This is an index, but it's also a handy guide to tropes specifically relating to common player tactics deployed in video games. Taking a read through these tropes may even give you some tips to try during play...

For tactical combat gameplay tropes, see CommonTacticalGameplayElements.

Tactical Tropes include the following:

* ButtonMashing \\
Don't know which button to press? Completely new to a FightingGame? Press anything and hope for the best. Some educated guessing is advisable though, what did you think pressing forward and B would do?
* CherryTapping \\
Less a tactic and more a form of humiliation. Deliberately using a weak attack or deliberately weakened character to defeat the enemy in the most embarrassing way possible.
* ComboBreaker \\
Breaking [[{{Combos}} big chains of hits]] with a special move.
* ConfusionFu\\
Remember, [[ChaoticNeutral predictability is a weakness.]] I hope you people who play {{Fighting Game}}s are listening!
* DamagerHealerTank \\
One character [[DrawAggro draws the enemy's attention]], while the others heal them and {{backstab}} the enemy.
* DrawAggro \\
The art of focusing the enemy's attention on the guy who's actually capable of taking hits.
* ElementalIgnorance\\
For when you just ''have'' to use fireball on the fire elemental.
* FishingForMooks \\
Too many to deal with at once? Try luring them away one at a time and continuing the slaughter from the shadows!
* GatheringSteam \\
Some weapons and enemies take a while to get ready, this opens up a window of opportunity for you.
* GrappleMove \\
Grab the enemy to [[UnblockableAttack bypass its blocking]] of your attacks.
* HitAndRunTactics / Kiting \\
Shoot, run away, shoot, repeat.
* ImmuneToFlinching / Super Armor \\
Certain contexts where a character can endure attacks [[ImmuneToFlinching without flinching]], [[{{Knockback}} getting knocked back]], or having their own actions interrupted.
* ItemFarming\\
Grinding for items for whatever purpose.
* {{Knockback}} \\
Getting moved or pushed around when you take damage, or for its own sake.
** RingOut \\
You made your opponent step out-of-bounds. You win!
* LeadTheTarget\\
Shoot along the path the target is likely to follow to avoid them "outrunning" your shots.
* LeeroyJenkins \\
{{The Berserker}} in video game form. (Though this is more an absence of tactics.)
* LevelGrinding \\
Committing mass murder of random monsters for experience.
** PeninsulaOfPowerleveling \\
The perfect place for LevelGrinding.
* MinMaxing \\
Unbalancing equipment, spell casts, armour, and any other stat-influencing items to privilege a specific trait to the detriment of another. A common tactic of a {{Munchkin}}.
* MoneyGrinding \\
Get enough money for whatever purpose.
* MuckingInTheMud \\
You know that when you see a mudpit or a mud bog, you can go through it. Just be aware that there are only a few safe spots, and there are some swamps in which you can go too deep...
* NinjaLooting \\
Refusing to share the best items after a team effort has brought an enemy down. Very frowned upon.
* NoScope \\
Not using the scope to aim on a weapon you would be expected to do so with (e.g. a SniperRifle).
* OneStatToRuleThemAll \\
Some abilities are so overpowered and / or versatile that you'll end up prioritizing them above all the others.
* OptionalStealth \\
A video game mission where stealth is encouraged, but not vital to win.
* PathOfGreatestResistance \\
The way to go is the way the enemies are coming from.
* PauseScumming \\
If in constant danger of death, pause often, giving you more time to react.
* PlayerDataSharing \\
Get more content from other players.
* RandomizedDamageAttack \\
An attack/ability that has its damage/quality etc randomized per each usage, forcing you to be wise on using it.
* SaveScumming \\
If in constant danger of death, save often, minimising loss of progress.
* ScissorsCutsRock \\
Having a [[ElementalRockPaperScissors type]] [[TacticalRockPaperScissors advantage]] doesn't necessarily mean that victory is even likely.
* SequenceBreaking \\
Breaking the pre-determined order of events the game designers have laid out. May shorten the game considerably... or screw up your game file. A risky tactic, but valuable for completing {{Speed Run}}s.
* ShootTheMageFirst \\
Shooting the blaster of the enemy group to prevent him from doing major damage.
* ShootTheMedicFirst \\
Shooting the healer of the enemy group to prevent him from healing the others/himself.
* SituationalDamageAttack \\
An attack that depends on some certain variable/action that can make it more powerful.
* StraightForTheCommander \\
Killing the enemy commander will win you the battle regardless of how the enemy army is doing at that moment.
* StrategySchmategy \\
Being unpredictable because you have [[HanlonsRazor no idea what you're doing]].
* TacticalDoorUse\\
Monster chasing you? Shut de do'.
* TacticalRockPaperScissors\\
Infantry get up close and personal with crossbowmen, crossbowmen make horse-kebab, cavalry runs down footmen, thus closing the circle. That sort of thing.
* ThreeStrikeCombo\\
A basic combination of three attacks that form the basis of more complex tactical options found in many video games of different types.
* ThrowTheMookAtThem\\
You can throw Mooks at other enemies/objects in order to damage them.
* {{Whoring}} \\
Using only one narrow tactical option to devastating effect, often to the chagrin of other gamers. A common subset is "Turtling" (a passive defense where you do as little as possible, waiting for your opponent to move).
* ZergRush \\
Sending waves upon waves of cheap, weak units in order to overwhelm a more tech-aware enemy with sheer numbers.