Terry Brooks is an American fantasy author, best known for his best-selling ''Literature/{{Shannara}}'' series. He is a prolific writer, with numerous {{Doorstopper}} length works to his name.

His best known works include:

* The ''Literature/{{Shannara}}'' series, a franchise of fantasy novels taking place in the Pacific Northwest AfterTheEnd. Subdivided into numerous trilogies, series, and stand-alone novels including:
** ''Literature/TheSwordOfShannaraTrilogy''
** ''Literature/TheHeritageOfShannara''
** ''Literature/FirstKingOfShannara''
** ''Literature/TheVoyageOfTheJerleShannara''
** ''Literature/TheHighDruidOfShannara''
** ''Literature/TheGenesisOfShannara''
** ''Literature/TheDarkLegacyOfShannaraTrilogy''
** ''Literature/LegendsOfShannara''

* The ''Literature/MagicKingdomOfLandover'' series, detailing the life of lawyer-turned-High King Ben Holiday after his purchase of the eponymous magical land.

* ''Literature/TheWordAndTheVoid'': A trilogy of UrbanFantasy novels, consisting of ''Running With The Demon'', ''A Knight Of TheWord'', and ''Angel Fire East''. Later tied into the ''Shannara'' franchise through ''Literature/TheGenesisOfShannara''.