British stand up comedy show which aired on Channel 4 in Summer 2010. Hosted by Patrick Kielty, the show is performed in front of a live audience with a number of famous British comedians. The show is split into several different parts:

* '''Introduction''': Patrick Kielty performs a quick comedy routine on the big news of the week, typically including political news or TV.
* '''Celebrity News''': Jack Whitehall gives a satirical outlook on the lives of celebrities, mainly sports stars, WAGs and musicians.
* '''Sport''': Kevin Bridges tells us what's going on in the world of football, cricket and rugby, his segments usually involve the World Cup.
* '''The Internet''': Andi Osho spends the week scouring the web for the strangest stories and the funniest virals on the net, and then mocks them heartily.
* '''Rich Hall's Segment''': Yankee funnyman Rich Hall's segment of the show is notable for not having any specific subjects, varying from week to week, covering things such as the universe or the environment.
* '''The Chair''': Patrick Kielty and a Z list celebrity share the stage as Patrick mercilessly torments them for two minutes straight, before allowing them 30 seconds to retaliate.
* '''The Guest''': A guest comedian gets the spotlight for the last part of the show, only attempting to make the audience laugh about anything.
!!'''This show contains examples of:'''

* MrFanservice: Jack Whitehall. Kielty constantly jokes about the effect he has on women.