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Stonepunk is a sub-genre of the PunkPunk science fiction genre. Stonepunk focuses on pre-technological developments in pre-historic times, its juxtapositions of the modern world with the primitive, and the effects of an early form of 'advanced' technology on society, like ''TheFlintstones'', based on primitive materials such as rock, fire, clay, rope, wood and water. Unlike most classic CyberPunk or SteamPunk influenced fiction like ClockPunk, the Stone Age supplies the inspiration behind a modified form of technology based on the materials provided by the natural elements and surrounding environment. BambooTechnology is common. Depending on the setting, there may be SufficientlyAdvancedBambooTechnology as well.


* ''Film/TheClanOfTheCaveBear''
* ''Film/CreaturesTheWorldForgot''
* ''Film/OneMillionBC''
* ''Film/OneMillionYearsBC''
* ''Film/ThePeopleThatTimeForgot''
* ''Film/QuestForFire''
* ''Film/TenThousandBC''
* ''{{Film/Noah}}'' may be the first example of BiblePunk.

* ''Literature/EarthsChildren'', the Jean M. Auel series that includes ''Literature/ClanOfTheCaveBear''.

[[AC:Video Games]]
* ''VideoGame/{{Bonk}}''
* ''VideoGame/ZenoClash''

[[AC:Western Animation]]
* ''WesternAnimation/TheFlintstones''
* ''WesternAnimation/TheHerculoids''

[[AC:Newspaper Comics]]
* ''Comicstrip/{{BC}}''
* ''{{ComicBook/Slaine}}''