''Starman'' may refer to:

* ComicBook/{{Starman}}, a comic book character from Creator/DCComics
* ''Film/{{Starman}}'', a film starring Creator/JeffBridges
** ''Series/{{Starman}}'', the spin-off TV series
* ''Starman'', a novel in the [[Literature/TheWayfarerRedemption Axis trilogy]] by Sara Douglass
* ComicBook/StarmanElLibertario, a mexican superhero comic book.

...or to a Music/DavidBowie song, an alien race from ''Videogame/{{EarthBound}}'', an item in the ''Videogame/SuperMarioBros'' series ([[InvincibilityPowerUp see here for more on those kinds of items]]), or a [[VideoGame/MegaMan Robot Master]].