A Strategy Game is a game genre encompassing BoardGames, TabletopGames, and VideoGames in which the player or players' [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin strategical]] and/or tactical thinking is required in order to achieve victory (in theory). The earliest strategy games are far OlderThanFeudalism, including ancient games like TabletopGame/{{Chess}} (invented in the 6th century) and {{Go}} (invented in the 4th century).

Strategy Games break down roughly into two sub-genres:

* TurnBasedStrategy
** TurnBasedTactics
** TurnBasedStrategyRealTimeCombat
* TowerDefense
* RealTimeStrategy
** MultiplayerOnlineBattleArena (MOBA)

{{Artillery Game}}s also fall within the genre of Strategy Games, though some are turn-based and others are real-time.

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Also, see: StrategyRPG and SimulationGame for business sims and similar games often lumped together with Strategy Games.