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Animals can't talk, but they can think, so lines that look like dialog appear in thought bubbles. Sometimes [[InnerMonologueConversation animals can communicate with each other and reply to each other's thought balloons]]. This means that either the thought balloons are effectively translations of AnimalTalk, or all animals are telepathic.

Related to SpeechImpairedAnimal, NearlyNormalAnimal and AnimalTalk.

This is a comic trope -- the film equivalent would be to sub-title an animal.



[[folder:Comic Books]]
* Franchise/ScoobyDoo does this throughout his comic book career from the earliest period (Dec. 1969) up to around the time Marvel assumed the Hanna-Barbera line. At that point he was given regular word balloons with the speech impediment prevalent on his TV series.
* Snowie from ''Franchise/{{Tintin}}''.

[[folder:Comic Strips]]
* Snoopy and Woodstock from ''ComicStrip/{{Peanuts}}''.
* The animals from ''ComicStrip/{{Garfield}}'', apart from [[TheSpeechless Odie]].
* The animal cast of ''ComicStrip/FootrotFlats''.
* In the BBXX ''ComicStrip/BabyBlues'' book, it reveals that Rick and Jerry's first rule in the series was to not let Zoe communicate through thought bubbles, but broke it in the first comic [[babyblues.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/102/2015/01/1-7-90-now-what-med.jpg]]. In the early comics, instead of words, they use objects (ex: a lollipop) to show what Zoe is thinking. One comic had Zoe remembering what Wanda said to her about locking the door. A few comics feature Wren talking through thought bubbles, but not directly to the viewer. [[babyblues.com/comics/november-11-2008/]] [[babyblues.com/comics/march-25-2012/]] Throughout the series, the "Wren talking through thought bubbles" concept was rarely seen ( and communication was rarely seen in the series (ex: babyblues.com/comics/august-23-1996/).
* Boot and other dogs from ''ComicStrip/ThePerishers'', but not the crabs or insects.
* In ''ComicStrip/{{Marvin}}'', this is how babies and animals communicate.
* Animals in ''ComicStrip/MotherGooseAndGrimm'' use thought bubbles sometimes and SpeechBubbles other times.

* Played with in ''Stanley Bagshaw and the Short-Sighted Football Trainer'':
-->'''Grandma:''' (''thinks'') He's a boy of simple pleasures.\\
'''Cat:''' (''thinks'') Yes, that's just what I thought.\\
'''Cat:''' (''thinks'') Stone me: I'm a mind-reading cat!

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* Used in ''Webcomic/TwoLumps''. In fact, in [[http://www.twolumps.net/d/20050516.html this example]], thought bubbles are used for conversation, while internal monologue is handled by {{Thought Caption}}s.
* Zane the cat in ''Webcomic/{{Kurami}}'' communicates like this. The titular infant can understand him; it's unclear whether Ana and Bree can as well.
* Used by fish in ''Webcomic/AmazingSuperpowers'' [[http://www.amazingsuperpowers.com/2011/10/return-of-the-fish-2/ here]].
* ''Tally-Ho!'' implies (and has corroboration from WordOfGod) that the animals do make sounds when they communicate, but the fox claims that a phone wouldn't transmit "dog thoughts." [[RuleOfFunny It does anyway.]]
* ''Webcomic/LeifAndThorn'': Thorn's cat, Tiernan. Not clear whether this applies to all animals, or just magical/soulbonded ones.

* ''WesternAnimation/TheLoudHouse'': All the family pets communicate in picture thought balloons when they agree.