[[quoteright:200:[[{{Franchise/Barbie}} http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/goddess_of_the_arctic_4506.jpg]]]]
[[caption-width-right:200:[-Even a [[WinterRoyalLady "Goddess of the Arctic"]] is [[BackgroundHalo more grand]] with a [[PrettyInMink pretty]] [[PimpedOutCape cape]].-] ]]

->''Carmens bullfighter lover made the cape popular. Wrong.\\
Sherlock Holmes? Guess again.\\
Caesar? Nope.\\
Little Red Riding Hood? Sorry.\\
Sir Walter Raleigh? You're way off base.''

->''The cape was born of necessity to protect man and his mate from the cold and rain and to use as a cover when sleeping...''

->''They came in all materials, lengths and styles; unadorned, furred and bejeweled. They hid secret documents, lovers' trysting notes, stolen chickens. In a more romantic vein they were indispensable groundcovers for picnics and flashy backdrops for Errol Flynn's swordplay.''
-->-- [[http://www.fabrics.net/joan202.asp "Oh, Those Huggable, Cape-able Shoulders"]]

Whether capes, cloaks, or mantles, these are favored garments of superheroes, royalty, vampires, and fantasy adventurers.

Visually, they are a great way to draw attention to characters, due to their size and potential for movement, especially with DramaticWind. There's a reason the tropes TheCape and ErmineCapeEffect have this word in their names, despite neither trope actually requiring capes.
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* BlackCloak (although this trope can also involve a robe or long coat)
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