''The End League'' was a series published by Creator/DarkHorseComics, written by Rick Remender and pencilled by Matt Broom, featuring [[{{Expy}} Expies]] and [[CaptainErsatz Captain Ersatzes]] of well-known comic book heroes (and villains) battling it out AfterTheEnd.

Originally intended as an ongoing monthly, the eventual creative team broke apart as they took on other jobs, and the series was wrapped up after nine issues.

The story begins with [[TheCape Astonishman]] detailing [[OldShame how he caused the end of the world]]. In the present day, the last remnants the title team attempt to protect and salvage what's left of humanity, fighting against their evil, destructive counterparts, all while unaware of a greater danger fast approaching...

!!This work contains examples of:
* ApocalypseHow: Class 1 with elements of a Class 4. The Green Event starts by killing 3 billion people in 1963 (when there was less than 4 billion people on earth), [[MassEmpoweringEvent then mutates one-in-1,000]] into "Magnificents." Astonishman's attempts to "help" contain the disaster actually make things worse down the line.
* BodySnatcher: Scarecrow Sinister likes to force people to kill their loved ones.
* TheCape: Astonishman and Soldier American tries to be this, though both of them are heavily weighed down by cosmic levels of {{wangst}}.
* CaptainErsatz[=/=]{{Expy}}: While characters like Astonishman, Codename Black and Dead Lexington are quite obvious, others like Arachnkid, Grimwood and the Prairie Ghost are more "same foundation, different execution" characters.
* KnifeNut: Surprisingly enough, a bright, noble hero in the form of American Soldier. He has a gift to create blades of energy.
* OmnicidalManiac: TheBigBad, Dead Lexington.
* TheReveal: Many. The series opens with the twist that "Superman caused the apocalypse," and gets in a few more good ones after that: [[spoiler: the Captain America was originally a telekinetic ChildSoldier of the Nazi Youth, Joker was actually Loki all along, and the whole thing is a StableTimeLoop]].
* StupidJetpackHitler: Actually, TheCavalry (in the form of the Howling Commandoes expies) use jetpacks ala the Rocketeer; the Nazis we see are more a combination of this and the {{Ghostapo}}.
* SuperSpeed: Blur Girl.