{{Yonkoma}} {{mangaka}}, illustrator, and character designer famous for her unique [[PuniPlush puni-moe]] style. She has authored several manga series, illustrated a number of light novels, and has been an important member of the creative team behind the VideoGame/DeptHeaven series since ''YggdraUnion''. Her penname is written all in katakana, and her surname (きゆづき) can be Romanized as "Kiyuduki", "Kiyuzuki", or "Kiyudzuki". The third is the most phonetically correct, but the first is most often used in official documents. As a ReclusiveArtist, her year of birth is unknown; her birthdate is February 7, and she lives somewhere in Fukuiken.

Her leap to fame both in the English-speaking community and Japan occurred when Shinichi Ito of StingEntertainment, worrying about who ought to handle the main visuals of his [[YggdraUnion new masterpiece]], went to a bookstore and picked up a light novel she had illustrated. Ito fell in love with her art, got in touch with her, she took him up on his offer, and the rest is history.

Kiyuduki's art is characterized by soft, childish designs, liberal use of SuperDeformed segments, careful use of various coloring techniques, and ridiculously intricate medieval attire. Her handwriting resembles the font Kristen ITC, and she often incorporates elements of her previous designs into whatever project she's working on now[[note]]Some characters in ''YggdraUnion'' resemble those appearing in ''GAGeijutsukaArtDesignClass'' and ''ShoulderACoffinKuro''; and as those manga went on, ''YggdraUnion'' expies and references started cropping up in them[[/note]]. She never uses assistants, and does all of the work for all her projects by herself. As she works on dark fairy tales and the ''VideoGame/DeptHeaven series'', expect intentional ArtStyleDissonance. She does use a more mature, less SD style for some of her game designs.

As for the woman herself? Based on her appearances in interviews, she can swing from being a ''tennen boke'' worthy of [[GAGeijutsukaArtDesignClass Kisaragi]] (she sometimes doesn't realize plot points involved in her designs until she plays the games in question) to a clever joker ("[[http://community.livejournal.com/disaresta/52597.html Mr. Ito always asks for chains, spikes, and a cursed feeling!]]") very quickly.

!Kiyuduki-sensei's works include:
* ''Pano's Mini Adventure'' (Monthly Dragon Magazine) - oneshot
* ''Manga/GAGeijutsukaArtDesignClass'' (COMIC Gyutto!, Magazine/MangaTimeKirara Carat) - 5 volumes, currently running
* ''Manga/ShoulderACoffinKuro'' (Magazine/MangaTimeKirara) - 3 volumes, currently running
* ''Roleplay Guruguru'' (Monthly Dragon Magazine) - made an OrphanedSeries after it was dropped from the magazine
* ''Memories of KnightsInTheNightmare'' (Sting Monthly Limited)
* ''Yggdra Universe'' (YggdraUnion Anthology Comic) - oneshot
!!Light novels illustrated
* Trick☆Stars
* The Bad Reality When I Wake - Dear Diary 1
* Goodbye, Little Sister.
* My Fair Sister: Princess, You Make Fists Too Much.
* My Fair Sister: Siwas, It's Time To Eat!
* More Pano's Mini Adventures
* ''YggdraUnion'' (character designer)
** ''YggdraUnison''
* ''KnightsInTheNightmare'' (art director; character drafts)
* ''{{Gungnir}}'' (character designer)