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->''"...his face which was a paper-white mask of evil -- sang us this song"''
-->-- '''Music/TheyMightBeGiants''', "Turn Around"

[[MalevolentMaskedMen Masks]] are spooky: they dehumanise, they make a dangerous [[UncannyValley inhuman]] inner being visible. White masks occupy a special place. They have a long history in several cultures. Being white, they are blanker and scarier, offering nothing for the eye to hold on to. And look like [[RuleOfScary skulls]].

Sometimes our imagination will dwell on what is ''[[NothingIsScarier under]]'' the snow-pure mask: ghastly disfigurement? [[TheBlank Nothing at all]]?

Bonus points if the rest of the character is dark to accentuate the mask. Being white it'll show [[WhiteShirtOfDeath bloodstains]] starkly.

Note that the mask doesn't have to be ''pure'' white; any mask that is paler in color than most human skin tones and relatively featureless fits this trope.

Anime and manga have [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Noh Noh masks]] to draw inspiration from. Western tradition has [[http://costumes.lovetoknow.com/Greek_Drama_Masks Greek drama masks]], {{plague doctor}}s, [[MonsterClown scary clowns]], TheKlan, and [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carnival_of_Venice#Venetian_carnival_masks Venetian Carnival masks]]. Mexicans have the calavera masks of Dia de los Muertos ([[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast Day of the Dead]]).

This trope is fairly widespread in {{Anime}} and {{Manga}}. Compare CoolMask. Sometimes doubles as a MaskOfPower. SubTrope of MalevolentMaskedMen.

See also: TheBlank.



[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* [[TheHeartless Hollows]] in ''Manga/{{Bleach}}''.
* ''Anime/ErgoProxy'' - The Proxy of Death, [[CharacterTitle Ergo Proxy]] himself.
* ''Anime/TenchiMuyo'' - Kain in the first movie has one of these which is also an ExpressiveMask, since it turns out to be his real face. It becomes more creepy as he becomes more desperate in the final battle.
* Noh-Face from ''Anime/SpiritedAway''. Noh-Face is first encountered as a partial black cloak and a white mask. Later his body grows a horrible maw, jarring with the lost-child-in-pain expression of the mask.
* Several of the [[EldritchAbomination Angels]] in ''Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion'' have what look like white, flattened {{plague doctor}} masks.
* Assassin apparel in ''VisualNovel/PhantomOfInferno''.
* Hei from ''Anime/DarkerThanBlack'': see the page picture. Unusually, he's the [[AntiHero hero]], if one [[TheCowl prone to]] [[MookHorrorShow being rather scary]].
* ''Manga/PokemonSpecial'' - The brainwashed kids under Mask of Ice in the manga.
* ''Manga/{{Naruto}}''
** Haku's mask in the Land of Waves arc has no mouth and thin slits for eyes.
** The ANBU members wear similar animal-shaped ceramic masks.
** Then there's Naruto's six-tailed form, in which [[DemonicPossession a fox skull engulfs his head]].
** [[spoiler:After Konan destroyed his old mask, Tobi began wearing a dull gray mask carved with the pattern of a Sharingan.]]
* Turkey/the Ottoman Empire in ''Manga/AxisPowersHetalia''.
* ''Anime/MagicalGirlLyricalNanohaAs'' - The villainous MysteriousProtector is another mask with no mouth and thin slits for eyes.
* ''Manga/LiarGame'' - The dealers and most attendants are MalevolentMaskedMen with white masks.
* Death 13 from ''Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventure'' is a ''dream-haunting clown-themed GrimReaper'' that wears an incessantly smiling clown mask. [[spoiler: actually that may not be true, since that is more than likely his face]].
* Larva from ''Manga/VampirePrincessMiyu''.
* ''Manga/SoulEater'' - Lord Death had a simple skull-shaped mask he made to deliberately avoid looking scary to the small children he wanted to recruit to his school. He added a sillier personality to match, which he took to very well in the long run. His older, much more skull-like mask is doomier. Kid occasionally copies his father's appearance with a cloak and mask of his own. But in his case it just looks ''cute''.
** Which makes it even more of a Tear Jerker [[spoiler: when he officially replaces his late father, mask and all.]]
* ''Manga/SayonaraZetsubouSensei'' had a MagicalGirl parody, and Sensei's villain mask and costume [[http://img.kyon.pl/img/6529,screencap,Sayonara_Zetsubou_Sensei,parody,Darker_than_Black,.html seen here]] happen to be a dead-ringer for Hei's outfit, emphasizing how "evil looking" Hei's costume is.
* The Knights of Paris in ''Anime/{{Noir}}''.
* Go down to "Real Life". Look at the {{plague doctor}} mask. One of Cardinal Mozgus's lackeys in ''Manga/{{Berserk}}'' wears it. He's actually a decent guy, but is he ''ever'' on the wrong side...
* Rau le Creuset from ''Anime/MobileSuitGundamSEED''.
** A majority of [[CharClone Char Clones]] in ''Franchise/{{Gundam}}'' sport a white mask in reference to the original.
* Played with with Kuze in ''Anime/GhostInTheShellStandAloneComplex''. Though the face of his white-skinned cybernetic body has been custom sculpted by a famous artist, it has no facial muscles and Kuze doesn't even move his mouth when speaking, so its perfect beauty is always maintained and never twisted.
* In ''Anime/CodeGeass'', Shirley's nightmares [[http://i154.photobucket.com/albums/s240/brian_blogger/Folder%20Two/cgr2-1302.jpg are plagued with these]] in an episode of R2, [[spoiler:when she regains her memories and realizes that ''a lot of people'' are lying to her]]. As well, [[http://codegeass.wikia.com/wiki/File:Cs_World.jpg the metaphysical mask]] found in C's World can be considered a case of this, as it represents the masks that people wear (read: ''lies'') caused by being individuals. It resembles the masks that Shirley had nightmares of, although this was coincidental; the masks were simply a recurring theme.
* The Norza in ''Anime/RedPhotonZillion''.
* In the latest ''Manga/{{Golgo 13}}'' anime, a cult leader named Gabriel wears one of these. Beneath the mask... [[TheGrotesque well]]
* ''Franchise/YuGiOh'': [[http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Guardian_Dreadscythe Guradian Dreadscythe]].
* ''Anime/YuGiOh5Ds'': Aki Izayoi/Akiza Izinski in her Black Rose Witch/Black Rose persona.
* Kurei from ''Manga/FlameOfRecca'' always wears a mask when going into battle, and has worn three different ones over the course of the series. What's under his mask? Nothing really, just a badass-looking scar.
* The villain Gargoyle in ''Anime/NadiaTheSecretOfBlueWater'' wears a white mask all throughout the series, making an already terrifying character even creepier. We never see his face until the end of the series.
* The [[{{Mooks}} Pawn rank]] Chess Pieces in ''Manga/{{MAR}}''.
* ''Manga/BloodyMonday: Last Season'' has terrorists in white masks crashing international gathering of dignitaries. Fortunately the masks help the counter-terrorists infiltrate the group; unfortunately [[spoiler: the counter-terrorists don't know about the special paint that could be seen with the masks' lenses]].
* Herschel from ''Anime/FullmetalAlchemistTheSacredStarOfMilos'' wears one to conceal [[spoiler:the skin that was [[FaceStealer peeled off his face]].]]
* Yamori from ''Manga/TokyoGhoul'' wears a hockey mask, in fitting with his [[Franchise/FridayThe13th alias "Jason"]]. He primarily wears it while engaging in his [[ColdBloodedTorture favorite]] [[{{Fingore}} hobby]], as opposed to using it to conceal his identity.
* In ''Literature/FromTheNewWorld'', Shun dons one [[spoiler: after he transforms into a Karmic Demon.]]

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* ''Manga/{{Nightschool}}'' - All [[BondCreatures astrals]] are basically living shadows with white masks.
* ''ComicBook/{{Fantomas}}'' -- at least the Mexican version.
* Wild Dog, a vigilante in ''Franchise/TheDCU'', conceals his identity beneath a white hockey mask.
* V of ''ComicBook/VForVendetta''.
* Elite, a VigilanteMan inspired by Comicbook/ThePunisher from ''Comicbook/WelcomeBackFrank'' storyline. A rich man who wears a white suit and mask and kills the "undesirables" in his neighborhood. Frank is not flattered.
* Father Wrath from ''ComicBook/HackSlash''.
* [[http://i.imgur.com/23vTi.png This girl]] in ''Formera''. She doesn't seem to be evil, just [[http://i.imgur.com/X9kFn.png unwilling to give information.]] Her completely flat mask seems to hint that ''she has no face''.
* Mister Quimper's mask from Grant Morrison's ComicBook/{{The Invisibles}}.
* Mr. A, a vigilante hero created by Creator/SteveDitko who believes in BlackAndWhiteMorality, wears a somewhat dehumanizing white mask.
* The Court of Owls from Franchise/{{Batman}}. A secret society that manipulates Gotham City from the shadows.
** The 2012 San Diego Comic Con Batman panel where they handed out Owl masks to the audience proves [[https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/6c/bb/07/6cbb075a98dee32d4b9618c935c22dd7.jpg it's just as creepy in real life.]]

[[folder:Comic Strips]]
* ''ComicStrip/FunkyWinkerbean'' [[http://joshreads.com/?p=1275 presents]] [[FanNickname Masky McDeath]].

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* ''FanFic/ThePiecesLieWhereTheyFell'': The members of the Questioning Order wear these as part of their usual outfit, along with their [[BlackCloak cloaks]].

[[folder: Films -- Animated]]
* ''Disney/ThePrincessAndTheFrog'' has Dr. Facilier wear a Baron Samedi half-mask, but only during the climactic moments of his VillainSong. [[note]]He's also seen wearing a grinning jester mask while incognito at the Labouff's masquerade ball.[[/note]]
* ''WesternAnimation/TheAdventuresOfMarkTwain'' -- In the ever-popular (and creepy) "Mysterious Stranger" sequence, {{Satan}}'s face is a Greek drama mask that morphs into various faces, including an exceptionally disturbing skull.
* The evil aunts in ''WesternAnimation/KuboAndTheTwoStrings'' wear Noh masks.

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* The mask worn by Ghostface in the ''Franchise/{{Scream}}'' series.
* The serial killer in the horror parody ''Film/ScaryMovie'' wears the Ghostface mask.
* In ''Film/VForVendetta'', the aforementioned "V" always wears one. At one point, quite a few citizens put on the same mask, in a show of support for V's actions.
* Jason from the ''Franchise/FridayThe13th'' series wears a white hockey mask.
* ''Franchise/{{Halloween}}'': Michael Myers, the killer from the movie series wears a spooky white mask. The original was a [[Series/StarTrekTheOriginalSeries Captain Kirk]] mask, bought for all of $1.98, painted white and modified. In the film it doesn't look much like Shatner.
** [[http://static1.squarespace.com/static/52560ab9e4b0b4a65e9e7a5e/t/5634e986e4b0310869b5e939/1446308231326/ The unmodified Captain Kirk mask]] doesn't really look like Shatner either.
* Used symbolically in Ingmar Bergman's ''Film/TheSeventhSeal''. Two of the characters (ironically, [[spoiler: the only major characters to survive the film's ending]]) are a husband-and-wife team of actors who [[StreetPerformer perform shows in the streets of the towns they visit]] while wearing stark white face paint so glaring it shows up even on the film's black-and-white palette. We get to see one of their performances, which consists largely of them singing and playing [[BawdySong Bawdy Songs]] while wearing the whiteface. Their songs, while ostensibly entertaining, are quite crude and sound a bit...off, suggesting that something dire is about to happen. And in fact something dire ''does'' happen -- namely, the show is interrupted by a procession of flagellating penitents wreathed in incense, loudly moaning ''[[OminousLatinChanting Dies irae, dies illa, solvet saeclum in favilla...]]'' (which in English is "Day of wrath, day of mourning, Earth in smoldering ashes falling...").
* Christiane's mask in ''Film/EyesWithoutAFace''. Also a subversion because the mask scares ''her'', too.
* ''Franchise/StarWars'' series:
** The face-concealing Stormtrooper helmets. It's interesting that the visually similar good-guy Clone Troopers of ''WesternAnimation/StarWarsTheCloneWars'' have color added to their helmets, and are forever getting the mask ''off'' to show a human face.
** General Grievous sports a white mask in the form of a stylized, elongated skull. According to the EU, Grievous' mask is ACTUALLY a skull, just not one of a sentient creature (It belongs to a Kaleesh predator).
** Early concept art for Darth Maul featured one of these.
* The Death Eaters from ''Film/HarryPotter'', in their secret society / magical terrorist mode.
* ''Film/{{Franklyn}}'': Jonathan Preest (who is essentially an {{Expy}} of [[Comicbook/{{Watchmen}} Rorschach]]).
* The serial killer in ''Film/{{Nightbreed}}'' wore a full head white mask with [[EyelessFace button eyes]], made even more chilling by his soothing and reasonable voice.
* "Killer" from ''Film/MidnightMovie''.
* Babyface from ''Film/TheHillsRunRed'' wears a mask made from a white doll's face and a human jawbone.
* The Stan Laurel mask that Evil dons near the end of ''Film/NewYearsEvil''.
* The Phantom from ''Film/TheTownThatDreadedSundown'' wears a potato sack with holes for eyes.
* In the 2010 ''Film/AliceInWonderland2010'' movie, the Red Queen's over-sized head looks like this.
* These appear throughout the ''Franchise/{{Halloween}}'' mockbuster ''Halloween Night'', but the villain only wears one once, to disguise himself while escaping the asylum he was placed in.
* In the first ''Bloody Murder'', the killer wears a white hockey mask, but upgrades to something kabuki-like in the sequel.
* ''Film/TheCabinInTheWoods'' has a few killers wearing these show up [[spoiler:among the many other monsters let loose during the film's climax]].
* John Singleton's ''Film/HigherLearning'' (1995) has a scene in which some young neo-Nazis [[MalignedMixedMarriage assault a pair of interracial lovers]] on Halloween Night. They are wearing grotesque skull masks.
* The Creator/GeorgeRomero film ''Film/{{Bruiser}}'' is about a man whose face turns into a white mask overnight.
* ''Film/APageOfMadness'' is a thoroughly creepy film about a man who gets a job as a custodian in an insane asylum, to stay close to his wife, who was committed to that asylum after drowning their infant child. ([[MindScrew Maybe]].) In the most unsettling scene in this unsettling movie, the custodian gets ahold of a bunch of [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Noh Noh]] masks and distributes them to the frenzied, maniacal inmates, all of whom immediately calm down and seem to take on the placid attitudes of their masks. The man gives a mask to his wife and then dons one himself, and they all seem to [[BreakingTheFourthWall nod at the camera]].
* The final scene of ''Film/{{Birdman}}'' has Riggins waking up in a hospital room [[spoiler: after having just attempted suicide by a gunshot to the face]] wearing a white plaster mask [[spoiler: hiding the scars on his face where the bullet entered]]. Because Riggins had gained fame by portraying an avian superhero, it is fitting that his bandaged face has a prominently pointed nose and looks a bit like a plague-doctor mask.
* The skull masked maniac from the 2001 german horror film ''Film/ThePool''. The fact that he wears nothing other than black and the entire movie takes place inside a darkly lit pool building at night accentuates the white rubber mask.
* The killer in ''Film/{{Hush}}''.

* The Stranger in Pallid Mask mentioned in Robert E. Chambers' ''Literature/TheKingInYellow'' short stories, and in Thom Ryng's {{Defictionalization}} of the titular play appears to be wearing something like this. The key word is [[TheFaceless appears.]]
-->'''The Stranger:''' I wear no mask.
* In Creator/CSLewis's ''Literature/TillWeHaveFaces'', the protagonist Orual spends most of her life wearing a white veil, which is portrayed in the illustrations as a white mask, completely featureless save for two eyeholes. While she's not evil per se, her subjects are definitely put off by it, and rumors spread about what she's hiding under her veil.
* In the Literature/{{Discworld}} book ''Masquerade'', the Opera Ghost wears a white mask which the narration consistently describes as "like the skull of an angel".
* One of the most dangerous of the main antagonists presented in ''Literature/TheChroniclesOfAncientDarkness'' series by Michelle Paver, [[NoNonsenseNemesis Eostra]], the Mage of the Eagle Owl Clan, is [[TheFaceless always shown wearing a pale-colored mask]] that resembles the face of [[OminousOwl her totem]].
* Dire, of ''Literature/TheDireSaga'' wears one with some nifty augmented reality capabilities. It's noted to be particularly unnerving for her opponents.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* The Carver from ''Series/NipTuck''
* ''Series/GhostAdventures'' had the team visit Poveglia Island and don the plague masks mentioned below.
* The nightmarish VanityPlate for the Russian TV company [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RT22uXUI-vg VID.]]
* The Greendale Human Being in ''Series/{{Community}}''. In an misguided attempt to be overly political correct, the school mascot was designed to avoid all ethnic traits whatsoever: UncannyValley ensues.
* ''Series/DoctorWho'' has a group of [[ClockworkCreature clockwork robots]] who try to pose as eighteenth-century French humans by wearing creepy white masks.
* ''Series/MightyMorphinPowerRangers'' villain Madam Woe sports one. Or it may just be her face.
** In ''The Beast Below'' the lady in the sinister white mask turns out to "the bloody queen" and one of the good guys.
* The kidnappers in ''Series/{{Crisis}}'' wear white masks that cover their whole faces whenever they're dealing with the kids they've kidnapped.
* In the Ian Doyle arc of ''Series/CriminalMinds'', his hit squad wear these.

* The SurrealMusicVideo to Project Pitchfork's [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9aJ85G81m70 "Lament"]] features a cocktail masquerade with patrons wearing white kabuki masks.
* Music/{{Buckethead}} is famous for wearing an expressionless white mask and KFC bucket (or plain white plastic bucket) on his head during all performances, as well as just about any public appearance. This is because Brian Carroll happens to be extremely shy and eccentric in spite of his [[BunnyEarsLawyer talent]], and creating the fictional persona of Buckethead lets him remain semi-anonymous and unrecognized without the pressures of fame.
* One of the few publicity photos that Music/DavidBowie has done for ''The Next Day'' shows him in an ominous white mask.
* In the third verse of "Turn Around" by Music/TheyMightBeGiants, a person [[FaceRevealingTurn turns around to reveal]] a "face which was a paper-white mask of evil".
* Laura Branigan's video for [[https://youtu.be/miGUnKWcYeo "SelfControl"]] has her stalker/love interest wearing one.

[[folder:Pro Wrestling]]
* The Destroyer would have been [[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast the most obvious example ever]] if not for the fact his mask had a red(sometimes blue) line on it.
* The Original Mr. Wrestling had nothing but a plain white mask. The stuff {{legac|ycharacter}}ies are made of, though many of his successors discard the mask entirely.
* In Mexico, the premier example of the 1970s and 80s was Dr. Wagner. His son started out the same way but eventually switched to a black mask and ''his'' son wore a half white half black mask.
* Jason El Terrible, [[SevenYearRule Jason The Terrible]], Jason X, El Hijo de Jason, Novia de Jason and every other wrestler who took to a white hockey mask, before or after ''Franchise/FridayThe13th'' (as you call tell by the names, mostly after unless {{the gimmick}} was evil Canadian/evil hockey player like Wrestling/{{AAA}}'s Ice Killer)
* Mid-1990s professional wrestler Phantasio was notorious for wearing a [[BadassLongcoat black trench coat]] and stark white mask that he pulled off to reveal an ''[[ShapedLikeItself equally immobile white painted-on face]]''. [[DarkIsNotEvil But]] despite his warped appearance, [[{{Face}} he was a good guy]]. He delighted [[KidAppealCharacter children]] by performing magic tricks that enabled him to pick up victories over his opponents.
* Kazunari Murakami as a member of Wrestling/{{New Japan|ProWrestling}}'s [[PowerStable Makai Club]].
* Allison Danger's pre match mask, though it has pink lips. Cat Power later got one too, hers being unsurprisingly feline themed.
* Wrestling/{{Sting}}, disguising himself by wearing a mask...[[PaperThinDisguise of his own face]] to "sneak attack" Wrestling/RobVanDam.
* Leva Bates as [[Film/ThePurge the masked biker.]] It and a white masked RedShirtArmy became a regular visage in her campaign to [[HeWhoFightsMonsters cleanse]] SHINE.
* Wrestling/{{Kana|koUrai}} wears a [[https://www.reddit.com/r/SquaredCircle/comments/3rl0b8/serious_can_someone_explain_the_significance_of/ noh mask.]]
* Marty Scurll had a [[SpikesOfVillainy jagged]] white mask with a curved beak for his "reign of wickedness"(his {{finishing move}} is a chicken wing).

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}}''
** Space Marine Chaplains wear a white skull helmet.
** Death Jester Eldar Aspect Warriors wear skull-masked armour. The twist is, the bones on their armour come from its previous owners.
** The assassins of the Eversor temple wear a similar white skull helmet. Where as the other temples of Officio Assassinorum rely on stealth, [[ColdSniper accuracy]], [[TheInfiltration misdirection]], [[TheSoulless and soul crushing power]], Eversor Assassins will crash through a wall and kill everyone in the building.\\
An Eversor's mask looks like a giant skull. It pumps a stupendous amount of combat drugs directly into the brain; the wearer becomes a screaming ball of death and terror. The assassin will kill until he is killed or there is no one left. At which point he explodes.
** Culexus Temple assassins are also shown with skull-like helmets, although they usually have a bunch of additional high-tech detailing to contrast with the Eversor and draw attention to their less direct combat style. Culexus assassins are the ones who leverage soullessness as a weapon on the battlefield - their job is to eliminate psykers.
* In ''TabletopGame/MagicTheGathering'':
** Creatures from the brood of the Eldrazi titan [[http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?multiverseid=261321 Ulamog, The Infinite Gyre]] share their progenitor's faceless white skull.
** Among the [[MachineWorship Machine Orthodoxy]] of ''New Phyrexia'', skin is reviled as evil, so creatures have it [[BodyHorror flayed off and replaced]] by a [[http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?multiverseid=218058 porcelain-colored metal]]. All the white aligned creatures, from [[http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?multiverseid=217981 Suture Priests]] to [[http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?multiverseid=218043 Porcelain Legionnaires]] to [[http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?multiverseid=214352 Elesh Norn, the Grand Cenobite]] herself have shades of this trope as a result.
** In the original Phyrexia the holiest symbol beside the phi was the Mask of [[GodOfEvil Yawgmoth]], a white mask bearing a twisted expression of sorrow. Several Phyrexian creatures featured the mask somewhere on their bodies.
* ''TabletopGame/DungeonsAndDragons''
** In ''TabletopGame/{{Ravenloft}}'', the [[BedlamHouse mental institution]] of the Dr Heinfroth has both the inmates and the [[OurVampiresAreDifferent wardens]] wear grey monklike robes and white featureless masks.
** The Witches of Rashemen in the ''TabletopGame/ForgottenRealms'' setting wear grey-white clay masks.
* ''TabletopGame/LegendOfTheFiveRings''
** Several followers of the Lying Darkness wear such masks to denote their status as one of TheBlank.
** Fu Leng used to wear a [[ArtifactOfDoom white porcelain mask]] when he had a corporeal form. In some artwork so does his most faithful disciple Daigotsu.
** Similar masks are used by Bloodspeakers to [[OurZombiesAreDifferent animate zombies]] from the bodies of the dead.
** White porcelain masks are also quite in fashion with necromancers such as Iuchiban and Kuni Yori.

* The Phantom of ''Theatre/ThePhantomOfTheOpera'' though unusually the Phantom's mask covers less than half of his face. Even though the iconic white half-mask is famous from a thousand theatre posters, in the original novel his mask was ''black''.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* [[http://pressthebuttons.typepad.com/photos/uncategorized/shyguy.jpg Shy Guys]] in ''Frachise/SuperMarioBros'' are a cute example.
* Darth Nihilus in ''[[VideoGame/KnightsOfTheOldRepublic Knights Of The Old Republic II]]''. In fact, it is of ''such'' doom that [[spoiler:he has [[SoulJar concealed his essence in it]], and it canonically survives centuries after you destroy him.]]
* Assassin apparel in visual novel ''VisualNovel/PhantomOfInferno''.
* White masks add to the menace of splicers in ''VideoGame/BioShock''. The masks hide their cancerous disfigurement.
* Vega from ''Franchise/StreetFighter'' always wears one of those during a fight; not to conceal his identity, [[TheFightingNarcissist but to prevent his]] ''[[TheFightingNarcissist beautiful]]'' [[TheFightingNarcissist face from being touched]].
* [[TheWormThatWalks Arakune]] from ''VideoGame/BlazBlue'' made himself a creepy expressionless white mask, purportedly to help him communicate. [[AndIMustScream It doesn't.]] Hakumen, although a LawfulGood-ish HeroAntagonist, has a [[Anime/CodeGeass distinctly Zero-esque]] one.
* Uboa from ''VideoGame/YumeNikki'' - "Hey, I wonder what this light switch do-aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"
* Averted with Mask☆[=DeMasque=] in ''VisualNovel/PhoenixWrightAceAttorneyTrialsAndTribulations''. He wears a white mask but is generally gleeful and makes himself publicly popular despite being a criminal. Except for when he murders people. [[spoiler: But he wasn't wearing the mask at the time and he wasn't the real Mask☆[=DeMasque=], so it's still an aversion.]]
** In ''[[VisualNovel/PhoenixWrightAceAttorneyDualDestinies Dual Destinies]]'', the phantom is first "seen" by anyone while wearing a Noh mask, which has much the same effect. It gives the phantom a suitably creepy air.
* Doctors in ''VideoGame/AssassinsCreedII'' wear below-mentioned plague masks, and the Doctor multiplayer character from ''Brotherhood'' has SinisterShades over one.
* TheMedic in ''VideoGame/TeamFortress2'' can wear a {{Plague Doctor}} mask as well, called the Blighted Beak.
* Members of the Masquerade wear these in ''VideoGame/{{Persona 2}}''. Generals in particular have theirs styled after the Zodiac sign that doubles as their codename.
* The White Glove Society of ''VideoGame/FalloutNewVegas'' all wear White Masks ([[http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110405233829/fallout/images/thumb/e/e2/Whiteglovemask.png/406px-Whiteglovemask.png seen here]]) since it makes them mysterious in the eyes of their leader Marjorie. However, everyone else thinks that it just makes them creepy. Granted, they don't exactly have a [[ImAHumanitarian clean record]], but that's in the past.
* In the adventure game ''VideoGame/GrayMatter'', Dr. David Styles, reclusive scientist and resident of an OldDarkHouse, wears a white mask that covers half his face, reminiscent of the one the [[Theatre/ThePhantomOfTheOpera Phantom]] wears, to hide the horrible burn scars that he sustained in the car accident that killed his wife.
* A RecurringBoss of ''Musha VideoGame/{{Aleste}}'' is a gunship with the face of a Noh mask.
* Old SNK mascot [[http://snk.wikia.com/wiki/G-Mantle G-Mantle]], which appeared as a cameo in various games, before getting a role as a Striker in ''VideoGame/TheKingOfFighters 2000''.
* [[BigBad Victor Donovan]] in the cutscenes of ''VideoGame/DeadOrAlive Dimensions''.
* The [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin appropriately-monikered]] [[BigBad Masked Man]] in ''VideoGame/RuneFactoryOceans'' wears a creepy white mask with a black robe to conceal his appearance. He keeps the mask even after removing the robe and making his identity obvious to the player, only ditching it once he thinks the fight is won.
* ''Franchise/TheLegendOfZelda'':
** Curiously for a game that is all about masks, ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaMajorasMask'' only features one. The Couple's Mask also subverts the usual creepiness by being a symbol of marriage and loving union; the lines it has in lieu of a face are a simplified image of an embracing couple.
** The [[{{Ninja}} Yiga Clan]] from ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaBreathOfTheWild'' wear white masks with an inverted Sheikah eye emblem painted on them.
* In ''VideoGame/CastlevaniaLordsOfShadowMirrorOfFate'' the [[ExpositionFairy Lost Soul]] wears one as he silently observes the Belmonts in the castle.
* In ''Psychosis'' for the UsefulNotes/TurboGrafx16, an enemy found in the second stage is a floating white mask that splits in half to reveal a different white mask underneath.
* In ''VideoGame/{{Shinobi}} X'', the Stage 1 boss is a disembodied white mask.
* Worn by [[BombThrowingAnarchist Anarky]] in ''VideoGame/BatmanArkhamOrigins'', [[spoiler:likely to hide the fact that he's pretty young, if his voice didn't already give it away.]]
* Worn by [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Dollface]] in the ''VideoGame/TwistedMetal'' games. In ''VideoGame/TwistedMetalBlack'', the mask is sealed onto her by her BadBoss, [[DisproportionateRetribution as punishment for spilling coffee over his files]], while in the 2012 reboot, Krista Sparks was told to wear the mask to heal a scar she received from a car crash. In both cases, it ties with ClingyCostume, with the ''Black'' Dollface getting the mask locked on by special key her boss constructed, while the ''2012'' Dollface had her mask magically sealed by the man who gave it to her, and she couldn't find him again when she went to have it removed.
* ''VideoGame/{{Xenoblade}}'' has the Face Mechon.
* The Puppet from ''VideoGame/FiveNightsAtFreddys2'' (and by extension its non-canon counterpart Nightmarionne in ''VideoGame/FiveNightsAtFreddys4'') has one as its face.
* Tim and Tom from ''VideoGame/{{Wick}}'' wear the comedy and tragedy 'drama masks' respectively.
* The Manikins from the trailer of ''VideoGame/DarkSoulsII'' wore [[CoolMask really cool ones]], with a design much appreciated by fans... except [[ExecutiveMeddling copyright issues]] with {{Naruto}} led to a (plain) restyle to just make them headless, much to [[WhatCouldHaveBeen fans' delusion]].
* New ghosts you encounter in ''VideoGame/GhostTales'' will have a white mask. Once you help out the ghost, their faces are revealed on their sprites.
* The Combine Elites from the ''VideoGame/HalfLife'' series wear white helmets and are the most dangerous of the Combine's {{Mooks}}.
* The Jester from ''VideoGame/DarkestDungeon''. At first, he is the literal laughingstock of the party, as his primary attacks have crippling damage dividers and his secondary attacks compromise him with every strike, while his buffs are somewhat useless. But as he grows stronger and stronger, he can take down hordes of armored enemies by bleeding them dry, finish off foes with an execution and then retreat before their allies can hit the damn clown, sharpen his allies with overpowered buffs and then immediately debilitate the opposition with a high-pitched note, or most importantly, restore the sanity of a party that has already been pushed to madness by eldritch horrors and near-death experiences, allowing the party to continue the slaughter when anyone else would have died from the madness. And no matter what happens, he will always continue to laugh and laugh and laugh...
* In ''VideoGame/{{Sundered}}'', every enemy in the Eschaton faction wears a white mask. Some even wear several, having multiple faces. Given that all Eschaton enemies, with the exception of the boss Dominion—who is “merely” a giant human sitting on a living throne—are hideous tentacle monsters, the masks they wear serve to make them creepier by highlighting their inhumanity.
* As their name implies, the [[TerroristsWithoutACause White Masks]] of ''VideoGame/RainbowSixSiege'' all wear blank white [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ballistic_face_mask ballistic masks]]. While their masks are meant to protect their faces, [[ArmorIsUseless they are as vulnerable to headshots as anyone else]].
* Tunon the Adjudicator in ''VideoGame/{{Tyranny}}'' has several white masks which he seems able to change between without actually removing them. Not only does this play into his no-longer-human traits, but being the Archon of Justice and chief judge of Kyros' [[TheEmpire empire]] adds an extra layer of appropriateness to the trope name[[note]]historically, doom could mean a legal judgement.[[/note]].
* In ''VideoGame/YandereSimulator'', if Yandere-chan joins the Drama club, she has access to masks she can use to conceal her identity. All but one of them are white, some with red markings, but the one who exemplifies this trope the most is based on a Noh mask. [[spoiler:However, Yandere-chan only gets one shot at murder while wearing a mask, as the Headmaster will ban them afterward.]]

* "The Adversary" from ''Webcomic/{{Blip}}''.
* ''Webcomic/OneQuestion'' has the appropriately named Mask who wears one of these, with a SlasherSmile.
* ''Webcomic/{{Mokepon}}'' has [[http://mokepon.smackjeeves.com/comics/1001692/chapter-3-page-24/ the guy on the giant Feraligatr.]] Though his mask is only half white, and he's not the only one wearing it. Oh and it has no eyes. The author has said in an AltText that she has no clue how he sees.
* ''Webcomic/LastRes0rt'' has Geisha, whose mask supposedly [[PowerLimiter keeps him from petrifying the rest of the cast]].
* ''Webcomic/BeyondTheCanopy'': Shambles has a mask with no mouth and some kind of zipper or seam running down the center. [[spoiler: It's his face. The "zipper" is his ''mouth.'']]
* ''Webcomic/GunnerkriggCourt:'' A metaphorical mask [[EmotionlessGirl hides Annie's feelings]] with closed eyes and a neutral smile [[spoiler: it also hides the fact that she cheats on her homework]]. [[http://www.gunnerkrigg.com/archive_page.php?comicID=1039 It only]] [[NotSoStoic comes off]] around [[LivingEmotionalCrutch her best friend]], in the magical forest, and if someone [[BerserkButton insults her daddy]]. May be related to the flame-colored mask which [[InTheBlood her ancestor]] had in the stylized flashback.
* In ''Webcomic/{{Nextuus}}'', the uber-psychic's club known as the Waywachrie [[http://nextuus.com/about/waywachrie-council wear masks]] to their meetings. Most Way masks just show a bland smile, but a couple (notably Dayro's and Burenna's) are scowls or grimaces.
* ''Webcomic/ParallelDementia'' (and now Sword Interval) has [[NamesToRunAwayFrom The Visage of Death]].
* ''Webcomic/TheRedac'''s Assassins wear such masks, with a big SlasherSmile to boot.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* [[http://twitpic.com/32u8yg The masked man]] [[spoiler:(Tim, maybe totheark)]] from ''WebVideo/MarbleHornets'' wears a rather unsettling white mask. Entry 26 show someone wearing a skull mask. Yup. [[OhCrap There is more than one]].
** This seems to be a distressingly common feature of humans under [[Franchise/TheSlenderManMythos the Slender Man's]] influence (called Proxies) in blogs set in the Slenderverse.
* The [[http://seedeater.blogspot.com Seadeater]]/Stitchface. [[NotAMask Assuming]] it is a mask.
* [[Wiki/SCPFoundation SCP-035]] is a living White Mask of Doom based on Greek drama masks that compels anyone near it to put it on and take it as a host. It's also quite sociopathic and manipulative.
* The SWAG members who beat up Tacoma and [[NervesOfSteel try]] to scare Rebecca in WebVideo/DemoReel wear them.
* The White Fang of ''{{WebAnimation/RWBY}}'' all wear four-slotted white masks that cover their upper face; higher ranking members such as Adam and the unnamed Lieutenant have customized theirs by adding red markings to them or having them cover the entire face. According to a renegade member, they chose to wear them because humanity saw them as monsters, so they evoke the image of Creatures of Grimm, who really ''are'' monsters.
* Subverted in Webcomic/AwfulHospital. The bacterium folk wear white skull masks that are, more likely than not, made of actual human bone. They are a society of genuinely nice, neighborly people.
* Ace from Roleplay/RubyQuest always wears a plague-doctor reminiscent mask. You ''really'' don't want to know [[BodyHorror what's under it]].
* ''WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic'' has repeatedly featured the sinister "Lord Shyamalan," a fictionalized version of Creator/MNightShyamalan dressed like Amon from ''WesternAnimation/TheLegendOfKorra'', complete with a white mask inscribed with {{twist ending}}s and other spoilers from Shyamalan's movies. Just like Amon can "equalize" people by taking away their ElementalPowers, Lord Shyamalan can "shyamalize" performers by taking away their talent.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* ''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender''
** Many Fire Nation war helmets have removable white face coverings that look like skulls.
** Koh, whose most memorable face is a female Noh mask.[[note]]He actually has a lot of Noh-style masks, and this may have inspired his name.[[/note]]
** There's the mask Huu wears with his swamp monster disguise. It's more light brown, apparently made of bark, but same difference.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheLegendOfKorra'': [[BigBad Amon]], [[http://sphotos.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-snc6/s720x720/285771_335472206526813_1540380794_n.jpg who wears]] [[http://images2.nick.com/nick-assets/shows/images/korra/characters/character_large_332x363_amon.jpg?height=363&width=332&quality=0.75 an awesome]] white mask with a red circle on the forehead, which features prominently in [[http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-pm_N023an_4/T68GJPSOeXI/AAAAAAAAAKU/qatvAj58GXQ/s1600/Korra+-+Amon%2527s+Equalist+Movement+propaganda+poster.jpg both official]] [[http://th02.deviantart.net/fs71/PRE/i/2012/142/7/c/amon_propaganda_poster_by_billytwo-d50p5ru.png and fanmade]] [[http://i.imgur.com/5FkFm.png propaganda posters.]]
* Hexadecimal of ''WesternAnimation/{{Reboot}}'' has a whole bunch that she can switch freely between at a moment's notice.
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Sealab 2021}}'' references {{plague doctor}}'s white masks (see below) when Sealab is hit with a plague.
* In the ''WesternAnimation/AdventureTime'' episode "What Have You Done?", Princess Bubblegum briefly wears an old-fashioned {{plague doctor}}'s mask.
* In the ''WesternAnimation/BatmanTheAnimatedSeries'' episode "Mean Seasons", Calendar Girl wears a white mask to hide her face, and freaks out at the end of the episode when the mask is removed. It turns out that she has a perfectly normal, even beautiful, appearance -- but the ''psychological'' scars of being cast aside by the modeling industry for being "too old" cause her to see herself as a hideous old crone.

[[folder:Real Life]]
* {{Plague doctor}}s during the Black Death wore white bird masks as part of their [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plague_doctor_costume plague outfits]] to prevent from getting the plague. These masks also had the effect of being ''[[https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/49/77/d1/4977d19dedba69da5387e79d7a59845e.jpg terrifying]]''. Being scary was intentional -- the doctors had to be fearsome and barely-trusted, half mythical figures, or else they'd get mobbed by the sick every time they went out. They also went armed with clubs. The "beak" was stuffed with sweet smelling herbs to mask the sickening smell of dying plague victims. The masks became [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carnival_of_Venice#Medico_della_peste_.28The_Plague_Doctor.29 one of the traditional masks in the Carnival of Venice,]] which is where you typically see these masks nowadays, as well as in references to the Carnival, like ''Film/EyesWideShut''.
* Guitarist Brian "Music/{{Buckethead}}" Carroll.
* Hip-hop dance crew the [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kmbh7pqYFDw&feature=fvw Jabbawockeez, (with bonus Shaq!)]] spelt doom for their competition.
* [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phantom_Killer The Phantom Killer,]] the still unidentified perpetrator of the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Texarkana_Moonlight_Murders Texarkana Moonlight Murders]], wore a crude, creepy white mask during at least a few of his attacks.
* The UsefulNotes/KuKluxKlan, although their leaders often wear ''red'' robes and masks, just like the medieval penitents they eerily resemble.
* The Guy Fawkes masks worn by Anonymous members and some Occupy Wall Street protesters.
* Serbian noise musician Dead Body Collection adopts this as part of his stage act.
* YouTube gamer [[LetsPlay/ChaoticMonki Cryaotic]] is often depicted in fan art as wearing a rather nondescript white mask, as he has never shown his face on camera. Some fans have taken to giving the mask a horror twist with cracks, sharpened-toothlike features, and blood splatters.