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-> ''"You know what? He forgot his latte."''
-->-- '''WesternAnimation/{{Droopy}}''', "Thanks a Latte"

The characters order something arbitrary like salad or coffee, have a conversation, and then leave before ever touching their order. You will likely not notice this unless you happen to be very hungry when it happens; then it will drive you up the wall.

This also applies when a character gets a snack or something to drink, but you barely see them touch/eat it.

This is due to TheLawOfConservationOfDetail as diners and restaurants are great places to stage a conversation between characters, but their eating isn't relevant to the plot. Of course, depending on the scene, it's possible all the eating simply takes place off camera. If there's a cut, and the food has been eaten afterwards, then that doesn't count for this trope. It's particularly infuriating in works that also employ FoodPorn.

Live-Action shows also have another problem to contend with: that being that food spoils easier in studio lighting. Therefore, [[FakeFood most of the food used is a prop]], unless characters are specifically meant to eat it. Equally obviously, if a scene requires multiple takes (which includes shooting from more than one angle), you don't want the actors to be forced to continually stuff their faces, only to have to make them a brand new sandwich for the next take. Requiring the actors to eat the food can also create continuity problems in the event of retakes or editing (''Series/{{Skins}}'' in particular has been mocked for a scene where a sandwich changes state every time the camera angle does). And if the actor were to have a big enough portion of food in their mouth, it might make dialogue harder to hear.

A variant of this trope is in a cop drama where two officers are drinking coffee while parked and see a car speeding past; as hot coffee is not something you want flying about during a chase, said coffee goes out the windows.

See also ForgetsToEat, LateForSchool.

Contrast EnemyEatsYourLunch and TheSnackIsMoreInteresting, where one party pointedly ignores the other in favour of eating, in order to aggravate them. Also see LostFoodGrievance, for when wasting food is acknowledged in-universe. Not related to TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodPlot or TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodCharacter.



* This is actually enforced in alcoholic adverts; one of the many limitations in many countries is that no alcohol must be consumed during the advert. Once you notice this you'll never stop. Subverted in one such commercial where Creator/NeilPatrickHarris steps just off-camera so he can (audibly) enjoy his beer.

[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* Subverted in ''Manga/{{Naruto}}''. When Sasuke goes out to look for Naruto one morning in the Land of Waves arc, Sakura calls after him, saying that he hasn't touched his breakfast, but then looks and sees that he's already eaten without her noticing it.
* The characters in ''Manga/MahouSenseiNegima'' tend to take their meals at the Chao Bao Zi or [[BlandNameProduct Starbooks]]. We rarely see them actually eat there (in vol. 3, the group has just ordered a round of coffees they left at the table).
* Played with in ''Anime/{{Monster}}'', where the characters ''do'' comment on Tenma's tendency to leave his food untouched.
* In the Franchise/LupinIII franchise, Zenigata is so [[SympatheticInspectorAntagonist obsessed with chasing Lupin]], while eating at a cafe, if he notices Lupin and the gang, he leaves his food behind to chase after them.
* A major part of Sanji's backstory in ''Manga/OnePiece'' was this. On the ship he served on, his fellow cooks would always eat the leftovers the customers didn't bother to finish, complaining of this very trope. Sanji just found it unsanitary and would throw them away instead. However when Zeff and he were later stranded on a rock formation with no way down and only limited food, Sanji realized why they did it; when you're out at sea, food is scarce and you gotta make every crumb count. Needless to say, he took the lesson to heart, with wasting food becoming a ''massive'' BerserkButton for him.
* Juna's difficulty with fast food (particularly burgers) in ''Anime/EarthMaidenArjuna'' is a frequent subject, played for drama.
* During the Mythyrian Numbers Arc of ''Anime/YuGiOhZexal'', Yuma, Shark, and Kaito find a temple on top of a mountain where the Number they seek should be; while there, Yuma is quickly drawn to a pot of delicious-smelling soup cooking, only for an angry old man - [[CoolOldGuy Jinlon]] - to storm out and hit him with a cane, accusing him of trying to steal his lunch. However, when Jinlon realizes that Kaito is a Dragon user and Kaito realizes that Jinlon is the guardian of the Number, Jinlon quickly decides to duel him, disregarding his lunch completely. [[spoiler:(Of course, Jinlon likely doesn't need to eat at all; when defeated, he is revealed to be the spirit of the Number itself, and vanishes as Kaito claims the card.)]]

* There's a comic where ComicBook/{{Wolverine}} and ComicBook/CaptainAmerica meet in a little diner to exchange information, and Wolverine mentions that the place has great pie. The waitress shows up, and since Cap isn't bothering with the secret identity stuff -- his hood/mask is down, but he's got his scalemail under an open jacket -- she recognizes him, is impressed, and they talk a bit, then she gets their orders and bustles off. Wolverine scornfully says that Cap probably hasn't paid for a meal since he revealed his secret identity to the world. Before the food arrives there's some kind of alarm and both heroes run out of the diner, Cap throwing down several dollar bills as he does so. ''Then'', as Wolverine's about to flag down a car, he scolds Cap about taking the time to pay for food they never got to eat. Cap, being Cap, ignores this.
** Wolverine ends up doing this once. After spending weeks in the Canadian wilderness while being pursued by the vampire Bloodscream and the cyborg Cylla, he manages to reach a small town and immediately heads for the diner and orders a pile of burgers. He eats several before finding out that his motorcycle, which he had left at some gas station, has been delivered there. Then he runs out of the diner, throwing down enough money to cover the bill as he does so.
* Mercury from ''ComicBook/XMen'' regularly visits a local cafe and orders coffee even though she doesn't (and can't) drink it since her mutation transformed her into a piece of sapient living metal. She explains to X-23 that she likes the warmth of the coffee and more importantly, [[IJustWantToBeNormal doing something normal like going out for coffee helps her feel normal]].
* In ''ComicBook/LifeWithArchieTheMarriedLife'' Issue #36, Archie orders a chocolate soda for himself, BettyAndVeronica at Jughead's Chocklit Shoppe in the after-party, and he, Jughead and Reggie have a conversation while they wait. But as soon as the girls arrive with Kevin Keller and his husband, Clay Walker, something unexpected happens: [[spoiler:It is discovered that Wendell, the man doing the dishes, is the gunman whom Agent Mitchell and his team have been pursuing, who now drops the dishes and points his gun at Kevin to Archie's surprise. With a BigNo, Archie jumps into the fray while knocking his chocolate soda on the table... right before he [[TakingTheBullet takes the bullet for Kevin]] and [[TheHeroDies dies]] after Wendell is apprehended. The bitter irony is that while everyone mourns his death, the scene makes a final cut to [[BookEnds the spilled chocolate soda on the table]]... the soda he never even got to drink with Betty or Veronica while he was still alive, with only one straw in the ice cream and the other two separated from the cup. They Wasted a Perfectly Good Soda, indeed.]]
* In ''Comicbook/TheSandman'', when Dream and Delirium finally reunite with their estranged brother Destruction, he has prepared a lavish dinner for them to enjoy. However, during their conversation they end up not even tasting it which Destruction wrly notes. Destruction's attempts to create things such as the meal always go to waste in a similar manner. Not that it stops him from trying.

[[folder: Fan Works]]
* In ''Fanfic/TheKeysStandAlone: The Soft World'', a young bard singing "Norwegian Wood" passes [[Music/TheBeatles the four]] while they're dispiritedly walking and munching on fast food. The four have a delayed reaction a few seconds later; their food goes flying as they turn and race after him. John throws away a whole bag of sandwiches, which [[BigEater he regrets a few hours later.]]

[[folder:Films -- Animation]]
* Downplayed with ''Disney/BeautyAndTheBeast'' as the castle staff performs a [[BusbyBerkeleyNumber humongous production number]] about serving Belle dinner; unless she was eating it every time the camera cut away, she only gets to taste a couple dishes with her finger and eat the cherry off the top of a pie. It's sort of an unspoken rule in many musicals that you should just pretend [[MusicalWorldHypotheses the songs aren't part of the actual story]]. So either we're seeing the staff trot out all these dishes in front of Belle as they sing a grandiloquent, choreographed number about hospitality while in reality she's enjoying a quiet, satisfying meal as the staff wait in attendance, or Belle tried some samples during the performance, then had a proper meal afterwards.
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Coraline}}''
** The Other Mother prepares a feast for Coraline, but she only takes one bite out of a chicken leg before it's replaced with a cake, of which she doesn't eat any, either. May be intentional, though, as the food in the other world is probably all fake.
** A later scene shows a big meal left on the table for Coraline. We don't see how much of it she ate, but she ate at least some of it and burped.
** There's another meal Coraline doesn't eat any of, and some popcorn, and a disgusting meal in the real world. However, the fact that Other Father is the only one to eat any of this is {{Foreshadowing}} to his true nature.
* In ''WesternAnimation/TheChipmunkAdventure'', a RunningGag has [[BigEater Theodore]] ordering food, only to be pulled away for some reason before he can eat it.
* In the ''Franchise/LiloAndStitch'' franchise, [[RunningGag the fat tourist never gets to eat his ice cream.]]
* In ''Disney/{{Pinocchio}}'', while at Pleasure Island Pinocchio and Lampwick are seen eating an ice cream cone and a pie and a whole turkey respectively, once they discover the tent for "The Rough House" (where boys go to fight) they toss the food away after only a few bites each, probably thinking they would get more later since everything was free.
* Remy of ''WesternAnimation/{{Ratatouille}}'' cooked at least three different dishes in the first half hour of the movie yet always got interrupted trying to eat them. Indeed, it's only well after then that he gets to eat anything at all, when Linguini notices he looks dazed and gives him a piece of cheese.
* ''Disney/TheEmperorsNewGroove''
** After turning Kuzco into a lama, Yzma orders Kronk to take him out of the city and kill him. Kronk complains that they haven't eat anything yet and [[SubvertedTrope manages to convinces Yzma to take dessert and a cup of cofee]].
** Played straight when Kuzco and Pacha went to the restaurant: Kuzco and Yzma simultaneously orders a meal but Pacha forces Kuzco to leave when he notices Yzma and throws her a birthday party. At least Yzma leaves the restaurant with a slice of cake.

[[folder:Films -- Live Action]]
* In ''Film/GrossePointeBlank'', this occurs when Martin Blank and Grocer meet at a diner. After being a complete jackass to the waitress about wanting a plain eggwhite omelette, he drops the plate on the floor when it arrives to distract Grocer (they both have guns on each other under the table) and leaves.
* Played straight in ''Film/The51stState'', when Felix gives the traditional dish of fish and chips to Elmo, who looks at it with disgust, promptly throwing it out the car.
* ''Film/TheWraith'': the Sheriff has probably a couple bites into the standard fast food meal when the local troublemakers start kicking off, and he has to ditch it on the road to follow them.
* Defied in the movie ''Film/DirtyHarry'': Harry's too badass to give up his hot dog just because some guys are robbing a bank, and noshes on it while engaging them in a gunfight.
* In ''Film/RunFatboyRun'', Dennis is given a gigantic plate of spaghetti and bolognese to carbo-load to train a marathon. He flatly refuses to eat it, and ends up regretting this after training is over.
* In ''Film/HomeAlone'', Kevin makes a nice big bowl of hot macaroni and cheese as a Christmas meal. He has just enough time to pick up his knife and fork before the robbers show up. He leaves the meal on the table and never touches it.
* Averted, in the ''Film/{{Twilight}}'' movie. Some hard core fans were annoyed when they saw members of the Non-Eater Cullen Clan chewing in the lunch room scenes. [[LongSpeechTeaTime It's believed that real fries]] [[TheSnackIsMoreInteresting were on the table, and some of the actors got hungry.]] Alternately, it could just be the screenwriter putting more thought into it than the original author did -- it makes sense that a group trying to pass themselves off as normal kids would pretend to eat [[EatingOptional even if they didn't need to]].
* In ''Film/IRobot'', Del Spooner accepts a cup of coffee, which he even prepares by liberally spooning sugar into. At the end of his visit, he thanks his host for the coffee, and leaves without having taken a sip. What's odd is that an earlier scene clearly shows him eating a whole pie, which foreshadows [[spoiler:the fact that he has a robot arm which needs extra power.]] Presumably, he just forgot about the coffee.
* The actor for Pansy Parkinson from ''Film/HarryPotterAndTheHalfBloodPrince'' once said in a magazine article that every new take they did of the Slug Club scene, she got a new piece of chocolate cake on her plate she could eat.
* Used comically in ''Film/OurManFlint'', who goes to Marseilles and a series of restaurants, ordering bouillabaise to find a specific mix of ingredients he found as a clue - he repeatedly takes one spoon's worth, sometimes just smelling it, and asks for the check.
* In the first ''Film/JurassicPark'', no one eats the meal Hammond provides as they're too busy arguing over the ethics of cloning dinosaurs for fun and profit. (The scene also comes immediately after they were all shown a cow being devoured alive by velociraptors, so they might not have been hungry for ''other'' reasons.) Later, the kids also don't get to eat very much before the raptors enter the visitor's center and force them to run and hide. Hammond and Ellie do get to eat some of the ice cream before it melts, though.
* In ''Film/TheTwoTowers'', there is a whole scene about Sam cooking a rabbit stew for Frodo and himself (that really disgusts Gollum). However, we never see if they get to eat it or not before Faramir's men attack them. [[note]] They do eat the stew in the book. [[/note]]
* In ''Film/{{Grease}}'', in the second sequence at the Frosty Palace, Danny and Sandy each order a double Polar burger with everything on it and a cherry soda with ice cream. The rest of the group then shows up and settles at their table. But since Danny wanted to be alone with his date all along, the two of them just up and left without touching their food. To make matters worse, it's implied that they didn't even pay for their order; Frenchy was somehow stuck with a common check for the whole group (the others ''also'' ordered food, but at least they seemed to eat a little of it).
* Martin Weir in ''Film/GetShorty'' goes to an extreme with this trope, making a big show of ordering an off-menu omelette and taking off before it arrives.
* Dan in ''Film/MulhollandDrive'' is so preoccupied with telling his dream to his friend that he doesn't even touch his breakfast at the diner.
* In ''Film/TheRoom'', Johnny makes sandwiches for his friends, but they never eat them. In ''TheRoomTheGame'' the next day after making the sandwiches, they are rotten.
* ''Film/ConquestOfSpace'' (1955). The candidates for the Mars mission are pissed because they have to eat FoodPills in the same mess hall that everyone else is tucking into roast beef and fresh vegetables. In a KickTheDog moment, a crewman is informed that he's washed out of the program when a steak dinner is served to him. Everyone watches in envy as he takes a bite...then he rushes from the room to be sick. Then all the other food gets wasted when meteors strike the SpaceStation, [[SpecialEffectsFailure breaking the strings on one side]] and causing it to tilt, sending everyone sliding across the room.

* Deliberately played straight with Creator/AnneRice's ''[[Literature/TheVampireChronicles The Vampire Lestat]]''. The title character states that he does this deliberately with tea and coffee because he likes the way the warm beverage feels. Naturally, being a vampire, he can't actually drink it anyway, so it's always wasted.
* Same thing happens in Creator/ChristopherMoore's ''Literature/BloodsuckingFiends''. Jody, a newly-turned vampire, has realized her body [[IDoNotDrinkWine will automatically reject food and drink]]. So when she has dinner with Tommy, she only orders a coffee and just spends the meal "contemplating" it.
* In ''Literature/FlowersForAlgernon'', Charlie pays for a meal without eating it after seeing how the restaurant treats a slow busboy.
* This happens all the time in ''Literature/AmericanPsycho''. A lot of the action takes place in high-class restaurants, where course after course is brought and usually left untouched. This is used to emphasize the extremely materialistic and wasteful natures of the characters.
* In ''Literature/{{Twilight}}'', Bella learns that the Cullens buy lunch every day to put up appearances of being human, and then toss them out. She even watches Alice dump her entire lunch uneaten. Why the vampires bother is a mystery, since it's a lot more conspicuous to throw away completely uneaten lunches every day than to simply not eat one and let onlookers assume you've already eaten or plan to eat later.
* Near the end of Creator/NeilGaiman's ''Literature/TheGraveyardBook'', we see Silas -- whose exact nature is strongly hinted at, but never specified -- and Bod in a restaurant together. Bod has pizza; Silas orders a green salad which he pushes around with his fork, and a glass of water with which he moistens his lips.
* In "[[Literature/HonorHarrington Ms. Midshipwoman Harrington]]" there's a scene where several of Honor's senior officers look on in wonder as she builds a rather impressive sandwich to fuel her overclocked {{Heavyworlder}} metabolism -- that she gets to take one bite from before the general quarters alarm sounds, sending them all rushing off to their action stations, and leaving the sandwich dumped on the floor.
* In the Creator/{{Saki}} story "The Chaplet", a gourmet chef watches in horror as this happens to ''his entire meal'' because of a violinist playing a popular tune. [[spoiler: [[BerserkButton He loses it]] when the violinist starts an encore, dragging him offstage and drowning him in a soup tureen.]]
* The ''Literature/{{Robotech}}'' novelization milked this for all it was worth, giving a nearly FoodPorn-ish description of the steak dinner [[spoiler:Ben Dixon]] leaves behind as he heads out [[spoiler: on his final sortie]]. He even tells it "I'll be right back!"
* The emergency worker version of this is discussed in one book of ''Literature/TheBobbseyTwins'' where Freddie and Flossie are PlayingHouse and, right after Flossie puts "dinner" on he table, Freddie declares that there's a fire and, as a fireman, he needs to toss the dinner out the window so he can go to the fire.
* In the first ''Literature/GauntsGhosts'' novel, the General in overall command of the theater had a samovar of recaff large enough that he could have given a cup to every single soldier under his command. In his first scene, he takes a sip from one cup, declares that its gone stale, and orders the entire samovar dumped out and refilled with a fresh batch. The soldier that goes off to fulfill this order actually spits in disgust at the General as soon as he's out of sight.
* Playing this straight is a sign that things have gone ''very'' poorly (usually for Vlad) in the ''Literature/{{Dragaera}}'' books, as the author indulges in regular FoodPorn and Vlad's father ran a restaurant, meaning Vlad makes a point of honoring any meal with his full attention (out of respect to the food as much as the chef). Especially before getting up to any deals made over the dinner table.
* One 90s children's photo book, by Scholastic, was about a fire station. The firefighters make a delicious-looking meal of spaghetti and meatballs. They sit down, and then they get an alert. But it's okay, they leave the dog to guard it.

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
* ''Radio/OurMissBrooks'': Happens often on Miss Brooks. Many episodes begin with Miss Brooks having breakfast with Mrs. Davis. Often enough Walter Denton joins them, proclaiming himself willing to eat another breakfast. However, you rarely see anybody eat more than a few bites or Miss Brooks take a few sips of coffee. The trope is carried over to scenes in the Madison High School cafeteria, where teachers and students talk far more than they ever eat.
* Played with in ''Series/AdamTwelve'' on occasion. Played straightest -and painfully hilarious- in the episode where Reid's wife has him on a diet.
* In ''Series/AgentsOfSHIELD'', Simmons makes a sandwich for Fitz as he's going on a field mission with Ward. When Fitz is about to eat it, Ward throws it away thinking the fancy, aromatic sandwich is unsafe in a place filled with {{Angry Guard Dog}}s sniffing around. Fitz spends the rest of the episode visibly (and sometimes audibly) angry about this.
* Happens about every episode of ''Series/{{Baantjer}}''. Detective De Cock almost always gets his EurekaMoment in a local bar, causing him to promptly leave his drink behind and go arrest somebody.
* In ''[[Series/{{Beetleborgs}} Big Bad Beetleborgs]]'' the three kids frequently order a pizza at a local restaurant. They rarely, if ever, managed to take even a single bite of the pizza. Something always came up. Monsters appeared, Flabber paid them a visit ''[[ItMakesSenseInContext through the pizza]]'', etc.
* ''Series/TheBigBangTheory'' averts this trope most of the time, while they are shown having a conversation while eating, they actually do eat at least some of their food. In the background, however, you can usually see the extras poking around with their food but never taking a bite.
* Both subverted and played straight in ''Series/{{Bones}}'', as the characters often seem to eat the food they order, whether coffee or hot dogs (in fact, JohnFrancisDailey sometimes has trouble with eating berries and getting them in his teeth), but occasionally seem to run in and out of the Royal Diner at random without eating what they order, ordering anything, or waiting for their order to arrive, often ending with a completely different person sitting at the table than the ones who originally sat down to order.
* The second-season ''Series/BoyMeetsWorld'' DVD set included some commentary about the scenes where characters had to eat something. They point out how the actors would stir their breakfast cereal to create the appearance of eating without actually putting anything in their mouths.
* In the ''Series/FatherTed'' episode, "The Mainland", Ted and Dougal are taking a break at a restaurant after a frustrating outing at a Cave tour, Dougal especially is starving. Just as their orders are brought in. Ted gets a phone call that Ms. Doyle has been arrested and needs to be bailed out. He pulls Dougal away just as he's bringing the food to his lips.
* Happens many times on the ''Series/GilmoreGirls'', the prime offenders usually being the titular girls at Luke's diner no less!
* On ''Series/{{House}}'', a non-food service example tends to occur, the characters are constantly having lunch at work. And by "having lunch at work", mostly meaning "getting out food and sitting in front of it while it gets cold, at work".
* In one episode of the Spanish police soap ''Series/LosHombresDePaco'', after Curtis interrupts lunch between Pepa and Silvia by deciding to sit down with them subsequently ordering salad, takes one fork stabful of it, eats it then dabs his mouth with the paper towel and leaves after saying his piece to the two women. Bonus points for having the nerve to recommend it and presumably leaving them with the bill!
* The first ''Series/HomeAndAway'' DVD showed us why this happened: The food was all props to make the fridges appear stocked. It is, however, especially noticeable thanks to the fact that the modern Summer Bay includes a diner and a restaurant (that used to be a bar).
* In the ''Series/HowIMetYourMother'' episode "The Best Burger in New York City," the characters abandon several burger meals because they realize that they're not "the best burger in New York City" that Marshall discovered years ago. Everybody but Robin (who hasn't eaten for a day and whose food always arrives just before they rush out) at least takes a few bites of the burgers before Marshall declares it the wrong one.
* ''Series/KamenRiderFaiz'' has the main characters do this a lot in the beginning. Partially justified for the main character, who is "cat-tongued" and has to blow on his food for a while before he deems it cool enough to eat. They usually pay, though.
* Series/KamenRiderWizard has sugar donuts as a TrademarkFavoriteFood and has to snack regularly to fuel his magic. That doesn't mean he can finish such snacks on-screen, though.
* An inversion on ''Series/{{Lost}}'': one of Kate's flashbacks involves her enlisting the help of a con woman in order to see her mother, who works at a diner. The con woman is sitting at the diner and orders a bowl of chili, which she intentionally spills all over Kate's mother when she brings it to her so that she would have to go into the back to clean up, where Kate was waiting for her.
* In an episode of ''Series/{{MASH}}'', Hawkeye gets called into surgery just before he even has a chance to eat the wondefully-prepared meal he spent an entire episode trying to get served.
* Invoked on one episode of ''Series/{{NCIS}}'' where Gibbs throws [=DiNozzo's=] food out of the window of a moving car while he's eating it as "punishment" for not thinking hard enough about the case.
* Appears a number of times in ''Series/GetSmart'', usually when Max is eating lunch with a KAOS/double agent, or the target of an assassination. Often subverted in the latter case.
* ''Franchise/PowerRangers'':
** Happens fairly often, particularly in the Zordon-era: one or more members of the team is about to have lunch, usually in the Juice Bar, when the call to action comes in, and they have to leave, leaving the food unfinished.
** Parodied in one episode of ''Series/MightyMorphinPowerRangers'' where Rocky shows reluctance at having to leave his DagwoodSandwich at the last second for a Ranger battle, and then when he and Adam race to get back to it afterwards.
** Emphasized in one episode of ''Series/PowerRangersTurbo'' where Bulk and Skull (who are currently monkeys, due to the curse inflicted upon them in an earlier episode) notice the left-behind sandwiches and rush over to eat them.
** A running gag on ''Series/PowerRangersRPM'' is that Flynn will prepare a smoothie, but never get to finish/drink without being called into duty.
** And again in ''Series/PowerRangersMegaforce'' where Jake orders a smoothie for Gia (and pays for it) and is about to give it to her before he gets called away for duty.
** The Trope is ''not'' played for laughs in one episode of ''Series/PowerRangersLostGalaxy''. Mike befriends a young woman and invites her to a restaurant, but has to leave quickly to help his allies deal with the MonsterOfTheWeek before he can eat his hamburger - lucky thing too, because she's actually Trakeena in disguise, and poisoned it. [[spoiler:She tries to do the same thing later with a glass of juice, but by then, he's onto her.]]
* Subverted in one episode of ''Series/SevenDays''. A victim of the week must be prevented from eating his poisoned sandwich (several times, thanks to the GroundhogDayLoop). This requires far more elaborate schemes than what most of this page would imply. A later iteration of the loop has a now-deranged Parker simply taking his gun out and demanding that the victim put down his sandwich. He doesn't want to. Several death threats to multiple people later, the victim finally agrees to abandon his meal.
* ''Series/SixFeetUnder'': In one storyline, David and Keith were taking care of Keith's niece Taylor, considering getting a custody of her. One morning, they all have breakfast together. Taylor's plate is full and she barely touches anything. Keith gets angry for some reason and promptly sends her to brush her teeth and get ready for school. Perhaps she suffered from a weak stomach or was too nervous to swallow anything, but what if she wanted to eat it?
* ''Series/{{Skins}}'' have a scene where the resident anorexic teenager shows how she manages to go through a family-meal without taking a single bite. It was as impressive as it was scary. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4aw6e8ntm38 This scene starts at 2:03 of this collection of clips about her]]
* ''Series/{{Southland}}'' sees four officers order fast food... then have to leave it behind when they're called to an incident.
* In the GroundhogDayLoop episode of ''Series/StargateSG1'', "Windows of Opportunity", O'Neill keeps finding himself in the middle of breakfast with Daniel Jackson asking him some question he can't remember. The scene always begins with O'Neill about to put a spoon full of Froot [[JustForPun Loops]] in his mouth. The props department later said how they had to glue the Froot Loops to the spoon because they just ''knew'' the fans would notice if they differed from loop to loop.
* Before a meeting with Admiral Nechayev in the ''Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration'' episode "Journey's End," Picard lays out tea with her favorite snack, Bularian canapés. Although she appreciates the gesture, neither of them consumes anything apart from a sip of tea. However, in the later episode, "Preemptive Strike," it's implied that the canapés were eaten after all.
--> '''Nechayev:''' No Bularian canapés this time, Captain?
--> '''Picard:''' I thought twice was pushing it a little.
--> '''Nechayev:''' It's just as well. They're extremely fattening.
* Throughout the ''Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine'' episode "Accession," [[HeterosexualLifePartners Bashir and O'Brien]] order several beers from Quarks--and never finish any of them.
* In ''Series/StarTrekVoyager'', Janeway's replicator flubs, and she can't have [[MustHaveCaffeine her daily coffee]]. Neelix offers her a "better-than-coffee substitute" (which has the viscosity of honey), but a communicator call pulls her away before she can have a sip. Subverted as she is relieved that she was called away.
--> '''Chakotay:''' ''(over the comm)'' Bridge to Captain Janeway.
--> '''Janeway:''' I'm on my way!
--> '''Chakotay:''' ''(once Janeway arrives on the bridge)'' There was no need for you to come to the bridge.
--> '''Janeway:''' Yes, there was.
* In ''Series/StarTrekEnterprise'', one episode featured Trip as acting captain, who takes advantage of the generosity that he is able to dole out by inviting two crew members to dinner in the captain's dining room. All three of them are presented with their favorite dishes, which remain untouched when an unexpected incident requires Trip's attention. As a starship captain, you are never off duty...
* ''Series/TheStoryOfTracyBeaker'', where every meal turns into a food fight. Except one '''''incredibly''''' satisfying scene in S4 E4, where all the kids eat burgers with mayonnaise and cheese and ketchup.
* ''Series/{{Supernatural}}'' has the boys almost never taking a bite of the diner food they so often order. Dean in particular never gets to [[RunningGag eat his pie.]] Subverted once as [[OOCIsSeriousBusiness a plot point]] when Castiel, who as an angel never eats or drinks anything, immediately starts noshing on the burger Dean's decided not to eat. Subverted in Season 8, when the boys have to ditch some burgers that Dean made to get to work, and Sam comes back for his.
* ''Series/TwinPeaks'':
** Maddy joins Donna and James at the RR Diner and requests a Vanilla Coke, which James fetches for her. After engaging in some dialogue, they all depart with Maddy's full soda glass left untouched, the wrapper not even taken off the straw beside it. This has gained some notoriety in the fandom.
** Cooper and the local law enforcement visit the Log Lady, who insists that they all sit down for tea and cookies. She then insists that they wait for the tea to steep and not have any cookies until the tea is ready. Once they start asking her questions, the whole tea arrangement is forgotten.
* Happens often in the earlier episodes of ''Series/TwoAndAHalfMen'', "BigEater" Jake nearly always leaves most of his food, once even leaving an entire hamburger.
* Subverted in one ''Series/SledgeHammer'' episode where the protagonist is buying a "sushi dog" from a vendor when an alarm rings. Although he complains that he "can never enjoy a sushi dog in peace", he hangs onto it and eats it after dealing with the perp.
* In an episode of ''Series/UpstairsDownstairs'' Richard Bellamy accepts a glass of beer from the chauffeur while visiting in his domain. He never touches it-- destroying the intended effect of accepting hospitality.
* An episode of ''Series/WhitestKidsUKnow'' ends in a troperiffic sketch taking place on the back of a moving school bus where one character gives half of his sandwich to the other, who throws it out of the window. The driver ignores this, but [[RedScare gets angry when the two start calmly discussing democratic socialism in philosophical terms]], with calamitous effect.
* ''Series/TheWestWing'' has this trope in spades, usually because they have "lunch meetings" that only last, for plot purposes, about four minutes. One particularly egregious example had Toby ordering, the people he was talking to ordering, the people he was talking to telling him important information, and Toby leaving immediately. What about your steak, Toby!
* ''Series/TheWire'':
** In the second-to-last episode of season 3, Jimmy [=McNulty=] is so disgusted on realizing that Theresa D'Agostino is trying to pump him for information on Major Colvin's Hamsterdam project that he abandons their dinner/hook-up without even tasting the wine in front of him, in spite of being a borderline alcoholic. In this case it's half this trope, half OOCIsSeriousBusiness.
** In a similar vein, while participating as part of the educational reform program, Colvin takes a group of his most-improved students to a fancy restaurant. They are so nervous and out of place that they won't touch any of their food, and immediately grab some fried lake trout after they leave.

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* This is common for vampires in both ''TabletopGame/VampireTheMasquerade'' and ''TabletopGame/VampireTheRequiem''. Vampiric digestive systems can only process blood, so they [[IDoNotDrinkWine can't eat at formal events]]. Part of the {{Masquerade}} is learning the slight-of-hand needed to keep people from noticing you never eat -- and a suggestion for botching a social roll in ''TabletopGame/VampireTheMasquerade'' was for the other guests to realize exactly that.
** At least in ''Vampire: The Masquerade'', some vampires have the ability to keep human food down for a couple hours, though they would eventually have to vomit it back up. Some Nosferatu with this ability even managed to weaponize it by projectile vomiting on their enemies.
** One story has the vampire narrator mentioning a disgusting alcoholic beverage called a Rusty Nail that the mayor's ghoul servant favors. Later on the ghoul becomes a vampire himself. The narrator still pours him a Rusty Nail when he arrives, as a sentimental gesture, so he can hold it and still feel human.
** At least one Bloodline is based entirely on having the power to eat and drink.

* In the British comedy sketch ''Theatre/DinnerForOne'', the butler James serves her mistress Miss Sophie a plate of Mulligatawny soup, chicken, North Sea haddock, and finally some fruit, all of which comes with an appropriate wine. All this goes so fast on stage, however, that Miss Sophie barely gets to eat anything, and James carries most of it away again (and sends some of it flying when he trips over the tiger hat). Also, Miss Sophie doesn't drink nearly as much as James, but then again, drinking half as much as James may already be hazardous, for a 90-year-old lady no less.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* When you first meet Zaalbar in ''VideoGame/KnightsOfTheOldRepublic'', he's waiting for his food to get in. Mission orders him to come stand up for her when she gets bullied by a couple of Black Vulkars. Zaalbar complains about how his food just showed up, but does it anyway. Then, after a brief conversation with the main character, Mission tells Zaalbar they're leaving. When Zaalbar complains that he ''still'' hasn't gotten to eat his food yet, Mission just brushes him off and says they'll get something to eat at the Hidden Bek base.
* In ''VideoGame/ReturnToCastleWolfenstein'', you quite often end up interrupting nazis (especially officers) while they've got piping hot meals on their tables. This is to your advantage, for both InUniverse and [[HyperactiveMetabolism gameplay reasons]].
* In ''VideoGame/TheSims'' series, serving a group meal will always result in 8 or so servings, no matter how many people actually live in the house. Leftover food WILL need to be thrown away before it goes bad. Thankfully one of the later expansions for The Sims 2 allows you to put the leftover food in the fridge and eat it later.
** In ''VideoGame/TheSims3'', if food gets thrown out before it spoils, the Sim responsible will end up feeling bad about waisting food.
* In the manual comic for ''[[VideoGame/{{Valis}} Syd of Valis]]'', Yuko is the middle of eating pudding for lunch when she hears the urgent voice of her late friend Reiko, and has to set out on her new adventure without finishing her pudding.
* Subverted in one mission in ''VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoSanAndreas'', which has you go to a drive-thru restaurant, only to be attacked by Ballas after you've got your food. This doesn't stop Big Smoke from enjoying his food instead of shooting at them [[spoiler:since he's also working with them.]]
* In ''VideoGame/ResidentEvil6'', during both the opening and ending cutscenes of Chris' campaign, the same dish (steak with potatoes and veggies) ends up being partially eaten before the one eating it gets up and leaves.
* At one point in ''VideoGame/{{Undertale}}'' Sans takes you to Grillby's for a burger which you never get to eat. If you talk to Grillby after the conversation, he remarks "your food is probably cold by now".

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* In ''Webcomic/{{Megatokyo}}'', this is done [[http://megatokyo.com/strip/435 repeatedly]] with [[EnsembleDarkhorse Miho Tohya's]] food, which fueled [[EpilepticTrees speculation]] about what exactly she ''is''. It was practically a [[TheReveal reveal]] when she was first shown to actually take a bite of something, [[WebcomicsLongRunners six years into the comic's run]].
** It's equally strange that Ping--who is a robot with a literally photographic memory--doesn't notice Miho's untouched cake, but Piro (the notoriously oblivious) does.
* ''Webcomic/DeadWinter'': Monday and Liz [[http://deadwinter.cc/page/32 meet]] while Liz is still a waitress, but Monday spots some of his adversaries outside and disappears without eating...or paying. Liz eventually gets [[http://deadwinter.cc/page/300 payback.]]
* During a peace negotiation in ''Webcomic/{{Drowtales}}'' Zala'ess offers Quain'tana a bottle of high-quality liquor, which Quain proceeds to [[http://www.drowtales.com/mainarchive.php?sid=10436 pour on the ground]] to make a point, something Zala immediately [[LampshadeHanging lampshades]] by lamenting that with everything going on they probably won't see such quality hooch again for quite a while.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'':
** In the ThanksgivingEpisode, it is both played straight out loud and [[AvertedTrope averted]] in a home-based example. Mr. Burns is seated in front of a spread for easily a dozen people or more, yet only has a few slices of turkey since he's saving room for Smithers' pumpkin pie.
** In "Lisa's Pony", after letting Lisa down, Homer orders her a "Mount Bellyache" at the ice cream parlor, a sundae so ''enormous'' that the clerk has to bring it to their table with a wheelbarrow. But Lisa is so upset, she only eats one bite of it.
** From the "Mr. and Mrs. Simpson" segment of "Treehouse of Horror XVIII":
-->'''Marge''': ''[pulls two handguns out of a pie]''
-->'''Homer''': ''[points a shotgun at Marge]''
-->'''Marge''': How could you be an assassin and never tell me?
-->'''Homer''': [[ComicallyMissingThePoint How could you ruin that pie?]]
* In the ''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}'' episode "Roswell That Ends Well", Fry and his suppose-to-be-Grandfather order a coffee and meal respectively from Fry's will-be-Grandma, but after panicking over the potential hazards inherent in the diner Fry and co. run out before ever receiving their order. Notable for showing the will-be-Grandma's upset reaction to this.
** However, this trope has nothing at all to do with...
-->'''Hermes:''' [[RunningGag MY MANWICH!!]]
* Happens occasionally in the later seasons of ''WesternAnimation/{{Daria}}'' at the local pizza place, what with [[spoiler: Daria stealing Tom from Jane. This leads to a good amount of arguing and untouched pizza.]]
** On one occasion Daria is left sitting there alone and depressed. She takes her drink and pours it on top of her pizza, having clearly lost her appetite.
* Subverted in a ''Series/TheKidsInTheHall'' sketch: two policemen are eating in a diner when they recognize three other customers as wanted criminals, who realize that they've been spotted. They immediately start racing to finish their meals before beginning the chase.
* Happened a couple of times in ''WesternAnimation/BarbieAndTheDiamondCastle''. Taken UpToEleven when the [[TheHero heroines]] sing for their supper, supposedly starving, yet leave when mildly harassed by a pair of LoungeLizard twins, without even touching their food.
* Same in ''WesternAnimation/BarbiePrincessCharmSchool''. When Blair, Isla and Hadley leave their table after lunch at the cafeteria, their plates are still ''completely'' full and untouched.
* Occasionally happens in ''WesternAnimation/CodeLyoko''. Most notably, the heroes sometimes order coffee from the machine and end up throwing it away due to an emergency.
** [[BigEater Odd doesn't like this]], though, and once spends a whole episode complaining that he didn't have time to eat.
* Happens in the Opening Credits of ''WesternAnimation/TheRealGhostbusters''. Winston is shown about to enjoy a burger when the alarm rings, and he drops it to get to work. However, the burger doesn't go completely to waste: Slimer gobbles it up.
* In ''WesternAnimation/BobsBurgers'', Bob talks a bank robber down to giving himself up on the condition that he goes to Bob's restaurant across the street and tries one of his burgers. After awkwardly manoeuvring a huddle of hostages across the road, the guy has about one small bite of a burger, does a lot of talking, and then makes a run for it.
* Creator/TexAvery's 1936 Warner Bros. cartoon ''WesternAnimation/PageMissGlory'' has a scene of an obese man demanding service, followed by three waiters rushing and piling food on the man's table. The man takes just a bite out of an olive and leaves.
** There is an odd case of this in a Creator/CartoonNetwork original ''[[WesternAnimation/TexAveryMGMCartoons Droopy]]'' short "Thanks a Latte": The Wolf refuses to give brewster Droopy a tip, so Droopy annoys him into submission and scares him into staying far, far away from Droopy. Droopy interprets the Wolf's actions as this trope, as he left his latte behind while retreating.
* Subverted in an early episode of ''WesternAnimation/YoungJustice'' where Batman and Superman are having a talk about Superboy after ordering some dessert. After Bats tells Supes that the kid needs his father, Superman [[ThatThingIsNotMyChild angrily storms out]]...but then tells the waitress that he'll take the pie to go.
* In the ''WesternAnimation/KingOfTheHill'' episode "Raise the Steaks" Hank has made a submarine sandwich from the meat he got from the organic market, but before he has a chance to enjoy it he is interrupted by a phone call from the hippies who run the store and leaves it behind.
* OncePerEpisode in ''WesternAnimation/DetectiveBogey'', the Mexican restaurant owner will cook a tortilla on the house for his pal police commissioner, only for the latter to leave in an emergency, prompting the former to eat the tortilla himself.
* In the ''WesternAnimation/StevenUniverse'' episode "Together Breakfast", Steven went through a series of complicated events to get the rest of the Crystal Gems to eat his stack of waffles together. One of the events involved his stack getting possessed and turned into an EldritchAbomination. At the end of the episode, the gang makes another stack of waffles, and when they finally sit down to eat it......they change their mind and decide to order pizza instead because it reminded them too much about the events earlier in the episode.
** The episode "Catch and Release" averts this, as Amethyst [[BigEater just eats her entire pizza (including the box) in one bite]] before jumping into action.
** "Storm in the Room" [[ExaggeratedTrope gives a lot of screen time to a bowl of mac & cheese]] that Steven prepares while ''Film/HomeAlone'' (possible [[ShoutOut shout-out]]). Of course, Steven can't even get one bite in before entering his room in the Crystal Temple to search for answers about his mother. Even after he returns, he is too distraught to start eating, and the episode ends with Greg and the gems returning home with a pizza that Greg goes so far as to place over top of the neglected macaroni.
* Rather cruel example in the "Titans East" episode of ''WesternAnimation/TeenTitans''. Cyborg rewards his new team by making spaghetti with his ''delicious'' looking sauce made with beef, pork, and chicken. Unfortunately, Brother Blood chooses this exact moment to activate the latent ManchurianAgent programming he planted in them, forcing Cyborg to ''throw'' it aside in his attempt to restrain them.
* Two rather harsh examples of wasting food occur in the ''WesternAnimation/JusticeLeague'' episode "The Brave and the Bold". At the beginning of the episode, Flash is flirting with two girls, with enough food for ten people (given how high his metabolism is, he always eats like that). However, duty calls, and he has to leave it unfinished to stop a runaway truck. Later, he orders about twenty hamburgers from a vendor, but again is called to heroics when Solovar steals a car, leaving them uneaten.
* In the ''WesternAnimation/GravityFalls'' episode "Love God", two characters order some chili fries at a local diner. The food gets spiked with a LovePotion; they each eat one fry, fall hopelessly in love, and leave without eating the rest. Admittedly, magical interference is a better justification then in most cases, but it's still a little sad.
* Done in ''WesternAnimation/GarfieldAndFriends'' of all places. In the episode "''Nighty Nightmare''", as Garfield eats the lasagna, the national guard says the Grand Canyon was being filled with chicken gumbo in case Garfield wanted soup. That's never mentioned again.
* Its successor show, ''WesternAnimation/TheGarfieldShow'', also did this some times. For example, in "Garfception", Garfield's dream starts with Jon making Garfield infinite lasagna. He eats some lasagna, but most of it isn't eaten as he gets interrupted by everything being fine for him, which is especially weird because Garfield loves lasagna. His nightmare starts with Jon having made lots of food that had raisins (in this case, it's justified). Also, in "Furry Tales Part 2", the ending song shows Garfield and Odie getting some food, and then it shows everybody dancing, with the food on the table completely full and untouched.

[[folder:Real Life]]
* Incidentally, can easily be TruthInTelevision for business meetings and interviews held during a meal. You never want to get caught with your mouth full of food when asked a question, you can't eat hurriedly (not proper), and you can't hold up everyone else while you finish the current course. Very painful if you were brought up believing that throwing away food was one of the SevenDeadlySins.
** Thankfully, today's increasingly casual business world means it's no longer uncommon for bosses or clients to say "Alright, now let's ''eat''" once the important stuff is finished.
** Office lunch presentations often include meals provided by the person presenting (who usually works for a different company and is trying to sell something). The presenter invariably brings too much food and some of it usually gets thrown out. There's also a second problem for the presenter: often TheSnackIsMoreInteresting and most people present aren't paying all that much attention to the presentation.
* This happens all the time. [[LateForSchool It's called breakfast and a clock.]]
* If you're in a job that requires you to be 'on duty' your entire shift, such as police officer, security guards, firefighters, etc., you're gonna be this trope. That said, the police do have radio codes that indicate "Out of Service - Meal (Give Location)", such as a 10-63 in the NYPD, or [=10-7M=] in many California police agencies.
** One children's photo book about the workings of a fire station showed the firefighters preparing a delicious-looking meal of spaghetti and meatballs, and sitting down to it, only to be interrupted by a callout. Their dog guards it while they're out.
** A famous MurphysLaw corollary for emergency workers:
---> 1: No matter what time it is, the next call will come in right when you're ordering food.
---> 2: Always order '''everything''' "to go."
* A common trick among Basic Training instructors in the US military is to declare "You're done eating when I'm done eating" while their recruit trainees file into the mess hall. The instructor will then pick up something small, like an apple, and start to eat it. This causes the recruits to rush through their meal and very often leave half of it on their trays.
** Similarly, requiring trainees to finish eating at the same time. If one guy finishes eating first, everybody else has to grab their trays and leave. If the table that sat down before yours finishes, ''you'' are finished as well. This forces trainees to be aware of each other's actions and work as a team. Or it causes the one out-of-touch member of the team to be hated and singled out by the others.
* You have about 20 minutes from the minute something gets into your stomach to when your brain tells you you're full. If you're a slow eater or just pile on at an all-you-can-eat place, this may happen. Thankfully, some buffets allow you to take some food to-go at an additional cost, subverting the trope.