->''"There it is, The Apple. A city so nice, they named it twice. CHECK it out ONE time, WON'T you!?"''
-->-- '''Brain Gremlin''', ''Gremlins2TheNewBatch''

SoGoodWeMentionedItTwice is when an example is given a second time. If knowingly used, it means the example giver is being funny and really wants to emphasize the example. If unknowingly used it means the example giver isn't paying much attention to the other examples or doesn't know how to use the Find command under "Edit."
* Or it's worded differently, under a different title, {{Pot Hole}}d, or otherwise unfindable.
* Or he [[HypocriticalHumor isn't paying much attention]].
* Or it's under another section, such as {{Film}} and LiveActionTV.
** Happens a lot with animated films, since people can't decide whether to put them in Film or WesternAnimation. That's why there are separate sections for "Films - Animation" and "Films - Live Action," except for those articles where there aren't and nobody is bothered to make them, hence the problem.
* Or he [[RunningGag isn't paying]] [[SelfDemonstratingArticle much attention]].
* Or it's a foreign work, and it's listed once under [[UntranslatedTitle the original title]] and once under [[CompletelyDifferentTitle its translated English title]].
* Or the same example covers two or more tropes, i.e. a character's MixedMetaphor results in ChirpingCrickets.
* Or ''she'' [[DistaffCounterpart isn't paying much attention]].

See also {{Department of Redundancy Department}}.

* Or he [[{{RuleOfThree}} isn't paying much attention]].



* Or he [[{{OverlyLongGag}} isn't paying much attention]].