Welcome to {{Egopolis}}, seat of power of TheEmpire! No doubt you're in awe of the mighty statue of TheEmperor dominating the town square. This statue was built as a sign of his highness's power and control over the lands and the people of his Empire, which is why when TheHero and his friends invade the town and destroy it, you'll be treated to a dramatic shot of it collapsing.

Nothing quite puts an exclamation point on the downfall of a ruler or a kingdom like the destruction of an effigy of them. Their power and control over the people is broken and to drive it home a statue of them is shown being destroyed in a spectacular, dramatic fashion. Or alternatively, it's already been done, and the rubble of the statue is a sign of the former kingdom and it's failure.

Compare MonumentalDamage, SmashTheSymbol.


[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* In ''Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann'', Kamina's statue in Kamina City was pulled down when the people revolted.
* ''Anime/ElHazardTheMagnificentWorld'': After infiltrating the Buggrom citadel, and rescuing Fatora, Makoto and the others make their escape. During which, he asks [[DarkskinnedRedhead Shayla]] [[PlayingWithFire Shayla]] to help [[spoiler: Ifurita, who'd been freed from Jinnai's control and using her remaining energy to cover their escape.]] One of Shayla's blasts triggers a chain reaction of explosions throughout the hive which ultimately causes Jinnai's statue to crumble as it topples over.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* In the "Day of Chaos" storyline in ''ComicBook/JudgeDredd'', the colossal Statue of Judgement (which symbolically dwarfs the Statue of Liberty in the series) is toppled by the forces attacking Mega-City One. It's not just symbolic in this case--the statue was the headquarters of the Judges' surveillance and electronic tracking activities and its destruction creates many blind spots in the city.
* ''ComicBook/TheLeagueOfExtraordinaryGentlemen: The Black Dossier'' shows a statue of [[Literature/NineteenEightyFour Big Brother]] being removed.

* ''Film/BruceAlmighty'' has a variation, where Bruce watches a billboard of himself be torn down and set on fire in the midst of a riot he inadvertently caused with his careless power abuse.
* ''Film/PlanetOfTheApes'' has the iconic image of the partially buried Statue of Liberty, providing TheReveal that the planet is actually ''earth'' and humankind fell a long time ago.
* ''Film/TheScorpionKing'', a large statue of Memnon at the front of his palace is destroyed when the palace gets blown up.
* The special edition of ''Film/ReturnOfTheJedi'' added a scene with a mob tearing down a statue of the emperor on Coruscant.
* In ''Film/{{W}}'', Barbara and George Bush Sr. watch and discuss the overthrow of Saddam Hussein: "Well, they got the statue but now they gotta catch the man."

* In ''Literature/TheLordOfTheRings'', orcs defaced a monument to a king of Gondor when they took Ithilien. They broke the head of the king off and put there a boulder with Sauron's eye instead, and wrote some ClusterFBomb runes on it.
* The sonnet ''Ozymandias'' (TropeNamer for LookOnMyWorksYeMightyAndDespair) centers on this concept, a destroyed statue laying in the middle of buried ruins containing an inscription of the great wonders the king built.
* In the Literature/LeftBehind book ''Desecration'', protesters at the Temple Mount destroyed the golden Nicolae Carpathia statue just as it was about to be erected inside the Jewish Temple itself, signaling the coming downfall of the self-proclaimed king of the world 3 1/2 years later.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* At the end of ''Series/TheTwilightZone'' episode "The Little People", the statue of a man who'd been lording over a microscopic civilization on another planet is toppled by the little people themselves, after the man is killed by giants.
* An interesting variation in ''Series/{{Firefly}}'', when Jayne discovers that he is celebrated as a Robin Hood-style folk hero by a town of slaves, complete with a statue in his likeness. By the end of the episode, Jayne's true nature is revealed to the townsfolk and Jayne angrily pushes over the statue himself. Later, he remarks to Mal to nobody in town seemed to care what he really was, and they were probably rebuilding the statue as he speaks.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* In the Dwarf intro to ''VideoGame/TheLordOfTheRingsOnline'', the statue of Thorin Oakenshield has been torn down by the Dourhand clan and a statue of Skorgrim, the Dourhands' ancestor, erected in its place.
* The "People's Ending" of ''VideoGame/RepublicTheRevolution'' features a crowd smashing the statue of Novistrana's now-former dictator.
* In ''VideoGame/KidIcarusUprising'', there is a building where you have to fight three of the bosses again. In the main room, there are statues of the three of them. After you defeat each one, its statue crumbles.
* In ''VideoGame/{{Half-Life 2}}'', after starting the rebellion, one of the first things you witness is Breen's propaganda screen being toppled by the resistance.
* If you proceed to the BrutalBonusLevel in ''VideoGame/CaveStory'', you can take a detour to visit a room with a statue of The Doctor (as well as the three previous bearers of the Crown). You can destroy these statues--and they drop powerups when you do so.
* In ''VideoGame/AgeOfMythology: The Titans'', you have to destroy several statues of [[GeneralRipper General Melagius]] before dealing with him in person. In this case because smashing statues grant you gifts and bonuses.
* ''ShadowOfTheColossus'': After you beat each Colossus, their respective statue falls.
* ''{{Mercenaries}}'' has this as an entire side quest.
* ''JustCause 2'' lets you topple statues of "Baby" Panay, the president of the local republic, TO decrease his control.
* After running from the LivingStatue of Salazar in ''VideoGame/ResidentEvil4'', it topples and takes out a bridge, forcing you to PressXToNotDie.
* A side-quest in ''VideoGame/{{Borderlands 2}}'' has you sneak into Hyperion's model city of Opportunity and use a hacked Constructor to destroy four big statues of the game's BigBad, egotistical Hyperion CEO Handsome Jack. In-universe however, this doesn't necessarily detract from Jack's power and it simply just pisses him off, swearing to build statues of him [[GroinAttack kicking you in the junk]] to replace those you've toppled.
* In the final story mission of ''Videogame/FarCry4'', right before you confront Pagan Min, you must blow up the golden statue of him. Afterwards, Pagan himself calls you up and complains about how many artifacts he had to melt down as well as his body double standing in place for god-knows-how-long to pose for the statue.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* ''WesternAnimation/ThePrinceOfEgypt'', the film's opening sequence shows a great statue being erected. By the end of the film's famous Plagues sequence, it's crumbled to the ground.

[[folder:Real Life]]
* The overthrow of a Saddam Hussein statue in Iraq was seen as symbolic of his utter defeat.
* During UsefulNotes/TheAmericanRevolution, the statue in New York City of George III on horseback was toppled after the Declaration of Independence. The statue was later melted down to make bullets.
* The British raised a statue of Lord Nelson in downtown Dublin (similar, but smaller than, a statue of Lord Nelson in London). Many took it as a symbol of the British dominion over the Irish. The IRA blew it up in 1966. Then they wrote several funny songs about it.
* Statues of Communist leaders were toppled after the fall of the Soviet Union.
* The Afghan Taliban blew up a number of Buddha statues.