->''"So all anyone needs to do to get past your defenses is be your commanding officer or a pretty girl?"''
-->-- '''Sergeant Ebbirnoth''', ''Webcomic/SchlockMercenary''

In fictional bars, [[MsFanservice attractive women]] don't normally talk to men who are [[HollywoodHomely less than absolute studs]]. They certainly never flirt with or outright hit on such men... so when they do, something must be up. This is when a beautiful woman approaches a less-good-looking man in a bar because she's coldly trying to lead the poor guy to his doom or take advantage of him in a non-sexual manner with her [[BeautyIsBad tricky feminine wiles]].

The poor schlub will likely be ChainedToABed, humiliated in some other fashion, [[OrganTheft short a kidney]], or dead once the lady in question has what she wants from him.

A CasanovaWannabe is ''never'' GenreSavvy enough to suspect this might be happening. This does not apply to the KavorkaMan, who somehow gets all kinds of action from hot women despite being objectively homely. And if the woman [[AvertedTrope turns out to be]] [[WhatDoesSheSeeInHim genuinely attracted]] [[GiveGeeksAChance to the schlub]], well, there's NoAccountingForTaste. They might even wind up as UglyGuyHotWife. On the other hand, if she's interested in matrimony, it's also possible she's a GoldDigger.

See also HoneyTrap. A specifically sexual {{subtrope}} of TooGoodToBeTrue. Contrast ICantBelieveAGuyLikeYouWouldNoticeMe, a romantic [[InvertedTrope inversion]].



[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* Happens to Lt. Havoc in ''Manga/FullmetalAlchemist'' with his new girlfriend, [[spoiler:Lust]]. Subverted, since it doesn't work. The man's a flirt, but he puts his job before pleasure.
** Despite not usually getting the girl Havoc actually isn't bad looking it's just that the women he's into end up liking his boss..more.
* Rena's father in ''VisualNovel/HigurashiWhenTheyCry'' gets it hard. The drop-dead sexy chick he met in a fishy bar and with whom he fell madly in love happens to be a specialist in badger games and [[GoldDigger only seeks to squeeze all the money she can out of him]] (which is a lot).

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* Played with in ''ComicBook/SinCity'': Goldie hits on Marv, but she's the one who ends up dead. She wasn't killed by Marv, though; [[HeKnowsTooMuch she'd seen something someone didn't want her to see]], leading her to hit on "the biggest, meanest lug around" for protection. Unfortunately, Marv got drunk and was passed out when what she was running from caught up with her. Cue RoaringRampageOfRevenge.
* Inverted somewhat in ''ComicBook/TheGoon''. Sexy bar singer Mirna tries repeatedly to talk to Goon, only for him to rebuff her with increasing rudeness. Eventually he snaps and tells her he doesn't know what she's selling, but he's not buying. He explains to Frankie that there's only one reason a girl like her pretends to be interested in a guy like him--he learned that the hard way. He realizes the truth too late, when Mirna leaves town.

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* Done by Sakura in ''FanFic/NarutoTheSecretSongsOfTheNinja,'' who uses a sexy transformation to cozy up to a loser Iwa ninja in a bar, drug his drinks while pouring them for him, then kidnap him when he passes out while she's "walking him home" so she can [[spoiler:interrogate him about Naruto and Kakashi, who are being held prisoner]].

* Mystique and a prison guard from ''Film/X2XMenUnited''. Sure, she drugged and injected him with iron, so that Magneto could ''rip it from his blood'' and escape, but he got to make out with Rebecca Romijn. Lucky bastard. This trope is basically lampshaded when Magneto [[BondOneLiner tells the guard]] that he should never trust a beautiful woman -- especially one who's interested in ''him''.
%%* The alternate ending to the remake of ''Film/TheWickerMan2006''.
* This happens several times in ''Film/JamesBond'' movies.
** In ''Film/TheLivingDaylights'', a humorous scene involves Bond enlisting the aid of a husky Slav woman, Rosika Miklos, who works on the Trans-Siberian pipeline he's using to smuggle a defector across the border from Czechoslovakia to Austria. Her role is to distract the on-duty technician, which she accomplishes by unzipping her jumpsuit and [[MarshmallowHell shoving the man's face into her generous bosom]]. Once Bond is safely away, Rosika throws the technician back and slaps him soundly across the face, snapping, "What kind of girl do you think I am?!"
** In ''Film/GoldenEye'' with Xenia Onatopp, the woman whose M.O. is to [[OutWithABang sex you to death]] with her thighs. Except in her case seducing her targets is not purely out of ulterior motives, since she's also a sexual sadist.
* A genderswapped version appears in the 2009 movie ''Film/{{Duplicity}}''--hottie Clive Owen chats up a [[HollywoodHomely frumpy woman]] as a ploy to get her to take him back to her office in order to access the company's computer network. His female colleague is not happy about this tactic, despite the fact that she pulled the same stunt in their first meeting, in order to steal some files Owen was carrying.
* In ''Film/{{Sneakers}}'', the group of shady security experts arrange a matchup through an online dating site between their leader's ex Liz (played by Creator/MaryMcDonnell) and a geeky employee of BigBad Cosmo, in order to obtain the employee's keycard and voice recognition codes for use in breaking into Cosmo's office. The second Cosmo hears of this he incredulously says "A computer matched ''him'' with ''her?''" and locks down the building, knowing it's a setup.
* ''Film/{{Enchanted}}'': Narissa on Nathaniel. Nathaniel begins to realize he's a dupe when he sees a soap opera variant.
* This trope shows up in several ''Series/MysteryScienceTheater3000'' films.
** ''Film/SpaceMutiny'': Lea in a {{Squick}} moment. Although Lea's attractiveness is somewhat [[InformedAttractiveness informed]]. The riffing, naturally, lampshades the hell out of this: "You know, the last eight times this happened, the woman just wanted to get away!"
** This is roughly half the plot of ''Film/HighSchoolBigShot''; the popular Betty seduces bookish anti-hero Marv to get him to write an essay for her; the plan backfires and costs Marv his chance at a scholarship. This pushes him over the DespairEventHorizon, driving him to plan to steal a million dollars of [[TheMafia Mob]] money kept at the warehouse he works part-time at. All to get Betty's attention. [[EverybodyDies It doesn't end well]].
** Seen in ''Film/AngelsRevenge''. Especially JustForFun/{{egregious}} as they're dressed in bikinis on a ridiculously cold, foggy day on a deserted beach.
** And again, in ''Film/OperationDouble007'': the BodyguardBabes of the BigBad expand this trope into a scheme to steal some AppliedPhlebotinum from a military convoy in the middle of the deserts. [[BigLippedAlligatorMoment The can-can dancer outfits and skunk costumes play a vital role... somehow]].
** And even more, with Watney Smith and the Queen in ''[[Literature/{{Gor}} Outlaw of Gor]]''.
* This happened more than once with Film/TheThreeStooges, typically to [[TheWoobie Curly]].
* Directly lampshaded by a girl in ''Film/ShesTheMan'', who tells a guy, "Girls with asses like mine don't talk to boys with faces like yours." Also inverted in that she gets dumped not only by her boyfriend, [[LesYay but by her]] [[WholesomeCrossdresser boyfriend's sister]].
* Done by the mermaids in ''Film/PiratesOfTheCaribbeanOnStrangerTides'' to some unfortunate sailors. Not only do they kill them, they ''eat'' them.
** Notably, though, the sailors were (at least in part) trying to do the same to the mermaids, and they needed to capture one for reasons of their own.
* Done in the horror film ''Film/TrickRTreat'' by a [[spoiler:pack of female werewolves]].
* In the second instalment of ''Film/TheFastAndTheFurious'' franchise, this is how a police detective is lured to the place of his torture.
* ''Film/DenOfThieves'': After a brutal argument with his soon-to-be ex-wife, Big Nick goes to a strip club. One of the dancers picks him up and takes him back to her place. It is only the next morning when Merriman walks into the apartment that Nick realises that the woman is Merriman's girlfriend and he has been taken for a ride (in multiple senses).
* Justified in ''Film/TheFirm''
** Mitch [=McDeere=] turns down a woman who hits on him as he's HappilyMarried, but later comforts another woman who's crying and distraught. They have sex and pictures are taken that are later used for blackmail. Apparently having failed in the direct approach, TheMafia (who collects blackmail material on all the lawyers in the eponymous firm) just tried a more subtle method.
** Later [=McDeere=]'s wife tries this trope on one of the other lawyers as part of ThePlan to escape their situation. As he's a lot less attractive than Creator/TomCruise he demands to know what she's up to, but she convinces him that she's actually seeking revenge on her husband for the above-mentioned infidelity.

* The ''Best-Case Survival Handbook'' (a parody, of course, of the ''Worst-Case Survival Handbook'' series) has an entry on (paraphrased, since I don't have it on me) "What to do if you are approached by a fantastically beautiful woman who invites you back to her hotel room for a night of athletic, no-strings-attached sex". It goes something like "'''Run.''' The only person this happens to is Film/JamesBond and she always puts a [[AnimalAssassin scorpion under the pillow]] or something."
* The second book of the ''Literature/{{Sten}}'' series invokes this when the beautiful younger sister of a major political player comes on to Sten. He recalls a training manual which stated:
-->"When approached on a sexual level, covert operators should remember that they have not necessarily been found attractive beyond the moon and the stars but rather that the person making the approach is allied with the opposition and attempting to subvert, to maneuver into a life-threatening situation, or to provide the opposition with blackmail material. In any event, until a life-threatening situation occurs, it is recommended that operatives pretend to be seducible. Interesting intelligence has been produced in such situations."
** This isn't quite a straight example, however, as Sten is noted to be attractive enough that women often ''do'' approach him just for sex or romance.
** Furthermore, it turns out to be a subversion. Her brother told her to seduce Sten, but she's not interested in helping her {{jerkass}} brother, and is genuinely interested in Sten.
* A short story by Creator/SpiderRobinson involved a painfully-awkward and very unattractive computer geek being approached by a memetic sex goddess. She puts a crown on his head, then takes him back to his apartment for all sorts of sex, saying, along the way, "Hurry, my lord, I'm positively ''dripping''", while other bar patrons stare at him. After lots of awesome sex, [[spoiler:he ends up figuring out that the crown is a recording device for a futuristic version of amateur porn. When you can experience the other person's point of view, a porn star is just too analytical to get the voyeuristic juices flowing]].
* In the Books&Braun series by Pip Ballantine and Tee Morris, this happens to Mr.Books and starts the whole plot by getting him into the situation from which Ms Braun rescues him.
* In Patrick O'Brian's ''Literature/AubreyMaturin'' series, the wife of a captured sea officer is blackmailed into seducing spy/surgeon Stephen Maturin for intel. Except it doesn't work, because Maturin's GenreSavvy enough to know he's too ugly for her to be legitimately interested in him.
* In the Literature/{{Backstrom}} novel ''He Who Kills the Dragon'', a shady big-time art dealer who relies on Bäckström for "little services", (ie, corrupt favours) arranges him a high-class escort for the night as a "thank-you". Bäckström, vain, egotistical and with an exaggerated belief in his own pulling power, believes the beautiful woman who picks him up in the hotel bar and takes him home is genuinely attracted to him and finds him irresistable. It doesn't occur to him for one second that she's been paid for and it's a HoneyTrap to drag him deeper into corruption.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* Catherine Weaver and the power plant manager in ''Series/TerminatorTheSarahConnorChronicles'' episode "Goodbye to All That".
* ''Series/{{Farscape}}'' inverts the trope. In "Fetal Attraction", handsome John Critchton hits on a much older Sebacean nurse with access to Aeryn. However she's suspicious and only relents when he throws in a cure for a disease running rampant on the station as well. That being said, he played the horndog well enough that, when he's captured, he's able to bluff a species that is mildly psychic that the reason he took Aeryn is because she was prettier than the nurse and he was planning to have sex and babies with her... which was technically the truth, but not the whole truth.
** The nurse is also the only Sebacean for light years, so Critchton plays the FantasticRacism card as to why he's not hitting on someone else: "I don't do aliens." Critchton is actually human, but [[HumanOutsideAlienInside she doesn't know that, as the species are outwardly similar]].
* No result as serious as death, but when Veronica flirts with Phil in ''Series/BetterOffTed'', you know that she has ulterior motives. Turns out that the "autograph" she wanted was on a waiver promising not to sue the company.
* Played with on ''Series/TheShield''. The Strike Team is tasked with investigating a series of robberies at a strip club--the girls proposition men for alley sex, but one of the girls has an accomplice who attacks the johns. Vic tries it, picks "incorrectly", and gets a blow job. Shane tries it and gets a tire iron to the head.
* Sydney Bristow in ''Series/{{Alias}}'' did this to bad guys in nightclubs all the time.
* The title character from ''Series/{{Castle}}'' got seduced by an actress who wants a part in his movie. When he confronts her with the possibility, she breaks down in tears and asks "How could you? Do you know how ''hard'' it is for a woman in Hollywood?", leaving him feeling bad. Of course, she ''was'' just after a part. He ended up not rescinding his recommendation because she was a good enough actress to fool him into thinking he'd really hurt her with the accusation.
* {{Lampshaded}} in ''Series/TheDrewCareyShow'' episode "The High Road to China". [[ItMakesSenseInContext Drew awakens and finds himself stranded in China, on the Great Wall, with no money and without his passport]]. He thinks back to what he can remember "How could this have happened? I was at the airport, I was waiting to go to Winnepeg on a conference, a beautiful woman asked to buy me a drink... oh, what am I? Crazy? Why would a woman ever buy me a drink?!".
* Provenza and Flynn really should have figured this out a lot sooner in ''Series/TheCloser'' episode "Layover". Two stewardesses start dating them as a cover for their drug smuggling activities.
* Used numerous times in ''Series/{{Hustle}}''.
* ''Series/WhiteCollar'' has a gender-flipped version, where Neal Caffrey seduces a woman in a bar to find secret information on his boss. (Of course, she's not quite as [[HollywoodHomely unattractive]] as male examples usually are.) Similar tactics to this are a normal part of Neal's arsenal.
* Sarah Walker in ''Series/{{Chuck}}'' once seduced a geek who had developed a secret weapon. Of course, she also attempted this with Chuck, although not in a bar, but in the Buy More, so the CIA could get their hands on the Intersect.
* Fiona from ''Series/BurnNotice'' does this many times, but it's also subverted on a few occasions. For example, in one case she approaches a [[SafeCracking professional safe cracker]] with [[TheAlcoholic multiple arrests for drunk driving]] and tries to get him liquored up so he'll be arrested again and his team will be forced to call off the job they're pulling. Due to the fact that Fiona is way, ''way'' out of his league, comes out of nowhere and then starts proposing toasts to them with expensive champagne, he figures her for a HighClassCallGirl and leaves.
** Another time it works ''too'' well. Fiona tries to drug the guy with chloral hydrate in a martini, but he's more interested in her than the martini. So she switches to [[GrievousBottleyHarm a different approach]].
* In ''Series/{{Leverage}}'', [[NoSocialSkills Parker]] does this to a mark in "The Fifteen Minutes Job" in order to sell the con (no one would look twice at him if he hadn't gotten some minor media attention). [[ItMakesSenseInContext She didn't even stab him]]!
** [[ConArtist Sophie]] also does this somewhat frequently, though in her case it is usually somewhat justified in that her marks are often rather wealthy such that someone with her looks would logically be interested in them due to their success. It also doesn't hurt that as a sophisticated grifter she comes across as having class which also helps sell things.
* This came up in ''Series/{{CSI}}'' as early as the pilot. A woman was seducing men from out of town, then knocking them out with a sedative applied to her nipple. She then robbed them blind.
* George Costanza on ''Series/{{Seinfeld}}'' typically subverts this trope ([[KavorkaMan for a "short, stocky, bald man", he manages to date some real lookers]], if only briefly), but the episode where a gorgeous business woman seduces him on the subway ends up with him stripped, handcuffed to the bed, and robbed. Of course, since he lied about being a successful businessman, [[HypocriticalHumor the woman is pretty pissed to discover he's actually unemployed and only carrying a few bucks on him]].
* In the first episode of ''Series/FreshMeat'', Howard warns Kingsley about this when he pulls a beautiful blonde girl on their first night at the pub ("This does ''not'' happen! It's a trap! When you wake up [[OrganTheft missing a kidney]], don't say I didn't warn you.") Turns out she's not an organ thief...[[spoiler:she's an evangelical Christian, who talks Kingsley into setting up a standing order]].
* Lampshaded in ''Series/BetweenTheLines''. Mo is infiltrating an AnimalWrongsGroup, and tells them she's going to seduce a security guard working at the animal testing center they plan to attack. The security guard is actually Naylor, also working undercover. When someone asks why she didn't pick someone younger and better looking, Mo replies that men are like dog shit. "The older they are, the easier to handle." Naylor however is embarrassed as Mo is both his colleague and a lesbian. Eventually Mo has to tell him to start pawing her as the others are watching and "I'm supposed to be seducing you, not taking you by force."
* A pretty lawyer does this to get dirt on a witness in ''Series/BostonLegal''. Given that he's overweight and nerdy, he's immediately suspects that she's an escort girl, but she convinces him she just wants some casual conversation with someone who doesn't think he's TheCasanova.
* Played with on an episode of ''Series/{{Friends}}'', with Special Guest Creator/JuliaRoberts. Roberts plays a girl that Chandler knew in middle school. They go on a date and she seduces him in the bathroom. [[spoiler: It's just a ruse to get him back for pantsing her when they were kids, however. She steals his clothes and leaves him in the bathroom, wearing just her underwear.]]
* Played with at the start of Season 4 of ''Series/PersonOfInterest''. A beautiful blonde waits for a good-looking journalist to start chatting her up, only for him to ramble on about how an ArtificialIntelligence has secretly taken over the world. She listens patiently to this UsefulNotes/ConspiracyTheory until everyone else has left the bar, tells the journalist he's absolutely right, [[YouKnowTooMuch then kills him.]]
* A flashback in ''Series/TheGeorgeLopezShow'' shows that Angie (a beautiful cheerleader) and a friend of hers asked George (a plain-looking rockstar wannabe) and Ernie (an overweight even-more-pathetic rockstar wannabe) out to the Sadie Hawkins dance, solely because the entire cheerleading squad invited "losers" to the dance in order to lead them on for spite. However, Angie ends up falling for George after he lies about painting a mural of her, meaning they both manipulated each other and lampshade how their relationship was built on lies.
* The ''[[Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS2E4IncaMummyGirl Inca Mummy Girl]]'' episode of ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'' has Ampata try this on Johnathan, so she can suck the life force from him. To his credit he picks up on clues that something is wrong, and because she's meant to be with Xander and when he shows up Johnathan rejects her.
* In ''Series/TheBlacklist'', FBI agent Aram Mojtabai has an inkling about his girlfriend Kate.
-->'''Aram''' [''to Samar'']: No, uh [''chuckles''] Shes beautiful and smart. Shes an 11. I mean, Im a 6, 4 on most days. Dont get me wrong. I am going to enjoy it, but something is up. Maybe Im her rebound guy, or shes got three months to live or
* ''Series/LawAndOrderCriminalIntent'': In "Lonelyville", a writer is approached in a bar by two beautiful women who say that they have always had a fantasy about [[AThreesomeIsHot a threesome with a stranger]]. The next morning he wakes up in a TheMurderAfter situation: with one of the women dead and him being blackmailed.

* The [[Music/TheTravelingWilburys Traveling Wilburys]] song "Last Night" outlines a story from the perspective of the schlub, who gets a knife pulled on him and robbed at the end of the date in question.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* The fundamental premise of the video game ''VideoGame/{{Catherine}}''.
* Parodied in the ''Mark of the Assassin'' [=DLC=] for ''VideoGame/DragonAgeII''. [[HitmanWithAHeart Tallis]] repeatedly uses this trope in order to get a key. Despite her claims that she's quite good at this, she keeps failing because the target a) doesn't have the key or b) isn't interested in her. She eventually gets so frustrated that she makes [[PlayerCharacter Hawke]] have a try. Hawke can seduce the target as expected ([[BiTheWay which works equally well regardless of Hawke's gender]]), drug his wine, or just [[TalkToTheFist punch the guy out and take the key off him]].
* Certain perks in ''VideoGame/{{Fallout 3}}'' and ''VideoGame/FalloutNewVegas'' allow a player of either gender to do this by bypassing skill checks or bribery options to seduce {{NPC}}s into giving you information or otherwise helping you out. Or, rather hilariously, convince a man he is NOT a zombie. ItMakesSenseInContext.
* In ''VideoGame/TheSeventhGuest'', Martine Burden commits adultery with the married elderly man Edward Knox to secure him as an ally against Stauf Manor's other guests. Both end up dead for their trouble, just like all the others.
* ''VideoGame/LeisureSuitLarry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards'': Granted, it's Larry who hits on Fawn. But it's her who decides she wants to marry him within just a few minutes. Poor Larry ends up [[ChainedToABed tied to the heart-shaped bed in the honeymoon suite]] with the red decoration ribbon, and Fawn gets away with all his money except for ten dollars. Good thing he's at the casino already so he can rebuild his wealth.

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* Played with in ''Webcomic/{{Spinnerette}}'': Sahira attempts to seduce a guard named [[AwesomeMcCoolName Buzz Rickards]] in order to allow Heather time to break into a lab, only for him to see straight through her and [[LampshadeHanging lampshade]] this very trope... then give Sahira the video the girls were after anyway, leading to the two dating.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* ''WesternAnimation/TheCritic'':
** Jay falls in love with a beautiful actress who swears to everyone that she genuinely loves Jay and isn't trying to butter him up for a good review. When he screens her film and discovers that her acting is God-awful, he decides to be honest and give an impartial critique of how terrible the movie is. Unsurprisingly, she immediately turns on him, giving away that indeed she was just using him to get good press ([[{{Irony}} and actually was a great actress when it came to tricking Jay]]). Of course, being a schlub of the highest (lowest?) order, Jay ''still'' tries to pursue the relationship even after finding out it was a sham.
** Played pretty straight in another episode where Jay is seduced by the woman working the projector. She has the sexy eyes that lure him to the booth for some loving, but she turns out to be nuts: kidnapping him so he can personally review every movie for her (she was sick of being embarrassed in front of friends by her inability to distinguish the quality of films).
* In ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'', Rarity has shown a few instances of this, and fandom extrapolated it into her standard M.O. [[UnEntendre when she needs something that a male can give]].
* In ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'' episode "Dumbbell Indemnity", an attractive woman at a club invites Moe to join her for a drink. Noticing that she mentions Bacardi rum in every sentence, he asks her whether she [[TheShill works for]] Bacardi. "[[SarcasmMode No. I'm in love with you]]," she says, then affixes a "Drink Rum" sticker to his forehead and walks off.
* In ''WesternAnimation/TheVentureBrothers'', Dr. Venture is picked up in a bar by his archenemy's girlfriend. The plan is to inject him with a serum that will turn him into a butterfly, but out of remorse she administers an antidote before he completes his metamorphosis. Doc's GenreBlindness not only prevents him from catching on that this femme fatale is the reason he's a caterpillar, when she later tells him point-blank what she did—on the day of her wedding to his enemy no less—he still insists that they're destined for each other.

[[folder:Real Life]]
* In many strip clubs in the United States, exotic dancers earn all their money from tips and from commissions on drinks ordered for them by their customers. Therefore, it's standard practice for them to flirt with their customers whilst "in character" in order to encourage them to spend more money. Wiki/TVTropes [[RuleOfCautiousEditingJudgement is not the place]] to debate the ethics of this practice.
* Defense contractors, and other firms handling sensitive or classified data, don't beat around the bush at all. They will put up conspicuous workplace posters that say, in effect, "If she's a 10 and you're a 2, be careful."