Primary Stylistic Influences:
+ HeavyMetal, ClassicalMusic, PowerMetal, ProgressiveRock, SymphonicRock, Neoclassical Metal
Secondary Stylistic Influences:
+ Film Score, HardRock, TraditionalHeavyMetal, Opera, BlackMetal and/or DeathMetal (the more extreme examples)

Symphonic metal is a subgenre of metal that tends to use elements normally found in symphonies or ClassicalMusic. That's the basic description of the genre, but its actual implementation can vary widely. The symphonic part can be an entire symphony, a keyboardist, or violin and cello player. The usage of the symphonic elements can vary from trying to create a classical feel, to simply adding thickness to the music. As such, its position on the MohsScaleOfRockAndMetalHardness can vary considerably. On the softer end are bands where female vocals are frequently used (with bands often featuring female lead vocalists), and acoustic guitars may be included. On the harder end are bands whose style more closely matches BlackMetal or another type of Extreme Metal. A band might specialize in Symphonic Metal, or might play a song or album in the style.

Bands of the genre frequently combine symphonic metal with another genre, in most cases either BlackMetal, PowerMetal, GothicMetal, or ProgressiveMetal. In fact, a "pure" symphonic metal band is very hard to find.

Can involve HeavyMithril.

!! Bands that perform in this style:


* Music/AfterForever (one of the {{Trope Codifier}}s alongside Music/{{Nightwish}})
* Music/AkikoShikata (although she can be ''very'' ecclectic, some of her songs fall into this)
* Music/{{Angra}}
* ''Antestor'' ([[ChristianRock Christian]] symphonic black metal.)
* Music/{{Apocalyptica}} (four guys on cellos that started out doing Music/{{Metallica}} covers and later their own songs. Possibly the strangest band of the lot.)
* Music/BalSagoth
* Music/{{Battlelore}}
* ''Carach Angren'' (Symphonic BlackMetal)
* Music/CradleOfFilth
* Music/{{Cryoshell}} (Symphonic Alt Metal/ Post Grunge Crossover)
* Music/TheDarkElement (self-categorizes as symphonic metal but in practice is closer to PowerMetal)
* Music/{{Delain}}
* Music/DimmuBorgir
* ''Elliot Minor'' (More of a Symphonic Pop Punk band)
* Music/{{Emperor}} (TropeMaker, and possible UrExample, of symphonic black metal)
* Music/{{Ensiferum}} (''From Afar'' only. Mixed with FolkMetal, MelodicDeathMetal and PowerMetal)
* Music/{{Epica}}
* Music/ESPosthumus
* ''Eternal Tears of Sorrow'' (Their later albums)
* ''Ex Deo'' (Overlaps with MelodicDeathMetal)
* Music/FleshgodApocalypse (mixed with TechnicalDeathMetal. Easily the most intense band under this genre.)
* Music/{{Galneryus}}
* ''Hollenthon'' (One of the few Symphonic DeathMetal bands; also has a fair amount of FolkMetal influence)
* Music/{{IGNEA}} (Modern oriental metal with lots of symphonic elements)
* Music/{{Jupiter}}
* Music/{{Kamelot}}
* ''Keep of Kalessin'' (Symphonic BlackMetal)
* Music/TheKovenant (originally Symphonic BlackMetal, added electronics in future albums but kept a symphonic approach)
* Music/ArjenAnthonyLucassen
** 1995-2013 - ''Music/{{Ayreon}}''
** 2012 - ''Music/LostInTheNewReal''
* Music/LeavesEyes
* Music/{{Lyriel}}
* Creator/ChristopherLee - Yes, you read that correctly.
** 2010 - ''Music/{{Charlemagne}}''
* ''Magni Animi Viri'' (An Italian project headed by classical maestros; the metal component is barely there, but present nonetheless)
* Music/MakeThemSuffer (Symphonic {{Deathcore}}, later material features prominent {{Metalcore}})
* Music/{{Metallica}} (on their album ''S&M'')
* Music/{{Nightwish}} (TropeCodifier of symphonic power metal)
* ''Ovid's Withering'' (mixed with BlackMetal, Deathcore, and Djent)
* Music/{{Red}} (mainly AlternativeMetal, but they display elements of this)
* Music/RhapsodyOfFire
* Music/{{Scorpions}} ( On the ''Moment of Glory'' album, much in the same vein as Metallica above)
* Music/{{Septicflesh}} (Mixed with DeathMetal and GothicMetal)
* Music/{{Sirenia}}
* Music/SonataArctica
* Music/SoundHorizon (Though they're not against playing BaroquePop either)
* Music/{{Therion}} (Pretty much the {{Trope Maker}}s.)
* Music/{{Tristania}} (TropeCodifier of symphonic gothic metal)
* Music/TwilightForce (Mixed with PowerMetal)
* Music/{{Versailles}} (Symphonic PowerMetal)
* ''Winds of Plague'' (Fused symphonic metal with {{Deathcore}})
* Music/{{Wintersun}} (mixed with MelodicDeathMetal, PowerMetal, and a bit of FolkMetal)
* Music/WithinTemptation
* Xandria (symphonic power metal with elements of gothic metal)

!!Tropes that apply to the genre:

* [[ChristianRock Christian Metal]] - Antestor.
* DarkerAndEdgier: Music/FleshgodApocalypse, Music/{{Septicflesh}}, or Antestor.
* EpicRocking - Quite common.
* HeavyMithril - The lyrical theme of most of the bands in the genre.
* SopranoAndGravel - Most symphonic metal bands feature this technique. It's interesting to note that the Soprano tend to be the lead vocals, although Septicflesh and Fleshgod both have it reversed, with the harsh vocals being more prominent.
* TropeCodifier - Nightwish
* TropeMaker - Probably Therion, overall. The TropeMaker for symphonic black metal is most likely Emperor, while the TropeMaker for symphonic death is probably Septicflesh.