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->Must work... on powers of... stopping!
-->-- '''[[ComicBook/{{Supergirl}} Linda Lee]]''', ''ComicBook/SupergirlCosmicAdventuresInThe8thGrade''

One of the StockSuperpowers; a person with Super Reflexes can react to situations faster than normal. This is typically used to allow him to dodge or cancel threats that would otherwise blindside a regular character.

Unlike SpiderSense, there is normally no psychic component to this ability -- rather, the character with Super Reflexes acquired the skill through [[CharlesAtlasSuperpower training]], AppliedPhlebotinum, [[{{Transhuman}} technological enhancement]], or just dumb luck. An implied limitation is that a character with Super Reflexes must first ''notice'' the danger before he can (quickly) react to it, so some element of SuperSenses is [[RequiredSecondaryPowers implied]]. Whether or not this is enforced depends on the quality of the work.

Super Reflexes is often a RequiredSecondaryPower for SuperSpeed, but the two are ''not'' equivalent; just because a character can dodge a flurry of fists doesn't mean he can run halfway across a field in the blink of an eye. Expect this power to be revoked the moment it becomes inconvenient for the plot; witness Franchise/TheFlash being able to clean an entire house in a tenth of a second one page and [[TooFastToStop slam into a villain's outstretched arm]] on the next.

In non-superhero settings, Super Reflexes may be called other names like "Combat Reflexes" or "Heightened Response".

BulletTime is a visual effect often used to depict this trope.

Compare and contrast with SuperSpeed and SpiderSense. May overlap with DodgeTheBullet.



[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* One of the benefits of being a ninja in ''Manga/{{Naruto}}'' is a general boost in one's physical abilities, and they can be specifically conditioned to be even better. One of the powers the Sharingan grants is super reflexes due to move prediction. It can read any movement the enemy makes, even those at high speeds and the user can avoid an attack-although this isn't an exact science. Rock Lee rightfully said that even if you can see an attack, if you can't move fast enough to counter, it won't matter. As Sasuke learned the hard way.
** The 4th Raikage can use [[LightningCanDoAnything lightning]] to boost his reflexes so much that even the Sharingan has difficulty keeping up with him, while the 4th Hokage apparently had comparable reaction time ''naturally''.
*** This was also Minato's most famous ability along with his [[TeleportSpam teleportation]] techniques. To put it in prospective even the fastest ninja in the world (The 4th Raikage) considers himself slower than Minato, even whiled juiced on lightning empowered reflexes and synapses. Ay even compares Naruto to his father in [[SuperMode Bijuu Mode]].
** Tsunade and Sakura's style also revolves around having super reflexes and move prediction to make up for their lack of speed.
* Sloth from ''Manga/FullmetalAlchemist'' is a notable subversion of the SuperSpeed / Super Reflexes combination -- super-fast, super-strong, and as nimble as an 18-wheeler.
** Played straight with Wrath/[[spoiler:King Bradley]], whose MagicalEye grants him the ability to accurately predict the movements of anything he can see, though even when he's not using it, [[BadassNormal it's still nearly impossible to hit him]].
* Kallen from ''Anime/CodeGeass'', being a combat mech pilot, has incredible reflexes, which tend to act up even when she is playing an IllGirl [[WakeUpGoToSchoolSaveTheWorld in school]], e.g. in one episode, when Rivalz accidentally sends a champagne bottle cork right into her face, she notices it even before he does and deflects it with her hand.
** Suzaku Kururugi from the same show is shown to be able to dodge bullets from machine guns.
* This is one of the effects of the PsychoSerum, Bloody Eye in ''Anime/CowboyBebop'', with both the minor villain, Asimov Solensan and the BigBad, Vicious being notable users.
* A common power for various enhanced humans in HumongousMecha shows, seeing as how something as complex as a giant humanoid fighting machine would probably be nearly impossible to control without them in RealLife. Notable examples include [[Franchise/{{Gundam}} Newtypes]], [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamSEED Co-ordinators]] and [[Manga/TheFiveStarStories Headdliners]].
* One of the "Plus" Abnormals in ''Manga/MedakaBox'' has Super Reflexes as his Abnormality, which he calls "Automatic". He discovered that his reflexes were an Abnormality in a truly disturbing way. When he was a child he and his entire family were caught in a car wreck so horrific that ''his entire family was crushed to death''. He, on the other hand, was (physically) completely unharmed thanks to his Super Reflexes. Being covered by bits and pieces of his dead family for hours while waiting for rescue did a number on his psyche though.
* Taken [[ExaggeratedTrope to insane heights]] in ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'', with one of Mayuri's inventions including a SuperSerum that was made for this purpose but is far, ''far'', '''far''' too strong: he mentions that if you dilute the sample he had (stored inside of [[OppositeSexClone Nemu]], who is assumably immune) to one part per 250,000, one ''drop'' would be enough to be significantly increase your fighting ability. If you take the whole thing (which [[spoiler:Szayel]] does by accident) it will make every second seem like a '''''century''''', roughly 3 billion times normal speed, and [[AndIMustScream thus make co-ordination of movement utterly impossible.]]
** Kenpachi displayed impressive reflexes during his battle with Tousen. Deprived of every sense except touch, he was still able to dodge Tousen's attacks. He was able to do this by feeling the sword begin to cut his body and immediately dodging the blow, before following with an increasingly accurate counterattack. It's entirely possible he could have won the fight that way, but [[BloodKnight he found it too boring]] and decided to [[DeliberateInjuryGambit speed things up]].
* Vivio in ''Manga/MagicalGirlLyricalNanohaVivid'' gains this when she's using [[AmplifierArtifact Sacred Heart]], letting her react, dodge, and deflect attacks that [[SuperSpeed move too fast for her to see]].
* In ''LightNovel/HaruhiSuzumiya'', Nagato can react fast enough to block ''lasers''. It's implied she had to teleport a short distance to do so, and couldn't react fast enough to deflect all the damage to herself.
* Spell Crests in ''Anime/TabooTattoo'' can grant super reflexes, among other abilities.
* Skilled players in ''LightNovel/SwordArtOnline'' eventually earn them through training, which makes sense as they're in VirtualReality and grinding for exp. and [[TheMostDangerousVideoGame staying alive]] makes it practically a prerequisite.
** Kirito is the most well-known example. In fact, the SAO system considered Kirito to have the fastest natural reflexes of every player there; prompting Kirito earning the "Dual Swords" skill and making him the only SAO player capable of DualWielding. Even after the finally getting out of that game, his reflexes serve him well in ''Alfheim Online'' and ''Gun Gale Online''. Using his incredible reflexes, Kirito can dual wield ''without'' an in-game skill in ALO and [[ImplausibleFencingPowers deflect bullets]] in GGO.
** [[WorldsBestWarrior Yuuki Konno]] has even better reflexes [[spoiler:due to spending even more time in VR than the SAO survivors]]. Kirito himself outright admits that she would have received the "Dual Swords" skill if she had ended up in SAO, [[spoiler:and in the AlternateContinuity, she ''can'']].
* Everyone who matters in ''Manga/OnePiece''. The Strawhats have been dodging bullets since like the third major arc and it just keeps getting more and more ridiculous, evidenced by Admiral Kizaru, a light logia, who isn't even the fastest character in the series.
* Pretty much all the powerful characters in ''Anime/FinalFantasyVIIAdventChildren'' must have these to have the kind of fight scenes they do -- most obviously, Cloud has no problem parrying bullets aimed at him with a giant sword.
* ''Anime/LupinIIICrisisInTokyo'': His quick reading of the screen allows Goemon to open the vault when Jigen can't operate the PasswordSlotMachine safecracking mechanism. [[spoiler: And later nets him a small fortune at the slot machines.]]
* In ''Manga/AttackOnTitan'', in the time it took for [[spoiler:the Female Titan]] to turn around and swipe at him, Levi had already dodged the attack and [[SpinAttack spun fast enough to become a human buzzsaw]] to slice up the exposed arm. It does not pay to [[TranquilFury piss off]] the WorldsStrongestMan.
* ''Manga/DragonBall'':
** This often goes hand-and-hand with SuperSpeed. Master Roshi once caught machine gun bullets with his bare-hands and Goku himself caught a bullet out of the air on reflex, ''without even realizing it''. Having good reflexes also allows them to keep up with opponents who may have more raw speed. Although, like the ''Manga/{{Naruto}}'' example, if the speed difference of an opponent is high enough, none of the characters can move fast enough to avoid danger.
** ''Anime/DragonBallSuper'' introduces a state that goes above and beyond the quick reflexes shown by the fighters, known as "Ultra Instinct". Someone in this state has their entire body reacting purely on instinct, with no conscious thought on their part. The result is movements so quick and precise that observers have a hard time telling that the user has even moved at all, and incoming attacks are dodged or blocked automatically even when the user themselves didn't see them coming. Even among the gods of the ''Dragon Ball'' multiverse, this is something extremely difficult to do, and even Beerus, the many millions of years old God of Destruction, hasn't managed to attain it. [[spoiler:In the Tournament of Power, Goku sporadically unlocks the state, but has difficulty controlling it due to the unconscious nature of his new movements, not to mention the stamina drain it apparently involves. He eventually manages to surpass his own limits and master it.]]
* In ''Manga/{{Berserk}}'', the story tends to focus on Guts' incredible strength and [[LightningBruiser impressive speed for someone his size]], but a few fights have made it clear that he has nearly superhuman reflexes. In one of his fights with Silat, Silat throws a pair of chakrams, a weapon Guts has never seen before, which converge on his head from opposite sides. Guts effortlessly catches them, and Silat demands to know how Guts could possibly have predicted their flight paths. Guts replies that he didn't: his reflexes are simply so quick that he could catch them even at the speeds they were moving. He likens it to swatting a fly. "[[CasualDangerDialogue Might've been in trouble if there were three or four more of 'em, though.]]" His battle against Zondark where he blocked every one of the Apostle-spawn's inhumanly fast blows using his {{BFS}} was the clincher for Puck that he was a MasterSwordsman, and not just some brute who swung his sword wildly.
** The UnskilledButStrong Apostle Wyald actually manages to match MasterSwordsman Guts blow for blow using no technique at all, simply because his reflexes are even more freakish.
* In ''Manga/TheHatingGirl'', Asumi's archery training has given her amazingly fast reflexes. At one point, as an errant baseball is heading toward her and Ryouji, she jumps up and kicks the ball away from them. Later in the same chapter, she pushes Ryouji's arm hard enough for him to punch out a bully...while said bully was in the middle of throwing a punch at Ryouji.
* In the football setting of ''Manga/Eyeshield21'', [[JerkJock Agon]] [[TheGift Kongo]] of the Shinryuji Nagas has this trope as his most defining attribute of his vastly powerful skillset. However, he does need to be aware of threats to react to them, a flaw which cause him to lose a particular exchange with the desperate Sena who pushed down upon his helmet from the back of his head.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* As mentioned in the description, most ComicBook superheroes with SuperSpeed will also have Super Reflexes as a RequiredSecondaryPower. Character with SuperSpeed but ''without'' Super Reflexes are rare, and tend to acquire it as part of their training.
* Comicbook/TheFlash almost goes without saying, dodging bullets (or ''anything'' for that matter) is second nature to Jay, Barry, Wally and Bart. Even avoiding nuclear explosions or Superman's [[EyeBeams Heat Vision]] doesn't put the Flash out of breath. It takes either other [[SuperSpeed speeders]] to rival him or some kind anti super speed weapon from the BigBad.
* Comicbook/WonderWoman is renowned for using her Super Reflexes to deflect bullets with her bracers. Even by the standards of superspeed characters they're impressive.
* Franchise/{{Batman}} has reflexes fast enough to almost qualify as a CharlesAtlasSuperpower version of this. He even successfully dodged [[EvilOverlord Darkseid's]] super fast [[HomingLasers Omega beams]], causing Darkseid to question if Batman was really a human. This feat has caused many fans to question if Batman [[http://pre05.deviantart.net/ce74/th/pre/f/2013/352/f/f/because_batman__duuh__by_nebezial-d6ydrqi.jpg is a bit too skilled]].
* Same thing with Cassandra Cain during her ''[[ComicBook/Batgirl2000 Batgirl]]'' stint, minus the "almost." In one issue, while being fired upon, she jumps between the bullets because ''it's more fun that way.''
* ComicBook/CaptainAmerica doesn't dodge bullets, he blocks them with his mighty shield. Yet somehow, even when surrounded on all sides by gun-wielding {{Mooks}}, the shield always seems to be in the right place. This even applies when he is mind-controlled chemically; an early story set in UsefulNotes/WorldWarII had him under the influence of such a chemical by the Red Skull, but when he is taken before UsefulNotes/AdolfHitler and the Fuehrer takes a swing at him, Cap reflexively blocks it with his shield, a body function that the Red Skull can't suppress.
* While usually ComicBook/IronMan just lets bullets bounce off his armored body, when things get serious or magic is involved, Tony buffs up the senses in his suits to react quickly to superhuman blows.
%%* [[ComicBook/{{Deathstroke}} Deathstroke the Terminator]]
* Possibly due to his exposure to the radioactive waste that caused his blindness, ComicBook/{{Daredevil}}'s reflexes are enhanced to the degree that he is quick enough to catch a sai thrown by Bullseye and can easily dodge and deflect gunfire, even at point-blank range.
* ComicBook/{{Elektra}} can react fast enough to block machine gun fire with her sai.
* ComicBook/SpiderMan's Super Reflexes are linked to his SpiderSense, allowing him to instinctively take action upon sensing danger, even while barely concious. This is why he can make quips and jokes while dodging bullets, as his Spider-Sense is doing all the work for him. His reflexes/Spider-Sense combo isn't infallible, however; if he is too focused on something else, he can miss the cues he needs to use his reflexes in time. Unfortunately, since he tends to not take his fights very seriously, this happens to him a lot. His senses also have trouble with relatively non-lethal threats such as a shot to the leg, or people who he does not consider a threat at all like his Aunt May.
* ''ComicBook/SpiderMan2099'': Miguel O'Hara has enhanced perceptions that happen to tune in more quickly to what's pertinent, although "what's pertinent" could be anything from an immediate danger or a more general plot point. Unlike SpiderSense, it's limited by what his attention is focused on, and he could still be caught flat-footed.
* [[ComicBook/TheMightyThor Thor]] has blocked plenty of bullets and energy attacks over the years (not that he needs to half the time), even those fired at point blank range. In ''Journey into Mystery #100'', Thor deflected two bullets fired simultaneously with one swing of Mjolnir.
* ComicBook/BlackPanther is well known for his reflexes, dodging bullets, lasers, and even Captain America's shield. Even Daredevil and Spider-Man say that his speed is off the charts.
* ComicBook/SquirrelGirl has Squirrel Agility -- the proportionate speed and reflexes of a squirrel.
* [[Comicbook/XFactor Shatterstar]] is often shown to use his Super Reflexes to augment his swordfighting skills.
* In the ''[[ComicBook/TheTransformers Transformers Generation 1]]'' comic books, Headmasters are Transformers who have mentally fused with a human (or Nebulan) partner. The combined minds work in tandem, usually giving Headmasters faster reflexes and/or better tactical assessment skills. They are usually depicted as a single entity, though sometimes the two personalities will discuss and argue with each other as the story requires.
* One issue of Marvel's ''[[ComicBook/GIJoeARealAmericanHeroMarvel G.I. Joe]]'' comic book featured the Star Viper, a Cobra pilot who could connect himself to a computer and gain augmented speed and reflexes.
* ''ComicBook/VForVendetta'''s V obtains these along with enhanced strength, endurance and intelligence after the experiments in the concentration camps.
* John Doe of ''ComicBook/NthManTheUltimateNinja'', thanks to a lifetime of {{Ninja}} training. In the first issue of his comic, he dodges a bullet fired at him from point-blank range; later, he dodges a sniper's bullets while running uphill towards the gunman.
* The ComicBook/SubMariner has superhuman reflexes, though how that works while he's submerged is unclear.
* ''Franchise/{{Superman}}'':
** The Man of Steel can do this, he just tends to prefer taking attacks because it's safer for the attack to hit him rather than someone else most of the time. It's sometimes shown that even when he lets the bullets bounce off his chest to intimidate the crooks, he's quickly catching the ricochets to prevent casualties and collateral damage. However, this can come back to bite him whenever [[KryptoniteFactor Kryptonite]] is [[https://lowbrowcomics.files.wordpress.com/2016/03/img_0215.jpg involved]].
** ''ComicBook/{{Supergirl}}'' has also inhumanly fast reflexes which she usually exploits to shove someone out of harm's way or shield them as when she [[https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-c2cj7X_My14/WgL9nL1PrmI/AAAAAAAAcac/MJLVysKYRPwJzG77l2HaoKh8qtv4FphrgCHMYCw/%255BUNSET%255D grabbed a speeding bullet]] in ''ComicBook/SupergirlRebirth''. She has been known to [[ComicBook/TheSupergirlFromKrypton leap in the Darkseid's omega beams' way]] ''after'' he fired them at her cousin.
** Invoked by the titular heroine in ''ComicBook/SupergirlCosmicAdventuresInThe8thGrade'' when she decides she needs to work on improving her reaction time after colliding with the ground.
--->'''Supergirl:''' Must work... on powers of... stopping!
** Subverted in ''ComicBook/ActionComics'' issue #367-368. As seen in this [[http://dc.wikia.com/wiki/File:Action_Comics_367.jpg cover]], he was flying so fast than he couldn't stop in time.
* Wesley Gibson from ''ComicBook/{{Wanted}}'' once swatted a bullet out of the air with a knife. He himself couldn't believe that actually worked.
* Both Comicbook/{{Wolverine}} and ComicBook/{{X23}} display enhanced reflexes as part of their HealingFactor. In the case of the latter, Laura has been depicted ParryingBullets fired at her head at ''point-blank range''.

[[folder:Films -- Animation]]
* Appears in the Serbian animated movie ''Animation/TechnotiseEditIJa''.
* Maruti from ''Animation/TheReturnOfHanuman'' is able to avoid bullets very quickly. This was shown when he had to face some gangsters.
* Massive subversion in ''WesternAnimation/JusticeLeagueTheFlashpointParadox'' when Reverse Flash is [[EvilGloating mocking]] Flash for [[BadFuture screwing up the universe]] due to messing up time with his speed, Reverse Flash states his own speed will stop Flash from fixing time and then [[BoomHeadshot suddenly he gets his brains blown out]] from behind by Batman's dad Thomas Wayne... Guess that evil speed wasn't worth much in the end.

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* In ''Film/JohnnyMnemonic'', Jane's cybernetic implants, allegedly, grant her this ability, [[InformedAbility but nothing she ever does makes any use of the skill]]. On one occasion, Johnny even had to push her out of the way of a falling car that she didn't even notice.
* ''Film/TerminatorSalvation'' shows that this is why the moto-terminators are so deadly; their cybernetic brains allow them to predict the movement of obstacles at high speeds [[note]](both the computing and the obstacles, that is)[[/note]], effectively giving themselves Super Reflexes. At one point, one terminator slides under a bouncing tanker truck, rights itself and ''keeps firing at the retreating heroes.''
* A common ability for the robots in ''Film/IRobot''
-->'''[[spoiler: Sonny:]]''' By the time you have fired, I will have moved [[spoiler:Dr. Calvin]]'s head into the path of your bullet.
* ''Film/{{DARYL}}'' has this ability due to being a cyborg.
* [[Film/RemoWilliamsTheAdventureBegins Remo Williams]] learns to dodge bullets.
* ''Franchise/StarWars'':
** Jedi appear to have super reflexes, what with deflecting blaster shots with their lightsabers all the time. However, to hear Qui-Gon explain it, their reflexes aren't really any faster than normal. What is different is that Jedi can use the Force to sense a few seconds into the future, meaning they're beginning to react before the danger is even present, which allows them to react so quickly. The answer to this is usually MoreDakka. Many Jedi are killed on Geonosis when dozens of droids start firing on them. Ditto for Order 66.
** General Grievous can also do this despite lack of any Force ability; as a full-body {{cyborg}} he had super reflexes programmed in as part of the cybernetic upgrades. Along with [[MultiArmedAndDangerous extra arms]] so that he can wield four lightsabers at once.
* In the film of ''Film/TheHungerGames'', Katniss certainly appears to be this quick, to such a degree that she can practically use her bow at melee range, as against [[spoiler:the wolf/warg ... thing near the end.]].
* ''Film/XMenFilmSeries''
** Wade Wilson's primary natural mutant ability in ''Film/XMenOriginsWolverine''.
** In ''Film/XMenFirstClass'', Erik's fairly confident he can stop a bullet shot point blank from his head. Later, he more or less holds true to his claim by stopping a horde of missiles fired by the US and Russian army within several feet from the air to him.
* ''Film/{{ROTOR}}'': This is [[AvertedTrope averted]] with the titular character of the movie (an artificial human that looks like a police officer), as his reflexes are super slow. In the climax of the movie, he threatens [[spoiler:Coldyron]] with his gun, [[spoiler:Coldyron]] ducks away, about two or three seconds later (which is much longer than it sounds) R.O.T.O.R. unfazedly and spectacularly fires a shot into emptiness, completely missing [[spoiler:Coldyron]].
* The Agents of ''Film/TheMatrix'' have superhuman reflexes that allow them to dodge bullets. Neo achieves the same thing during the famous BulletTime scene on the rooftop, which Trinity describes as "moving like they do".

* In ''Literature/LoneWolf'', the Magnakai discipline of Huntmastery, and furthermore the upgrade Grand Huntmastery, give a Kai lord increased celerity and agility, sometimes allowing to dodge fired arrows or even to [[ArrowCatch slash them in mid-flight]].

* A form of Super Reflexes has been described in literature for years now -- where a Main Character has gotten into a fix, and time seems to "slow down" for them. They don't actually get superhuman reflexes, they just get "extra time" to solve the situation. This may be TruthInTelevision, as there are studies showing this to be a real phenomenon.
* Gentleman Johnny Marcone in ''Literature/TheDresdenFiles'' has this a CharlesAtlasSuperpower. The list of things he can't dodge/out react probably includes bullets and next to nothing else. In fairness, it has never been truly confirmed beyond all doubt that he's entirely human.
* In Literature/{{Discworld}}, the History Monks have a technique called "slicing time" that allows them to do this. The problems with SuperSpeed are also deconstructed, as the monks have a number of requirements to avoid the "solid air" problem. At deeper levels, you see red/blue shift and have to keep moving so the air in your personal time pocket won't all get used up.
** More specifically, Lobsang Ludd, an apprentice in ''Thief of Time'', is demonstrated to have a loose grip on time. One of the effect of this is that he has a ''negative reaction time'': he can actually react to something ''slightly before'' it starts appearing.
** Lord Vetinari is mentioned to move like a snake.
* The protagonist Kiritsugu of the ''VisualNovel/FateStayNight'' prequel ''LightNovel/FateZero'' has this as his primary magical capability. It works by "time manipulation", accelerating the processes of his body while leaving the world alone; basically, he moves ''[[SuperSpeed really fast]]''. Unfortunately, this causes conflicts when his body interacts with the rest of the world, and stuff like his blood moving faster than sound results in his body receiving internal damage each time he uses it.
** In ''VisualNovel/FateStayNight'' itself, Archer can do the "freeze time to think about his options" method, [[spoiler:though we only find out after Shirou (who has gained Archer's skills via arm transplant) does this during the fight between Saber Alter and Rider.]]
* This is one of the key abilities of windcrafters in ''Literature/CodexAlera''. However, it's possible for someone to start damaging their body if they push the SuperSpeed aspects too far, since muscles and bones aren't designed to move that fast.
* Described in ''Literature/ShadowsOfTheEmpire'' when Luke fights a superfast droid assassin, opens himself to the Force, and time seems to slow way down.
--> Luke felt as if he were moving at normal speed, though there was a crackling feeling to his motion, a sound like strong wind whistling about his ears.
* Possibly the first example ever of Super Reflexes appeared in the 1956 Science Fiction Classic (and proto-proto cyberpunk novel), ''Literature/TheStarsMyDestination'' (aka ''Tiger! Tiger!''). In it, the anti-hero protagonist has his nervous system and musculature rewired to allow a state of accelerated movement. It is notable in that it had a relatively realistic look at the effects and problems of the state: The color spectrum shifts down to red, energy expenditure means that you will starve to death if the state is held too long, and engaging in hand to hand combat with another accelerated fighter is essentially suicidal for both of you as the collision is nearly instantly fatal.
* Appears in Creator/PhilipKDick's novel ''The Counter-Clock World''.
* In ''Literature/{{Mistborn}}'', the metal atium effectively causes this when "burned" for power- technically it grants the wielder the ability to see a few seconds into the future, but in practice this results in almost literally unbeatable Super Reflexes- unless the other person has atium too, in which case the power is cancelled out.
* The ''Literature/PercyJacksonAndTheOlympians'' books explain that the demigods' enhanced "Battle Reflexes" are the reason so many of them end up diagnosed with ADHD. This and a similar explanation of dyslexia being the result of having a brain hardwired for ancient Greek were written in for the benefit of the author's son, who has both ADHD and dyslexia.
* In Creator/TimothyZahn's ''Literature/TheCobraTrilogy'', the Cobras are an elite unit of SuperSoldiers with unbreakable bones, servo-powered joints, concealed lasers, and computer-enhanced reflexes, among other changes. Unfortunately, the computerized reflexes include responding "lethally to anything that even ''looks'' like an attack." And when the Cobras tried to go back to civilian life, ''none'' of those enhancements could be removed. Including the lasers.
* Also, Zahn's ''Literature/{{Blackcollar}}'' novels features the titular special forces troops who have gained this ability through the use of a drug called "Backlash". Unfortunately, with the defeat of the Terran Democratic Empire by the Ryqril, the secret of the drug was destroyed to prevent it from falling into Ryqril hands, so there is no way to make more full-fledged Blackcollars. The protagonist does his best to train himself to have ''near''-superhuman reflexes, though.
* Loup Garron in ''Literature/SantaOlivia'', being the daughter of a genetically-modified soldier, is capable of moving significantly faster than the average person.
* Creator/DavidWeber's ''Literature/PathOfTheFury'' has a combat drug cocktail (stored in the cybernetic implants of the elite Drop Commandos) which effectively provides this: the "Tick" speeds up the speed of perception by about three times - while a commando on the Tick can't move faster, she can deliberate every move and anticipate her opponent's moves effortlessly. Its very existence is top secret.
* In ''Literature/TheVampireFiles'', when Jack fights normal human thugs, he moves so much faster that he can easily disarm or evade them.
* The first BigBad in Creator/SergeyLukyanenko's ''Literature/ALordFromPlanetEarth'' trilogy has this as a result of genetic engineering. He is an unbeatable swordsman (unless [[spoiler:you know exactly what he's going to do]]) and catches the protagonist's DeadlyDisc (with [[SharpenedToASingleAtom monoatomic edges]]) out of thin air.
* Most of the titular BondCreatures in the Literature/SpiritAnimals series grant this.
* Thomas Cale from ''Literature/TheLeftHandOfGod'' gained a specific variant as the result of a blow to the head: he can always read what his opponents are going to do and react to it (while his own moves are impossible to predict). He first demonstrates this by using NonchalantDodge on the attacks of an opponent assumed by everyone to be his superior.
* In ''Literature/VampireAcademy'', dhampirs have better reflexes than humans, making them superhuman. Moroi are briefly said to have even better reflexes than dhampirs, thought it is more an InformedAbility. Strigoi have even better reflexes than Moroi, to the point of reacting with SuperSpeed.
* In ''Literature/AncillaryJustice'', ancillaries have this along with enhanced strength and speed, which together with their DeflectorShields and massive fleets allowed the Radchaai to [[CurbStompBattle easily conquer]] anyone they came across until they met the [[StarfishAliens Presger]].
* In ''Literature/SuperPowereds'', Chad has the power to [[MasterOfYourDomain control his body on a molecular level]]. One of the ways he uses it is by "overclocking" his brain to perceive everything much faster, allowing him to react with superhuman precision. At one point, he worries about overclocking it too much, as damaging his brain would be irreversible, since his HealingFactor is another side effect of his ability, but using it requires great focus, which would be lost along with his brain. There is also a [[SuperSpeed speedster]] in the class, but her superior reflexes are only active when she speeds up and only in proportion with her speed.
* In ''Literature/TheWitchlands'', part of Aeduen's skillset as a [[ThePowerOfBlood Bloodwitch]] gives him reflexes several times better than that of regular humans.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* ''Series/{{Arrow}}: Many'' people. Oliver himself, Malcolm Merlyn, Slade Wilson, Damien Darhk, Vandal Savage, etc.
* Dillon of ''Series/PowerRangersRPM'' has enhanced reflexes as part of the entire [[{{Cyborg}} half-machine package]]. First demonstrated when he instantly catches Colonel Truman's falling mug while being interrogated.
* A lack of them is used in ''Series/NoOrdinaryFamily'' to keep a lid on Stephanie's StoryBreakerPower of superspeed. While she's not at a risk of crashing into things if she goes too fast, when she's not using her power she has normal reflexes, allowing people to take her out before she can react.
* ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'' has enhanced reflexes as part of the slayer package (this includes catching arrows mid-fight and setting off bear traps without getting caught in it). Naturally, the vampires, some demons, and Series/{{Angel}} have these reflexes as well.
* ''Series/ForeverKnight'' vampires also have them.
* A non-superhero example from ''Series/{{JAG}}''. In first season episode "High Ground", Gunnery Sergeant Crockett, a hardened master sniper, catches a fly by its wings. Harm does the same at the end of the episode.
* A not-quite psychic example in ''Series/TimeTrax''. Darien, being a cop from the 22nd century, has undergone something called "beta wave training" (AKA "time stalling"), which allows him to temporarily boost his brain's processing speed, granting him nigh-superhuman reflexes for a few seconds. This ability is very taxing and can't be used too often. In one episode, he enters into a boxing match against a professional boxer from his own time, who uses this technique to defeat his opponents. Both of them end up using it.

* Panther of ''Music/TheProtomen'', who once caught a Megabuster being tossed directly at his head from stage right.

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* In superhero [=RPGs=] a character has this if they have a high enough Dexterity/Agility ability score, like Martial Artists in ''TabletopGame/{{Champions}}''.
* Found in ''TabletopGame/MutantsAndMasterminds'' as a combination of Quickness and Improved Initiative.
* In ''TabletopGame/{{GURPS}}'', the Advantage called Enhanced Time Sense is an "always on" version of Super Reflexes.
* In ''TabletopGame/{{Shadowrun}}'', StreetSamurai with cybernetic boosted reflexes see the world this way when the reflexes are turned on. Presumably anyone with magically boosted reflexes (whether from spells or physical adept abilities) gains the same perspective.
* Naturally ''TabletopGame/{{Cyberpunk}} 2020'', being a cyberpunk-based RPG, has this and in two flavors: the Kerenzikov (always ON) and the Sandevistan (only when it's required).
* ''TabletopGame/DungeonsAndDragons'':
** In 3rd edition, the monk has a class ability that more or less makes sure that they are never really surprised by an attack.
** Edition 3.5 gives a few classes (rogues, barbarians) and {{prestige class}}es the Uncanny Dodge ability, which allows them to react to danger before they should be able to sense it. Combined with the Combat Reflexes feat, it means they almost never can be caught flat-footed.
* The ''TabletopGame/{{Pathfinder}}'' RPG (based on D&D 3.5) goes one further with the Divination specialist Wizard. Even if they didn't notice an ambush, they can act in the Surprise Round along with the attackers. And with the bonuses they get to Initiative, there's a better-than-normal chance that they'll even be able to act ''before'' the ninjas hiding in the bushes. This plays out as a quick-duration Cassandra sometimes, because the game mechanics prevent your fellow party members from gaining any benefit. Shouting a warning won't do anything.
* Some characters in ''TabletopGame/{{Rifts}}'' have a special combat action called and auto dodge, which works like a regular dodge, except that it doesn't take up any actions. Some (like Juicers) can even auto dodge sneak attacks from behind, making the ability verge on SpiderSense.
* ''TabletopGame/EclipsePhase'': several augmentations give characters these. The Neurachem biomod speeds up the activity of character's neural systems, literally making them think and react faster when it is active. The Reflex Booster cyberware implant replaces a morph's spinal column with superconducting materials, enhancing their speed and reflexes. And the Mental Speed nanoware system accelerates the character's [[TimeStandsStill subjective perception of time]], allowing them do things like perceive the individual frames of analog video, follow the path of bullets in flight, and generally get a lot of thinking and planning done in a fraction of a second.

* The Kanohi Calix, Mask of Fate in ''Toys/{{Bionicle}}''. It pushes the wearer's physical capabilities to their limits.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* One of the Power Sets for Scrappers, Brutes, Tanks, and Stalkers in ''VideoGame/CityOfHeroes'' is explicitly called this. In early iterations of the game at least, it was very much a FragileSpeedster: great at ''avoiding'' attacks, but doing very little if/when the character ''did'' get hit
* The Superspeed movement set in ''VideoGame/DCUniverseOnline'' gets this as a skill.
* Force users show this in ''VideoGame/JediOutcast'' and ''VideoGame/JediAcademy''. Deflecting shots with a lightsaber is a given, and if you get shot by an enemy sniper, you'll automatically dodge it [[BulletTime like Neo]], especially if you have Force Speed activated. Naturally, this is subject to TheComputerIsACheatingBastard. ''You'' will auto-dodge ''some'' of the time depending on your force meter and how highly-leveled your abilities are. Enemy force-users are nigh impossible to hit with any sort of weapon, enforcing lightsaber combat. ''Especially'' the sniper rifle. Even the weakest {{Mook}} Reborn will have no problem dodging it, no matter how rapidly you fire it even though its shots seem to travel instantaneously. Computer-controlled Force-using characters also show super-fast reaction times in deflecting shots with heavier weapons using Force Push -- they'll always deflect concussion rifle blasts, something that's difficult for the player even under level 3 Force Speed, which functionally gives the player super reflexes by slowing the game down.
** Actually somewhat averted. It is still possible to hit a force user with a sniper rifle, but extremely hard to do so. If you aim at the middle section of their body, somewhere around the pelvis area you can sometimes hit them if they are unaware of your presence. Still extremely unlikely though, as personal experience has been no more than a couple of successful shots during the entire campaign. A good guess can be that it is a weak point in the hitbox, but one so small it is nigh impossible to hit most of the time.
* In ''VideoGame/MassEffect2'', Commander Shepard's combat-related classes each have a variation of this, which is represented in-game by BulletTime. The Soldier can use this effect on-demand with Adrenaline Rush (with an additional damage bonus), while the Vanguard gets it after a sufficiently-evolved Charge attack, and the Infiltrator gets it for a few seconds when zooming with a sniper rifle.
* Albert Wesker from ''VideoGame/ResidentEvil5'' has this ability, being able to perceive incoming attacks '''''much''''' faster than normal and dodging accordingly.
* [[PlayerCharacter The Pointman]] in ''VideoGame/FirstEncounterAssaultRecon'' has this ability coupled with SuperSpeed, depicted as BulletTime. Later on Michael Beckett, Foxtrot-813, the unnamed FEAR Sergeant, and the Nightcrawler Elites have this ability, and in the third game Paxton Fettel is able to take advantage of the Point Man's powers whenever he activates them due to their psychic connection.
* Shin Kuroi from ''VisualNovel/{{Morenatsu}}''
* Any character with a high Moxie in ''VideoGame/KingdomOfLoathing''. The higher it is, the less likely it is that the monster will hit you; there's a point where only a critical hit can touch you.
* ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVII'': A common trait for the various [[BioAugmentation bio-enhanced]] [[SuperSoldier Super Soldiers]] in the series. Examples include Sephiroth, Cloud, Zack, Vincent, and Weiss, just to name a few. This allows for [[RuleOfCool copious displays]] of ImplausibleFencingPowers, ImprobableAimingSkills, [[DodgeTheBullet bullet-dodging]], and [[RuleOfCool melee combat on speeding motorcycles]].
* A tactical version is a major plot point in ''VideoGame/MissionCritical''. Since space combat is normally too quick for humans to reliably react, everything is done by AI-controlled AttackDrones. However, this means that whoever has the most powerful drones and more of them usually wins. In order to counteract this, TheAlliance has developed an experimental nano-serum called Hype that temporarily speeds up a person's perception of time by an incredible factor, allowing him or her to control the drones at speeds only normally manageable by an AI but significantly better. Unfortunately, the serum is still in the experimental phase, and the current version is ultimately fatal to the user.
* ''VideoGame/MarkOfTheNinja'': One of the first abilities you get in the game is a result of your [[PowerTattoos power tattoos]] giving you reflexes so superhumanly fast you can literally freeze time in your head.
* D.Va from ''VideoGame/{{Overwatch}}'' was chosen as a MiniMecha pilot thanks to these, as a person with slower reflexes wouldn't be able to fully use all of its capabilities. In-game, they appear in her ''Defense Matrix'' ability, where she turns on a pair of lasers mounted on her mecha and manually shots down all incoming projectiles - depending on team she's fighting against, this can mean hundreds of perfectly accurate shots per second. How did she gain this kind of reaction time? [[IKnowMortalKombat By playing]] ''VideoGame/StarCraft''.
** Some fans have done the math to see how good D.Va's reflexes are, and turns out her reflexes is '''insane'''. For a comparison on how crazy D.Va's reflexes compared to a normal human, the real-life highest APM recorded on a game of ''Starcraft'' is 818 by Park Sung-Joon. D.Va's full potential of her reflexes, which is reached when you use the Defense Matrix to block 10 Roadhog ults; 5 from the enemy and 5 from your team deflected by an enemy Genji, is '''''87500 APM'''''.

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* Berserkers and Hunters in ''Webcomic/TheZombieHunters'' are faster and more agile than humans, despite being, y'know, ''[[ZombieGait zombies]]''.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* In ''Literature/InterviewingLeather'', the title supervillainess is noted as having Super Reflexes.
* In the ''Roleplay/GlobalGuardiansPBEMUniverse'', everyone who has SuperSpeed also has Super Reflexes.
** This is the primary superpower of the villain Whiteout (he's an albino assassin). His reflexes are fast enough to dodge bullets (and pretty much anything else) if he knows they're coming. He doesn't move with SuperSpeed, though.
** Arachne, being a CaptainErsatz of Franchise/SpiderMan, can do this by way of a danger sense.
* In the ''Literature/WhateleyUniverse'', Exemplars like Stormwolf get the superstrength and toughness, but they also get enhanced reflexes. And then there's Chaka, who uses her ki for this: she can use her ki to sense ''your'' ki and dodge any punch you throw at her.
* Cricket, white supremacist supercriminal from ''Literature/{{Worm}}'', has super reflexes in addition to her martial arts skills and other powers.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* From ''WesternAnimation/MiraculousLadybug'', both Cat Noir and Ladybug get superhuman reflexes and agility from their superhero transformations. During any fight, they keep moving all the time and are extremely hard to hit.

[[folder:Real Life]]
* When the Fight or Flight reflex is initiated, like temporary super strength, people react to things much faster than normal.
* Some people can just seem to have naturally fast reflexes, and you can probably bet a lot of them had an older brother or sister (or even a younger one) with whom they got to practise their reflexes on.
* Trained athletes and fighters ''can'' react faster than the average person to certain stimuli. The debatable issue is whether this represents a '''super'''human ability or an undiscovered range of '''natural''' ability.
* As people age, the brain processes get slightly slower. This results in a corresponding change in the perception of time.
* A common variety of MysteriousAnimalSenses. Ever wonder why it's [[http://www.sciencentral.com/video/2008/10/23/fly-swat-science/ so hard to swat a fly?]]
-->''"As soon as the fly sees the swatter falling towards it, it doesn't just jump into the air. It actually rather coolly, over the next hundred-thousandths of a second, moves its legs and reorients its body in preparation for the jump. [...] Then, at the last possible second, it jumps in the opposite direction to the swatter."''
* Dromaeosaurid dinosaurs, the raptors of pop culture, seem to have focused more on this than in SuperSpeed.