'''''[[http://rpgcode.ultimaterpg.org/t3-roll-to-dodge-rules Roll to Dodge]]''''' is a free-form role-playing game (usually played over forum or IRC) designed to have simple enough rules that anyone can jump in and start playing immediately. The rules are simple; each player submits an action, and the GM rolls a six-sided die to determine the result of each player's efforts. There are six levels of success, depending on the number rolled:

[1]-EpicFail. The action was not performed, and backfired horribly.

[2]-Fail. Nothing happened.

[3]-Partial Success. The exact degree of success is established by the GM.

[4]-Success. The action was carried out adequately.

[5]-Epic Success. The action succeeded in the most positive way possible.

[6]-Overshot. Though the result was achieved, [[GoneHorriblyRight the action backfires horribly due to disproportionately large effort.]]

Various forums across the internet dedicated to hosting games of RTD have popped up, but the most active is still the [[http://www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?board=19.0 RTD board on the Bay12 Forums]]. Of course, [[Roleplay/TVTropesRollToDodge we have our own game running right here on the TV Tropes Forum!]]

List of Roll to Dodge games with trope pages:
* ''Roleplay/TheArtOfMinimalism:'' A series of minimalistic Roll to Dodge games run by [=GreatWyrmGold=] on Bay12.
* ''Roleplay/EinsteinianRoulette:'' A Bay12 Forum game that centers around the short lives and violent deaths of a group of inmates.
* ''Roleplay/LootersDelight:'' A Bay12 game in which several players brutally murder each other in order to gain loot. Now with a story!
* ''Roleplay/RollToDodgePrincessCelestia:'' Just what it says on the tin. The players, from Bay12, crusade against My Little Ponies.
* ''Roleplay/RollToDodgeSavral:'' A sub-session within the [[Roleplay/TVTropesRollToDodge TVTropes Roll to Dodge thread]], where players try to survive in a fantasy RPG world. Includes [[{{Troll}} demonic unicorns]].
* ''Roleplay/RollToRollToDodge:'' A meta-adventure, run on Bay12.
* ''Roleplay/TVTropesRollToDodge:'' A series created by the tropers, for the tropers. Eventually spawned ''Savral''.
* ''Roleplay/YouAtFinalBoss:'' Originally a minimalist Roll to Dodge run on Bay12, with the goal of defeating the Final Boss. It...got off-track.