[[caption-width-right:300:The Pixie really [[IncrediblyLamePun gets into]] Shadowgate.]]

A video game reviewer who reviews both retro and newer games, both mainstream and indie.

The main feature of her reviews is the way she eventually either enters the game she's reviewing, or the game carries over into the real world. She sometimes enters the game to mock it (as occurs in her ''VideoGame/ShaqFu'' review), sometimes interacting with the characters.

Other times, she imitates the game's features, such as in her review of ''{{Eversion}}'', when the game's DarkWorld aspect carries over to the real world, and we see the Pixie and her world in both a "cutesy" version and a "dark" version.

Her website is [[http://www.gamingpixie.com here]].
!The Gaming Pixie contains examples of:

* BoundAndGagged - Happens in her review of ''TheWhiteChamber''.
* BreakingTheReviewersWall - Her claim to fame.
* BreakTheCutie - The effect of too much exposure to ''VideoGame/ShaqFu''!
* TheCameo - She apeared briefly in an episode of "[[WebVideo/DragonsLayerProductions Commerical Failure]]."
* {{Cosplay}} - She does this in a number of her reviews.
* DarkWorld - Happens in her ''{{Eversion}}'' review.
* FanFilm - Her review of ''SilentHill2'' starts out as a traditional review, but soon turns into this as the Gaming Pixie enters the world herself.
* FanService - Parodied in her ''{{Metroid}}'' review.
* InteractiveNarrator - The narrator in ''{{Shadowgate}}'' becomes this when she enters the game.
* KillEmAll - The Pixie's response to encountering the ending of ''GoldenAxe''.
* KnifeNut - ''{{Eversion}}'' turns her into this.
* LickingTheBlade - The Gaming Pixie does this when she turns into a KnifeNut.
* RefugeeFromTVLand - One of the monsters from ''SilentHill3'' starts to break into her room during her review of that game.
* RogerRabbitEffect - When the Pixie enters the games.
* ShesGotLegs: Often wears short skirts or dresses.
* ShutUpScaryThing - Happens when a monster from ''SilentHill3'' rudely interrupts her review.
* UnstoppableRage - The Pixie gets this after beating ''GoldenAxe'' and discovering how lame the ending is.