->''You'd think that people would have had enough of silly love songs.''\\
''But I look around me and I see it isn't so.''\\
''Some people wanna fill the world with silly love songs.''\\
''And what's wrong with that, I'd like to know''\\
'''Cause here I go...again...''
-->-- '''[[Music/{{Wings}} Paul McCartney and Wings]]''', ''[[TropeNamers Silly Love Songs]]''

When you turn on the radio and hear music with lyrics, at least nine times out of ten, the song will be a love song of some sort, either praising love and one's lover (or wished-for lover) to the high heavens, or singing about how much angst or anger love gone sour has caused. (These songs are sometimes indistinguishable from songs about IntercourseWithYou.) For some reason, there's always a market for even the silliest of Silly Love Songs, making this an UndeadHorseTrope.

Music/FrankZappa once noted that if popular music really could change or affect people, everyone would be in love.

Past music critics commonly referred to this sort of song as a "Moon-June song", sometimes with "spoon" added, after the (supposed) [[PainfulRhyme tendency]] for writers of these songs to rhyme the two words together. The originator of this name was likely the 1908 hit ''[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shine_On,_Harvest_Moon Shine On, Harvest Moon]].''

Some performers write AntiLoveSong[=s=] because they want to try something different. They never stop the deluge of Silly Love Songs that fill the airwaves. And what's wrong with that? (A lack of variety, of course, but [[TropesAreTools Tropes Are Not Bad]] all the time.)
If you want to hear an example, just turn on your radio to any popular music station. You'll find one soon enough. Listing them ''all'' would be pointless and time-consuming. Some of the sillier examples could be listed here, especially those that [[LampshadeHanging hang a lampshade]] on their triteness.

This trope name was first coined by Music/JohnLennon, who criticized Music/PaulMcCartney for always writing Silly Love Songs. [=McCartney=] in turn wrote the song he gave the title to as [[TropesAreTools a rebuttal]].

Compare IntercourseWithYou, songs about... making love. Contrast AntiLoveSong and BreakupSong.

!!Particularly silly examples:

* "Do Fries Go With That Shake" from Music/GeorgeClinton's third solo album, R&B Skeletons In The Closet.
** Speaking of P-Funk related material, Zapp and the late Roger Troutman made quite a few in the 1980's with songs like "Computer Love" and "Itchin' For Your Twitchin" from Zapp IV, "I Want To Be Your Man" from Roger's solo album Unlimited!, and "Ooh Baby Baby" from Zapp V.
* Music/RickAstley's "Never Gonna Give You Up." ''[[{{Rickroll}} Never gonna giiiive you up, never gonna leeeet you down...]]''
* Played with by Australian comic, Music/TimMinchin, at the 2008 Secret Policeman's Ball, where he sang a song that began by extolling the virtues of his lover, but then got to the chorus which went: "If I didn't have you... then I'd probably have somebody else..." Still played fairly straight, as the song says that although he might have somebody else without her, he does have her, and that's special. Also subverted by Tim Minchin (several times) with "Inflatable You;" a loving ode to an inflatable doll. And "You Grew on Me," which compares his love to his partner as quickly worsening diseases. And more. Tim seems to like his messed up love songs.
* The Music/GeorgeGershwin song "[[BlahBlahBlah Blah, Blah, Blah]]."
* Music/PaulMcCartney's song "[[TropeNamers Silly Love Songs]]," as quoted above. It's technically by Music/{{Wings}}, but the misattribution is [[IAmTheBand not exactly wrong]]. He did invert this trope on at least a couple of occasions, with the haunting "Eleanor Rigby" and the raucous "Helter Skelter".
* Similar to [=McCartney=]'s lampshading of this trope, Music/PaulWilliams' "An Old Fashioned Love Song," as well as Three Dog Night's cover:
-->Just an old-fashioned love song playin' on the radio\\
And wrapped around the music is the sound\\
Of someone promising they'll never go
** It isn't ''that'' silly -- unless you watch him [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Qjtj9lliXU singing it]] [[Series/TheMuppetShow with a trio of Muppet clones of himself]].
** There's also a few levels of this trope working, as the song's about an ''actual'' love song playing on the radio as well as being a love song itself (since listening to the love song on the radio prompts the singer to muse about his own romance.)
* Most Broadway musicals include at least one Silly Love Song; ''Theatre/{{Spamalot}}'' has one titled "[[ThisIsASong The Song That Goes Like This]]," which explains how every Broadway musical contains at least one Silly Love Song.
* Probably one of the reasons why [[Music/TheCure Robert Smith]] [[CreatorBacklash hates]] [[DaysOfTheWeekSong "Friday I'm in Love."]] Even their most straightforward love songs like "The Love Cats" aren't that simple.
* Music/AirSupply, of course, made a whole career out of these songs.
* Music/DonJohnson's "Heartbeat," while faring better than many actors-turned-singer albums, has been thoroughly roasted by the likes of ''Website/TheAgonyBooth'' and legitimate music critics. Don sings well, but his lyricism and stage performance could've used a bit more polish.
-->'''[[WebVideo/TheSpoonyExperiment Miles Antwiler]]''': You can't help but chuckle at the repetitive nature of Don's songs. After all, we are "looking for a heartbeat," but we also learn "the last sound love makes is a heartbreak" and also "when looking for love, it is a heartache away." It is like filling out a [=MadLibs=] but replacing all nouns with either "love," "heartache" or "heartbreak."
* Music/FMStatic's song "My First Stereo." A line in the chorus goes "My first love was my first stereo." Yes, it's true.
* ''Series/MysteryScienceTheater3000'':
** The experiment ''Film/OverdrawnAtTheMemoryBank'' has "Loving Lovers Love," sung by Pearl and Observer.
** Another episode has "Film/GypsyMoon" (as in the film of same name), making use of nearly every word that rhymes with 'moon.'
* ''WesternAnimation/VeggieTales'' once replaced Larry's silly songs with "Love Songs by Mr. Lunt." It ended up being a song about a guy who really wants a cheeseburger, essentially falling in love with it.
** Not to mention "Pizza Angel", where Larry performs a fifties ballad (complete with double-tracked voice, leather jacket, and backup singers) to his delivery dinner.
-->Pizza Angel, please come to me\\
Tomato sauce and cheese so gooey\\
Pizza Angel I'm on my knees\\
You'll live forever in my me-e-emorieeees.
** Or "Barbara Manatee." Larry's love ballad to a manatee from a soap opera.
* There are a number of silly love songs in musicals:
** [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin "Love Song"]] from ''Theatre/{{Pippin}}''.
** [[CrackPairing "Hitler/Khan Love Duet"]] from ''The Complete Millennium Musical (Abridged)''.
** Played with in ''Theatre/MyFairLady''.
** Also subject to hilarity in ''Film/TheRockyHorrorPictureShow''.
** "Mix Tape" and "Fantasies Come True" are more traditional, but ''Theatre/AvenueQ'' parodies love songs in [[SlapSlapKiss "The More You Ruv Someone."]]
* Subverted by Music/SaraBareilles with "Love Song." The story goes that her producer told her that she was doing pretty well as an up-and-coming artist, but she still needed a big hit. "You need to write me a love song," said the producer. Sara, not liking this idea, decided instead to write a song ''about how she's not gonna write him a love song''. And now it's her SignatureSong. And now it's probably [[EarWorm stuck in your head]].
* Music/TheBeautifulSouth's "One Last Love Song" is about these.
--> Those bloody great ballads we hated at first\\
Well I bought them all [[LampshadeHanging and now I'm writing worse]].
** The Beautiful South also wrote "Song For Whoever," which subverts the trope; the musician is writing songs to keep him in money ("I love the PRS cheques that you bring") based on whoever his latest girlfriend is -- whose name he has conveniently forgotten.
--> And when you've gone upstairs I'll creep\\
And write it all down\\
...Oh, Julie, oh Alison, oh Philippa, oh Sue...
* "Title of the Song" by Music/DaVincisNotebook is a meta "love song." The songwriter started out intending to write a parody of a BoyBand song, and ended up parodying ALL boy band songs. Ever.
* Older / Deader than you think: Back in the 1800's Creator/AmbroseBierce commented:
-->[[StockRhymes Moon-kiss-June-bliss.]]\\
'Tis this appalling stuff,\\
such miserable trash,\\
that makes us cry out, 'Hold! Enough!'\\
and use too oft a big, big--
** Much older than that, even. Medieval minstrels composed silly love songs up the ass. Basically the ancient equivalent of, "Tra la la, I love you, dee dah dah."
* "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzYzVMcgWhg My Lovely Horse]]" from ''Series/FatherTed'', a very silly appreciation of a horse created in-universe by Ted and Dougal, and as a real B-side by Music/TheDivineComedy.
** "Songs of Love" by The Divine Comedy (part of which, incidentally, was used as the theme for ''Father Ted''), is about a boy who sits in his room writing love songs while his peers are out chasing girls.
* Mildly parodied in Music/TheTurtles' "Elenore," which randomly juxtaposes straight Silly Love Song material with parental opposition and IntercourseWithYou themes, and includes the famous lines:
-->Elenore, gee, I think you're swell\\
And you really do me well.\\
You're my pride and joy, ''et cetera''.
** WordOfGod says that "Elenore" was written as a TakeThat against the ExecutiveMeddling of their record company, who wanted them to make more commercial hits like "Happy Together," when they wanted to move on to more progressive music and concept albums like ''Battle of the Bands''. [[SpringtimeForHitler So they deliberately wrote]] [[StealthParody the most banal bubblegum pop song they could]], but it [[MisaimedFandom still was a big hit and a signature Turtles song]].
* Music/NoahAndTheWhale had a little hit among indie-folk fans with the song "Five Years' Time." Why it's silly?
-->"I no longer feel I have to be Creator/JamesDean..."
* Subverted and quite possibly {{deconstruct|ion}}ed by, of all people, Music/TaylorSwift with the song "Fifteen." A freshman girl in HighSchool meets a boy that she feels is her true love, and she's already planning to marry him... and then he dumps her for another girl, breaking her heart. The song was based on the experience of Taylor's longtime friend Abigail Anderson, who is mentioned by name in the song and appears in the video.
* The Music/MichaelBuble song "Everything" seems to fit with this trope.
-->You're a mystery\\
You're from outer space.
** "Haven't Met You Yet" is a bit of a reconstruction, it's a silly love song to his ''future'' significant other, and he has no idea who it is. The whole thing is filled with hopes and promises to a woman he's never met.
** If we're talking Bublé, we have a whole plethora: "The Best is Yet to Come," "I've Got The World on a String," "Crazy Love," "All I Do is Dream of You," "Baby (You've Got What It Takes)," "How Sweet It Is," and "Moondance," just to name a few. Although all of those songs are covers.
* The tribute album ''Music/IMissBuffyTheVampireSlayer'' ([[Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer three guesses what it's a tribute to, and the first two don't count]]) is pretty silly overall, so its love song, "Kinda Wish D'Hoffryn Was My Boyfriend" is ''exceptionally'' silly.
-->Bumpy and lumpy, I know it sounds corny,\\
I kinda like a guy who's a little bit horny.\\
He's a vengeance demon; don't wanna cross him.\\
His swingin' hell dimension is totally awesome!
* A common subject of parodies by Music/WeirdAlYankovic, both specifically (e.g., "Addicted to Spuds" of "Addicted to Love") and generally (e.g., "I Was Only Kidding" and "You Make Me.") Some are silly love songs in their own right (''very'' silly love songs), while others are actually about a StalkerWithACrush or outright hatred for the other party.
* The subject of the Music/PaulAndStorm song, [[http://www.paulandstorm.com/lyrics/i-will-sing-a-lullabye/ I Will Sing a Lullabye]] (to your vagina).
* Music/TheSuicideMachines' "Sometimes I Don't Mind" gently parodies these: The first verse and the chorus both sound like a generic love song, which makes the second verse seem a little weird ("You lick my hands then I get a rash, but that's okay,") but in the third verse it becomes obvious that it's been about a ''pet dog'' the whole time ("You won't lay down, you'll hardly sit / I give you a bath when you smell like shit, but you don't mind..."). The joke is made more obvious by the music video, which follows the antics of a fursuited human behaving like a real dog.
* "Gitchee Gitchee Goo" from ''WesternAnimation/PhineasAndFerb'' is a parody of this. "Don't worry if you get lost, the lyrics are meaningless anyway."
* The Dutch group Music/{{Jazzpolitie}} has the song ''Liefdesliedjes'' (''Love Songs'') in which they {{lampshade|Hanging}} most love song clichés. But the [[HypocriticalHumor refrain is still]]: "There's only one way to tell you [what I feel for you]... Love Songs... You should hear them..."
* Music/{{Supertramp}} has a few. Notably, Give a little bit, Downstream, and Oh! Darling!
%%* Anything by Music/CelineDion.
* The Magnetic Fields' album ''69 Love Songs'', which is not quite ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin by being 69 songs about love songs. In frontman Stephin Merritt's own words:
-->''69 Love Songs'' is not remotely an album about love. It's an album about love songs, which are very far away from anything to do with love.
* Brotherhood of Man's "Save All Your Kisses For Me" is a subversion, with the last line being 'even though you're only three'. This has been covered to make the song into a LastNoteNightmare shockfest about [[TheCoverChangesTheMeaning child rape]].
* The Moldy Peaches song "Anyone Else But You" is an INCREDIBLY silly love duet including references to the Konami Code and shaking turds out of pants.
* "Baby" by Music/JustinBieber. All his other songs qualify, too.
* Music/DeltaGoodrem's Believe Again is this UpToEleven, every possible instrument and happy musical quotation is in this song, so it may have lived in {{Narm}} almost entirely, if the verses didn't save it so much…The chorus for your reading pleasure:
-->''I'd lost my faith in love, now I believe again''\\
''My heart was a broken place, now I feel whole again''\\
''You bring me honesty,and that's worth believing in''\\
''and I believe, I believe again''
* Hugh Laurie sang the love song "Mystery" in ''Series/ABitOfFryAndLaurie''. It involved a girl he never met, whom he was almost completely incompatible with and that died over a decade ago. The mystery was why he was in love with her. And what tortured rhyme for "mystery" Hugh was going to come up with next. (Some examples: estuary, unsanitary, Port Authority.)
-->''Dead since 1973''\\
''You've been dead now ... wait a minute, let me see...''\\
''Fifteen years come next January (jan-YOO-ary)''\\
''As a human being you are history''\\
''So why do I still long for you?''\\
''Why is my love so strong for you?''\\
''Why did I write this song for you?''\\
''Well, I guess it's just the mystery''
* Tricia Yearwood's "How Do I Live", the closing theme to ''Film/ConAir''. It was later made even sillier with an intentionally cheesy, SoBadItsGood cover by M.G. Bowman for ''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}''.
* Music/TheAxisOfAwesome - How to write a Love Song
* The sketch show ''Radio/HelloCheeky'' had one or two songs every episode, written and performed by the regular cast. All that were love songs were parodies, such as ''Moon Over Romford'', in which all the exotic locations typically found in love songs have been replaced with less glamorous English locations -- ''Carrots For My Lady'', about giving a sweetheart vegetables so she can cook an Irish stew -- and ''Your Third Leg'', about a woman with three legs. Then there's ''Don't Say Goodbye''...
-->''Don't say goodbye, my dar-ling''\\
''Goodbye is a terrible word''\\
''Farewell and adieu''\\
''Are terrible too''\\
''And ta-ta is simply absurd''\\
''Don't say goodbye, my darling''\\
''Because it would make me feel low''\\
''So don't say goodbye, my darling...''\\
''Just pack up your suitcase and go!''
* The opening lines of Music/SelenaGomez and the Scene's "Love You Like A Love Song" deserve mention simply for lampshading the oversaturation.
-->''It's been said and done''\\
''Every beautiful thought's already been sung''\\
''And I guess right now here's another one''\\
''So your melody will play on and on with the best of 'em''
* Music/FrankZappa largely avoided writing love songs but when he did write them, he couldn't help parodying them. ''Music/FreakOut'' and ''Music/CruisingWithRubenAndTheJets'' contain perhaps the best examples. An outstandingly silly example is "Charva":
-->''Charva, I loved you''\\
''I loved you through and through''\\
''I loved you since in grammar school''\\
''When we were sniffing glue''\\
''I loved you purty baby doll''\\
''And I don't know what in the world to do about it''\\
* "Cadence and Cascade," from Music/KingCrimson's second album ''In The Wake of Poseidon''. Not a place you'd expect one, but there you are.
* Music/TheyMightBeGiants' "Pet Name" musically sounds like this, except that if you listen to the lyrics, you'll realize it's a song about a couple who are growing tired of each other and now have to put more effort into their relationship ("We've almost figured out how we'll get along / And given time we'll find it strange to be alone"). They do, however, have one straightforward example: "Another First Kiss". They themselves describe it as pretty much the only straight love song they've ever done, but in their typical style, it's a ([[WordOfGod their words]]) "Screw that" to the idea that you need to be young to be in love and instead depicts a [[HappilyMarried happy couple with history.]]
* Music/JonathanCoulton's cover of "Baby Got Back". The Sir Mix-A-Lot original, not so much.
* Music/MitchBenn has written a few of these, as well as {{Anti Love Song}}s. "Disgustingly in Love" is positive for the couple, if not [[SickeninglySweethearts anyone around them]]; "My Girlfriend is an Alien" has the singer conclude that he doesn't mind; and "One of These Days" is so sincere it's barely funny at all.
* Chériefm, a French radio station, offering in its site, several webradio specialized in various musical genres dont chérie love song (its slogan "la webradio de l'amour" in English is "the webradio of the love") and periodically "cheriefm romantic" its slogan? "la webradio des amoureux" (in English: "the sweetheart's webradio)
* Music/{{Extreme}} included ''Tragic Comic'' to keep their concept album "III Sides To Every Story" [[BreatherEpisode from getting too heavy]] (and bid for another pop hit). The accompanying video adds a cute nod to the {{Trope Namer|s}}, showing their bassist playing [[Music/PaulMcCartney McCartney's]] signature guitar.
* "When I Decide" by My Terrible Friend somehow manages to be one of these while also being about planning to kill the object of the singer's affections. At no point does the song stop being earnestly romantic, even during the murder-plotting part.
* Taken UpToEleven by Music/RoyOrbison who wrote and performed dramatic and operatic Love Songs.
* [[Recap/GleeS2E12SillyLoveSongs The name of an episode]] of ''Series/{{Glee}}'' wherein they perform the {{Trope Namer|s}} along with other love songs. Love songs become an annual Valentine's Day theme on the show.
* When Music/TheAquabats do silly love songs, the emphasis is usually on "silly", from the ska-punk love ballad "Red Sweater!" ("[[DamnedByFaintPraise You're not fat, you don't smell bad]] / You're always smiling, never sad") to the pop-sounding "Lovers of Loving Love!" to the [[MundaneMadeAwesome mock-epic]] "The Legend is True!"
* [[InvertedTrope Inverted]] by Matt Fishel's "[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ogsbUiSY2TU Radio-Friendly Pop Song]]". It tells the story of a young artist, whose producer tells him he was "a talented guy" who could be very successful... if only his songs weren't gay themed. (''But this is an industry where people make money, so your art has to sell/ And you should never seek to challenge an audience/ They buy what they're told and we never get it wrong/ Go write us a non-offensive, tasteful, conventional song...) This implies the taste of the audience is limited to silly love songs with [[HaveIMentionedIAmHeterosexualToday very heterosexual pairings]]. The chorus is itself a parody to this concept, since these are the producers only requirements for a song. (Girls like boys and boys like girls/ And that's the way it should be/ Forever) The song inverts both: It's neither a love song to a specific person nor is it heterosexual themed, but instead addressing the pressure of gay (male) artists to remain closeted to be successful.
* Music/TheBeachBoys have done several, but "Little Deuce Coupe" is an oddball one, because it's a love song [[CarSong about a car]].
* "Louisa" by Music/LordHuron comes pretty close to this.
* The trope is affectionately deconstructed in Music/ImeldaMay's "Human", which is about being loved passionately but realistically -- because that's better than being silly.
-->''So come adore me, but know I'm gonna fall\\
Off of this pedestal that I hope you've put me on\\
And as God's above me, I swear I'll try to be\\
All that you ever want and I'll be the best of me\\
I wanna be your human...''
* Music/{{Caravan}} have surprisingly many examples for a prog group, including the aptly-named "Love Song with Flute":
-->''I'm needing you - though it may not seem to be\\
I'm needing you - you're all I care to see''