When a character is tempted to do a FaceHeelTurn or a HeelFaceTurn, it is often the result of much CharacterDevelopment in their lives, forcing them to weigh their nature, goals, loves, and even ''hates'' in balance. It is by no means a simple or trivial matter, so we here at Wiki/TVTropes have decided to make discovering the likelihood of such an event for a character simpler. But since we already have a DrinkingGame/TVTropesWikiDrinkingGame, we decided to make it a [[SortingAlgorithmOfTropes sorting algorithm]] instead!

To use the Algorithm, take each column's "Score", divide it by the number of applicable rows in the column, repeat for every column, and add the results together. Post your results in [[WMG/SortingAlgorithmOfFaceHeelTurning the WMG page for this article]], where these tables have been copied for your convenience.

!!Algorithm of [[HeelFaceTurn Villains Turning Good]]

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||'''Likelihood of turning Face'''|| '''Never''' || '''Highly unlikely''' || '''Who knows?''' || '''Quite probable''' || '''"I've seen the light."''' ||
||'''Score:'''|| '''1''' || '''2''' || '''3''' || '''4''' || '''5''' ||
||'''Species''' if there are multiple species|| Inhuman: EldritchAbomination, Demons, TheFairFolk || Humanoid: RubberForeheadAliens, human looking androids, some vampires || Humans, HumanAliens, Animals || Pretty: GreenSkinnedSpaceBabe, elves, SuperiorSpecies || Rare and special: LastOfHisKind, MixedAncestry ||
||'''Gender'''|| AmbiguousGender || Male, SexShifter || Genderless, Hermaphrodite || [[HighHeelFaceTurn Female]] || ||
||'''Age'''|| [[EvilOldFolks Older]] || Children such as CreepyChild, EnfantTerrible || Middle Aged || Young Adult || Teenagers such as TroubledButCute, BrokenBird, DarkMagicalGirl ||
||'''Role'''|| Leader or the ''one'' BigBad, Faceless {{Mooks}} || Opportunists || Middle Ground, members of the QuirkyMinibossSquad || High ranking supporters of the BigBad, such as TheDragon || Freelancers such as RivalTurnedEvil, ArrogantKungFuGuy ||
||'''[[BeautyEqualsGoodness Aesthetics]]'''|| OneWingedAngel, Across the BishonenLine, [[ReptilesAreAbhorrent Reptile-themed]] || One seriously creepy part: RedRightHand, GlamourFailure || Plain-looking, Genuinely ugly, CreepyAwesome, [[WhatMeasureIsANonHuman Monstrous]] || [[TheBeautifulElite Unnaturally Beautiful,]] EvilIsSexy || GorgeousGorgon, CuteMonsterGirl, Pretty, UglyCute ||
||'''Motivation''' for doing evil|| CompleteMonster: [[EvilFeelsGood Plain likes being evil]]: ForTheEvulz || [[AmbitionIsEvil Unscrupulous]] with [[JustThinkOfThePotential some kind of goal]]: [[CorruptCorporateExecutive Money]], ForScience, power || Hubris and Worldview: StrawNihilist, SocialDarwinist, TheUnfettered ''or'' sheer anger and despair: WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds, RivalTurnedEvil || Means Well: KnightTemplar, WellIntentionedExtremist || Love and Loyalty: MyMasterRightOrWrong, MyCountryRightOrWrong, WellDoneSonGuy or alternatively, ForcedIntoEvil ||
||'''Characterization'''|| FlatCharacter, ObviouslyEvil, CardCarryingVillain || Checking off the SevenDeadlySins, strange and erratic, plain nuts || LawfulEvil, cold blooded || Possesses honor: EvenEvilHasStandards, GracefulLoser, WorthyOpponent, NobleDemon || Someone very lost and confused, RoundedCharacter ||
||'''Contentness''' with life in general and evil in particular || [[EvilFeelsGood Enjoying every minute]] || Doing well || [[PunchClockVillain Neutral]] || Life is hard || [[BeingEvilSucks Angst, angst, angst...]] ||
||'''Morality of the story'''|| BlackAndGrayMorality, EvilVersusEvil || BlackAndWhiteMorality || GreyAndGrayMorality || TheGoodTheBadAndTheEvil || RousseauWasRight, WhiteAndGrayMorality ||
||'''Idealism of the story'''|| Cynical || || || || Idealistic ||

!!Algorithm of [[FaceHeelTurn Heroes Turning Evil]]

|| border=1
||'''Likelihood of turning Heel'''|| '''Never''' || '''Highly unlikely''' || '''Who knows?''' || '''Quite probable''' || '''"Muhahaha!"''' ||
||'''Score:'''|| '''1''' || '''2''' || '''3''' || '''4''' || '''5''' ||
||'''Species''' if there are others besides humans|| Rare and special, LittlePeople, {{Civilized Animal}}s, ProudWarriorRace, TokenHeroicOrc || Pleasant sapients: GreenSkinnedSpaceBabe, FriendlyNeighbourhoodVampire, OurElvesAreBetter, LittleBitBeastly || SuperiorSpecies, Humans, Other Animals, NotQuiteHuman, MixedAncestry || Anything inhuman that looks creepy, [[UncannyValley anything just human enough to look creepy]] || Sentient technology: Cyborgs, [[JustForFun/SentientAIWarningSigns uncannily clever AI]], TheFairFolk ||
||'''Gender'''|| Genderless but outgoing || Female, SexShifter, Hermaphrodite || OneGenderRace || Male || Genderless & Stoic, AmbiguousGender ||
||'''Age'''|| ChildrenAreInnocent || OlderAndWiser || Middle Aged || Teenager || Young Adult ||
||'''Role'''|| TheHero || Faceless soldier || TrueCompanions || Freelancer || Second-in-command such as TheLancer ||
||'''Aesthetics'''|| [[BeautyEqualsGoodness Cute, pretty, or attractive]], UglyCute || Dignified || Average || A bit predatory (such as [[EyesOfGold yellow eyes]]) or somewhat "gothic" (such as EeriePaleSkinnedBrunette) || Attractively scarred, sexy and seductive or otherworldly such as {{white hair|BlackHeart}}, [[RedEyesTakeWarning red eyes]] ||
||'''Motivation''' for doing good|| GoodFeelsGood, compassion || Love and loyalty || Worldview and honor such as TheFettered, DefectorFromDecadence || Habit || Actually, why? [[SlaveToPR Or for]] [[GlorySeeker the glory]] ||
||'''Characterization'''|| Evil can't touch them: IncorruptiblePurePureness, AllLovingHero, TheFool || Won't sink any lower than this: AntiHero, ByronicHero || Surly, bitter || Bordering on hubris: Hotheaded, arrogant, [[TheseAreThingsManWasNotMeantToKnow likes to play with dangerous stuff]] || LonersAreFreaks ||
||'''Contentness''' with life in general and good in particular || [[GoodFeelsGood Enjoying every minute]] || Doing well || Neutral || Life is hard || [[BeingGoodSucks Angst, angst, angst...]] ||
||'''Morality of the story'''|| RousseauWasRight || BlackAndWhiteMorality || TheGoodTheBadAndTheEvil || GreyAndGrayMorality || BlackAndGrayMorality ||
||'''Cynicism of the story'''|| Idealistic || || || || Cynical ||