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[[caption-width-right:346: Because... you know... [[WebVideo/AtopTheFourthWall space is grape-flavored]].]]

->''"Captain, we've been attacked by some sort of force ray! Gah! Gyah! Space air is flooding in!"\\
"Right. Goggles on!"''
-->-- ''[[WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons The Simpsons]]'', ''[[ShowWithinAShow The Planet from Outer Space]]''

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Thanks largely to SpeculativeFiction, space is probably one of the most [[HollywoodScience inaccurately portrayed]] things in modern media, to the extent that complete falsehoods are [[TheCoconutEffect widely accepted]] as fact.

This is a very specific kind of research failure, which may have been partially justified in earlier media as [[ScienceMarchesOn there hadn't been much research on the subject yet]]. Modern portrayals of space, however, still haven't changed much from the [[TheAsteroidThicket rock-filled]], [[SpaceIsNoisy noisy]] place which will make an unprotected human instantly [[ExplosiveDecompression explode]] into [[SpaceIsCold clouds of ice]].

Some of this is due to a lack of research or just lack of interest. But most of the modern misrepresentations can be put down to the RuleOfCool (the idea that [[SpaceIsNoisy things with sound]] are cooler, or at least [[NothingIsScarier not as scary]], as [[{{Film.Alien}} a famous tagline]] pointed out, as things without), [[AcceptableBreaksFromReality artistic license]], or simply the belief that audiences [[TheCoconutEffect wouldn't accept it any other way]].

Compare SpaceIsMagic, which goes [[RefugeInAudacity above and beyond]] mere technical inaccuracy. See also: ArtisticLicenseAstronomy, TheCoconutEffect, and MohsScaleOfSciFiHardness.

!!Specific kinds of Space Does Not Work That Way include:

* TwoDSpace
* ArbitraryMaximumRange
* AsteroidThicket
* BatmanCanBreatheInSpace
* ContinuousDecompression
* ConvenientlyClosePlanet
* ExplosionsInSpace
* ExplosiveDecompression
* FrictionlessReentry
* GravitySucks
* InSpaceEveryoneCanSeeYourFace
* LatexSpaceSuit
* OldSchoolDogfight
* SciFiWritersHaveNoSenseOfScale
* SingleBiomePlanet
* SpaceClouds
* SpaceFriction
* SpaceIsAir
* SpaceIsCold
* SpaceIsNoisy
* SpaceIsAnOcean
* SpaceZone
* StealthInSpace
* StreamingStars
* UniversalUniverseTime
* UnrealisticBlackHole
* VulcanHasNoMoon
* WeirdMoon
* WeirdSun