This is what happens when a trope normally is a PetPeeveTrope, but one particular example doesn't trigger the usual BerserkButton, or the reverse, when a SugarWiki/FavoriteTrope is done in such a way as to hit said Button.

Why? Well, for the non-annoying example of a Pet Peeve Trope case (which is the one for which we'll be providing examples) there are a few possibilities:
* It could be because the [[JustifiedTrope justification]] is actually logical (there's a RecordNeedleScratch in the trailer, but it's a movie about an actual Vinyl record shop in the 1960s).
* It could be because the subtext that's normally present in the trope is avoided (yes, he is a [[MightyWhitey British lord raised by a native South American tribe]], but he repeatedly claims to not be as good a hunter as most of the men of his adoptive tribe, and this is (mostly) borne out by what we see; he's still good enough to beat the bad guys, though).
* It could be because the context requires the trope. (Sure, the BlackDudeDiesFirst in the war film, but that was what exactly happened in the [[BasedOnATrueStory real-life battle the film (scene) is based on.]])
* It could be because the trope is used in a [[DownplayedTrope very understated way]] (yes, that character is very clearly [[CreatorsFavorite the author's pet]], but he's only on screen for maybe two scenes per episode at most).
* It could be that it's being used in a sufficiently unusual way (it's not BlackComedyRape; it's RapeAsDrama being [[KickTheDog played by the rapist as comedy]]).
* It could be a case of an IntendedAudienceReaction (we're supposed to find the {{wangst}}y teenager [[TheScrappy annoying]], so that we understand when TheHero finally starts yelling at him).
* It could be because the UnfortunateImplications normally associated with a trope are cancelled out by another (a FauxActionGirl is paired with a genuine ActionGirl to show that competence isn't tied to gender).
* It could just be so well done that we forgive the writers (ActuallyPrettyFunny).
* It could simply be that the work does such a great job getting the audience invested that the trope works and can be taken seriously.
* It could be some species of [[DeconstructedTrope deconstruction]] of the trope, showcasing why you hate it in the first place.

No examples, please. Given that this is an AudienceReaction derived from another Audience Reaction, specific examples in the main page would be [[FlameBait problematic to say the least.]]