The heroes just had the adventure of their lives and [[HomeSweetHome are finally relaxing after all perils they have faced]]. Suddenly, there's a knock on the door, or the phone rings or some indication of HereWeGoAgain as they find themselves apparently about to find themselves in more adventure.

But in this EndingTrope, the tired or alarmed heroes respond, "Forget it! We are not going through that again!" as they slam the door on their visitor, or hang up or go back to bed or run away. They have had all the adventure they could want and now they just want some peace and quiet.

This is a variant of RefusalOfTheCall, but only when it is at the end of the story and the call is clearly repeating the adventure they just experienced.

For the opposite, see HereWeGoAgain or AndTheAdventureContinues.

* Played with: In one ''{{Smurfs}}'' comic, one of the Smurfs dreams of travelling to outer space in a spaceship he builds. Not wanting to disappoint him, Papa Smurf concocts a convoluted plan to drug him and make him thinks he's travelled to another planet populated by Smurflike humanoids called Swoofs. So convoluted, in fact, that after Astrosmurf "returns" (after [[SlippingAMickey drinking a similarly drugged beverage]] given to him by the Swoofs), another Smurf contemplates on doing the same thing, only to be overridden by the rest of the village, who practically yell the trope name at him.
** They do go through it again, though in the AnimatedAdaptation episode "Dreamy's Pen Pals".

* At the end of the fanfic ''Fanfic/FanficIsCrapsack,'' the "trollfic," a diabolical entity embodying horrible fan fiction, tries to make a comeback as a minuscule, slowly-growing glob hiding in the cracks in the floorboards of the Ponyville Library. Twilight Sparkle drives it out of the floor by pouring boiling coffee on it, then destroys it by smacking it with a copy of ''Diana Hackney's Rules for Writers.'' It pops like a cyst, leaving behind a little spot of soot.

* At the end of ''Film/KingdomOfHeaven'', UsefulNotes/RichardTheLionheart rides to greet Balian and try to recruit him for another crusade. Balian simply responds: "I am the blacksmith".
* ''Film/NeverSayNeverAgain'' Bond quits the service at the end of the film, though he does wink at the camera when he says it.
** [[RealitySubtext The title came from a statement]] Creator/SeanConnery made when he said he'd never play Bond again after making ''Film/DiamondsAreForever''.
* ''Film/Tremors2Aftershocks'' had Earl act this way at the beginning. It didn't take.
* In ''Film/FreakyFriday2003'', the titular FreakyFridayFlip is caused when an older Chinese woman (the mother of the owner of a Chinese restaurant) gives the characters magic fortune cookies. At the end, the same Chinese restaurant is catering the big wedding, and the restaurant owner tackles her mother to prevent her from giving the magic fortune cookies to two different characters.
* At the end of the ''[[RockyAndBullwinkle Boris and Natasha]]'' movie, Boris blows up a crate of time travelling [=MacGuffins=] that individually reverse time for ten seconds when damaged. This causes time to reset to the beginning of the movie. Then they decide that they don't want to go through all the grief they went through over the course of the film a second time, so instead of delivering a priceless treasure to Fearless Leader and starting the plot, they sell the treasure and retire to Tahiti.
* At the end of ''Film/StrangersOnATrain'', the main character finds himself in a train carriage with a stranger who recognises him and tries to strike up a conversation. Having just gone through a hell of an ordeal resulting from [[StrangersOnATrainPlotMurder someone else on a train recognising him and striking up a conversation]], the main character gets up and goes to another compartment without saying a word.

* At the end of ''Literature/BoredOfTheRings'', Frito, having returned to his digs, is visited by a mysterious stranger who thinks he's the kind of person that takes quests. He slams the door, locks it and swallows the key.
* In the final ''Literature/HarryPotter'' book, Harry gets the Elder Wand and has the opportunity to keep it (leading to a possible HereWeGoAgain ending), but decides to put it back in Dumbledore's grave to end the cycle of violence. Ron asks if he's sure and Harry tells him "That wand's more trouble than it's worth. [[WeirdnessMagnet And quite frankly]], [[LampshadeHanging I've had enough trouble for a lifetime.]]"
** In the film he goes further; he ''snaps the wand in two'' and throws it into an abyss.
* In the short story "Chivalry" by NeilGaiman, a little old lady finds the HolyGrail going cheap in a second-hand shop, and buys it because she thinks it'll look nice on her mantelpiece. Much excitement ensues. At the end of the story, she's back in the same shop, and finds [[Literature/{{Aladdin}} an exotic oil lamp]] but decides, on reflection, to leave it where it is.
* During ''Literature/GalaxyOfFear'', DV-9 goes on several adventures but ultimately [[PutOnABus puts himself on a bus]], tired of the constant danger and excitement. [[TheBusCameBack He reappears]] in the last book and helps the others, for a moment, but declines to leave with them for this reason.
* In the epilogue of ''Literature/JohnDiesAtTheEnd'', John and Dave are trying to have a game of basketball when they are drawn into ''another'' parallel Earth and asked to save it from a monster invasion. They find an excuse to leave, and let some [[RecruitTeenagersWithAttitude teenagers with attitude]] handle it instead.

* The ''[[Series/TheSuiteLifeofZackandCody Suite Life on Deck]]'' episode "Maddie On Deck" is about Maddie catching the attentions of a prince, who turns out to be an eight year old boy. The prince proceeds to attempt to force her into marriage. In the end, she has caught the attentions of the prince's brother, Timmy, and has a We Are Not Going Through That Again moment. As it turns out, Timmy was actually a hot guy around the same age as her.
* In ''Series/TheMonkees'' episode "Don't Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth," the band, having just finished ensuring that a horse that they were stuck with by a kid got a good home, are approached on the beach by another kid who just happened to be looking to get rid of a camel. The instant they see this, the Monkees run away as fast as they can before the kid can say anything and given that the show cuts to a music sequence with them on a dune buggy and motorcycles, they are apparently ''really'' serious about avoiding getting stuck with another beast of burden.
* Done [[RunningGag repeatedly]] in a single episode of ''Series/TheCosbyShow''. It's Thanksgiving and there's a huge storm raging outside. Despite that, Clair keeps sending Cliff to get stuff that she'd forgotten to get ahead of time. Each time he returns from the store, the first thing he says is "I'm not going back out there". He keeps going back out there.
* In an episode of ''Series/ANTFarm'', the [=ANTs=] plan a heist to steal a painting that Fletcher made and some guy is claiming credit for. The heist is a success; however, Fletcher puts an exact replica of the painting in its place rendering the whole thing pointless. When he tries to reform the group and give a rundown of their roles again, Chyna stops him.
* In Season 4 of ''Series/PersonOfInterest'', Harold Finch tries to invoke this on the rest of Team Machine, but they all slowly work on him to bring him around.

* In ''{{Peanuts}}'', Charlie Brown is returning home from the best summer camp visit of his life helping and gaining a new friend. As his bus pulls out, he sees a new crop of kids who could use some help, but he sits back with a satisfied smile and says "Let them go, I've done my hitch."

* The ending of TelltaleGames's ''VideoGame/BackToTheFuture'' game series. [[spoiler:Upon finally arriving home, Doc and Marty are visited by Marty's future self in an inverted homage to the first movie's SequelHook. Then ''two more'' future Martys show up. They all insist they come back with them into the future to fix the timeline. Doc and Marty simply get back into their own [=DeLorean=] and drive away, leaving the three alternates to fight amongst themselves.]]

* Monica of ''Webcomic/WapsiSquare'' is not going into the jungle again. [[ Too many bug bites.]]

* ''WesternAnimation/TheFlintstones'' episode "Dr. Sinister" where Fred and Barney just come back after being shanghaied into a terrifying Film/JamesBond like adventure with Madame Yes. When Yes appears on their front door at the end, they slam the door and begin boarding it up in fright.
* In the ''World's Greatest WesternAnimation/SuperFriends'' episode, "Lord Of Middle Earth," Gleek realizes his fantastic adventure was just a dream. But just as he relaxes, he sees a shadowy figure that looks like the same kind of Troll that was in his dream adventure. Rather than investigate, Gleek simply shrugs and goes back to sleep.
* On ''WesternAnimation/TaleSpin'', after Baloo and Louie are through helping a scavenger look for treasure, a woman on the streets shows them a map and asks if they're interested in looking for some treasure. The two exchange glances and then promptly rip the map over her head, and leave.
* ''WesternAnimation/ThePenguinsOfMadagascar'', "Treasure of the Golden Squirrel". After the penguins had been involved in an exciting treasure hunt involving a cursed artifact, a pigeon gives them a silver feather and instruct them to guard it with their lives. Skipper is excited at the prospect of a second adventure, but when he turns around he finds that the others have left, wanting no part in it.
* In an episode of ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'', Stewie and Brian have lied to Loretta, saying that Cleveland wants to get back together with her, in order to allow Brian a chance with his ex (Cleveland's then-current girlfriend.) Loretta comes to Cleveland, saying that she's sorry she cheated on him and does want them to be a family again...and he considers it, though he doesn't want to give up Carolyn. When he finally does talk to Loretta, he tells her that the time they shared was special and he does care about her, but also that he's moved onto a new chapter of his life and that she should do so too.
** In a later episode when Joe's son Kevin comes to Thanksgiving after faking his death in Iraq, the episode ends with another Kevin saying the first one is an impostor. Peter lampshades this saying that there's no more time left in the episode.
* The ''WesternAnimation/EarthwormJim'' episode "Hyper Psy-Crow" almost has a Here We Go Again ending, but when Jim comes in and complains about it (even using this exact term), they decide to DropTheCow instead. The dialog:
-->'''Psy-crow''': Oh well. Here we go again!\\
'''EJ''': Hold it! We are not going to do a "Here we go again" ending on my show!\\
''(after Psy-crow asks what they'll do instead)''\\
'''EJ''': Take a guess.\\
'''Psy-crow''': Uh... The cow thing?\\
''(a cow falls on Psy-crow)''
* In the last episode of ''WesternAnimation/TheSuperHeroSquadShow'', when the Infinity Sword is broken into fractals again, Falcon states that he's not hunting them all down again.

* The Marshall Plan, the creation of the United Nations, and ''especially'' the new West German and Japanese constitutions were promoted with a view to preventing another World War. It appears to have worked.
** World War One, back when it was still called The Great War, was sometimes referred to as "The War to End All Wars" because everyone thought that really was going to be it, that everyone's disputes would be settled and no one would ever have reason to wage war ever again. Too bad World War Two was still to come.
* One reason credited for President JohnFKennedy being so determined and able to prevent a nuclear war during the Cuban Missile Crisis was that he recently read the BarbaraTuchman history book, ''The Guns of August'', which followed the series of military and diplomatic blunders that set off WorldWarOne and he was determined not repeat them and set off WorldWarThree.
* The very existence of the European Union is a result of this sentiment. Seventy-five years without a major European war[[note]]for an admittedly rather specific definition of "Europe" and "major war"[[/note]] tends to suggest it's worked okay.