Tanya Huff is a [[CanadaEh Canadian]] author of sci-fi/fantasy works. Also, Tanya Huff [[ItMakesSenseInContext is scum]]. In the very best possible way.

Her works include:
* The ''Literature/BloodBooks'', which were later made into the TV series ''Series/BloodTies''. Huff actually got to write an episode of the show, "Stone Cold".
* The ''Literature/SmokeAndShadows'' trilogy that followed up the Blood books
* The ''Literature/KeepersChronicles'' trilogy
* The ''Literature/ConfederationOfValor'' series
* The ''Quarters'' series
* The ''Wizard Crystal'' series
* ''Scholar of Decay'', a {{Ravenloft}} stand alone novel.
as well as short stories and the occasional standalone novel.