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[[caption-width-right:280:Be sure to [[MiniDressOfPower dress]] [[StylishProtectionGear warmly]] when you're about to deliver [[KillItWithIce 0 degrees]] [[ImpaledWithExtremePrejudice of hurt]].]]

Tropes involving ice, cold, snow, and winter.

Name comes from a line in ''Film/SuburbanCommando''.

Contrast ThisIndexIsOnFire.

Not to be confused with RuleOfCool, Administrivia/LockedPages, or the Disney series ''Franchise/{{Frozen}}''.
%%Remember that simply having a cold related word in the trope title is not enough.
+ ChristmasTropes\\
Usually takes place in winter.
+ InstantIndexJustAddWater\\
Since ice and snow are water.
+ PrecipitationIndex\\
Snow, hail, and rain come from clouds.
+ ThisIndexBlows\\
Wind chill factor adds to cold.

* CatchYourDeathOfCold\\
Going out in the cold makes you sick[[note]]which is true, but not from contagious diseases[[/note]].
* ColdSnap\\
This episode has snow, but more like the dangerous blizzard kind of snow.
* ACrackInTheIce\\
The best sign that the ice sheet is about to fall apart.
* DreamingOfAWhiteChristmas\\
In fiction, Christmas almost always has snow.
* EndlessWinter\\
The snow isn't going away.
* EvilIsDeathlyCold\\
Negative alignment = negative temperatures.
* ExposedToTheElements\\
Not dressing warmly, but somehow not affected by the cold.
* FailuresOnIce\\
Ice is like a banana peel.
* FireIceLightning\\
Part of a trio of ElementalPowers.
* FireIceDuo\\
A fire person and ice person working together.
* FireWaterJuxtaposition\\
In instances where heat visually contrasts with cold.
* FirstSnow\\
Character hasn't experienced snow before, and may not even know what it is.
* FreezeRay\\
A RayGun with ice abilities.
* FreezeSneeze\\
Cold temperatures set off the sinuses.
* FrictionlessIce\\
Instead of falling on ice, video games treat it like a car with faulty brakes.
* GhostlyChill\\
It's deathly cold, literally.
* GrimUpNorth\\
It's cold and dangerous in the northern regions.
* HailfirePeaks\\
Fire and ice in the same level.
* HairTriggerAvalanche\\
Snow, loosely packed on a slope, can be set off by sufficient sound.
* HarmlessFreezing\\
Being frozen solid won't shatter your cells, but just be a form of short cryostasis.
* HighUpIceUp\\
High altitudes cause freezing.
* HumanPopsicle\\
When stasis is done by being trapped in ice.
* HumanSnowball\\
A snowball gathers up people as it rolls.
* HumanSnowman\\
Snow falls on a person in the shape of a snowman.
* IceBreaker\\
Being frozen solid makes something brittle in fiction.
* IceMagicIsWater\\
When elemental magic makes ice and water interchangeable.
* IcePalace\\
Why stop at an igloo? Make a whole mansion or castle from that ice!
* AnIcePerson\\
You have ice powers.
* AnIceSuit\\
A suit that's ice themed, whether to protect from the ice, or just be symbolic.
* ImColdSoCold\\
A stock phrase, as characters may feel cold when they are near death.
* InstantIceJustAddCold\\
When being cold creates ice, even if there isn't enough water or humidity for it.
* KillItWithIce\\
Various ways ice can be weaponized.
* LetThereBeSnow\\
Ask for snow, a supernatural person will make it happen.
* LiterallyShatteredLives\\
Being made solid, and therefore brittle, can happen to people due to freezing.
* LockedInAFreezer\\
Stuck in a room that can cause you to freeze to death.
* MammothsMeanIceAge\\
If pachyderms are growing hair, it's not a warm setting. Worse, you're likely in the Ice Age.
* MysteriousAntarctica\\
It's still not fully explored, so who knows what is in those sub zero lands?
* PrettyInMink\\
A stylish fur is the most luxurious way to stay warm in the cold.[[note]]and it's even more of a luxury to wear when it's not cold[[/note]]
* SizableSnowflakes\\
Real life snowflakes are measured in millimeters.
* SlippySlideyIceWorld\\
An ice-themed level in a game, often with slipper ice.
* SledDogsThroughTheSnow\\
In the arctic, sled dogs are used as a form of transportation.
* SnowballFight\\
Weaponizing snow, but for fun.
* SnowedIn\\
Snow is packed around your building, vehicle, etc., and you are stuck for a while.
* {{Snowlems}}\\
Sentient, animated snowmen.
* SnowMeansCold\\
Snow as a visual shorthand for cold temperatures.
* SnowMeansDeath\\
Snow as symbolism for death.
* SnowMeansLove\\
Snow as symbolism for romance.
* SnowySleighBells\\
If it's snowing and the scene is happy, the music will likely have sleigh bells.
* SpaceIsCold\\
In fiction, exposure to space can cause instant freezing.
* SpringIsLate\\
Winter is taking longer than usual.
* ThermalDissonance\\
Something is hotter or colder than it should be.
* TongueOnTheFlagpole\\
Put your unprotected skin on something ice cold. We dare you.
* WinterRoyalLady\\
An ice-themed queen or princess uses a fitting title.
* YellowSnow\\
Someone likely peed on the snow.[[note]]unless it's reflecting gold light from crystals, as in ''{{VideoGame/Xenoblade}}''[[/note]]
* YouMustBeCold\\
A guy putting his jacket over a lady who doesn't have something to keep her warm.