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* "The Sorcerer's Apprentice", a short animated film from Creator/{{Disney}}'s ''Disney/{{Fantasia}}''.
* ''Film/TheSorcerersApprentice'', a 2010 live-action film starring Creator/NicolasCage and Creator/JayBaruchel, loosely inspired by the aforementioned animated short.
* ''Literature/DerZauberlehrling'', or ''The Sorcerer's Apprentice'', the poem (written by 18th-century German poet Creator/JohannWolfgangVonGoethe) that inspired the Disney short.
* ''Webcomic/TheSorcerersApprentice'', a fantasy webcomic drawn in an {{Animesque}} style.
* SorcerersApprenticePlot, a [[{{Plots}} Plot Trope]] where an unqualified subordinate gets hold of the {{Phlebotinum}} while its normal user is away, making a mess.