[[caption-width-right:358: Creator/QuentinTarantino loves this trope.]]
A specific type of CompartmentShot, which involves a character placing or retrieving something (or someone) in the trunk[[note]]boot, if you're using British English[[/note]] of a car. POV will usually be from within the trunk looking up at the character opening it, sometimes from the actual POV of a character who's been stuffed into the trunk.

Popularised by Creator/QuentinTarantino who has a Trunk Shot in all of his films.

See PunkInTheTrunk for one of the ways this shot can be used. Distant relative of the HuddleShot.

* In ''[[Anime/GhostInTheShell Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence]]'', one happens as Batou and Togusa prepare to raid a {{Yakuza}} office.

* In ''Film/HeWalkedByNight'', credited with being the first film to use this trope, the cops thoroughly inspect the trunk of a car.
* In ''Literature/InColdBlood'': the cops put a box in the trunk of the car, after putting Dick in the car.
* In ''Film/{{Goodfellas}}'' there is a famous trunk scene, although the camera POV isn't actually looking out from inside the trunk.
* In ''Film/UncleBuck'', Buck and Tia look at Bug who is bound and gagged in the trunk.
* In ''Film/MadMaxBeyondThunderdome'', the camera looks at Mad Max and a group of abandoned children, who find a laddered shaft under the trunk of a car wreck.
* Every Creator/QuentinTarantino movie ever:
** ''Film/JackieBrown'': on two different occassions. One where Ordell Jones wants Beaumont Livingston to get in the trunk. And one where Jackie Brown gets stuff from her trunk.
** ''Film/KillBill'': The Bride is talking to Sophie Fatale, who is in the trunk. Also used when Budd is looking down at the Bride in the cemetery.
** ''Film/PulpFiction'': Jules and Vince when they take their guns from the trunk.
** ''Film/ReservoirDogs'': looking out from the trunk where the captured cop is.
** ''Film/FromDuskTillDawn'' (which Tarantino scripted and acts in, but did not direct)
** ''Film/DeathProof'' ([[InvertedTrope Inverted]], this one is actually a shot from under the '''front hood''' of a car).
** ''Film/InglouriousBasterds'': the POV is lying on the ground when Rain and Donowitz use a knife on a Nazi.
** ''Film/DjangoUnchained'': the POV is from the ground when Django points his gun at Big John Brittle.
** ''Film/TheHatefulEight'': A wounded [[spoiler: Bob's]] POV before Marquis [[BoomHeadshot finishes him off.]]
%%* ''Film/LaidToRest''
* ''Film/SweeneyToddTheDemonBarberOfFleetStreet'': Mrs. Lovett looking onto Pirelli's body in the chest.
* ''Film/HotFuzz''. Also an intentional ShoutOut. [[ABloodyMess Ta da.]]
* In the short film ''Cigarettes & Coffee'', Bill tells Steve in the trunk of his car "...almost home, Stevie!"
* Used in ''Film/{{Triangle}}'', after Jess stashes the body in the trunk of her car.
* In ''Film/WildTales'', when Simón Fisher loads explosives into the trunk of his car.
* ''Disney/MeetTheRobinsons''. Has one as a ShoutOut to Tarantino in a ''Disney'' film. With frogs.
* In ''Film/PiratesOfTheCaribbeanDeadMansChest'', the camera looks out of the hole in the ground where Jack, Elizabeth and Norrington found a chest.
* In ''Film/AGoodDayToDieHard'', John and Jack inspect the trunks of three different cars.
* In ''Film/{{Innerspace}}'', Igoe's BMW ("SNAPON")[[note]]This is a reference to Snap-on tools; an automotive mechanic tool that features a snap mechanism for different attachments, similar to [[SwissArmyAppendage his hand]].[[/note]] and Scrimshaw's Rolls-Royce ("SUB-ZRO").

* ''Series/BreakingBad'': In the ColdOpen for the Season 5 Premier, this shot is used as Walt looks at [[spoiler: the M60]] in his trunk.
* ''Series/FakingIt'' does it in the season 2 premiere when Shane kidnaps Lauren's boyfriend Tommy.
* In "And His Watch is Ended" of ''Series/GameOfThrones'', Varys shows Tyrion a trapped sorcerer that is kept in a large box, bound and gagged, Varys and Tyrion are shown watching him from this angle, with part of the lid and the box visible.
* ''Series/ItsAlwaysSunnyInPhiladelphia'' uses this trope in "Paddy's Pub: The Worst Bar in Philadelphia" Given the [[AccidentalKidnapping context]], it may be an additional shout-out to Tarantino's films in general
* ''Series/{{Life on Mars|2006}}'': Gene Hunt does this to Sam Tyler at least once.
* ''Series/{{Monk}}'': In "Mr. Monk and the Other Detective," Monk and Marty Eels look at the store manager's car and the camera shooting them from inside the trunk.
* ''Series/MyMadFatDiary'' uses this trope in its first episode, when Karim is first introduced.
* Pilot episode of ''The Streets of San Francisco'' (1972) contains one near the end of an episode, when Stone, Keller and Malone find a chest with victim's belongings.
* ''Series/StrangerThings'': In "The Bathtub", Hopper gets one when he and his lieutenants find the [[spoiler: monster hunting equipment]] in Jonathan's trunk.
* In ''Series/{{Supernatural}}'', the Winchesters keep their weapons in the trunk, and so it represents their "family business." The last shot of the pilot is a dramatic trunk shot with the trunk slamming shut serving as a cut to black. Also an example of BookEnds, as season 2 ends with the exact same shot, and line/theme ("We've got work to do.").
* ''Series/TheWalkingDead'': Rick and Shane argue about [[spoiler: their prisoner]] in their car.

* The music video for the Music/DixieChicks' "Goodbye Earl" uses the trunk shot when the girls take Earl for dumping. It uses a similar shot (not in a trunk) earlier when Earl's on the floor dying of poison.
* The page picture for the {{Grindcore}} group Music/PigDestroyer.
* Music/{{NWA}}'s ''Music/StraightOuttaCompton'' 's album cover.
* In the video for Axelle Red's 1998 music video ''Rester femme'', Axelle looks at her husband, who is bound and gagged in the trunk.
* In Shakira's video for ''Objection (Tango)'', she is smiling sadistically at her ex-boyfriend and his mistress, who are bound and gagged in the trunk.

* ''VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoViceCity'' gives us this as a ShoutOut to ''Film/PulpFiction'', just before Lance and Tommy lay siege to Ricardo Diaz's estate.
* A piece of concept art for ''VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoV'' depicts the three protagonists in this. [[spoiler: It turns out to be a replica of a scene from the game's GoldenEnding, where the man in the trunk is one of the {{Big Bad}}s.]]

* ''WebOriginal/EpicRapBattlesOfHistory'': [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wYtG7aQTHA Spielberg vs. Hitchcock]] has one [[spoiler:at the end of Quentin Tarantino's verse]].