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[[quoteright:350: [[Webcomic/IrregularWebcomic http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/sword_escalation_6829.png]]]]
[[caption-width-right:350:Wait 'til you see the ''[[ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill centuple]]'' one. [[labelnote:Fun fact:]]This was actually written ''[[HilariousInHindsight before]]'' [[Film/RevengeOfTheSith Episode III]] and [[Film/TheForceAwakens The Force Awakens]], which made quadruple lightsabers canon.[[/labelnote]]]]

->''"Kara, when I started living this life it was just me and I was going up against human threats. That I can handle. Then it was the metahumans and I can handle that. And now I learned that there are multiple Earths and I was brainwashed aboard an alien spacecraft."''
-->-- '''[[Series/{{Arrow}} Oliver Queen]]''' to '''[[Series/Supergirl2015 Kara Danvers]]''', ''Series/LegendsOfTomorrow''

Some series push themselves up and over the top, surpassing the bar they just set themselves a few episodes ago. Then they do it again. And again. And again.

This isn't meant to be confused with the buildup to season finales or a plot climax, but rather a consistent escalation in events that always exceeds what a viewer would expect. When this is done well, a new SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome is, at any given moment, just around the corner. When done poorly, what would constitute as a Moment of Awesome can feel ordinary, or even absurd.

Not to be confused with UpToEleven, where a series, group, or artist make a point of topping whatever was the latest, greatest thing (including if it was their own thing). To make a Serial Escalation is to create an enormous stack of such occurrences, generating a series of events that top the prior consecutively.

For events that are impossible, go to BeyondTheImpossible.

Related to SequelEscalation.

Compare {{Troperiffic}}, ExaggeratedTrope, LogicalExtreme, LensmanArmsRace, SortingAlgorithmOfEvil, PowerCreep, MidSeasonUpgrade, and NextTierPowerUp.

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* During the Franchise/{{Transformers}} toy line's original run in the 1980s, Creator/{{Hasbro}} tried to top a number of their own gimmicks. For example, in 1985, Hasbro introduced the Triple Changers - toys that had three transformation modes (one robot mode, and two vehicle modes) instead of the usual two. In 1987, they introduced Sixshot - a toy that had SIX transformation modes!