Australian comedy SketchComedy program named after (and hosted by) ShaunMicallef.

The FramingDevice was of a VarietyShow hosted by an [[UnsympatheticComedyProtagonist extremely smarmy host]] named [[TheDanza Shaun Micallef]]. The show played on the banality of middle-of-the-road {{Variety Show}}s, with Obligatory Game Show Segments featuring increasingly bizarre games and contestants, interviews Shaun would ruin with his inflated ego, and a constant stream of incomprehensible three-second variety acts.

In-between all of these segments were various sketches which employed a great deal of surreal, observational humour- often played [[TheComicallySerious completely straight]]- that subverted, even [[{{Deconstruction}} deconstructed]] various expectations and media genres. The amount of surreal humour greatly increased with each season, to the point where Series 3 bears little resemblance to reality.

The show was renamed ''The Micallef Programme'' for its second series in response to [[SpellingNazi a number of viewer complaints that they were spelling "program" incorrectly]] (''"Certainly don't get that level of pedantry from viewers of commercial television."'') For the third series, they changed the name again to ''The Micallef Pogram'', which is arguably far more offensive.

It would end after its third season, but later received a SpiritualSuccessor in ''Micallef Tonight'', a prime-time talk show that took aim at... well, prime-time talk shows in the mould of ''The Tonight Show'' or ''The Late Show With David Letterman''.

!!This show contains examples of

* BadBadActing: Especially in the David [=McGahan=] segments.
* ButtMonkey
* TheComicallySerious
* {{Claymation}}: One of the recurring skits, ''Attention! Il Est Myron!'', a bizarre parody of European children's shows.
* FauxDocumentary
* GameShow
* InheritedIlliteracyTitle
* OpeningMonologue
* ProductPlacement: Parodied
* RunningGag
* SoundproofBooth
* SurrealHumour
* StylisticSuck: ''Roger Explosion: Secret Agent'', David McGhan's notorious failed TV show (complete with BadBadActing, ReadingTheStageDirectionsOutLoud and SpecialEffectFailure, all served up with a {{Retraux}} topping)
* TalkShow
* ThoseWackyNazis: "Once again, a Nazi has survived a 312 kilometre fall in a fibreglass water craft. How do they do it? They truly are a superior race."
* UnsympatheticComedyProtagonist
* VarietyShow
* WithLyrics: Francis makes up some for the theme tune to the 7:30 Report in a season 3 segment.