->Where do you go to read the latest about new tropes?\\
What about old tropes with new names?\\
How can you find the best but least linked tropes out there?\\
Worry no more: Trope Report is here.

Trope Report is a newsletter by and for Tropers that gives you all your Trope News. It also be found on the forums in [[ this thread]].

Here's the Index of newsletters so far:
* [[WikiNewsletter/EditionZero Edition Zero]] - Dewey Defeats Truman!
* [[WikiNewsletter/FirstEdition First Edition]] - All About StealthPun.
* [[Newsletter.{{News 2010-05-20}} Second First Edition]] - Now under new management.
* [[Newsletter.{{News 2010-05-27}} Second Issue]] - Attack of the CloneDegeneration!
* [[Newsletter.{{News 2010-06-03}} Third Issue]] - Krrackknut throws himself into researching AlcoholHic.
* [[Newsletter.{{News 2010-06-10}} Fourth Issue]] - The '''LegionOfDoom''' is not responsible for broken links, there's a new Tropers namespace.
* [[Newsletter.{{News 2010-06-24}} Fifth Issue]] - Scholastica and deadlines have a battle with FearfulSymmetry.
* [[Newsletter.{{News 2010-07-02}} Sixth Issue]] - This TropeReport was not late. We have always been at war with Eurasia. TwoPlusTortureMakesFive.
* [[Newsletter.{{News 2010-07-08}} Seventh Issue]] - Krrackknut tries to sort out his loot with the PickupHierarchy.
* [[Newsletter.{{News 2010-07-23}} Eighth Issue]] - TropeReport finds out the hard way that the SwampsAreEvil.
* [[Newsletter.{{News 2010-07-30}} Ninth Issue]] - Krrackknut spies on young couples at the MakeOutPoint.
* [[Newsletter.{{News 2010-08-27}} Tenth Issue]] - Scholastica pays a compliment to ComplimentBackfire.
* [[Newsletter.{{News 2010-10-29}} Eleventh Issue]] - There was a NoodleIncident and Kraken never speak about this issue again.
* [[Newsletter.{{News 2012-01-28}} Twelfth Issue]] - Longest nap ever!
* [[Newsletter.{{News 2012-02-11}} Thirteenth Issue]] - Lots of changes, and ReportSiht has a run-in with DaEditor about NarrativeProfanityFilter.