!!Tropes about things people seem to hate. Naturally, a lot of these will be {{subjective|tropes}}.

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* AlasPoorScrappy\\
We used to hate him, but after that happened... damn.
* AlphaBitch\\
When the queen of the PopularityFoodChain is a one-dimensional, conceited bitch, she tends to be hated.
* AmericansHateTingle\\
A hated character seems to be more excused on his homeland for some reason.
* AnimationAgeGhetto\\
Blindly-following parents mistake [[WhatDoYouMeanItsNotForKids an R-rated]] cartoon for a kids show, then [[GoneHorriblyRight go horribly right]] and expand the show's {{hatedom}} by [[MoralGuardians crusading against it]].
* AnnoyingVideoGameHelper\\
They're trying to offer help and advice, but that only makes the player wish they would just go away.
* AnnoyingYoungerSibling\\
They keep touching your stuff, forcing you to attend TheDreadedPretendTeaParty, getting into trouble, and leaving you to take the brunt of the consequences.
* AssholeVictim\\
People won't feel bad for this character when something horrible happens to them, because they deserve it for being an irredeemable {{Jerkass}}.
* AudienceAlienatingPremise\\
Good luck marketing ''this''.
* AuthorFilibuster\\
The story is brought to a halt to get a message across. Viewers can't stand this.
* AuthorTract\\
The viewers are likely to hate a story that gets all preachy and up its own ass with messages.
* BadassDecay\\
A badass becomes less cool, which then leads to hatred.
* BannedInChina\\
Something has provocative and obscene material in it, or [[MyLittlePanzer safety hazards]], causing cases of WhyFandomCantHaveNiceThings that bans the product from their location.
* BaseBreakingCharacter\\
A lot of people hate this character, yet at the same time there are a lot of people who like them.
* BetaBitch\\
The AlphaBitch's right-hand gal pal tends to be hated for the same reasons as her.
* BigBadWannabe\\
This character acts like the BigBad when they're clearly not. Viewers hate having their time wasted by them.
* BigBrotherBully\\
You thought you hated TheBully? Imagine if you had to live with him...
* BrattyHalfPint\\
Little kids with attitudes annoy the audience as much as they annoy the heroes.
* BrattyTeenageDaughter\\
It's even worse when they have to deal with some shallow, whiny, {{phoneaholic|teenager}} bitch.
* BrokenBase\\
Loved by some, hated by others -- go figure.
* TheBully\\
Someone who picks on the weaker for little to no reason gets nothing but hate; the more [[BullyBrutality brutal]] and {{barbaric|bully}}, the worse.
* BullyingTheDisabled\\
Someone who ostracizes or abuses someone because of a disability are typically made to be disliked.
* CantArgueWithElves\\
Sorry, but they have TheRightOfASuperiorSpecies; you're not ''allowed'' to hate them (Doesn't mean you won't).
* CharacterDerailment\\
When one's characterization takes a sudden turn out of nowhere, it tends to get a lot of hate.
* CharacterShilling\\
When the author has a character's traits talked up by others rather than showing them, the audience will not generally go along.
* {{Chickification}}\\
The audience especially hates when it ruins a decent ActionGirl.
* CreatorKiller\\
When the once-successful creator's career didn't survive the hate.
* CreatorsPest\\
Not only may [[TheScrappy fans hate this character]], but even their own creator doesn't care much for them.
* CreatorsPet\\
The [[TheScrappy audience hates the character]], but the creator loves that character, enough that it gives even more of an incentive to hate them.
* CousinOliver\\
A young character brought in to liven up an aging cast. A classic way to ruin a show's otherwise fine dynamic.
* CulturalPosturing\\
A character boasting about their culture will just make the audience hate it rather than appreciate its glory.
* DamselScrappy\\
If the DistressedDamsel is more trouble than they're worth, why bother rescuing them?
* DarknessInducedAudienceApathy\\
There needs to be a genuine light at the end of the grimdark tunnel, or the audience [[EightDeadlyWords won't care what happens]].
* DeaderThanDisco\\
It's a shame -- we used to really love it, now we really hate it.
* DemonicSpiders\\
[[OhCrap Uh-oh...]] Video game mooks that are lethal to the point of absolute hatred.
* DesignatedHero\\
An unlikeable character is ''really'' going to be hated if the story expects the audience to think they're TheHero.
* DieForOurShip\\
Whether or not they deserve it, they'll get a lot of hate for going against the {{OTP}}.
* DirtyCoward\\
The lower a character sinks to save their sorry skin, the less their sorry skin is worth saving.
* DiscreditedMeme\\
[[MemeticMutation "Arrow to the Knee"]] was funny the first EleventyZillion times, but now the audience is just sick of it.
* TheDitz\\
The audience often hates them for being so stupid.
* DogKickingExcuse\\
You have no reason to dislike a character, but you want to justify being a {{Jerkass}} to them.
* DorkAge\\
An ''entire era'' of failed attempts to keep a franchise fresh will easily get the hate flowing.
* EasilyForgiven\\
This character ends up being forgiven too easily for their actions, and are often seen as {{Karma Houdini}}s by the audience.
* EightDeadlyWords\\
"I don't care what happens to these people": Bad writing causes the audience to lose interest in the characters.
* EliminationHoudini\\
If someone sucks at reality shows but they continually survive elimination, the viewers will want them gone.
* EntitledBastard\\
This character doesn't deserve TheHero's help because they made his/her life a living hell.
* EthnicScrappy\\
Racial {{stereotype}}s are embarrassing enough as it is, but this character is especially offensive to the point of hatred.
* FairForItsDay\\
What used to be normal and sensible back in the day is now offensive to the point of hatred.
* FakeDifficulty\\
Most gamers appreciate challenge, but not when it's unfair and ruins the fun.
* FanDumb\\
The kind of fan who brings their {{fandom}} down. Comes in many flavors, all equally worthy of hate.
* FanHater\\
Their hatred of something extends to its fans.
* FauxActionGirl\\
Don't act like she's an ActionGirl when she clearly isn't. Nobody can stand it.
* FlameWar\\
A fundamental element of hatred on the internet and its reactions, especially between [[BrokenBase broken bases]].
* {{Flanderization}}\\
It was once just a harmless quirk of his, but now it's his whole personality.
* FlatCharacter\\
Audiences tend to hate a character who isn't as worth their time as the others.
* FranchiseKiller\\
When the once-successful series doesn't survive the hate.
* TheFriendNobodyLikes\\
If the other characters have a good reason to hate the character, chances are fans will too.
* FunnyAneurysmMoment\\
It used to be funny, until a tragic in-universe or real-life event happened.
* TheGenericGuy\\
When someone doesn't have enough going for him to be worth their space, viewers often hate it.
* GenreKiller\\
When the once-successful {{genre}} doesn't survive the hate.
* GirlPosse\\
When the AlphaBitch has a squad to call her own that are just as unlikeable as she is.
* GoddamnedBats\\
These aren't annoying to fight, but they're ''everywhere'' to the point of frustration.
* GoddamnedBoss\\
This boss isn't hard, it's just needlessly annoying. "C'mon, {{Get back here|boss}}! No, no wait, [[AdvancingBossOfDoom get away from me]]!"
* GoingCosmic\\
If a work goes too deep into [[ContemplateOurNavels navel contemplating]], it will get hate.
* HarsherInHindsight\\
Before, you have thought of the in-story situation to be frightful. Now, your opinion is even more agreeable.
* {{Hatedom}}\\
A following who all hate something/someone.
* HateDumb\\
A hater who takes their vitriol to moronic levels. Like with FanDumb, they come in many varieties.
* HateSink\\
It's obvious that we're ''[[IntendedAudienceReaction supposed]]'' to hate them.
** CompleteMonster\\
It's obvious this character does not have even any threads of goodness or sympathy in them.
* {{Heel}}\\
Bad guys in ProfessionalWrestling are often {{Hate Sink}}s and proud of it!
* {{Hypocrite}}\\
The less that this character follows their preached morals, the more dislikable that this character is.
* IdiotBall\\
Audiences hate it when {{contrived stupidity|Tropes}} takes over competent characters.
* IdiotHoudini\\
Okay, HanlonsRazor only goes so far before the audience starts to hate them.
* IdiotPlot\\
Viewers often roll their eyes in disgust at plots that need {{Idiot Ball}}s to get going.
* InternetBackdraft\\
Any topic that should never be mentioned on the internet, or else {{Flame War}}s will continue.
* InvincibleHero\\
When suspense is gone, hatred takes its place. We know TheGoodGuysAlwaysWin, but we're really starting to get tired of this one winning.
* InvincibleVillain\\
Trying too hard to avoid one pitfall often sends you into another. Either way, the hatred is still the same.
* {{Jerkass}}\\
This character is flat-out obnoxious, both in fiction and in RealLife.
* JerkJock\\
Being athletic doesn't excuse being a hate-worthy asshole.
* JerkSue\\
Not only is the character a MarySue, but they're also a {{Jerkass}}. Which makes it all the more frustrating when everything goes well for them.
* JerkWithAHeartOfJerk\\
At first it seems that [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold they may have]] [[HiddenHeartOfGold a kinder side]], but they actually have ''another layer of meanness'' underneath.
* KarmaHoudini\\
Getting off scot-free for ill deeds is a surefire way to end up becoming a well of hate.
* KickTheDog\\
If you didn't know who to hate, you sure know now.
* KidAppealCharacter\\
Someone who pulls out all stops to get the kids to like him often [[PeripheryHatedom gets the grown-ups hating him.]]
* TheLoad\\
If you don't pull your weight, you get a lot of hate.
* MarySue\\
An implausibly flawless character and/or an [[WishFulfillment idealized stand-in]] for the {{author|Avatar}}. This character eats up all the tension and gets lots of scorn.
* MartyStu\\
The SpearCounterpart of the above trope.
* TheMillstone\\
If you're not a part of the solution, you're likely a part of the problem, and viewers often hate sitting through the escapades of a part of the problem.
* MoralEventHorizon\\
Crossing the line with an unforgivable action earns eternal hatred.
* MoralGuardians\\
The crusaders who want the world to shoehorn with their image are a classic type of people to hate.
* MostAnnoyingSound\\
These video game or toy sounds make the player happy for the "mute" button.
* MotiveDecay\\
Viewers often hate it when characters with relatively intriguing reasons to their actions forget those things.
* NeverMyFault\\
Characters refusing to own up to their faults, failures, and mistakes garners hatred from audiences.
* NostalgiaFilter\\
Audiences of this trope [[FirstInstallmentWins would hate the newer generations of their favorite works]].
* PeripheryHatedom\\
Sometimes, you have to ask yourself: Why are grown men hating on a preschooler's show?
* PoliticalCorrectnessGoneMad\\
[[FelonyMisdemeanor Was someone merely offended?]] Then [[MoralGuardians down with these bastards!]]
* PrinciplesZealot\\
Idealistic morals can be important, but not when this person becomes blind, butthurt, and preachy about it.
* RealWomenDontWearDresses\\
Certain hard-nosed feminists tend to hate on {{Girly Girl}}s and want them to man up to give girls more role models.
* RecklessSidekick\\
We really hate it when {{sidekick}}s run headfirst into trouble and make TheHero's job harder.
* ReplacementScrappy\\
Replacing an old favorite will easily lead to the replacement getting hate, because the replacement tends to be inferior.
* RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap\\
They used to be hated, but not anymore.
* RomanticPlotTumor\\
It really gets the viewers' vitriol going when the TokenRomance eclipses the actual plot.
* RoyalBrat\\
{{Spoiled brat}}s cause enough hate as it is, so when they're given authority...
* SatelliteLoveInterest\\
We're likely to hate someone who serves no purpose beyond being a recipient of smooches.
* ScapegoatCreator\\
The creator gets blamed for taking the story in an unpopular direction. Cue lots of hate mail from angry fans.
* TheScrappy\\
The {{trope}} that started it all. Guess what everyone thinks of these guys?
* ScrappyMechanic\\
The game would be a lot more fun and enjoyable if not for this terrible gameplay element.
* ScrappyWeapon\\
Players don't want anything to do with this useless weapon.
* ScrewYouElves\\
The so-called SuperiorSpecies get the ridicule they deserve.
* {{Scrub}}\\
They try to stop you from using a strategy they deem "cheap" and are hated as much as StopHavingFunGuys.
* SeasonalRot\\
A certain season or arc in a show gets the most hatred.
* SeinfeldIsUnfunny\\
When something gets outperformed by its own innovations, there's a sad kind of hate.
* {{Sequelitis}}\\
A sequel to a work is hated, often progressively throughout its series.
* ShipToShipCombat\\
The BrokenBase where two forces argue between their [[OneTruePairing one true pairings]]. [[{{Flamewar}} Expect a lot of flamewars]].
* ShooOutTheNewGuy\\
Sorry about this character you ended up hating. Don't worry, we'll [[PutOnABus arrange something.]]
* SmallAnnoyingCreature\\
A character type people are sick of. Most commonly hated for stupid little {{catchphrase}}s and [[SpeechImpairedAnimal speech impediments]].
* SmugSnake\\
Egotism is a particularly hateful trait unless you can [[AwesomeEgo pull it off]].
* SnarkBait\\
It's so hated that making fun of it is entertaining.
* SoapboxSadie\\
[[SomeAnvilsNeedToBeDropped Her cause may be important]], but if she's going to incessantly bitch about it, everyone will hate it.
* SpoiledBrat\\
The arrogant child who thinks everything belongs to them and are very quick to receive hatred.
* SpotMonkey\\
A wrestler gets hated pretty quick when he snafus a perfectly good spot.
* StopBeingStereotypical\\
Everyone hates it when that guy sets back all our hard trying to defy those tired old stereotypes.
* StopHavingFunGuys\\
They're HardCore and treat competition as SeriousBusiness to the point of obnoxiousness.
* StrangledByTheRedString\\
{{Romance}} is tricky, but everyone hates a forced romance with no chemistry.
* SturgeonsLaw\\
Almost everything of something sucks, and has too little good value to avoid hatred.
* TakeThatScrappy\\
Everyone loves it when the guy they hate gets the short end of the stick.
* TemporaryScrappy\\
A HateSink meant to be disposed of very soon.
* ThatOneAchievement\\
It's the most mind-numbing task in the game, and you'll be at it for several frustrating hours.
* ThatOneAttack\\
The below trope absolutely loves this trope.
* ThatOneBoss\\
Video game bosses that are frustrating to the point of raw hatred.
* ThatOneDisadvantage\\
Practitioners of the art of MinMaxing hate this setup.
* ThatOneLevel\\
The most obnoxious/poorly-designed level in the game.
* ThatOnePuzzle\\
You'll really hate {{Moon Logic|Puzzle}} and [[SolveTheSoupCans soup cans]] after this challenge.
* ThatOneSidequest\\
What do you hate more: having to settle for [[OneHundredPercentCompletion 99%]], or going through this challenge?
* TierInducedScrappy\\
This character is either completely useless gameplay-wise, or they're the WeaponOfChoice for StopHavingFunGuys. The hatred both extremes get is the only thing that's balanced about them.
* TookALevelInDumbass\\
A once-bright character devolved into a total moron.
* TookALevelInJerkass\\
A once-nice character devolved into an asshole.
* TrappedByMountainLions\\
Introducing new characters and plotlines but not properly tying them up to the greater story will cause the audience [[EightDeadlyWords to not be invested in them]].
* UnfortunateImplications\\
It is still very controversial, even if it was accidental.
* UngratefulBastard\\
This character shows no gratitude for having their life saved, making the audience wish they were never saved in the first place.
* UngratefulTownsfolk\\
An entire town of the above is an entire town to be hated.
* UnintentionallyUnsympathetic\\
When scrutiny causes the reasoning to root for someone to fall apart, hatred takes its place.
* UnwittingInstigatorOfDoom\\
This character ends up causing a significant disaster, and the audience hates them for it.
* {{Wangst}}\\
Sometimes, it doesn't matter how rough you've had it. You can whine too much, and get lots of hate for it.
* WhatAnIdiot\\
The character did something so stupid the audience won't be sympathetic about it.
* XPacHeat\\
They're hated for reasons different than what [[HateSink they're supposed to be hated for]].
* YourVampiresSuck\\
OurVampiresAreDifferent, and we hate yours.