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The Wacky Homeroom occurs when there are students, all in one class, that have distinctly quirky personalities, such as AlphaBitch, BrainlessBeauty, etc. The students may make up the FiveManBand archetype, or perhaps many of them will be {{Cloudcuckoolander}}s with an OnlySaneMan thrown in to represent the audience and/or contrast all the wackiness.

If there's some focus on the teacher, expect to see SenseiChan, the AbsentmindedProfessor, and/or the MisplacedKindergartenTeacher heading up the group. Either way, hijinks usually ensue.

RuleOfFunny and/or RuleOfCool often apples.


[[folder:{{Anime}} and {{Manga}}]]
* The TV-series of ''Anime/AllPurposeCulturalCatGirlNukuNuku'' introduced a class of walking cliches for Nuku-Nuku to interact with. They're even introduced with an appropriate tag such as '[[AlphaBitch Snobby Rich Girl]]' or '[[{{Bishounen}} Nihilistic Pretty-Boy]]' whenever they appear on stage. This was noticeably absent from the OVA, where Nuku-Nuku went to school ''once'', prompting the destruction of most of the premises in a fight between her and an attack helicopter. They didn't try to send her to school again.
* ''Manga/AssassinationClassroom'' has Class E, the "misfit" class that all of the main characters belong to.
* ''Manga/AzumangaDaioh'' is a relatively low-key example, but the main characters are still a pretty eccentric bunch.
* ''Manga/{{Beelzebub}}''
* Ichigo's homeroom in ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'' could certainly be described as wacky. Outside of the fact that the teacher regularly mocks the students, the room has been invaded by shinigami multiple times, and one time Kon showed up in Ichigo's body. In all cases the room was essentially destroyed. Oh, and the teacher doesn't even seem to care about Ichigo and his friends either not turning up for class or running out in the middle of it.
* ''LightNovel/ACertainMagicalIndex'', although the entire series isn't exactly focused on the protagonist's homeroom.
* While the cast of ''Manga/CromartieHighSchool'' (which includes a TinCanRobot, a gorilla, a 30 year-old felon wearing a luchador mask, a man who may or may not be Music/FreddieMercury, and many, many delinquents) are technically spread out among several homerooms (and some are from other high schools entirely,) there's never any actual classes going on and all the Cromartie characters often just end up hanging out anyway.
* ''Manga/DokiDokiSchoolHours''. Trope picture.
* The {{Eldoran}} series: ''Anime/ZettaiMutekiRaijinOh'' and ''Anime/NekketsuSaikyoGosaurer''.
* Averted in ''Manga/FruitsBasket''. Aside from the main characters, their class is actually pretty normal. It serves as a stark contrast to [[DysfunctionJunction the Sohma clan]], and highlights the desire of the [[EasternZodiac Members of the Zodiac]] to be [[IJustWantToBeNormal normal]].
* ''Gap''
* ''Manga/{{Gokusen}}''
* ''Manga/GreatTeacherOnizuka''
* ''Manga/HidamariSketch''
* ''Manga/{{Hyakko}}''
* ''Anime/JewelpetSunshine''
* ''Manga/LuckyStar'', at [[SliceOfLife times]].
* ''Manga/MahouSenseiNegima''. "Wacky" in this case means badass and/or CrazyAwesome in a FantasyKitchenSink.
* ''Manga/MaicchinguMachikoSensei'' had a very colorful homeroom and the quirkiness branched off into other teachers and members of the faculty as well.
* ''Manga/MinamiKe'' is becoming like this in later episodes, with its bigger emphasis on the three sisters' classmates.
* ''Misaki Number One''
* ''Manga/{{Mitsudomoe}}''
* ''Manga/MyHeroAcademia'' has Class 1-A.
* ''Manga/{{Nichijou}}'': Emphasis on the ''wacky''.
* ''Anime/PaniPoniDash''
* ''Anime/{{Potemayo}}''
* ''Manga/RosarioToVampire'' has shades of this, especially in season 2, when the entire UnwantedHarem ends up in the same class together. And then there's [[{{Catgirl}} their]] [[OneOfTheKids teacher]].
* ''Manga/SayonaraZetsubouSensei'' has a psychotic group of dysfunctional students, headed by a suicidal teacher, all [[PlayedForLaughs played for]] [[BlackComedy very dark laughs]].
* ''Manga/SchoolRumble''. Oddly fitting with its name.
* ''Manga/{{Sketchbook}}''. Okay, it's an art club, but the effect is pretty much the same.
* The cast of ''Manga/SoulEater'' probably qualify. Not to mention their homeroom teacher is a MadScientist.
* The cast of ''Manga/TheDisastrousLifeOfSaikiK''. The entire series is set in a CloudCuckooLand with the main classroom consisting of a NiceGuy who frequently crosses the TooDumbToLive line, an {{Adorkable}} LargeHam with Chuunibyou, the BitchInSheepsClothing SchoolIdol who has an AwesomeEgo, a hopeless romantic InLoveWithLove, a hammy LovableJock that treats everything as SeriousBusiness, a BigEater who constantly has to work to make ends meet for her family, an ex-delinquent with a HairTriggerTemper, and the titular Saiki K, a virtually all-powerful psychic and the OnlySaneMan.

[[folder: ComicBooks]]
* In ''ComicBook/TheBeano'', the Bash Street Kids all had distinct personalities. Of course, there were only 9 of them (or 10 if you count Cuthbert).
* ''ComicStrip/{{Peanuts}}'' fit this trope when they have scenes in school.

%%* [[Literature/HarryPotter Hogwarts]] is all about this.
%%* The ''Literature/WaysideSchool'' series, originally a set of books by Louis Sachar and since [[AnimatedAdaptation animated]].
* ''Literature/{{Discworld}}'': Susan Sto Helit is a proper young woman, who is entirely sober and rational and will not stand for even the usual amounts of silliness that a child usually displays. When she becomes a teacher in ''Discworld/ThiefOfTime'', her class is extremely well-behaved and sensible. She just happens to take them on literal trips through time and space without ever leaving the classroom. Because she's Death's granddaughter. But she keeps her past so quiet that her employer is surprised even to find out that she is a Duchess. Having said that, a few students ''do'' have personalities that push them into Wacky Homeroom territory: Vincent the overachiever, Penelope the BrainlessBeauty, and Jason the EnfantTerrible.
* ''Boy Meets Boy'' by David Levithan takes place in a high school that, among other things, have cheerleaders who do their routines on motorcycles.
* During the late eighties, Scholastic had a YA book series called ''Homeroom''. As it was ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin, it followed the misadventures of an 8th grade homeroom. It had all the stock YA characters: the AlphaBitch, JerkJock, CoolLoser, TheCheerleader, etc.
* ''Literature/TheWorstRoomInTheSchool'' was set in an overcrowded, out-of-date K-8 school centered around fifth grade class held in a converted store-room off the gym.

* ''Series/ElChavoDelOcho'': The episodes in the classroom with Profesor Jirafales.
* ''Series/HeadOfTheClass''
* ''Series/WelcomeBackKotter''
* ''Series/SevenPeriodsWithMrGormsby''
* Brazilian show "Escolinha do Professor Raimundo" (and its more recent copycats) is (and are) centered around one such homeroom(s).
* ''Misaki Number One''
* ''Series/SavedByTheBell'' focused on one set of students and no main teachers, but they somehow always shared the same classes, subverting this trope. The first season however, played it completely straight since it was originally called ''Good Morning Miss Bliss'' and took place mostly inside one classroom.
* ''Series/{{Community}}''.
* TheSeventies BritCom ''Please, Sir!'' was set in a classroom full of [[DawsonCasting suspiciously over-age looking]] fifteen year olds.
* ''Series/GrangeHill'' was full of this trope, set in the ''GoodOldBritishComp in cockney London.

* ''VideoGame/Disgaea3AbsenceOfJustice''
* ''VideoGames/{{Persona 3}}'' and ''VideoGame/{{Persona 4}}'' both feature this, which is unsurprising, as both games feature a band of high school students secretly fighting monsters outside of {{muggle}} perception. Even not counting them, there's the pronounced tendency of both schools to hire BunnyEarsLawyer teachers.
* The classroom this in ''VideoGame/TheMagicSchoolBus'' video games to an even greater degree then in the books or the show. ''Rainforest'' doubles down by turning the classroom into a miniature tropical jungle when you complete the main FetchQuest.
-->'''[[SuddenlyVoiced Liz:]]''' Click around! Look for surprises!

[[folder: Web Comics]]
* Largo's class in ''Webcomic/{{Megatokyo}}''. Not only is it [[http://megatokyo.com/strip/1162 taught]] by resident CrazyAwesome [=Cloudcuckoolander=] Largo, but some of it's more colorful members include a RobotGirl, an enigmatic ElegantGothicLolita who may very well be a DarkMagicalGirl, and a class representative who practices EnjoKosai and has an alcoholic dad. Also, the class's first field trip involved them taking on a horde of fanboys/zombies.
* ''{{Webcomic/Zoophobia}}'''s drama and film classes are as wacky, colorful and eccentric as they come.
** The drama class's [[CoolTeacher tea]][[MisplacedKindergartenTeacher cher]] calls her students [[MakesJustAsMuchSenseInContext "sparkling turtle doves".]]

* ''WesternAnimation/BubbleGuppies''
* ''WesternAnimation/TheMagicSchoolBus'' series. Ms. Frizzle is decidedly crazy and her class, while not as quirky as some other examples, are unique in their own ways.
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Recess}}''
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Wayside}}''
* ''WesternAnimation/ClassOf3000''
* ''WesternAnimation/TheKidsFromRoom402''
* ''WesternAnimation/MiraculousLadybug''