Switch can refer to:

  • Switch 1975, a 70's Cop Show
  • Switch! and Switch Reloaded, two German comedy sketch shows.
  • Switch (1991), a 1991 comedy film by Blake Edwards about a casanova being brought back to life as a woman.
  • Switch (2002), a Manga about two NCD investigators that work undercover.
  • The Switch, a 2010 comedy film by Allen Loeb about a switched semen sample and paternity
  • Switch (2011), a French thriller involving identity theft and framing.
  • Switch (2015), a comic book set in an alternate universe based on Witchblade and The Darkness.
  • Switch (2016), a webcomic about a superhero begrudgingly following the footsteps of his mother.
  • Nintendo Switch, Nintendo's 2017 portable/handheld video game console

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