%% Before you add a work, especially if it's about animals: Is the work set in an animal parallel of human society? Do the non-human characters talk the way humans do? Do the non-human characters consistently use human reasoning? Do the non-human characters do things that are typically associated with humans? If one or more of these things is the case, this book is NOT xenofiction and do not index it on this page.

Literary works that take the point of view of normal or intelligent animals, or nonhumanoid aliens, with particular attention to differences in perception or outlook.

Keep in mind that {{Xenofiction}} is not synonymous with anthropomorphic.

If you can replace the non-humans with (maybe superpowered) humans without too much trouble, it's probably not {{Xenofiction}}. {{Beast Fable}}s and works about {{Funny Animal}}s are, in general, not examples.
* ''Literature/AfterManAZoologyOfTheFuture''
* ''Comicbook/AgeOfReptiles''
* ''WesternAnimation/TheAnimalsOfFarthingWood''
* Parts of the ''Literature/{{Animorphs}}'' series
* ''Literature/{{Bambi}}''
* ''Literature/BlackBeauty''
* ''Literature/TheBookOfTheDunCow''
* ''Literature/TheBookOfNightWithMoon''
* ''Literature/TheBookOfTheNamed''
* ''Literature/{{Bravelands}}''
* ''Literature/{{Bunnicula}}''
* ''Literature/BurgessBedtimeStories''
* ''Literature/TheCallOfTheWild''
* ''Literature/CharlottesWeb''
* ''Literature/ChildrenOfTime''
* ''Manga/CrimsonsTheScarletNavigatorsOfTheOcean''
* ''Literature/TheCrucibleOfTime''
* ''Literature/{{Darkeye}}''
* ''Literature/{{Dinotopia}}''
* ''Literature/ADogsLife''
* ''Literature/ADogsPurpose''
* ''Literature/DunctonQuest''
* ''Literature/DunctonWood''
* ''Literature/{{Embassytown}}''
* ''Literature/EndersGame'': Though not really explored until the end of [[FirstInstallmentWins the first book]].
** ''Literature/SpeakerForTheDead'' does explore xenofiction, as does...
** ''Literature/{{Xenocide}}'', and...
** ''Literature/ChildrenOfTheMind''
* ''Literature/EyeOfTheWolf''
* ''Literature/{{Felidae}}''
* ''Literature/FireBringer''
* ''Literature/TheFirebringerTrilogy''
* ''Literature/FirekeeperSaga''
* ''Literature/{{Firstborn}}''
* ''Literature/{{Flatland}}''
* ''Literature/TheFoxAndTheHound''
* ''[[Literature/MySideOfTheMountain Frightful's Mountain]]'' and its sequels.
* ''[[{{Manga/Gon}} Gon]]''
* ''Literature/GuardiansOfGaHoole''
* ''Literature/{{Highsong}}'': A science-fiction novelette that features a sapient dolphin's POV as she fights a HordeOfAlienLocusts.
* ''Literature/TheIncredibleJourney'': During the chapters where the animals are alone, anyway; when humans show up, the perspective tends to shift to them.
* ''Literature/TheIronTeeth''
* ''Literature/JonathanLivingstonSeagull''
* ''Literature/JulieOfTheWolves''
* ''Literature/ManAfterManAnAnthropologyOfTheFuture'': Features the POV of various species of future humans, some of them just like us, some radically different, some not even sapient.
* ''Literature/TheMistmantleChronicles''
* ''Literature/MrsFrisbyAndTheRatsOfNIMH''
* ''Peep the Mouse'': A story by Vitaliy Bianki, about a non-sapient mouse.
* ''Literature/TheNewDinosaursAnAlternativeEvolution''
* ''[[Literature/HumanxCommonwealth Nor Crystal Tears]]'' by Alan Dean Foster.
* ''Literature/{{Orthogonal}}''
* ''Literature/ThePlagueDogs''
* ''Literature/ProfessorMmaasLecture''
* ''Literature/QuintaglioAscension''
* ''Literature/{{Quozl}}''
* ''Literature/RaptorRed''
* ''Comicbook/RexTheWonderDog''
* ''Literature/{{Runt}}''
* ''Literature/TheNineLivesOfRomeoCrumb''
* ''{{WesternAnimation/Scruffy}}''
* ''Literature/SeekerBears''
* ''Film/ShortCircuit''
* ''Literature/TheSight''
* ''Literature/{{Silverwing}}''
* ''Literature/SnotStew''
* ''Literature/SurvivorDogs''
* ''Literature/TailchasersSong''
* ''Literature/TalesFromDimwoodForest''
* ''Literature/TheTygrineCat''
* ''Literature/{{Uplift}}''
* ''Literature/VarjakPaw''
* ''Literature/WarriorCats''
** ''Literature/WarriorCatsTheOriginalSeries''
** ''Literature/WarriorCatsTheNewProphecy''
** ''Literature/WarriorCatsPowerOfThree''
** ''Literature/WarriorCatsOmenOfTheStars''
** ''Literature/WarriorCatsDawnOfTheClans''
** ''Literature/WarriorCatsAVisionOfShadows''
** ''Literature/WarriorCatsNovellas''
* ''Literature/WatershipDown''
* ''Literature/WhiteFang''
* ''Literature/TheWindwaterPack''
* ''Literature/TheWolfChronicles''
* ''Literature/ZonesOfThought'': The books of this trilogy tend to feature at least [[TwoLinesNoWaiting two major plotlines]] simultaneously, one of which is full of spacefaring humans, the other of which focuses primarily on a non-spacefaring alien civilization and its technological development. Creator/VernorVinge goes to great lengths to illustrate both their similarities to humans as well as their staggeringly ''[[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin alien]]'' differences.