"Keep going, just a few minutes more and we'll be safe."\\
(Bad guy steps out from behind a tree)\\
"That's what ''you'' think."

Any escape attempt -- be it from from a kidnapper, unjust imprisonment, or the like -- that is shown getting within sight of a point beyond which the escapees will be undeniably and irrefutably safe will ''always'' be interrupted, sometimes fatally. ''Commenting'' on how close you are to safety is just TemptingFate and provides a cue for the interruption.
A SubTrope of the HopeSpot.


* In ''Film/AllTheMoneyInTheWorld'', Paul manages to set fire to a field to distract his captors, break out of his cell, hitch a ride to the nearest town, reach a police station, and call his mother only for his kidnappers to re-capture him at the station.
* Happens in Pixar's ''WesternAnimation/ToyStory'', when Woody and Buzz attempt to escape Sid, to the point of being a OverlyLongGag.
** Happens again in ''WesternAnimation/ToyStory3''. The GreatEscape from the Sunnyside daycare center comes to an abrupt end when BigBad Lotso steps in, right before Andy's toys are in safe territory.
* Used to Heartbreaking effect in ''Film/TheGreatEscape''. Hilts was inches away from safety when he got caught, and out of 76 escapees only 3 make it out of German-controlled territory - and 50 out of the other 73 are murdered in cold blood after being recaptured. Worse, this actually happened, and the Nazis had a knack for ''deliberately'' setting up this trope (see RealLife below).

* In Literature/TheBible, Jonah wants to go anywhere that isn't [[WretchedHive Nineveh]]. His escape is thwarted by God himself.
* Moist Von Lipwig digs himself out of prison in ''Discworld/GoingPostal'' only to find his tunnel blocked by a rock. Vetinari placed that rock there on purpose, to give the prisoners something to focus on without letting them escape, and even left Lipwig a new spoon to try to remove the well-mortared stone with (Lipwig having destroyed the old one removing the old mortar from the stone he had removed to start the tunnel).
* The short story "[[http://gaslight.mtroyal.ca/tortshil.htm A Torture by Hope]]" by Villiers de L'Isle-Adam is this trope meets YankTheDogsChain.

* In the ''Series/AgentsOfSHIELD'' episode "The Magical Place," [[spoiler:Coulson]] manages to pick the locks on his handcuffs, take down the guards he encounters, and make it outside... where TheDragon calmly informs him that his captors have set up shop at an unused and abandoned nuclear testing site from the '40s, and that there's nothing but empty desert for miles around. [[spoiler:Coulson]] is given a few moments to let it sink in before he's knocked unconscious and dragged back inside.

* This was a common strategy of the Nazis; when they found out that the prisoners were attempting to escape, they would show no signs of this knowledge while secretly stationing guards at the escape point, thus luring the escapees into a false sense of security ''right'' at the most dangerous part of the escape.