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[[caption-width-right:200:Would you mind speaking up, sir?]]

->''Bumo... Bumomomo!\\
Bumomo Bumomomomo Bumo!''
-->-- '''[[BlobMonster Yellow Devil]]''', ''VideoGame/MegaManPoweredUp''

A character who speaks, but is for one reason or another unintelligible to the audience.

A variant of HeWhoMustNotBeHeard. There are many possible reasons the audience cannot understand the character: muffled voice, thick accent, foreign language, very limited vocabulary, [[Franchise/StarWars a robot communicating only in beeps]]. Other characters on the show may have no trouble understanding them if they are an example of a SubTrope of this, IntelligibleUnintelligible. This leads to a lot of [[RepeatingSoTheAudienceCanHear repeated dialogue that'd make little sense if we could understand both characters]]. ("Are we going to Dagobah?" "That's right R2, we're going to Dagobah!")

An awful lot of unintelligible or barely-intelligible characters' speech disruptions take the form of them only being able to say their name: PokemonSpeak.

TheVoice, when in the "only calls on the phone" variation, is sometimes also The Unintelligible. Their dialogue is usually distorted mumbling gibberish, and almost always [[{{Angrish}} angry-sounding]] [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar (probably because half of it is cussing)]]. A good example of this is The Mayor's wife on the ChristmasSpecial ''WesternAnimation/TheYearWithoutASantaClaus'', although it is possible to make out the occasional word, mostly "galoshes."

See also SpeakingSimlish, where non-playable video game characters speak nonsense, and ElectiveUnintelligible, where a character can speak normally, but choses to speak nonsensically. StarfishLanguage is a related trope, where the character is unintelligible because they're not even using ''words.'' Not to be confused with TheIllegible, which is when a character has outrageously horrible handwriting. Sometimes The Unintelligible has a friend who acts as his TranslatorBuddy. Also not to be confused with TheUnpronounceable, where a name is very difficult to pronounce, at least with NoPronunciationGuide.

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* The Hamburglar from UsefulNotes/McDonalds commercials combines regular words with mumbling. Originally, he had a partner named Captain Crook (a rather stereotypical pirate) who translated for him; Crook was eventually written out, and the Hamburglar was made "cuter", but these days, it's easy for the other characters to understand him.

* In Creator/HansVonHozel's fics, Music/TheBeatles can only say "Liverpol".
* From the ''Fanfic/Gensokyo20XX'' series, we have this Reimu and Youmu at different points. Reimu was this to a degree, before she regained her language skills, that is, she would mostly string together syllables and make noises and, in the case of the latter, this comes from the fact that she was a toddler at the time, saying, "Muh", phasing out of this as time goes on. However, both doubles as the IntelligibleUnintelligible, in that they can be understood.
* Literature/HarryPotter in the beginning of ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/8501689/1/The-Havoc-side-of-the-Force The Havoc Side of the Force]]'' can only be understood by [=HK-47=] as the only two languages he speaks are English (which hasn't been invented yet) and Parseltongue (which is also the language of a primitive species that other species can't learn). He later learns Basic from Anakin, though Harry notes that Anakin picked up English much faster.

[[folder:Instructional Video]]
* The giant teddy bears called "The Teds" in the first DVD for ''Film/BellaDancerella'' "Let's Dance!" They whisper silently to each other, but Bella can hear and understand them from twenty feet away.

* The Invaders from ''Pinball/TheTwilightZone'' speak in an incomprehensible electronic gibberish.
* The Super Sonic Robotic Comic in ''Pinball/ThePartyZone'' tells jokes in high-speed nonsense, but everyone else laughs uncontrollably anyway.
-->"He's not funny, he's FAST!"
* In ''Pinball/RipleysBelieveItOrNot,'' the Idol speaks in high-pitched gibberish.

[[folder:Professional Wrestling]]
* Wrestling/DustyRhodes was this for decades.
* Wrestling/{{CHIKARA}} mainstay [[Wrestling/HunterJohnston Delirious]] speaks in a loud, rambling matter, occasionally spitting out a coherent phrase or sentence. Appropriately, his team with Wrestling/{{Hallowicked}} and Wrestling/{{Frightmare}} was called Incoherence.
** ''The Thirteenth Hat'', January 28, 2012, opened with a skit involving Wrestling/UltraMantisBlack using the Eye of Tyr to cast a spell freeing Delirious from the BDK. Delirious grabbed the Eye, smashed it and ran off, yelling "I REMEMBER EVERYTHING!"
* Wrestling/TheIronSheik. Really, the only word he says that is generally and universally understandable is [[ClusterFBomb the one]] that {{Website/Botchamania}} has adopted as a slogan.
* Ahmed Johnson.

* In ''Theatre/TheKingAndI'', any line spoken in the Siamese language is represented by instruments of the orchestra. This is subverted during Anna's first conversation with the Kralahome, when he angrily dismisses the interpreter and shows he can speak English.
* Creator/CirqueDuSoleil loves this. Most of the shows use imaginary language for all the characters (save for opening announcements), though foreign-language lyrics may turn up in some of the songs. Since TheNineties, there has been a tendency towards shows with more English dialogue and lyrics worked into the action: ''Theatre/{{Corteo}}'', ''KOOZA'', ''Theatre/{{Delirium}}'', ''Zumanity'', and their JukeboxMusical variants based on the work of Music/TheBeatles, Music/ElvisPresley, and Music/MichaelJackson. In the meantime, the emcee in ''Mystere'' not only speaks both English and gibberish, but is mocked for the latter by both his puppet and the principal clown Brian Le Petit (who speak English).
* In Peter Schickele's ''Hornsmoke: A Horse Opera'', the four characters never speak, but they sometimes play their musical instruments in the manner of speech.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* Gorilla from ''Glove And Boots'' is only capable of saying "Meh!". The other characters do seem to understand him, but mostly through context. When he's supposed to be saying a full sentence or non-monosyllabic word, it can seem more like he's speaking English in an accent that renders most (but not all) syllables as "meh". For instance, the setup to [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyYo3Hm6pS4&feature=share&list=PLB68C543E6A2BCC74 The History Of Television]] involves Gorilla mimicking the "Vitameatavegamin" bit from ''Series/ILoveLucy'', which he pronounces something like "meh-ta-meat-ah-meh-ta-mah".
* ''WebVideo/WhatTheFuckIsWrongWithYou'' has Arlo P. Arlo, who speaks with an impenetrable southern accent combined with slurring, what sounds like nonuse of teeth, and frequent mumbling. Fortunately, he has subtitles.
* ''WebVideo/DragonBallZAbridged: Lord Slug Special'' had Lord Slug fill this role prior to his wish for youth. The two readily understood instances were the word "Dragonball" and his response to a minion's complaints (about having to find all seven Dragon Balls in an hour): "Oh, bitch bitch bitch!"
* Puppycat from ''WebAnimation/BeeAndPuppycat'' speaks in gibberish with voice of [[Music/{{Vocaloid}} Oliver]]. Luckily he's given subtitles.
* The VideoGame/GarrysMod popular character, the Machinima/{{Vagineer}}. His lines are actually spoken backwards, and depending on the creator of the videos they can be meaningful or simply nonsensical.
* The Head of Podcasts during his phone calls in the second series of ''Podcast/TheJohnDredgeNothingToDoWithAnythingShow''.
* There are times where Creator/AchievementHunter member Jeremy Dooley will devolve into this. The fans refer to this as his "Weiss voice" after he spent his playthrough of ''VideoGame/RWBYGrimmEclipse'' making "HAP HAP!" noises.
* WebVideo/SovietWomble's clan has a member named "Holynevil" (meant to be "Holy N' Evil" but usually dubbed "Nevil") who can never speak coherently. It's clear he has a strong Vietnamese accent and a bad microphone, but it still doesn't entirely explain [[https://youtu.be/q9Msztahe4Q?t=263 how incomprehensible his speech can get.]]
-->'''Womble:''' Nevil, you're in command.\\
'''Nevil:''' ''Sonarifrity err bat bat errr long ray radio if you cam.''\\
'''Random Squad Member:''' [[ThisIsGonnaSuck Oh, shit.]]
* Creator/ShackTactical similarly has [=EvilScotsman=], whose heavy Scottish accent is mixed with an even-heavier slur, and who is prone to saying things that don't make sense even if you actually manage to figure out the words. Taconic typically serves as his TranslatorBuddy, but at the same time he also toys with Scotty mercilessly to get him to say the most ridiculously unintelligible things.
-->'''Taconic:''' Scotty, say "cow".\\
'''[=EvilScotsman=]:''' Coo.
* ''Blog/AskFlufflePuff'': Fluffle Puff communicates only through blowing raspberries and pantomiming, yet the others still understand what she's trying to convey, with the audience being the only ones left out of the loop.
->'''Statler:''' What was the Chef saying there?\\
'''Waldorf:''' I don't think even ''he'' knows what he's saying sometimes.\\
'''Statler:''' Or what he's cooking?\\
'''Both:''' [[JustForFun/StatlerAndWaldorf Dohohohohohohoho!]]