A StockPhrase that uses an analogy to make a point. Someone has tried to make a point about something; in response, someone points out something obvious that contradicts it in this fashion:

-->"Nothing can possibly go wrong. We're in love!"
-->"So were Theatre/RomeoAndJuliet."

Often makes correct use of something commonly used in an AnalogyBackfire and/or {{lampshades}} TemptingFate. Thus, it is usually the territory of the GenreSavvy and {{Deadpan Snarker}}s.

SuperTrope to HitlerAteSugar. HitlerAteSugar is supposed to argue that doing something is evil because someone else who was evil did it, too. So Was X is supposed to argue that someone or something could be incorrect or just as dangerous as something else (the X).

See also AppealToObscurity and YouKnowWhoSaidThat.


[[folder: Comic Books ]]

* In ''ComicBook/{{Watchmen}}'', an astonished Nite Owl doesn't understand [[spoiler: how Ozymandias could be involved with the nefarious plot against costumed superheroes, when he's such an incredibly good person as well as a vegetarian]]. Rorschach points out [[spoiler: that Hitler was a vegetarian, too]].
* In the ''ComicBook/JudgeDredd'' SpinOff series ''ComicBook/TheSimpingDetective'', Jack Point lights up a cigar in Sector Chief Daveez's office and makes it clear that he knows Daveez played a significant role in a criminal case he was investigating and covered it up. Daveez responds by grabbing Point by his jacket lapels and threatening him to drop the case, the exchange ends,
-->'''Daveez:''' ...And smoking's still illegal, creep.\\
'''Jack:''' ''(points to the martini glass on his desk)'' Yeah. Heh, so's alcohol.


[[folder: Film ]]

* In ''JohnnyMnemonic'', Johnny insists that trying to make a deal with the evil corporation is a good idea, explaining that they'd be willing to make a deal because they're corporate.
-->'''Jane:''' So is the Yakuza.
* In ''Film/{{Matilda}}'', Miss Honey tries to show Miss Trunchbull how smart Matilda is:
-->'''Miss Honey:''' She can multiply large numbers instantly in her head.\\
'''Miss Trunchbull:''' So can a calculator.
* In ''{{Stripes}}'', when thinking of how to rescue their platoon from Czech soldiers:
-->'''Russell Ziskey:''' Do the words "Act of war" mean anything to you?
-->'''John Winger:''' I have a plan.
-->'''Russell:''' Great. Custer had a plan, too.
* ''{{Dogma}}'':
-->'''The Metatron''': I am to charge you with [[TheQuest a holy crusade]].
-->'''Bethany Sloan''': For the record, I work in an abortion clinic.
-->'''The Metatron''': Noah was a drunk, and look what'' he ''accomplished--and no one's asking you to build an ark!
* PlayedForLaughs in SoapDish:
-->'''David:''' I was under orders.
-->'''Celeste:''' ''So was Hitler!'' Oh, no, I don't mean Hitler, I mean the other guy.
-->'''David:''' Himmler? Hess?
-->'''Rose:''' Eichmann?
-->'''David:''' Eichmann.
-->'''Celeste:''' Yes! Eichmann! That's you!
* ''Film/NecessaryRoughness'' has a moment where Dean Elias confronts journalism professor Suzanne Carter over her relationship with her (40-year old) student Paul Blake.
-->'''Suzanne:''' We're consenting adults!
-->'''Dean Elias:''' So were Bonnie and Clyde!


[[folder: Literature ]]

* From [[Creator/PGWodehouse P.G. Wodehouse]]'s "Honeysuckle Cottage":
-->"Don't do it." said Mr [=McKinnon=], a stout bachelor. "You're too young to marry."
-->"So was Methuselah," said James, a stouter.
* From [[Creator/MichaelStackpole Michael Stackpole]]'s "Wolf and Raven":
--> A footnote written by Wolf: "Sure, the Beretta Viper 14 is old. So's gravity, but it still works."


[[folder: Live Action TV ]]

* From {{Dragnet}} episode ''The Prophet'', Brother William tries to convince Joe Friday of the benefits of drugs:
-->'''Brother William:''' "I'm not only news, my friend, I make news. Big news."
-->'''Friday:''' "So did Judas."

* In ''Series/{{Monk}}'', on the episode "Mr. Monk Takes the Stand," the D.A. worries Evan Gildea will walk because of his lawyer Harrison Powell:
-->'''D.A. Charles Friedken:''' Well, nobody's sleeping today. Harrison Powell is the Prince of Darkness, so be careful up there. Don't volunteer anything. If you don't remember something, just say you don't remember.
-->'''Natalie Teeger:''' But he's guilty, right?
-->'''D.A. Charles Friedken:''' So was O.J.
* From ''{{Lost}}'':
-->'''Hurley:''' Do not open that! There's dynamite and it's mega-unstable. \\
'''Richard:''' I know that.\\
'''Hurley:''' Well, so did Dr. Arzt. And I was wiping him out of my shirt two days later.
* From ''TheJeffersons'', during one of the many times George brags about his wealth:
-->'''George:''' I worked my way from the bottom up to the top! \\
'''Helen:''' So does a gopher!
* ''DoctorWho'', "Robot":
-->'''The Doctor''': Never cared much for the word "impregnable." Sounds a bit too much like "unsinkable."\\
'''Harry''': What's wrong with "unsinkable"?\\
'''The Doctor''': Nothing. As the iceberg said to the Titanic.\\
'''Harry''': What?\\
'''The Doctor''': Gloop, gloop, gloop, gloop, gloop, gloop, gloop.
** The same metaphor was revisited in the new series, "End of the World":
--->'''Jabe''': This facility is purely automatic. It's the height of the Alpha Class. Nothing can go wrong.\\
'''The Doctor''': Unsinkable?\\
'''Jabe''': If you like. The nautical metaphor is appropriate.\\
'''The Doctor''': You're telling me. I was on board another ship once they said that was unsinkable. I ended up clinging to an iceberg. It wasn't half cold.


[[folder: Theater ]]

* From [[Theatre/SweeneyToddTheDemonBarberOfFleetStreet Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street]]:
-->'''Toby:''' Get Pirelli's;\\
Use a bottle of it!\\
Ladies seem to love it--
-->'''Mrs. Lovett:''' Flies do, too!


[[folder: Web Original ]]

* From the ''[[FanFic/ImAMarvelAndImADC Marvel/DC]] Franchise/HarryPotter Parody'':
-->'''Professor X:''' You're {{the chosen one}}.\\
'''Spiderman:''' Yeah, so was [[StarWars Anakin Skywalker]]! [[ItSucksToBeTheChosenOne And look how well that turned out]]!
* ''WebAnimation/ZeroPunctuation'': The review of [[VideoGame/TombRaider2013 the 2013 Tomb Raider]] referred to Lara Croft's character development in the form of [[TheChewToy repeatedly bullying her]] with this line:
--> "So you can kill a man and take a machete like a champ. A concrete block can do that, but you can't kick one out the back of a moving truck and call that a character arc!"


[[folder: WesternAnimation]]
* One episode of SpongebobSquarepants has Spongebob fanboy over Kevin the sea cucumber, a famous jellyfish hunter. Kevin spends the episode abusing Spongebob's naivete, chasing him and cornering him above a trench in a robotic jellyfish before revealing himself. When Spongebob tells him he's his biggest fan, Kevin points to the bottom of the trench and says "So were they".
--> '''Guy in trench:''' Hey everybody! Kevin's back!!!

[[folder: Real Life ]]

* Seen on various message boards:
--> Hemlock is both [[AllNaturalSnakeOil natural and organic]].
** From comedian MattKershen:
--> ''Heroin'' is natural. ''Nicotine'' is natural. ''A pack of wild wolves'' is natural! ''Natural doesn't mean safe!''
** The Literature/{{Discworld}} novel ''Discworld/MakingMoney'' makes the same point:
-->Ah yes, Splot, thought Moist. It contained herbs and all natural ingredients. But belladonna was a herb and arsenic was natural.