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->''"Why's everybody got lady lips? Are those human lips?"''
-->-- '''[[WesternAnimation/TheIncredibles Frozone]]''', the [[InCharacterCommentaries commentary]] of ''Mr. Incredible and Pals''

Synchro-Vox is an extreme form of "LimitedAnimation": A mostly obsolete technique in which footage of the actor's mouth is superimposed upon an otherwise non-moving image. See [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Syncro-Vox the other Wiki]]. Can look pretty [[UncannyValley unnatural]]. A few lazier productions go one step further and also animate the eye movements this way.

Mentioned on the DeadUnicornTrope page because only a very small number of productions used it straight, after which everyone immediately realised it looked really, ''really'' creepy and fake; anyone using it after the Sixties or so is probably going for comedic effect, MindScrew or both. You can expect it to suddenly show up in other forms of animation as a MediumShiftGag.

Just as primitive {{Rotoscoping}} has given way to MotionCapture, the great-great-grandson of this technique can be found in the advanced facial performance capture techniques used in ''Film/{{Avatar}}'' and ''VideoGame/LANoire''.



* Some Advertising/{{Midas}} commercials have featured a golden hand with a face in the palm.
* The (no longer manufactured) [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PkzVPwHGORI Vertigo]] [[https://youtu.be/u2MRTjGip8E Candy]] had commercials that did this, in the style of the below-mentioned ''Têtes à claques''. [[NightmareFuel Sweet dreams.]]
* A clip advertising both ''Series/SteveHarvey'' and ''Series/TheTonightShow'' featured [[Creator/JimmyFallon the]] [[Creator/SteveHarvey hosts']] faces with their mouths switched.

[[folder:Films -- Animation]]
* A variation is used in [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGyLP6R4HTE Madame Tutli Putli]], a Canadian short film that superimposes live-action "eyes" on to StopMotion characters. [[VisualEffectsOfAwesome The effect is incredible]]
* "Mr. Incredible and Pals" short from ''WesternAnimation/TheIncredibles'' DVD is a parody of ''WesternAnimation/ClutchCargo''.
* Briefly used in ''Re-Animated'', the MadeForTVMovie that led to ''Series/OutOfJimmysHead''.

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* Used in ''Film/{{Batman}}'' to mask the lips of the recent victims of Joker's toxin in order to "advertise" his BrandX. [[spoiler:Which, in turn, is the Joker toxin that he is going to release at the Bicentennial celebration of Gotham City's foundation.]]
* Briefly used in ''Film/ForbiddenZone'' during a musical number: It turns out this is because the first-time actor they hired to lip-sync was so nervous he froze up and just stood there, but the film itself has [[WhatDoYouMeanItWasntMadeOnDrugs such a strange visual style]] that the effect fits in perfectly. To this day, Danny Elfman plays the scene for new actors as a warning to learn their lines.
* A motion-capture version is used in ''Film/GoldenWinter'' to animate the jaws of the dogs as they speak.
* In the trailer for ''Film/ShockTreatment'', has Dr Cosmo's image from the movie's poster and edits Richard O'Brien's moving mouth onto it.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* Creator/ConanOBrien has used it quite a bit.
** Which is likewise spoofed during one segment of ''WesternAnimation/RobotChicken StarWars''.
* Used to simultaneously terrifying and heartrending effect in Abed's student film in ''Series/{{Community}}''.
* Rory Bremner used this with photographs of politicians he was imitating back in the late 1990s.
* The intro to the 1988-89 version of ''Series/TheNewlywedGame'' used this on early 20th-century wedding photos, the lips moving in synch to "The Book of Love" by The Monotones.
* Used in an episode of ''Series/GoodLuckCharlie'' when the family makes a short, comedic "interview" with the titular child - who can barely speak - using a deliberate English accent.
* The ''Thumbs!'' series of specials.
* The old Comedy Channel (predecessor to Creator/ComedyCentral) aired ''WesternAnimation/ClutchCargo'' as part of The Higgins Boys and Gruber show.[[note]]One of the first shows to air on The Comedy Channel.[[/note]] In a reference to the show itself, this technique was used to introduce the show as well as to lead back to the main Higgins Boys and Gruber show. Notably, it incorporated a frame from the show with someone acting as Clutch.[[note]]"This is Clutch Cargo signing off. Now back to the Higgins Boys and Gruber."[[/note]]
* ''Series/DickAndDomInDaBungalow'' regularly had an animated mouth over an image of newsreader Huw Edwards, mimicking an exaggerated Welsh accent.
* Robot head 790 in ''Series/{{Lexx}}'' is a variation. The robot head's eyes and mouth are small TV screens that display a mouth played by a live actor; the eyes are fake, but are props with a camera pointed at them, not CGI. The effect was actually done live on the set; the TV screens on the prop are actual TV screens.
* In the ''Series/{{Goosebumps}}'' "Haunted Mask" episodes, whenever the plaster bust of Carly Beth's head appears to speak, live eyes and a mouth are superimposed onto the bust.

[[folder:Music Videos]]
* In [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvIAyxpjEuc Timbuk3's]] video for "The Future's So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades" this is used.
* Creator/JeffFoxworthy's "Party All Night", created out of one of his comedy sketches with a chorus sung by Little Texas, has two instances of synchro-vox in its music video (directed by Music/WeirdAlYankovic).
* Parodied in Alan Jackson's video for "That'd Be Alright", where a crew trying to film a music video without Jackson himself tries doing this to a photo of him, and later tries digitally overlaying a different mouth over [[CallBack clips from previous Alan Jackson videos.]]
* Music/PepeDeluxe used this in their "Pussy Cat Rock" and "The Mischief of Cloud Six" videos. In the case of the former, the lips are superimposed over live-action footage of a robot cat doll.
* Music/{{Kraftwerk}} used it for the Russian-speaking portions of the video for [[http://youtu.be/VXa9tXcMhXQ The Robots]] from ''Music/TheManMachine''.
* Utilized to equally hilarious and unsettling extent in the music video for Mechanical Bull's [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hitf3VJhzqo "Can Jesus's Advice to Strippers Save the Economy?"]]
* The infamous [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-9BqFY0Pog "It's Raping Time"]] song, with an Ao Oni demon's face as the overlay.
* This was used in Music/TheWiggles for "The Banana Boat Song", where the boy has an adult mouth (Anthony stated that it's his son with is mouth plastered over). Unlike most examples, the edit is much smoother, though it can look dodgy at times.

[[folder:Pro Wrestling]]
* Wrestling example, on the August 10 2015 episode of [[Wrestling/{{WWERAW}} Monday Night Raw]]: "Wrestling/JohnCena" talks to Wrestling/SethRollins [[https://youtu.be/BuwF8Opc0F4?t=2m19s this way]].

[[folder:Visual Novels]]
* VisualNovel/DokiDokiLiteratureClub has a version [[spoiler: that is [[NightmareFuel completely unnerving.]] When Yuri pulls you into the closet on the second or third day, her eyes become [[UncannyValley disturbingly realistic.]] Also, when Natsuki walks in, there's a chance that her mouth will also become [[UncannyValley realistic as she spouts nonsense words.]]]]

[[folder:Web Animation]]
* ''WebAnimation/HowItShouldHaveEnded'': Used in the ''[[{{Literature/Twilight}} Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part 2]]'' episode to make fun of the ConspicuousCGI.
* ''WebAnimation/BadDays'' portrays the title characters of ''Film/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles2014'' with live-action human mouths.
* ''WebAnimation/EVTVWeather'' uses this for all of the characters.
* ''WebAnimation/HomestarRunner'' has an example played for sheer cringe in the most recent Strong Bad Email, Too Cool. After watching a video tape made by [[RealityWarper Senor Cardgage]], the characters are all "cursed for life." Rather than being haunted by a spirit or some such, they discover that whenever they say the word "tertiary," their lips become creepy photo-realistic animated lips that are clearly an attempt to invoke Synchrovox, their hands involuntarily go to their hips, and they pronounce the word in a bizarre, sassy metallic voice while wiggling from side to side. Like everything else about the episode (and some would say, the site) ItMakesJustAsMuchSenseInContext.
* WebAnimation/Pamtri uses this in some of his more surreal videos, usually combined with demonic black eyes.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* ''WebVideo/TheAnnoyingOrange'' uses a variation as it's the entire face that's superimposed over most of the main cast instead of just a mouth. It's also technically live-action, with the characters mostly being household food and items, both with having faces on them.
* ''WebVideo/TheAngryVideoGameNerd '':
** Uncle Crunch in Cinemassacre's ''Film/TheWizardOfOz [[FanSequel 3: Dorothy Goes To Hell]]''.
** The Nerd also used it for the possessed ''VideoGame/SuperMarioBros3'' cartridge.
* ''Têtes à claques'' (a.k.a. ''CLAC''), in a fashion almost identical to ''The Annoying Orange'', though it predates it.
* ''WebVideo/CrashCourse'': John & Hank will occasionally superimpose their lips onto the mouths of famous scientists and historical figures.
* ''WebVideo/AutotuneTheNews'' uses this once for one of the member of ''Series/TheView'' in an early episode.
* Hamster 65's mouth in ''[[Music/DoctorSteel The Dr. Steel Show]]'' Episode 2 is animated this way.
-->"God, you're weird."
* ''WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic'' unleashes Synchro-Vox on the trains of ''Film/ThomasTheTankEngine'' to criticize the fact that the mouths of the trains don't move.
* A series of educational VHS tapes called "Standard Deviants" use this in some of their animated clips.
* The Barbie Liberation Organization, an anonymous group of people who switched the voice boxes of Franchise/{{Barbie}} dolls and Franchise/GIJoe figures, used this in their VHS press release to have a Barbie doll explain the organization's mission of weakening the prevalence of gender stereotypes in children's media.
* Done for creepy effect in ''WebVideo/DragonBallZAbridged''. In the [=#CellGames=] short featuring [[VideoGame/StreetFighter Ryu and Ken]], Ryu mentions how the way fighters communicate is through their fists, Cell responds by saying that they should do so with their mouths, using this effect as he says it.
* For the episode ending animation in their LetsPlay of ''VideoGame/ResidentEvil7'', WebVideo/TwoBestFriendsPlay depicted Pat like this.
* Markiplier plays this for especially comical effect by attaching this technique to [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndsaoMFz9J4 cats]] and [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MujRLvZ61jE dogs of all things.]]

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* A couple of TV series done in the late 1950s and early 1960s: ''WesternAnimation/ClutchCargo'' and ''Space Angel''.
* ''WesternAnimation/SpongeBobSquarePants'':
** Used in the opening with "Painty the Pirate", who starts the theme song.
** Also used in the episode "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy VI: The Motion Picture", where Spongebob was discussing actors in the Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy movie.
** The hot sauce drop in "Karate Choppers".
* In the 1992 ''WesternAnimation/LooneyTunes'' short "Invasion of the Bunny Snatchers", [[spoiler:clone!]]Daffy has this for a brief moment. It's ''extremely'' creepy. [[NightmareFuel In fact, it may be one of the creepiest Looney Tunes cartoons.]]
* This technique has been used in ''WesternAnimation/CourageTheCowardlyDog'', though unlike some of the other examples here "comedic" [[NightmareFuel isn't what they were going for]]. For example, the Magic Tree of Nowhere.
* In ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'' episode "It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Marge" Marge is declared insane. On the "Krusty the Clown Show" Krusty does Conan O'Brien's bit, asking an image of Marge who her favorite Native American warrior is. "Crazy Horse." Krusty realizes the bit is getting old and calls for the Mad Marge dancers[[note]]cf. the "Judge Ito dancers" on ''Series/TheTonightShow'' during the OJ Simpson trial[[/note]].
* In the ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'' episode "Seahorse Seashell Party", Brian uses psychedelic mushrooms and has terrifying images. When Stewie tries to comfort him, Brian then hallucinates Stewie having this styled mouth.
* ''WesternAnimation/RobotChicken'' did a similar take with a late-night host making fun of the Emperor. Suffice to say, [[EarthShatteringKaboom the Emperor doesn't have much of a sense of humor]].
* One episode of ''WesternAnimation/TheGrimAdventuresOfBillyAndMandy'' briefly used this on Mandy.
* On ''WesternAnimation/{{Clarence}}'', the principal of Clarence's school is depicted this way with only the lower half of his face visible.
* Used in the ''WesternAnimation/ClassOf3000'' episode "Nothin' to It But to Do It" in the music video "Clean Up".
* ''WesternAnimation/TheAmazingWorldOfGumball'':
** In "The Club", the Reject Club made a fake video of Gumball confessing to a bunch of embarrassing things. It consists of a poorly drawn picture of Gumball with a superimposed, live-action mouth wearing braces.
** "The Treasure" had live-action eyes superimposed on Gumball's face when he suddenly realizes he was a hypnotist in a past life.