manga/{{Jazz}}''
* ''Manga/JunjouRomantica'': A comedic romance which gives us three couples for the price of one, all three very different but all touching on the theme of SecondLove.
* [[/index]]Creator/KeikoTakemiya[[index]] is the Grand Dame of the genre. Her works include:
** ''In the Sunroom'' (1970), the first known Boys' Love manga story,
** ''Manga/KazeToKiNoUta'' (The Song/Poem of the Wind and Trees) (1976-1984), one of the most influential of the early Boys' Love manga,
** ''The Door into Summer'' (1975), one of the first Boys' Love stories to be made into anime (in 1981).
* ''Manga/KawaiiAkuma'' (and its sequels).
* ''Manga/{{Kirepapa}}'' is an {{OVA}} with a romance between a man and his son's high-school aged best friend. The second OVA focuses on his son and an older man.
* ''Manga/{{Kizuna}}'' is widely regarded as the series that popularized the Boys' Love genre.
* ''Koisuru Boukun'', a.k.a. ''Manga/TheTyrantFallsInLove'', a spin-off from ''Manga/{{Challengers}}''.
* ''Manga/{{Komatta Toki ni wa Hoshi ni Kike}}''
* ''Anime/KoutetsuSangokushi''
* ''Manga/KusattaKyoushiNoHouteishiki''
* ''La Esperança'' is an example of religion-induced melodrama, but it's pulled off quite well
* ''Anime/LegendOfTheBlueWolves'' is an example of crossover with BaraGenre, and qualifies as both Yaoi and plot-heavy Bara.
* ''Manga/LibertyLiberty''
* ''Manga/LittleButterfly''
* ''Manga/LoveMode'': a long-running series about the owner of a men-only "dating club" (read: brothel) and his clients, employees and friends.
* ''Manga/LovePistols'' revolves around highschool kid Norio, whose life has been turned upside down ever since he discovers that primates apparently aren't humanity's only origin. About 30% of humanity are actually descended from other animals such as [[AnimalMotifs dogs, cats, snakes, bears and even]] [[DyingRace mermaids]]. Includes [[MisterSeahorse male pregnancy]].
* ''Manga/LoveStage'' is a collaboration between an Eiki Eiki and Zaou Taishi about an {{otaku}} and an idol.
* ''{{Manga/Madness}}''
* ''Manga/MaidenRose'' (aka ''Hyakujitsu no Bara'') has added the appeal of hot military men in spades.
* ''{{Manga/Marginal}}'': Sci-fi and dystopian series by Creator/MotoHagio set in a world where there is apparently only one woman and the rest are men.
* ''Menkui!''
* ''Manga/NekokaDanshiNoShitsukekata'': Ayane Ukyo's first entry into the BL genre, followed by her more explicit {{Spin Off}}s (all of which ran concurrently in a more explicit sister magazine and under the pseudonym [[PornNames Aya Sakyo]]):
** ''Ikezu Kareshi no Otoshikata''
** ''Nekoka Kareshi no Ayashikata''
** ''Manga/KuronekoKareshiSeries''
** ''Fukigen Kareshi no Nadamekata''
* ''Manga/NotEqual''
* ''Manga/OffBeat'': One of the few OELManga examples.
* ''Manga/OkaneGaNai'': One of the more explicit and violent ones that includes heavy seme/uke dynamic and repeated use of the RapeAndSexualHarassmentTropes, around the themes IfICantHaveYou and the StockholmSyndrome. Stands out for being one the few BoysLoveGenre manga written by a man.
* ''{{Manga/Oyajina}}'': A GenderBender manga about a bunch of female teens that are suddenly turned into middle age men.
* ''Manga/{{Patalliro}}''! An early and long-running satirical manga (1979 ? ongoing) and a rare example of a shounen-ai series by a male mangaka. Also one of the first BL-flavored anime to be produced for television (in 1983-84).
* ''Manga/PornoSuperstar''
* ''Manga/PrinceCharming''
* ''Manga/PrunusGirl''
* ''Manga/RulesUniverse'': A series of manga and doujinshi focusing on Hikaru, his friends, and their love lives.
* ''Manga/SaezuruToriWaHabatakanai''
* ''AudioPlay/SaintBeast'' based off a series of audio dramas (generally considered shounen-ai although the audio dramas are more explicit than the very tame anime series).
* ''Manga/SakendeYaruze''
* ''Manga/TheSecretAgreement''
* ''Manga/SeikimatsuDarling''
* ''Manga/SeitokaichouNiChuukoku'': Campus Romance
* ''Manga/SekaiichiHatsukoi'': A spin-off of ''Manga/JunjouRomantica'' set in the same universe but with new characters at its core story. It features cameos of characters from the previous series.
* ''Manga/SenobiNoHousoku'': A one volume shounen ai story.
* ''Sensitive Pornograph'':
** Manga: A collection of one-chapter short stories, both [[/index]][[PlotWhatPlot rather plotless porn]] ones as well as more story-driven ones.
** Anime: An oxymoronic title for one of the most explicit one-shots of the genre that focuses mainly on {{Fanservice}} and uncensored sex scenes. [[index]]
* ''Manga/SevenDays''
* ''Manga/ShinkuuYuusetsu''
* ''Manga/SorenariNiShinkenNandesu'': Notable for exploring the theme of a [[HasTwoMommies child raised by two men]].
%%Sukisho can be found under Literature%%
* ''Manga/SuperLovers''
* ''Manga/TenCount''
* ''Manga/{{Tsukigasa}}''
* ''Manga/UnderGrandHotel'': an explicit BL manga set in a U.S. prison.
* ''Manga/UsotsukiWaShinshiNoHajimari''
* ''Manga/WalkerUniverse''
* ''Manga/WaruiKotoShitai'' and its related series, ''Kirai ja nai Kedo'' and ''Mujihi na Otoko''
* ''Manga/TheWeathermanIsMyLover'': A romance between a straight-laced newscaster and eccentric weather "fairy".
* ''Manga/WildAdapter'': a subtext-only Noir action series that walks and talks like {{seinen}} and wasn't marketed as BL in the U.S.
* ''Manga/WildFangs'', ''Manga/WildRose'' and ''Manga/WildWind'', part of a series by Yamagishi Hokuto involving half-human, half-beasts.
* ''Manga/WildRock'' by Takashima Kazusa is set in prehistoric times and is a common Boys' Love GatewaySeries.
* ''{{Manga/Yellow}}''
* ''Manga/{{ZE}}'': About the relationships between the different Kotodama-samas and Kami-samas(dolls)
* ''{{Manga/Zetsuai 1989}}'' and its sequel series ''Bronze: Zetsuai Since 1989'': One of the greatest classics of the genre, by Minami Ozaki. The series began as yaoi doujinshi for ''Manga/CaptainTsubasa'', and was spun off into an original tale brimming with melodrama; the word "zetsuai" is a made-up compound meaning something like "desperate love" or (Ozaki's favoured English translation) "everlasting love".

* ''Film/ItsukiNoKimiE''

* ''LightNovel/AiNoKusabi''
* ''Literature/ColdSeries''
* ''{{LightNovel/Corsair}}'' has {{pirate}}s, {{bishonen}} and [[OneOfTheseIsNotLikeTheOthers dub con]].
* ''Literature/DontWorryMama''
* ''LightNovel/{{Esu}}'', otherwise known as ''S'', is a detective and yakuza light novel series.
* ''Literature/TheGoldenFeather''
* ''LightNovel/ImmoralDarkness''
* ''The Man Who Doesn't Take Off His Clothes''
* ''LightNovel/MirageOfBlaze''
* ''Literature/MoDaoZuShi'', one of the most popular Chinese BL novel as of Jan 2018. Has been adapted into a manhua with an anime adaptation slated for Summer 2018.
* The ''LightNovel/OnlyTheRingFingerKnows'' books are many people's GatewaySeries into this genre, due to their interesting (if generic) plot and light romantic scenes. There is also a manga.
* ''Sleeping With Money''
* ''LightNovel/{{Sukisho}}'', which started out as a novel, and expanded to an anime and BoysLoveGame.

* ''Manhwa/ImAtEndOfYourSight''
* ''Manhwa/LetDai''

* The song ''Stab Me In The Back'' by Music/XJapan is a fairly graphic description of IntercourseWithYou between two men in its original version (the 1987 and live version, not the ''Jealousy'' version), and qualifies as ''both'' this and BaraGenre due to the appearance of the band when they performed it, though, with some of the band members likely having been/being bisexual, it's probably closer to bara.
* The VisualKei duet Music/{{Adams}} centers around the idea of the duet being male lovers, and they are consciously a mix of {{yaoi}} and {{bara}} aesthetic.
* Some VisualKei PerformanceVideo and promotional video tends in this direction due to fanservice or symbolism - see the Visual Kei entry below.
* There are various song parodies of the "Yaranaika" meme (you may not name or link to the work it originated from, as that work is ''definitely'' a violation of site rules). The most well known are "Yaranaika (Balalaika)," "World Is Abe," "Crash Man," and "GONG." These vary in whether they are classified as bara (as the story the meme originated from was) or yaoi. They also vary in explicitness - the Balalaika remix is usually "safe" if [[BilingualBonus no one around]] [[ForeignCussWord understands Japanese]] (which is how [[RefugeInAudacity someone in one of the more famous videos got away with performing it in a mall in Muslim-majority Indonesia]]), and "GONG" the most visually so and only allowable on Youtube because of its heavy use of parody censor items (roses, lightsabers, [[SerialEscalation golden wings]])

[[folder:Video Games]]
* [[Creator/AliceSoft Alice Blue]], produced two Boys Love [[Main/RolePlayingGame RPGs]] (Oujisama [=Lv1=], Oujisama [=Lv2=]) and a BL simulation game (Ore no Shita de Agake) before [[Main/ScrewedByTheNetwork going under]].

[[folder:Visual Novels]]
* The works of ''Creator/{{Nitroplus}}[=CHiRAL=]'', the most notable and popular developer. Their titles tends to be DarkerAndEdgier with heaps of NightmareFuel.
* Altough not as popular as N+C, ''Spray'' is also a notable developer, with foreign fans knowing them for the VisualNovel/GakuenHeaven series. Additionally they once did a {{Crossover}} artbook with the above-mentioned [=Nitro+CHiRAL=].
* ''VisualNovel/AnimamundiDarkAlchemist''
* ''VisualNovel/DreamSaviorGakuen''
* ''VisualNovel/HanaKiSou''
* ''VisualNovel/LuckyDog1''
* ''VisualNovel/{{Messiah}}''
* ''Miracle Noton''
* ''VisualNovel/{{Morenatsu}}'' is akemono example
* ''VisualNovel/NoThankYou''
* ''VisualNovel/SilverChaos2ArtificialMermaid''
* ''VisualNovel/{{Steal}}''

* ''Webcomic/{{Artifice}}''
* ''Webcomic/{{Avialae}}'': Ordinary teen-abruptly-turned-bird-boy and his bird-geek neighbor fall in love.
* ''Webcomic/BloodBank'': A vampire falls in love with a human who isn't all he seems to be. BDSM- and gore-heavy, and highly unsafe for work.
* ''Webcomic/{{Chasing Ice}}'': A yaoi-esque romance but with burly men instead of bishonen.
* ''Webcomic/DemonOfTheUnderground''
* ''Webcomic/{{Devoto}}''
* ''Webcomic/FriendsTillDeath'' has WordOfGod stating there will be boy's love content, although the comic hasn't reached that point yet.
* ''Webcomic/HoneydewSyndrome''
* ''{{Webcomic/Hotblood}}'', with an extra helping of centaur InterspeciesRomance.
* ''Webcomic/IncubusTales'' Nsfw at points, but the focus is on story.
* ''Webcomic/{{Paradox}}''
* ''Webcomic/PinkBlack'' has the main characters Sifris and Terence being rather close in promotional and extra art. It's already been [[WordOfGod stated by the creator that it is this]]
* ''Webcomic/KhaosKomix''
* ''Webcomic/SeiyuuCrush'' is a BoysLove comic that also parodies yaoi with fictional drama CD and dating-sim games that the characters lend their voices to.
* ''Webcomic/{{Starfighter}}''
* ''Webcomic/StickyDillyBuns'' isn't full-on yaoi, but could be considered a lightweight western version, with Dillon and Jerzy as resident YaoiGuys. The concept is also extensively alluded to within the comic; see below.
* ''Webcomic/{{Teahouse}}'' features three main male pairings. Be warned, it's NSFW in spots.
* ''Webcomic/TechnicolorLondon'' features a gay couple among other gay (and a few straight) characters.
* ''Webcomic/TrippingOverYou'' features two boys in love at a British boarding school
* ''Webcomic/WhatHappensInCarpediem''
* ''Webcomic/YaoiTales'' is essentially Disney fairy tales...[[CaptainObvious but yaoi]].
* ''Webcomic/YoungProtectors''

[[folder:Web Original]]
* This ficlet: ''[[http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2822811/1/All_I_Ever_Wanted All I Ever Wanted]]''.
* This is pretty much the premise of ''[[http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2718227/1 Fragile]]''.
* This serial fic: ''WebOriginal/{{Rauhattomat}}''.

!!Works commonly mistaken for BL:

[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* ''Manga/ZeroSevenGhost'' frequently dances right on the edge of this trope without coming right out and saying it. Teito and Mikage's relationship teases at it, and Kuroyuri and Haruse darn near imply it. Not to mention Hakuren's outright statement that he does "not like women", with a couple of exceptions.
* ''Manga/{{Adekan}}'' by Tsukiji Nao, is a historical shoujo manga featuring Yoshiwara Shiro, a sexy umbrella maker and Yamada Kojiro, an uptight but kind-hearted police officer. It is especially notable for its impossibly detailed art, as well as the sheer quantity of steaming Fanservice and innuendo. It's so blatant that the series could almost be considered as a BL on its own, though it never crosses that line.
* ''WebComic/AxisPowersHetalia''. Despite being a major CastFullOfPrettyBoys and having ''two'' not [[WillTheyOrWontThey entirely]] confirmed canon male-on-male pairings ([[OppositesAttract Germany×Italy]] and one-sided Sweden×Finland if you ask, not to mention all the other male-on-male ShipTease), this fanservice is almost entirely PlayedForLaughs, the story doesn't revolve around those relationships, and it's marketed as seinen.
* ''Manga/{{Berserk}}'' is a ''very'' gritty violent seinen manga/anime. The very pretty male Griffith and the manly Guts have an [[HoYay interesting dynamic]] which led to many to question whether their relationship was more than just brotherly and about Griffith's [[AmbiguouslyBi sexual orientation]].
* ''Manga/BetrayalKnowsMyName'' mostly has males in the cast, very occupied in confessing their [[HoYay mutual admiration]] for each other and they even have a pet dragon called "Sodom". Several sites tag this series as shounen ai but officially it's shoujo.
* Creator/{{CLAMP}} loves YaoiGuys and HoYay (they have their own [[HoYay.{{CLAMP}} Ho Yay page]]), but so far they have not published any official Boys' Love. CLAMP works that are particularly yaoi-esque include:
** The formerly suspended ''Manga/LegalDrug'' series, which has since returned and been renamed "Drug & Drop", is for all intents and purposes a very slow-moving Boys' Love story.
** Subaru and Seishirou of ''Manga/TokyoBabylon'' are more or less in a romantic relationship, although it might not be [[MindGameShip the kind]] you imagined at first.
** Unsurprisingly, Creator/{{CLAMP}} has their beginnings in shounen-ai doujinshi, one of the most well-known of which is of Jotaro and Kakyoin from ''Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventure'', of all things.
* ''Manga/BlackButler'' is officially {{Shonen}} despite the rampant ShipTease and DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything and the little fact that both times Sebestian had sex, it was with women...
* ''Manga/TheCorneredMouseDreamsOfCheese'' and ''Manga/TheCarpOnTheChoppingBlockJumpsTwice'' was serialized in ''Judy'', a {{Josei}} magazine.
* ''Manga/DeathNote'': Although there is plenty of FoeYay and HoYay subtext to go around, it is officially {{Shounen}}.
* ''Manga/DescendantsOfDarkness'' (aka ''Yami no Matsuei'') has a rather complicated LoveDodecahedron involving most (male) main characters, but focuses mainly on the love/hate [[LoveTriangle triangle]] between the psychopath Doctor Muraki, Tsuzuki Asato, and Kurosaki Hisoka. It's officially {{shoujo}}.
* ''Manga/DNAngel'' [[ShipTease ship teases]] Satoshi and Daisuke like crazy to the point of people in story and out story assuming they're a couple. It's really shoujo.
* ''Manga/GameXRush'': At times it seems to run on HoYay, without ever crossing the line to actual Boys' Love.
* ''Anime/{{Gankutsuou}}'': Albert's relationships with the Count and Franz are dripping with subtext, though it's more text on Franz's part.
* ''Manga/GetBackers'': Not only does it have copious amounts of HoYay between its [[CastFullOfPrettyBoys many beautiful male characters]], but the artist of the manga is also a self-admitted YaoiFanboy, and [[http://www.animepaper.net/art/67772/charaberrys-vol2%E3%80%80atsuko-nakajima the]] [[http://www.animepaper.net/art/19449/get-backers-picture anime]] [[http://www.animepaper.net/art/19451/get-backers-picture contains]] [[http://www.animepaper.net/art/19448/untitled several]] [[http://www.animepaper.net/art/4020/ban-x-ginji suggestive]] [[http://www.animepaper.net/art/4019/gb-and-yua artworks]]. In fact, one of the most commonly asked questions about ''Manga/GetBackers'' is whether or not it’s a Yaoi series. The truth? It’s actually a gritty Shounen manga with [[GagBoobs tons]] [[PantyShot of]] FanService ([[MaleGaze for the guys]]).
* ''Manga/GoldenDays'' has shounen ai elements but it was published in Hana to Yume.
* The lead of ''Manga/HanaKimi'' is only ''[[WholesomeCrossdresser dressed]]'' like a boy, but Boys' Love romances abound among the supporting cast.
* ''Hands Off!'' due to the absurd amounts of subtext between two of the male characters, which gets mentioned a lot - but is completely about [=ESPers=].
* ''Manga/IlegenesKokuyouNoKiseki'' is shoujo but the [[HoYay relationships between the male characters]] and especially the cover art depicting them in close positions have many fans asking if it's boys love.
* ''Manga/JyuOhSei'': Women are very scarce on Chimera, and tend to live separately from men. As a result, a lot of otherwise straight men aren't against going for the next best thing (read: [[EvenTheGuysWantHim Thor]]). There's also blatant HoYay between Thor and Third, and Thor and Zagi. Zagi especially can't keep his hands off of Thor, especially in the manga (where the Ho Yay is so obvious that Karim who's Zagi's love interest gets jealous of Thor). Third prefers the "getting in his face" method. It's officially shoujo.
* ''Manga/KaguyaHime'' is a shoujo manga with characters blurring the lines between male and female with gender identity being one of the main themes as well as LGBT scenes figuring same sex relationships.
* ''Manga/KarakuridoujiUltimo'', while heavily in the {{Shonen}} robot genre, and not to mention being authored by ''the creators of Manga/ShamanKing and SpiderMan'', is becoming more and more known for its Boys' Love subtext. The main character Yamato's best friend Rune becomes evil due to his jealousy of Yamato liking somebody else. This... leads to some [[AttemptedRape surprising and horrifying]] situations. Whether this was intentional or not is unknown; don't think anybody would have the guts to ask Hiroyuki Takei or [[Creator/StanLee Stan FREAKING Lee]] about this.
** The subtext becomes so strong that when Part Three comes around, Viz Media pulls Ultimo from Shonen Jump.
* ''Anime/ProjectK'' is loaded with ShipTease and FoeYay between kings and vanguards with a cast full of pretty boys. It would have made a really good shounen-ai series if it weren't for its Shounen label.
* ''LightNovel/KyoKaraMaoh'' is a series about a boy who becomes king of the demon realm; in the process of doing so, he [[AccidentalMarriage accidentally proposes marriage]] to another man. It's officially {{shoujo}}.
* ''Manga/TheLegendOfTheGalacticHeroes'' was published in a boys love magazine even though its actually a cross between the shoujo/shounen demographic.
* ''Manga/{{Loveless}}'' was originally published in Monthly Comic Zero Sum, a magazine that was looking for crossover shonen/shoujo readership (although it has since turned into a shoujo mag), so it's not officially considered BL. It has the added bonuses of {{Nekomimi}} and a pair of SchoolgirlLesbians. Not to mention all the horror and MindScrew.
* ''Manga/MonochromeFactor'' is ridden with pretty boys and HoYay in the anime and is sometimes labelled as a shounen-ai even though it's officially a seinen.
* Manga sites often mistakenly tag ''Manga/NabariNoOu'' as BL. You can't [[http://www.mangareader.net/683-33517-40/nabari-no-ou/chapter-42.html really]] [[http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/30_5_2547.jpg blame]] [[http://www.mangareader.net/683-33515-2/nabari-no-ou/chapter-40.html them]] [[http://www.mangareader.net/683-33525-67/nabari-no-ou/chapter-50.html though]]. Not surprisingly, it's serialized in the same magazine as ''Manga/BlackButler''.
* ''Manga/{{Naruto}}'' features the relationship between Haku and Zabuza, along with other male/male subtext examples as well as the hugely popular Sasuke/Naruto. Some fans are of the assumption that the manga was originally meant to be shounen-ai due to the fact that Naruto and Sasuke get about as much ShipTease as the heterosexual relationships, especially on cover pages and in the anime too. Even after [[spoiler: Naruto marries Hinata and Sasuke marries Sakura in the epilogue]] some fans still prefer Naruto and Sasuke together.
* ''Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion'' falls into the shounen/seinen demographic and one of the series' popular aspects was the [[HoYay relationship between Shinji and Kaworu]]. This was to the point where KHARA released engraved Kaworu and Shinji wedding bands and necklaces from wedding company KISS that read "Good things happen when we play together". In the original drafts of Kaworu's appearance, the HoYay was meant to be even more blatant. Originally, they were going to go skinny dipping in the ocean together, [[http://anneemay.tumblr.com/post/41516408265/kawoshin-kiss-scene-that-was-supposed-to-be-in-the kiss]], and Shinji was actually going to confess his feelings for Kaworu.
* Rare {{shonen}} example of a male-male romance: ''Manga/NoBra'', a {{manga}} where a guy falls in love with a WholesomeCrossdresser.
* ''LightNovel/{{No 6}}'' does this with Nezumi and Shion. Things essentially get more HoYay fueled with every episode/chapter, including a "good-night kiss" and a "good-bye kiss", eventually ending with them [[spoiler:becoming the OfficialCouple]]. Despite this, the series is typically considered shoujo/josei rather than shounen-ai.
* ''Manga/PandoraHearts'' has multiple instances with HoYay and the main character's friend having a huge infatuation with him and often fights with the main love interest for his affection as a result. Regardless, you can interpret it as HoYay, overprotectiveness or [[{{Yandere}} something else entirely]].
* ''Manga/PeacemakerKurogane'' has an incredible amount of HoYay subtext/text (?), a {{Bishonen}} main cast and the one female love interest is very boring so it's not surprising some would consider it Boys' Love.
* ''Manga/PrincessPrincess'' does this with having the very feminine guys dress up as girls to be adored by the male population of their school. Not to mention all the HoYay between Tooru and Yuujirou. It's officially shoujo even though it's sometimes tagged as shounen-ai.
* ''Manga/{{Saiyuki}}'' is a shounen manga about four pretty guys traveling together on an epic journey, spending most of their time in close proximity. There would be too much HoYay to list even if the mangaka wasn't a former yaoi doujinshi artist who deliberately adds to it.
* ''Manga/SakuraGari'' is serialized in ''Rinka'', a {{Josei}} magazine, despite male/male relationships being rampant.
* ''Manga/SeraphOfTheEnd'' is a shounen anime/manga which plays up the relationship between Yuu and Mika and other male characters a lot to the point where fans wonder if it's shounen ai.
* ''Manga/SilverDiamond'' has gotten this reputation (its a shoujo manga). Probably due to in story art and cover art featuring Chigusa with Rikan in suggestive positions.
* ''Manga/ShounenNote'': Shounen Note attracts both an LGBT fanbase and a music-loving fanbase. It has several canonically LGBT characters and several implied ones. This is unsurprising, as it's written by the same X-gender mangaka who made ''Manga/NabariNoOu'' and ''Manga/ShimanamiTasogare''. Though it's seinen, not shounen ai.
* ''Manga/{{Tactics}}''. The characters are so gay that the authors themselves have made yaoi doujinshi of them. (Specifically, "Lovesick".) Kantarou and Haruka in particular are the most notable example, and it's more apparent in the manga than in the anime but still there. It's not shounen-ai, though, but shounen, and was featured in Monthly Comic Avarus, the same magazine that ''Manga/{{Vassalord}}'' was featured in.
* ''Manga/TokyoGhoul'' has rampant HoYay generated by Tsukiyama towards [[AmbiguouslyBi Kaneki]] in the anime and manga as well as other HoYay subtext examples. This, as well as the fact that the series has canon LGBT characters with Tsukiyama (pansexual/bisexual), homosexual Drag Queen Nico, and leaves a rather ambiguous situation concerning Juuzou's gender identity. There's also Naki's "yearning" towards his big bro Yamori and one of his subordinates refers to Naki in a romantic fashion. Also, the sequel has earned considerable praise for the gender non-conforming Tooru Mutsuki. His [[HoYay relationships with other males]] and canon [[spoiler: romantic feelings for Kaneki/Sasaki as revealed in chapter 114]] is also something to take note of. There's also the reveal of [[spoiler: Matsuri Washuu being a homosexual man with feelings for Urie.]] Despite all this it's actually a very dark and gritty seinen manga/anime.
* ''Manga/{{Vassalord}}'' features the relationship between Charles and Rayflo with various blood sucking scenes that [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything remind one of boys love]]. It's officially shoujo.
* The four {{Bishonen}} protagonists of ''Anime/WeissKreuz'' and their [[PsychoRangers opposite numbers]] are all canonically heterosexual, but their status as terminal {{Doom Magnet}}s combined with copious amounts of [[HoYay subtext]] has gained it a reputation as a Boys Love series.
* It's already safe to say that the amount of homoerotic subtext in the figure skating anime ''Anime/YuriOnIce'' exceeds ''all the subtext'' that can be found in other sports anime like ''Manga/KurokoNoBasuke'', ''Manga/{{Haikyuu}}'', ''Anime/{{Free}}'', etc. -- '''[[UpToEleven combined]]'''. It's because of this that's its garnered a reputation as a boys love series despite not actually being boys love, as it's marketed as a sports story first and foremost. [[spoiler: The fact the main characters, who are both men, ''actually'' become a couple halfway through the series helps]].
* ''Manga/{{Yuureitou}}'' has a LGBTFanbase with its [[CastFullOfGay cast full of gay and bisexual men]] and the main character Tetsuo is a handsome trans man who eventually falls in love with the male Amano and vice versa. Its because of this that fans have mistaken it for being a BoysLove manga despite it not being labelled as such. It's actually a dark seinen manga.

[[folder: {{Manhwa}}]]
* ''Manhwa/DemonDiary'' has several fans wondering if the male character are in a relationship or not.

[[folder: {{Music}}]]
* VisualKei provides a complicated, multilayered case. Early on, the scene ''was'' a safe haven to some degree for ''actual'' bisexuals and gay men, owing to its descent in part from Kabuki and other theatre, its androgynous aesthetic, that (while no one from them actually came out in a traditional manner until ''much'' later) some of the members of the founding bands of the scene were either gay or bisexual or allies of gay or bisexual friends, and that at the beginning displays of man on man sexuality were seen as a way to shock Japanese society at large and flip off the "to grow up you must marry a woman and have kids" and "we will pretend real gay and bisexual people don't exist in Japan" societal standards of TheEighties and [[TheNineties early 1990s]] Japan. As the scene developed in TheNineties and the fujoshi / YaoiFangirl was recognized as a demographic to whom the HoYay and {{fanservice}} appealed, straight artists began to engage in it solely for the sake of making money and attracting fangirls, which led to a backlash of people considering it insulting or denying the presence of the actual gay or bi men in the scene, in a sort of gender inversion of how LesYay is [[SweepsWeekLesbianKiss often considered]]. It's kind of reached an odd equilibrium at this point, with plenty of straight men pretending to be YaoiGuys for the fangirls, but a fair amount of ''actual'' bisexuals and gay men as well (especially with the older bands, which are more likely to have these as opposed to 100 percent straights faking it)

!!Use of BL manga/anime itself as a trope (for uses of BL tropes outside BL, see YaoiGuys):

[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* In ''Manga/CodenameSailorV'', Marie Buraidaru admits to writing yaoi {{doujinshi}} about Phantom Ace.
* One of the girls in ''Manga/MahouSenseiNegima'' brought some yaoi to class once and shoved it in Nodoka's face, [[DoesNotLikeMen much to her consternation]]. TheAbridgedSeries {{lampshades}} it.
* In ''Manga/NoMatterHowILookAtItItsYouGuysFaultImNotPopular'', the main character buys a BL visual novel.
* Mio in ''{{Manga/Nichijou}}'' draws yaoi manga as a hobby, and is mortified by the thought of anyone else discovering it. At one point she [[CurbStompBattle goes as far]] as to [[HumanHammerThrow beat up]] [[MeddlesomePatrolman a cop]], her [[SlapstickKnowsNoGender best friend]], an [[ElderAbuse old man]] and a ''[[WhatMeasureIsANonCute goat]]'' in order to get it back.
* ''LightNovel/HaiyoreNyarkoSan'' has something of a RunningGag where aliens find protagonist Mahiro so attractive that they keep trying to cast him in BL media -- whether he likes it or not (and he most certainly does not). In the novels and first TV series, he's almost auctioned off to star in "[[Manga/OkaneGaNai a sparkly love-hate drama about a pretty boy bought by a young businessman]]". In the second season he finds out that an alien doujin circle has produced a yaoi manga about him; when he finds out, he buys the manga and burns it, partly to keep it out of his UnwantedHarem's hands but mostly just to destroy it.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* In ''ComicBook/{{Empowered}}'', Emp tries to freak her male teammates by showing them X-rated yaoi {{doujinshi}} starring themselves. [[InsultBackfire They decide they're flattered]].

[[folder:Video Games]]
* The ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfHeroesTrailsOfColdSteel'' games have a RunningGag of a girl named Dorothee who is head of the Thors Military Academy Literature Club, but her entire taste in literature is this. One of your playable characters, Emma, joins the club not knowing of her taste in literature and throughout the game, Dorothee works to try to corrupt others into becoming fans of this genre.

* CoolAndUnusualPunishment in [[http://www.missmab.com/Comics/Vol_471.php this strip]] of ''Webcomic/DanAndMabsFurryAdventures''.
* In ''Webcomic/QuestionableContent'', Marigold gets annoyed at Hannelore for mixing her yaoi in with the rest of her manga. Pretty soon they're watching yaoi anime together.
* ''Webcomic/StickyDillyBuns'' first alludes to the concept [[http://www.stickydillybuns.com/strips-sdb/i_do_not_speak_japanese here,]] and Ruby's new, naive, but intense [[YaoiFangirl interest in yaoi]] rapidly becomes a major point of her characterization.

* In the episode "Tweek x Craig" of ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'', Tweek and Craig are MistakenForGay due to the Asian girls drawing a bunch of Yaoi artwork. Not only does Wendy give a lecture about the topic of Yaoi, all the drawings in the episode are actual fanart submitted by fans for this episode.