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->''"Okay! What is wrong with the two of you?! Seriously! He likes you, and you like him, and you should just be together! Jeez, Louise! Happiness is not ''that'' difficult!"''
-->-- '''Lily Aldrin''', ''Series/HowIMetYourMother''

When two characters are attracted to one another, but are both so [[ShrinkingViolet incredibly shy and awkward]] that neither one of them [[CannotSpitItOut has the guts to do anything about it]]. In the end all it usually takes is for [[TheMatchmaker some]][[ShipperOnDeck one]] (or ''[[InVinoVeritas something]]'') else to give them a gentle nudge in the right direction and they'll get together.

The pair usually comprises a regular character and a TemporaryLoveInterest, but it can also be a BetaCouple with a WillTheyOrWontThey plot of their own.

Subtrope of BirdsOfAFeather. Compare with BelligerentSexualTension which also has trouble getting together, but for different reasons. May be a driving force behind WillTheyOrWontThey NotToBeConfusedWith TheFirstCutIsTheDeepest, a trope also described as "once bitten, twice shy."



[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* ''Manga/TsubasaReservoirChronicle'' plays with this. In the beginning Syaoran and Sakura already too close but have yet to tell each other their feelings. However, Sakura's amnesia causes the relationship to reboot with Syaoran also distancing himself due to the fact that in order to help to her memories, he pays with all of her memories that include him. However, across the series the two start feeling attracted once again [[spoiler:until the two nearly die and confess their feelings.]]
* ''Manga/RurouniKenshin'' went through this so long, it almost got annoying. Kaoru was too shy to tell Kenshin how she felt, and Kenshin wasn't sure if he deserved someone like her, especially since [[spoiler:he accidentally killed his first wife Tomoe]].
* Rito and Haruna in ''Manga/ToLoveRu'' are the very definition of this. Rito tries confessing a few times but is always interrupted. [[spoiler:She takes so long that while Rito still loves her, he also falls in love with Lala, making the situation even more complicated.]]
* ''[[Manga/YoureUnderArrest You're Under Arrest!]]'': Miyuki and Nakajima are in love with each other. [[EveryoneCanSeeIt Everyone at Bokutou Precinct knows it.]] It's even implied that they're both aware of how the other feels, but they can barely look at each other without blushing, or getting cold feet. Their friends have even [[TheMatchmaker set them up on dates, to give 'em a push]], [[StatusQuoIsGod but without success.]] Making the situation as frustrating for them, as it is for the audience.
* Ippo Makunouchi and Kumi Mashiba from ''HajimeNoIppo''. For reference, Kumi was first introduced in chapter 36, the manga is already past its 900th chapter.
* Yoshiko Fujisawa and Hikaru Matsuyama from ''Manga/CaptainTsubasa''. To a degree, also Sanae and Tsubasa during their RelationshipUpgrade manga chapter.
* ''Anime/SailorMoon'' has ShyBlueHairedGirl Mizuno Ami meet a similarly shy genius named Ryo Urawa (who also had PsychicPowers). Only the intervention of her friends (and her saving him from his [[EnemyWithin inner great monster]]) gets them on a date in one episode.
* Kiri and Elraine from ''Manga/DoubleArts''. She's too shy and thinks he's clueless about her feelings, and he's convinced that the boost in sexual tension caused by confessing to her would make life trapped together too awkward.
* Julia and Ran from ''Manga/StrawberryShakeSweet'': they're [[GirlsLove both girls]] and each assumes that the other is straight, so they spend a good chunk of the manga orbiting each other in an increasing spiral of UnresolvedSexualTension.
* Junpei Manaka and Aya Toujo in ''Manga/IchigoOneHundredPercent''. Actually, [[spoiler:this trope is even the main reason why this series DOESN'T end with a FirstGirlWins scenario]].
* Kind of exists between Kenichi and Miu of ''Manga/KenichiTheMightiestDisciple''. It's slightly subverted in that they're very good friends, but Kenichi is too nervous to take it to a romantic level, and Miu is [[ClingyJealousGirl incredibly jealous]] of any other girls who hang around with Kenichi, but she doesn't take the initiative either. Also a case of EveryoneCanSeeIt, as all of the masters are totally aware of it, and are watching to see what will happen.
** Later on in the series, this trope is subverted in a unique way. Both Kenichi and Miu acknowledge their feelings for each other (well before the end of the series at this point by a 100+ chapters mind you) but they decide not to date until Kenichi has enough power/skill to protect Miu. [[spoiler: In the last page of the entire series, a small picture is shown on the side of the page that depicts a small girl is shown between two unknown figures, implying that not only Miu and Kenichi started dating, but eventually married.]]
* In ''LightNovel/FullMetalPanic'', Sōsuke and Kaname fit this trope to the "T" -- ''especially'' later on. Kaname has problems taking on the aggressive role of romantically pursuing Sōsuke (as she's shown to constantly be waiting for Sōsuke to take the initiative, and is constantly disappointed when she finds out she misunderstood his actions as being romantic advances). And Sōsuke... has ''huge'' [[ChasteHero issues with romantic intimacy]]. He's shown to become very nervous when confronted with anything "inappropriate" and too sexual, and has a tendency to clam up or run away. The most he appears to be able to muster with Kaname is to shyly hold her hand, which results in some highly frustrating WillTheyOrWontThey.
** Examine the freak-out he had in the beautician shop (he didn't at ''all'' like the idea of someone holding blades near him.) Then examine how, with Kaname holding a pair of scissors near his head, he is somehow relaxed enough that he falls asleep while she's trimming his hair. He's not even that relaxed around Tessa, or Kalinin. They Will. [[spoiler: And They Did.]]
* Sawako and Kazehaya of ''Manga/KimiNiTodoke''. She's shy, innocent and unassuming to a fault, he's a truly genuine NiceGuy who doesn't want to push it. Without Yano, Chizu ''and'' Ryu nudging them, they would probably both graduate before they got around to doing so much as ''hold hands''.
* Ran and Shinichi of ''Manga/DetectiveConan''. Every single time Shinichi turns back, they just keep beating around the bush instead of telling each other how they feel. For 16 years (not in story). Straight. [[spoiler:Shinichi did end up giving Ran an indirect confession in the London Arc, though.]]
* In ''Manga/{{Bakuman}}'', Mashiro's uncle and the woman of his dreams Azuki's mom were completely crippled by this. It's likely that Mashiro and Azuki would have fared even worse, if Takagi hadn't dragged Mashiro bodily into speaking with her and agreeing to draw manga.
* ''Manga/{{Is}}'' would probably be about half the length if it weren't for this trope.
* Haru and Elie in ''Manga/RaveMaster''.
* Alzack and Bisca in ''Manga/FairyTail'', [[spoiler:until the timeskip]].
* Firo and Ennis in ''LightNovel/{{Baccano}}'' take this UpToEleven by engaging in InnocentCohabitation for [[spoiler: ''upwards of seventy years'']], despite his falling in love with her pretty much [[LoveAtFirstSight as soon as he met her]]. ''Somewhat'' justified since Ennis is pretty much {{Asexual}} and having a hard time figuring out what love, marriage, and sex even mean.
%%* Amata and Mikono in ''Anime/AquarionEvol''.
* Feldt and Setsuna in ''Anime/Gundam00AWakeningOfTheTrailblazer'' show signs of this. Feldt's feelings for him are so obvious EveryoneCanSeeIt but Setsuna has his own [[TheStoic intimacy]] [[HatesBeingTouched issues]], not to mention [[spoiler:his recent transformation into an [[PsychicPowers Innovator]]]]. The farthest they get is a hug when Setsuna [[spoiler:wakes up from his ELS MindRape-induced coma]]... at least that's what we see; exactly what happened between the hug and Setsuna calling the bridge that he's taking the 00 Quan[T] (with a teary Feldt following closely) is left up for interpretation.\\\
What is shown is that Feldt declares when the others try to send her back to Setsuna that [[IWillWaitForYou she cares for him which is enough for her]]. The main problem is that after entering the final battle, Setsuna [[spoiler:goes to the ELS homeworld]] and they never meet again. Even if they were to meet after the epilogue, Feldt is already in her seventies while Setsuna is [[HalfHumanHybrid most likely]] [[MayflyDecemberRomance immortal]].
* In ''Manga/NyanKoi'', both Junpei and Kaede like each other, but neither one seems willing to make the first move. Other girls expressing interest in him also serves to confuse Kaede as to whether he's dating them, or may not really be interested in her.
* In ''LightNovel/PapaNoIukotoOKikinasai'', both Yuuta and Raike are interested in each other, but neither one seems able to admit their feelings to the other.
* Raku Ichijo and Kosaki Onodera of ''Manga/{{Nisekoi}}'' quite blatantly have feelings for each other, however they are unable to admit their feelings for each other. Of course, the fact that Raku has to pretend to be in a relationship with another girl due to family issues doesn't help.
* In ''Manga/KaseSan'', both girls get plenty of hints from the other that they're interested, but both are way too awkward and nervous to do anything about it for a full year in-universe time.
* This is one of the main draws of ''Manga/TonariNoKashiwagiSan''. Yuuto and Kotone share several traits that make most of their problems and mistakes come from assumptions based on their insecurities.
* Manga/{{Naruto}} has been unable to comprehend Hinata's feelings as romantic, even after she spit it out to him. [[spoiler:When he finally realizes her feelings in ''[[Anime/TheLastNarutoTheMovie The Last]]'' and starts returning them, he's acting no differently from Hinata -- the irony of which is not lost on ''anyone'']].
* Suiren and Kawasumi from ''Manga/HibiChouchou''. She's shy and with bad social skills due to years of isolation, he's extremely awkward around girls.

* In the early ''Franchise/SpiderMan'' stories, Peter Parker tended to assume that his love interests simply couldn't be interested in a dweeby little science nerd. Once he hit off with Gwen Stacy, though, the rest was history.
* ''ComicBook/CloakAndDagger'': Ty's too shy to ever think a girl like Tandy would be interested in him. Tandy thinks Ty only loves her as a friend. Cue the UST...
* In a ''ComicStrip/FoxTrot'' arc, Paige and a boy in her class were in this situation, but overcame it and went to a school dance together. After this arc, [[ChuckCunninghamSyndrome the boy disappeared]] and Paige went back to her usual state of being unable to get a date.
* In the early ''ComicBook/XMen'' stories, Scott and Jean could very well serve as the page image.

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* Naruto and Hinata in ''FanFic/EscapeFromTheHokagesHat''. Hinata's a ShrinkingViolet with low self-esteem who still thinks he holds a torch for Sakura. Naruto doesn't want to jeopardize one of the only healthy female relationship he has and is afraid to be rejected. It's takes a FreudianSlip to actually help them.
--> '''Naruto:''' "If I was to ever date a girl, I hope she's as cute as you are." (beat) OhCrap face then {{Facepalm}}
--> '''Hinata:''' "W-w-w-well. I..I..I wouldn't mind."
--> '''Naruto:''' "R-R-Really?"
--> '''Hinata:''' "Y-y-yes."
* FanFic/AGrowingAffection: This is the reason Yahiko's OperationJealousy fails, Nagato and Konan are both afraid to alienate him, due to their respective pasts.
* In ''FanFic/TomorrowsDoom'', it's quite obvious that Amaya and Tadao like each other, but neither wants to admit their feelings to the other. Aiko finally decides that enough is enough and nudges the pair toward each other during the festival.
* ''FanFic/TheStalkingZukoSeries'', it becomes obvious to [[EveryoneCanSeeIt everyone]] that Katara and Zuko both like each other due to their history and self-esteem issues, they think they are not good enough for each other or are in love with someone else.
* Lance and Gwen's relationship in ''Fanfic/TheStudentPrince''. Neither can work up the courage to ask the other out for a long time, both of them thinking the other is out of their league.
* Hachiman and Yukino have a slight variation of this from Fanfic/TheEndOfTheAffair. While neither is really shy in the conventional sense, they both refused to ever admit their feelings for each other due to their [[SillyRabbitRomanceIsForKids similar philosophies]] towards life.
* ''Fanfic/WeissReacts'': Ruby and Weiss. It takes Ruby making the first move, caught up in the surge of victory after winning the music festival, for her to confess to Weiss, and for Weiss to [[BigDamnKiss respond in kind]].
** ''Fanfic/LucinaReacts'': Lucina and Robin. It's immediately clear both have massive crushes on the other, but are too shy to express it. [[spoiler: It takes, of all people, [[NiceGirl Cordelia]], ''Chrom'', [[{{Tsundere}} Maribelle]] and [[{{Troll}} Reflet]] working together in tandem to get them to confess to each other, and even then Cordelia is forced to fall back on her second plan when her first plan backfires.]]
** Laurent and Nah are also this.

* ''Film/TheDish'': Glenn and Janine have this in spades. Drives others mental.
--> '''Cliff:''' "He asked her out yet?"
--> '''Mitch:''' "No. [{{Beat}}] Oh, this is painful."

* Magrat Garlick and [[spoiler:King Verence II]] in ''Literature/{{Discworld}}''. Not only did he stick around, they got married.
* ''Literature/TheRemainsOfTheDay'' deconstructs this painfully.
* In ''Invisible Stanley'', one of the sequels to ''Flat Stanley'', Stanley helps a shy couple get married by creeping up invisibly behind the man, imitating his voice, and proposing to his girlfriend.
* Nick and Lirael had the subtlest of hints towards a mutual infatuation in ''Literature/{{Abhorsen}}'', which were complicated by his death. [[spoiler:Luckily he got better, or else Creator/GarthNix wouldn't have been able to ''confirm'' their infatuation in the short story "Nicholas Sayre and the Creature in the Case".]]
* Piro and Ibronka in ''The Viscount of Adrilankha''. Ibronka has got one of the best lines in all of ''Literature/{{Dragaera}}'' on the subject: "My dear Viscount, come over here and kiss me before I die of embarrassment"
* Edward Ferrars and Elinor Dashwood in ''Literature/SenseAndSensibility''. Both are calm people who do not crush easily and hide their feelings. Proper Elinor is aware that she must not appear too eager, especially when his family strongly disapproves of the match. Moreover, Edward is the MasterOfTheMixedMessage and involved with somebody else.
* BetaCouple Jane Bennet and Mr Bingley in ''Literature/PrideAndPrejudice''. Jane is usually sweet but composed, so it's obvious only to her family and close friends that she likes Mr Bingley. Mr. Bingley thought she liked him but was easily persuaded by his friends that she was indifferent. Had there been no meddling, those two would have got engaged after the Netherfield ball in the first third of the book.
* ''Literature/ToLive'' has Fengxia and Erxi...and they are both absolutely adorable, [[RedChina especially considering the setting of the novel]].
* ''Literature/ThePrincessDiaries'': Michael and Mia, who have to resort to sending anonymous love letters and replying via a computer program in order to get their feelings out in the open.
* ''Literature/EleanorAndPark'' begin like this, developing their romance just by sitting next to each other on the bus, not even speaking.
* The ''Literature/ApprenticeAdept'' book, "Robot Adept": Agape ([[FreakyFridayFlip in the body of Fleta the Unicorn]]) is approached separately by Trool, the Red Adept and the vampiress Suchevane. Trool (a literal troll) confesses he's head over heels in love with Suchevane, but fears Suchevane would never come to him, except out of fear or pity, and doesn't want to press the issue himself, not wanting Suchevane to think he's leaning on her. Suchevane, on the other hand, fell in love with Trool, the first man who's ever treated her as a person, rather than [[SoBeautifulItsACurse unapproachably beautiful or a concubine]]. Agape suggests Suchevane tell Trool her feelings, then offer her companionship to ease their mutual loneliness, until such time as he finds a more suitable mate. Agape assures her he won't look any further. (He doesn't.)

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
* Mavis Riley and Derek Wilton from ''Series/CoronationStreet''. They were both incredibly shy and dithering, and this made their repeated attempts at a relationship very difficult.
* In ''Series/{{Smallville}}'', Clark and Lana, and Chloe usually does the prodding when she is not head-over-heels for Clark herself. Lana on the other hand is not so happy about Clark and Chloe getting together.
%%* Cliff and a costume party guest in ''Series/{{Cheers}}''.
* Manny and Roweena in ''Series/BlackBooks''. It takes Bernard bellowing "Offer her something, you fool!" at him to get Manny to make any headway with her.
* Jeff and Julia in ''Series/{{Coupling}}''. (A rare example where the new character actually stuck around, as opposed to mysteriously vanishing by the next episode.)
* Kaylee and Simon in ''Series/{{Firefly}}''. Although in Kaylee's case, it's less that she's shy (hell, she got her job on the ship thanks to a one-night stand with the previous mechanic), and more that she feels inferior around [[CityMouse Simon]].
%%* Andy and Erin in ''TheOffice''.
%%* Alice and Hugo on ''Series/TheVicarOfDibley''.
* ''Series/HowIMetYourMother'':
** The page quote is from season 1, where Robin was pining over Ted who had been pining over Robin, [[UnrequitedLoveSwitcheroo but had just gotten over it]] and moved on.
** Barney and Robin in the fourth season. Funny when you consider how much of a HandsomeLech Barney is. It seems like that old stuff: quick flings are one thing, but getting into a steady relationship is something completely different.
* One episode of ''Series/SabrinaTheTeenageWitch'' had Valerie be too shy to ask out a guy. Sabrina decides to intervene by calling Cupid and asking him to make the guy in love with Valerie, but Cupid responds it would be a waste of an arrow because it's already clear that they both like each other.
* [[CombatMedic Julian Bashir]] and [[TheNthDoctor Ezri Dax]] certainly give off this vibe in the penultimate episode of ''Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine''. In the end, [[spoiler:TheyDo]].

%%* "Girl Afraid" by Music/TheSmiths.
* "[[IHaveThisFriend I've Got This Friend]]" by Music/TheCivilWars, with the obvious implication that the "friend" each singer is talking about is actually themselves, while the other suggests that their "friend" sounds perfect for them.
* Music/HoneyWorks' "[[Music/ConfessionExecutiveCommitteeLoveSeries Friday's "Good morning"]] and [[PerspectiveFlip Friday's "Good morning -another story-]] tells the story of two students who see each other at the train car on their way to school everyday, and have spent weeks after weeks practising saying "good morning" for each other, but neither ever worked up the courage to approach the other to say the simple greeting.

* Creator/AntonChekhov's play ''Theatre/TheCherryOrchard''. SelfMadeMan Yermolai Alekseevich Lopakhin, the buyer of the titular orchard, has a troubled relationship with Varvara aka Varya, the {{Tsundere}} adopted daughter of [[ImpoverishedPatrician its former owner]], Liubov Andreevna Ranyeshkaya. In one of the last scenes, he works up the courage to ask Varya to marry him, but ultimately feels too shy and guilty to do so. This scene fits in well with the overall tone of the play --which has all of its characters suffering because of their [[CannotSpitItOut inability to act decisively]].
* In the musical Double Digits, the duet "Oh, no!" is sung by a popular jock-boy and a quiter girl who is tutoring him in maths. To wit:
--> '''Boy:''' She's so smart, I'm so dumb.
--> '''Girl:''' He's so cool, I'm so glum.
--> '''Boy:''' Why would ''she''...
--> '''Girl:''' Why would ''he''...
--> '''Together:''' ... have any interest in ''me''?
%%* Rose Maybud and Robin Oakapple in Creator/GilbertAndSullivan's ''Theatre/{{Ruddigore}}''.
* OlderThanSteam: In ''Theatre/MuchAdoAboutNothing'', careful attention to Beatrice's dialogue reveals that, at least on her end, the BelligerentSexualTension between her and Benedick has something to do with this.
* Seymour and Audrey in ''Theatre/LittleShopOfHorrors''. He is a poor grunt at a failing flower store who is constantly told he is an incompetent loser who thinks Audrey is just the prettiest girl ever, and she is an equally poor girl dating an abusive jerk is is also told constantly that she is dumb and worthless who just thinks Seymour is the sweetest guy.[[/folder]]

[[folder:Video Games]]
%%* Sora and Kairi from the ''VideoGame/KingdomHearts'' series. At least in the first game.
* ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaTheWindWaker'': In a subquest in Windfall Island, you can photograph two persons who have this problem. (They share a look.) The quest-giver will then use this photograph to help them along.
** In ''[[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaSkywardSword Skyward Sword]]'', this is the situation between Pipit and Karane, Link's fellow students at the Knight Academy. When Karane receives a love letter from another student, Cawlin, her public rejection of Cawlin's affections leads to her and Pipit revealing their feelings for each other.
* Some ''VideoGame/{{Fallout}}'' fans speculate that this trope is going on between the Lone Wanderer and Amata in ''VideoGame/{{Fallout 3}}''.
* A cut ending to ''KnightsOfTheOldRepublic 2'' would have a female Exile's relationship with Atton resolved to look like this was going on for almost the entire game.
* Used as a running joke in ''VideoGame/{{Mother 3}}'' between a woman and man, both with almost identical dialogue. Their relationship progresses through the game.
* ''VideoGame/{{Xenoblade}}'': It's apparent, from the start, that [[ChildhoodFriends Shulk and Fiora]] are in love with each other, yet both are too shy [[RelationshipUpgrade to take the next step.]] It takes [[spoiler: Fiora almost dying during the Mechon's attack on Colony 9 and eventually being [[NotQuiteDead revealed to have survived]]]] to give Shulk the push he needed to finally convey his feelings to her.
-->'''Shulk: (resolutely)''' [[DeclarationOfProtection "I won't let you go, Fiora."]]
* A running theme in ''VideoGame/ImmortalSouls'' for John, who's too worried about others finding out about his secret life to seriously flirt, and Allison, who worries about whether or not he's doing OK too much to ever get a chance to get beyond that. Though Allison finally eventually perks up enough courage to ask him out for coffee by the end of the first game.
* [[ShrinkingViolet Olivia]] from ''VideoGame/FireEmblemAwakening'' can potentially have this going with [[MasterSwordsman Lon'qu.]] Specially bad because Lon'qu CannotTalkToWomen in general [[spoiler: for his DarkAndTroubledPast, in which his FirstLove Ke'ri was murdered before his eyes]] (though we're not aware if Olivia knows this "little detail"). Whether they properly develop a romantic relationship or not, it depends on the player.
** Olivia and Chrom as well, if you manage to get their supports. ([[GuideDangIt Easier said than done]]). This is played differently: Olivia starts out scared of Chrom [[UptownGirl due to his status as the Prince of Ylisse]], Chrom tries to approach her but only manages to scare her off, and their support chain is laced with awkwardness until the end. Again, whether they fall in love or not depends on the player.
** [[spoiler: Lucina]] and a male Avatar have this going on in their S rank support. Their circumstances are just so weird that, through their supports as a whole, the Avatar actively tries ''not'' to fall in love with her, but if the supports are completed he does anyway. And who could blame him considering she's [[spoiler: his best friend Chrom's daughter from the {{bad future}}?]] Once the Avatar comes clean to her she's able to admit her own feelings as well.
* In ''Videogame/DragonAgeInquisition'', if neither are romanced it is implied that Blackwall and Josephine are secretly attracted to one another but both are too insecure and shy respectively to openly make any move.

[[folder:Visual Novels]]
* Bram and Henrietta in ''VisualNovel/ShikkokuNoSharnoth''. After a conversation with Mary, Henrietta decides to make her feelings clear. [[spoiler:Too bad Bram dies pretty much immediately after she calls to meet up with him.]]

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* Varied because they already went together, but fell apart then in [[http://the-qlc.com/loserz/go/433 this strip]] of ''Webcomic/{{Loserz}}''.
* Emily and Matt in ''Webcomic/TheSenkari''.
* Elan and Haley from ''Webcomic/TheOrderOfTheStick'' are this for a while, which can be best seen in their WillTheyOrWontThey plot near the beginning of the Azure City arc. Due to character personalities, it's played out as Elan being ObliviousToLove and Haley deliberately refusing to ask Elan out because she is taught to mistrust people. But as it is seen in [[http://www.giantitp.com/comics/oots0223.html this strip]] they are both attracted to each other for a very long time.
* Elliot and [[spoiler: Susan]] from ''Webcomic/ElGoonishShive'' have gradually developed into this situation. The former [[http://www.egscomics.com/?date=2010-12-13 fails at perversion]] and needs to work on his introspective and guilt issues. The latter is a BrokenBird with a DarkAndTroubledPast, and wants to avoid causing a YokoOhNo situation. They're [[ObliviousToLove completely unaware]] that the other is attracted to them. Meanwhile, ''everyone else'' [[EveryoneCanSeeIt has either figured it out]] or at least [[ShipperOnDeck has some inkling of it]].

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* Danny and Sam from ''WesternAnimation/DannyPhantom''. Though it comes to a LastMinuteHookUp it's still freakin' annoying.
* And {{Fanon}} in ''WesternAnimation/PhineasAndFerb'' uses this to explain why Phineas and Isabella aren't together yet. While Isabella has very clear attractions to him, she has yet to actually confess her feelings to him. Phineas, on the other hand, [[ObliviousToLove is so ambiguous towards her it rivals sadism.]]
** The movie more or less confirms this. [[spoiler: Right before they have their memories wiped, Isabella kisses Phineas. Phineas is both very surprised and very happy.]]
*** Again in "Act Your Age". [[spoiler: Phineas developed feelings for Isabella in high school but was convinced he was in the "friends zone" and Isabella had given up on him ever recognizing her feelings so neither of them said or did anything. After a [[TearJerker soul-crushing]] duet about [[ForWantOfANail what might have been]], Phineas ends up [[RaceForYourLove chasing after her car]] and they share their BigDamnKiss.]]
** Candace and Jeremy seem to be a canon example, though for a long time it was hard to tell if Jeremy even liked her back. Season two made it a bit more obvious that he was nervous around her, with the episode "Nerdy Dancing" specifically switching their usual dynamic (''he'' was trying to impress ''her'' rather than the other way around).
* Bright Eyes and Lancer in ''MyLittlePonyTales'' until their friends' failed makeover attempts forced them to come clean and admit their feelings for each other in a BeYourself moment.
* On ''WesternAnimation/GoofTroop'', PJ got a crush on a girl in his class, Rose Deckenbloom, after she recited a poem ''about'' being a ShrinkingViolet, which he could relate to and thought was beautiful while everyone else in the class hated it. Then he spends much of the episode following everybody's ''bad'' advice about how to get her to like him. He tries to give her a present, but is too shy, so he asks Max to do it for him, which he does. Rose mistakenly thinks Max likes her and is delighted, but once they are at the dance she and PJ start to hit it off at the punch bowl... until Pete comes in and "helps" [[PetTheDog (he was trying this time, honest!)]] which causes Rose to run away in tears, thinking PJ doesn't like her. He then recites the opening lines of her poem and confesses to all the things he tried, she says she likes his true self more, and then this happens:
--> '''PJ''': I don't suppose you wanna... sorta dance?
--> '''Rose''': Umm... okay...
* On ''WesternAnimation/YoungJustice,'' ComicBook/{{Superboy}} and [[NaiveNewcomer M'Gann]] can be interpreted as one example of this. WordOfGod suggests that [[FragileSpeedster Wally]] and [[TheArcher Artemis]] are even more so, despite both always acting tough or flirtatious (toward other people) to cover it.
* The ''Franchise/EverAfterHigh'' characters Alistair and Bunny both believe that the other is friendzoning them. How they came to this conclusion is never explained.
* ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'': In ''Hearthbreakers'', Pinkie Pie introduces Marble Pie (her younger sister) to the Apple Family. It's obvious by the painfully little dialogue and subtle gestures of affection between Marble and Big Macintosh that the two have feelings for each other. [[ShipperOnDeck Pinkie Pie]] ends up speaking for both of them at the party at the end of the episode.

[[folder:Real Life]]
* The Yaghan language, spoken in Tierra del Fuego, is able to express this in one word. [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mamihlapinatapai Mamihlapinatapai.]] "Two people are both at a loss as to what to do about the other."
* Creator/ErrolFlynn and Creator/OliviaDeHavilland, [[ThoseTwoActors who were often cast together]], both had crushes on each other but sadly didn't act on them before his death.
* Creator/IanMcKellen and Creator/DerekJacobi were classmates in their youth and each had a crush on the other. They would not admit this until many years later.