[[quoteright:300:[[VideoGame/DeusExHumanRevolution http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/finalfantasyxxvii-deus-ex_9455.jpg]]]]
[[caption-width-right:300:Now ''[[ExplicitContent XXX]]'' would be an interesting sight.]]

->'''Lister:''' Oh, the new ''[[Franchise/FridayThe13th Friday the 13th]]'' movie -- "Friday the 13th part one thousand six hundred and forty nine".\\
'''Rimmer:''' Look, ''Film/{{Casablanca}}''. They've re-made ''Casablanca''.\\
'''Lister:''' Philistines! I mean, ''Casablanca''? The one starring Myra Dinglebat and Peter Beardsley was definitive.\\
'''Holly:''' I saw that one. Knockout. "Of all the space bars on all the worlds, you had to re-materialize in mine."
-->-- ''Series/RedDwarf'', s02e02 "Better Than Life"

A work set in the future will often take elements of the present day and refer to them as a way to show that it is our future and not a fictional place. One form this can take is for there to be a reference to a contemporary {{Long Runner|s}}, and show that it is still going strong.

The chosen long runner is usually one that is well known for having several NumberedSequels, which means all you need do is bump the number up by a few dozen.

Usually a throwaway gag, or [[EasterEgg incidental background detail]] for the eagle eyed.

But as nothing dates quite as fast as science fiction, the reference might pass a later audience by altogether.

This trope was popularised in TheEighties, and the two most common film franchises joked about in the earliest examples were ''Franchise/{{Rocky}}'' and ''Film/{{Jaws}}'', the former because it had already produced an unusually large number of NumberedSequels, and the latter because it was often regarded as a CashCowFranchise remaking the same film over and over again, so conceivably they could carry on doing it forever.

Distinct from OddlyNamedSequel2ElectricBoogaloo, which is where the ''work itself'' has a title which plays with the NumberedSequels trope. Compare SequelSnark.


[[folder: Advertising ]]

* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C89jht89ln8 This]] early UsefulNotes/PlayStation2 commercial predicts that the [=PlayStation=] 9 will be coming in 2078.


[[folder: Anime And Manga ]]

* 35th anniversary chapter of ''Manga/{{Kochikame}}'' had Ryotsu time travel 35 years into the future. One panel has future video game cases which include ''VideoGame/DragonQuest XXII'', ''Franchise/FinalFantasy LI'', ''[[Franchise/ResidentEvil Biohazard]] 17'', and ''Franchise/{{Pokemon}} Rainbow''.


[[folder: Comic Books ]]

* ''ComicBook/DCOneMillion'' is set in the 853rd Century, on the date that ''ComicBook/ActionComics'' #1000000 (their oldest property) would be published. Despite being the source of the title of the series this fact never comes up in the story line. What makes this case unique is that it actually is sold for public '''IN REAL LIFE.'''


[[folder: Fan Works ]]

* At one point in ''Fanfic/TheMysteriousCaseOfNeelixsLungs'', some of ''Voyager'''s crew are said to be playing ''VideoGame/CallOfDuty 104'' on the holodeck.


[[folder: Film ]]

* ''Film/BackToTheFuturePartII'' had a holographic advertisement for ''JustForFun/Jaws19'', directed by Max Spielberg (Steven's son, who was four years old when [=BTTF2=] came out), with the tagline: "This time it's really, REALLY personal." All Marty has to say is, "The shark still looks fake." When the year the movie takes place in rolled around, Universal (maker of both ''BTTF'' and ''Jaws'') did a ''JustForFun/Jaws19'' [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pl092whRLlI trailer]]. The sequels start with SelfDeprecation ([[CashCowFranchise "Jaw$ 5: It's all business"]]), explore the various ways a FranchiseZombie rolls ([[RecycledINSPACE Space Shark]], [[LikeThatShowButWithMecha CyberShark]], [[GenerationXerox Brody's grandchildren]], [[AnachronicOrder prequel/sequel to the prequel]]), and even go for specific [[ShoutOut Shout-Outs]] ([[Film/RockyIV "Ivan Sharkovsky"]], [[Film/FridayThe13thPartVIIIJasonTakesManhattan Jaws in New York]], [[Film/FiftyShadesOfGrey Fifty Scales of Gray]]).
* ''Film/{{Spaceballs}}'' features a reference to "''Franchise/{{Rocky}} Five... '''Thousand'''''". This is a subtle BrickJoke; earlier, several ''Rocky'' sequels are [[FunnyBackgroundEvent visible on the shelf]] at the start of the "[[RecursiveReality You're looking at]] ''[[RecursiveReality now]]''[[RecursiveReality , sir]]" bit.
* In ''Film/AirplaneIITheSequel'', as Music/SonnyBono buys the bomb in the spaceport gift shop, a poster for ''Franchise/{{Rocky}} XXXVIII'' is shown behind him.
* In ''Film/RealSteel'' there is a promo for the [[http://uk.gamespot.com/xbox360/hardware/xbox-360/images/6338377/1/?path=2011%2F277%2Fxbox720realsteel_97340_screen.jpg&caption=The%2BXbox%2B720%2Bad%2Bis%2Bvisible%2Bon%2Bthe%2Bright%2Bside%2Bof%2Bthis%2Bshot%2Bof%2Bthe%2Brobot%2Bboxing%2Barena.&blog=1&cvr=43E0 Xbox 720]] As it was probably supposed to be the next Xbox after the UsefulNotes/{{Xbox 360}}, it ended up being an underestimate if anything: the movie is set in 2020 but the UsefulNotes/XboxOne came out in Fall 2013. By 2020 it may well be at the end of ''its'' lifespan.
* ''Film/RobotWars'' had a movie theater marquee showing ''Film/PuppetMaster 54''. Also counts as a ShoutOut, since David Allen did special effects work on both movie series.
* In Creator/WoodyAllen's ''Film/{{Sleeper}}'', which takes place two centuries into the future, a UsefulNotes/McDonalds sign shows the number of hamburgers served as 1 followed by a hundred zeroes (a googol). In real life, the chain ended the count at 100 million in 1994, replacing it with "billions and billions served."
* ''Film/HarleyDavidsonAndTheMarlboroMan'' at one point shows a billboard in the background advertising ''[[Film/DieHard Die Hardest V]]'', which is a bit of an odd choice as the film came out in 1991 when there had been only two ''Die Hard'' films made so far, and it takes place in 1996 which is really overestimating the rate of churning out sequels. Good job at predicting it would turn into a long-running franchise, though!


[[folder: Literature ]]

* ''Literature/TheCompanyNovels'' have an anglophilic character a few centuries in the future who's memorized the names of all three-hundred-and-some actors to play [[Series/DoctorWho the Doctor]].
* In a German novel called ''2049'', [[CaptainObvious set in that year]], the protagonists see an ad for ''Franchise/StarWars'' -- the fourth trilogy. At the time this was a joke since episode III was meant to be the last one, but since Disney started making more...
* There was a "Choose your own adventure" book in the '80s set in the future that mentions a ''Star Wars 17'' at the beginning.
* "Ridiculous" isn't quite the word here given the low number and the actual franchise's reach, but one story of the Literature/StarfleetCorpsOfEngineers mentions an old (mid-21st century) film: ''Franchise/{{Rocky}} VIII: The Clone Factor!''
** Another ''Franchise/StarTrek'' ExpandedUniverse novel had Worf watching ''Franchise/{{Rambo}} 4'' about fifteen years before the movie actually came out. Despite this, Worf's description of the overall story (The villains are obvious, the hero never speaks, everybody dies) is fairly accurate. In the same book, another movie, named "Missing Link III" is also mentioned. So far there is only one of them.
* In ''[[Literature/ArkRoyal The Nelson Touch]]'' Kurt complains about his mistress making him sit through all the remakes of "Kung Fu Panda".
** Later in the series "Star Wars XXII" is mentioned, along with a hugely popular remake of "Return of the Jedi" that replaced the Ewoks with scantily clad humanoids.
* In Creator/StevenBrust's ''Cowboy Feng's Space Bar and Grill'', the occupants of a time-hopping restaurant find themselves several centuries in the future, in the human colony-world city of New Quebec. One of the local TV series is called ''Star Trek: 3100'', indicating that the ''Star Trek'' franchise has continued popping out spin-offs and reboots.


[[folder: Live Action TV ]]

* ''Series/{{SCTV}}'' had ''Film/{{Jaws}} 23'', in which the town of Amity has actually become dependent on shark attacks to draw the tourist trade.
* ''Series/RedDwarf'' has a passing mention of ''Franchise/{{Friday The 13th}}: Part 1,649''.
* This was a common gag in the TwentyMinutesIntoTheFuture show ''Series/AlienNation''.
* An episode of ''Series/TwoAndAHalfMen'' had a ''Franchise/{{Saw}}'' sequel somewhere in the double digits range.
* ''Series/ClarissaExplainsItAll'' had Ferguson bragging about getting the highest score in ''Franchise/MegaMan 12'' in one episode. At the time, [[VideoGame/MegaManClassic the series]] [[VideoGame/MegaMan1 only]] [[VideoGame/MegaMan2 had]] [[VideoGame/MegaMan3 four]] [[VideoGame/MegaMan4 entries]], and as of 2018, we're only now getting [[VideoGame/MegaMan11 the eleventh]].
* A ''Series/DeadRingers'' sketch of a deleted scene from ''Film/{{Terminator 2|JudgmentDay}}'' involves several Creator/{{Arnold Schwarzenegger}}s appearing from the future to tell Arnold to stop doing Franchise/{{Terminator}} sequels (and ''Film/KindergartenCop''). Before Sarah Connor kills Arnold to avoid these sequels they're up to ''Terminator 23'', then another Arnold appears and reveals there are no more ''Terminator'' sequels, but there is now a ''Kindergarten Cop 14''.
* On one episode of ''Series/MadAboutYou'', Paul finds Creator/BruceWillis hiding out after escaping from the set of ''Film/DieHard 4: Die Already!''
** And years later we would end up having a ''[[Film/LiveFreeOrDieHard Die Hard 4]]''... well, sorta, 'cause that's not the title it used (its international title is ''Die Hard 4.0'', though).
* At the beginning of the Series/DoctorWho 50th Anniversary simulcast, there was a short bit of the Eleventh Doctor showing up to introduce the show. He had just come from the show's ''100th'' Anniversary, which brought together "all 57 Doctors." That means they've either got fifty years to go through another 45 Doctors, or else that Doctors from ''even farther ahead'' in the series' future popped back for a visit.
* Played with in the seventh season of ''Series/ParksAndRecreation'': because it is set [[NextSundayAD just two years]] after the time its made, the sequels mentioned are ridiculous, but not because of the high number. Instead, they're sequels to movies no one wants even one sequel to (''Film/{{Hitch}} 2: Son of a Hitch'', starring Jaden Smith) or have other bizarre details (a reboot of ''Film/TheBourneSeries'' '''starring Creator/KevinJames''').
* ''Series/MinorityReport2015'' had in its pilot an ad for the 75th season of ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons''. Both shows air on Fox.
* ''Series/DarkMatter'' has a reference to a movie theater showing ''Star Wars XXXVIII''. It's stated to be a classic film that's been remastered for virtual reality. Given the use of the word "classic", the series may extend well beyond that.


[[folder: Music ]]

* Lil B, "Video Game Master" mentions ''[[VideoGame/{{Tekken}} Tekken 8]]'', which can't be too far off. (The arcade version of ''Tekken 7'' was released in March 2015, with the console release set for early 2017.)
* Music/WeirdAlYankovic named his parody of "Eye of the Tiger" as "Theme from Franchise/{{Rocky}} XIII."
** His song "Yoda" (parody of "Lola"), while not being specific, still plays off the 80s-era rumors that ''Film/TheEmpireStrikesBack'' would be the first of eight sequels:
--->I know that I'll\\
be coming back someday\\
I'll be playin' this part\\
'Til I'm old and grey\\
The long-term contract\\
I had to sign\\
Said I'll be making these movies\\
'Til the end of time....
*** And then, nearly twenty years later, Disney bought the ''Star Wars'' franchise and started production on a new series of films, which indeed take place after the original trilogy and features the original cast as supporting characters.
* Music/{{Busted}} did this to themselves in the song "Year 3000."
-->I took a trip to the year 3000
-->This song had gone multi-platinum
-->Everybody bought our seventh album
-->It had outsold Music/MichaelJackson


[[folder: Other ]]

* Even [[TextbookHumor economics textbooks]] are getting in on the act, with [[http://40.media.tumblr.com/534fa99ca69619f757126be619e2e8de/tumblr_msqimpY2JB1rkcwouo1_400.jpg this illustration]] showing audiences lined up for ''WesternAnimation/{{Shrek}} 12''.
* A ''Series/{{Studio C}}'' skit deals with Disney executives in the year 2132 celebrating the successful release of their 10,000th ''Franchise/{{Star Wars}}'' film: ''Don Solo: The epic story of Hans' seventh cousin twiced removed''. It further suggests that every individual stormtrooper had had a movie made about him “even though [[LampshadeHanging every stormtroopers backstory is just like every other]], yet they somehow missed a left foot in the corner of a frame, so “we must create a SAGA around him, beginning with episode 4, then 5, then 2, then 9, then 6, then 1, 8, 3, and finally 7”.


[[folder: Tabletop Games ]]

* An early ''TabletopGame/{{Shadowrun}}'' supplement with mock advertisements in its margins included one for "Ramboid X__", an apparent continuation of the ''Franchise/{{Rambo}}'' franchise in which he's long since become a BrainInAJar controlling a war machine.


[[folder: Video Games ]]

* ''VideoGame/DeusEx'': In Versalife, you can find an email from [[CreatorCameo Austin Grossman]] to Creator/WilliamGibson bragging he finally beat ''VideoGame/NetHack'' v54.3.1 with v54.3.3 coming out next week.
* ''VideoGame/DeusExHumanRevolution'', set in 2027, has a poster for a ''Franchise/FinalFantasy XXVII'', a nod to Eidos' then-recent acquisition by Creator/SquareEnix. Though the game was set 16 years in the future and released the same year at ''Final Fantasy XIV'', so the number wasn't really "impossible" back then, just ''a lot faster'' than they'd been coming out.
* A PDA message in ''VideoGame/Doom3'' says "The new {{VideoGame/Quake}}[=-43=] game blows my mind."
* In ''VideoGame/EarthBoundBeginnings'', the line "Have you played ''VideoGame/DragonQuestIV''? I'm still having trouble with ''VideoGame/DragonQuestIII''" was changed to reference ''VideoGame/SuperMarioBros3'' and ''Super Mario Bros. 7''.
* ''VideoGame/TheLastOfUs'' You can find a newspaper ad for ''VideoGame/{{Uncharted}} 13''... with Music/JustinBieber [[SugarWiki/FunnyMoments as Drake]].
* ''VideoGame/MegaManLegends2'' has the "Game Cartridge" item. According to the item description, it's "Franchise/ResidentEvil 43."
* ''VideoGame/PinkPantherPassportToPeril'' has an in-flight movie in all of the private jets, which is "[[Film/SisterAct Sister Act 16]]." In [[VideoGame/PinkPantherHokusPokusPink the sequel]], you find a VHS tape of the film in a Siberian village, which is needed for one of the game's puzzles.
* ''VideoGame/SpaceQuestIVRogerWilcoAndTheTimeRippers'', with its TimeTravel theme, labelled its various time periods using ''sequel numbers''. The post-apocalyptic future into which Roger was initially thrown is identified as ''Space Quest XII''; the galactic mall in the ''Space Quest X'' period also tosses a reference to ''VideoGame/KingsQuest XXXXVIII: The Quest For More Disk Space'' (back in the days before CD-ROM drives), which clocks in at a whole [[TechnologyMarchesOn 12 gigabytes]][[note]]To put that in context, SQ4 came out at a time when hard drives, if you splurged and got the biggest one available, ''might'' have a full gigabyte of space, and you would be hard-pressed to use all of it[[/note]]! It's also stated to be by ''Roberta Williams III''. The Xenon Supercomputer has ''King's Quest XLIII'' installed, taking up approximately 842 Petabytes.
* ''VideoGame/SpaceQuestVIRogerWilcoInTheSpinalFrontier'' had a throwaway gag where Roger looks at a broken down (and abandoned) movie theater. The narration explains it's a bummer as he really wanted to watch ''Film/TangoAndCash 27''. You can tell that narrator Creator/GaryOwens was {{Corpsing}} as he read that line.
* Implied in ''VideoGame/StarcraftII'' with an ad for [[Music/Level80EliteTaurenChieftain "Level 800 Elite Tauren Chieftain"]][[note]] If you're playing at home, the band's level almost always matches the current maximum level in VideoGame/WorldOfWarcraft[[/note]].
* In ''VideoGame/RiseOfTheDragon'' the main character's girlfriend mentions that while he missed their date she watched ''Franchise/{{Rambo}} 12'' on the TV while waiting for him.
* In Neil Manke's ''VideoGame/HalfLife'' mod ''U.S.S. Darkstar'', one of the cabins on the eponymous research vessel contains a copy of ''VideoGame/{{Quake}} XXVI'', with the earlier games' conceit of adding pointed elements to the logo design with each number extended into a key-like shape.
* The [[AllThereInTheManual manual story]] for ''Zona 0'' has Topo Soft sponsoring the titular game in the late 30th century, flush with profits from its hit games ''Mad Mix XVIII'' and ''[[VideoGame/ViajeAlCentroDeLaTierra Viaje al centro de Saturno]]''.
* Thanks to an AscendedMeme, ''VideoGame/MassEffect2'' has a movie about [[CowboyCop Blasto]] [[OneRiotOneRanger the]] [[StarfishAliens Hanar]] [[JudgeJuryAndExecutioner Spectre]] advertised on Illium. Come ''VideoGame/MassEffect3'', six months in-universe, and there's been ''five more films'', with number 6 advertised as a radio drama. Furthermore, in the Citadel DLC, you get the opportunity to act alongside [[FishOutOfTemporalWater Javik]] in Blasto 7: Blasto Goes To War, with talks about Blasto 8: Blasto Cures The Genophage immediately after filming for number 7 has concluded. Though given the [[BadBadActing acting]], and the fact that it's mainly made by [[WeAreAsMayflies salarians]], it says a lot.
* The VideoGame/GundamVsSeries has an easy-to-miss example: The first few games were based off of a single ''Franchise/{{Gundam}}'' series and had a relevant "(faction) vs. (faction)" title, like ''[[Anime/MobileSuitGundam Federation vs. Zeon]]'' and ''[[Anime/MobileSuitZetaGundam A.E.U.G. vs. Titans]]''. The {{Crossover}} game ''Gundam vs. Gundam''[='s=] ExcusePlot says that by 2032, there will be a Vs. game for '''every single Gundam series'''[[note]]or at least the ones that existed as of ''[=GvsG=]''[='s=] release[[/note]], with their titles flashing by quickly in the opening video, such as ''[[Anime/MobileSuitGundamCharsCounterattack Londo Bell vs. Neo Zeon]]'' and ''[[Anime/MobileSuitGundamWing OZ vs. White Fang]]''.
* Mocked to hell and back in Videogame/FiveNightsAtFreddysWorld, by the creator of the games himself no less; one of the minigames introduced in Update 2 is FNAF 57: Freddy in Space (itself based off an April Fool's joke on Scott's webpage), a side-scrolling shooter when the antagonist is Scott Cawthon[[spoiler:'s head]] himself, listing off a number of ridiculous sequels and spin-offs (including ''FNAF 61: Freddy vs Bonnie'', said to be the start of the Freddy Cinematic Universe). Considering FNAF has done spectacularly well for an indie franchise made by one guy [[note]]six games (including World itself and ''[[Videogame/FiveNightsAtFreddysSisterLocation Sister Location]]''), [[Film/FiveNightsAtFreddys a film]] in the works, [[Literature/FiveNightsAtFreddysTheSilverEyes a book]], and a '''lot''' of merchandise and fan games[[/note]], it is almost certainly SelfDeprecation.
* ''Trade Wars 2002'' featured, among its ASCII movie experience, "[[Film/DebbieDoesDallas Debbie Does Rigel]]".


[[folder: Web Animation ]]

* ''WebAnimation/DeclineOfVideoGaming'' did this with about everything. Though a real ''Franchise/DevilMayCry 4'' has come out since the first video was made, the same fortunately does not apply to ''Franchise/MetalGear Solid 7: Sons of Daughters of Mothers of Best Friends of Cousins of Dogs of Fathers of Liberty'' or a ''Franchise/FinalFantasy'' title with an endless jumble of Roman numerals.
* In the ''WebAnimation/HomestarRunner'' e-mail "videography", there is a VHS tape labeled ''Film/ProblemChild'' 1-8.
* [[WebAnimation/ZeroPunctuation Yahtzee]] invokes it in his ''Videogame/{{Peggle}}'' review:
-->'''Yahtzee:''' "Once your budget hits seven digits you're supposed to make Gun Battle Slap Fight Thirty-Seven for the UsefulNotes/PlayStation Twelve...!
* The WebAnimation/{{spacemen}} watched ''Film/WeekendAtBernies 27'' in the pod, while ''Film/JamesBond'' has been on the decline since movie 200, and still hasn't cast an alien in the lead role.
* ''Machinima/RedVsBlue'' season 11 has an offhand reference to the [[LeaningOnTheFourthWall eleventh]] remake of the ''Superman'' movies: ''Superman Origins 3: Revelations''. All we know about it is that Donut isn't a fan, Doc thinks it's "awesome," and it involves the Phantom Zone somehow.


[[folder: Webcomics ]]

* In ''Webcomic/{{SSDD}}'', a character [[http://www.poisonedminds.com/d/20110516.html mentions watching]] ''Film/TheFastAndTheFurious 527''.
** Another character mentions an old classic shooter ''VideoGame/ModernWarfare 72: Oh No! More Russians!''
* A comic of ''Webcomic/TwentyFirstCenturyFox'' mentions ''Star Wars Episode 11'', which was apparently a remake of the Holiday Special. And possibly worth unleashing a nigh-unkillable computer virus to erase.
* A FlashForward strip in ''Webcomic/ArthurKingOfTimeAndSpace'' has Contemporary Mordred [[http://www.arthurkingoftimeandspace.com/1126.htm showing Arthur]] stills from ''Franchise/StarTrek XXIX''.
* In ''Webcomic/{{Freefall}}'', [[http://freefall.purrsia.com/ff3000/fc02972.htm a conversation]] about the depiction of non-human intelligences in human fiction includes references to ''Terminator 57'' and ''Alien 79''.


[[folder: Web Original ]]

* ''WebVideo/TheAngryVideoGameNerd'':
** Episode 96: The ''VideoGame/LesterTheUnlikely'' sequels ''Lester the Unlikely 2'' (Lester pulls down his pants, sucks his thumb and takes a shit), ''Lester the Unlikely 3'' (Cannot get past the title screen. Push start, and Lester falls down and farts), ''Lester the Unlikely 4'' on the SNES (doesn't work at all, causes the SNES to explode), ''Lester the Unlikely 5'' (Not a game. A bag of shit), and ''Lester the Unlikely'' on the UsefulNotes/PlayStation4 (Disc made of orangutang diarrhea).
** Episode 139: "They're probably up to ''[[VideoGame/MegaManX Mega Man X 20]]''."
* ''Wiki/TVTropes'' has a page for ''JustForFun/{{Jaws 19}}'', released on [[Franchise/BackToTheFuture October 21, 2015]] and directed by Max Spielberg, son of Creator/StevenSpielberg.
* One ''Blog/WhatIf'' entry ([[http://what-if.xkcd.com/65 this one]]) considered the prospect of twenty-six ''WesternAnimation/TheLandBeforeTime'' sequels.


[[folder: Websites ]]

* The ''VideoGame/ProgressQuest'' forums mention a ''Progress Quest'' Silver Edition, Gold Edition, Platinum Edition, Diamond-encrusted Edition, and 3D Edition.


[[folder: Western Animation ]]

* On an episode of ''WesternAnimation/TheJetsons'' George watches a clip from ''Franchise/{{Rocky}} 912''.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'' brought us ''Star Trek XII: So Very Tired'' a couple years before ''Film/StarTrekGenerations'' was released, which was the seventh in the franchise.
** But that movie featured the casts of both the original ''Series/{{Star Trek| The Original Series}}'' and ''Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration'', signaling that the franchise was moving in a radically different direction. The joke presumes that they were just going to continue releasing ''Star Trek'' sequels with the actors from the original 1966 series (it should be noted that they ''did'' revert to the original ''characters'' by [[Film/StarTrek the 11th movie]], with [[Creator/LeonardNimoy one of the original actors]] in it ''and'' the [[Film/StarTrekIntoDarkness actual twelfth]].)
** And another ''Franchise/{{Rocky}}'' joke in "Lemon of Troy" (though another ''Rocky'' movie would come true, but it would just be called ''Film/RockyBalboa'', and even if it did have a number next to it, it would be the sixth movie, not the seventh):
-->'''Bart:''' ''Film/RockyV'' plus ''Film/RockyII'' equals... ''Rocky VII: Adrian's Revenge''!
** Creator/DonHertzfeldt's [[CouchGag/TheSimpsons couch gag]] posits a radically-altered far-future "Sampsans," whose 164,775.7th "epasode" airs Septembar 36.4 in the year 10,535.
** Also when [[WesternAnimation/TheCritic Jay Sherman]] makes an appearance previewing aging Charles Bronson in Film/DeathWish IX.
-->'''Paul:''' [in a hospital bed] I wish I was dead. Oy!
* ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'': in ''Rocky VI'' (which came out before ''Film/RockyBalboa'' did) Rocky goes to Mars for a fight.
-->'''Adrian:''' Rocky, please don't go to Mars and fight the Martian.\\
'''Rocky:''' I gotta do what I gotta do.\\
'''Adrian:''' But there's no oxygen on Mars.\\
'''Rocky:''' Yeah? That means there's no oxygen for him either. That Martian wants a fight, he'll get a fight.
* In an episode of ''WesternAnimation/GodzillaTheSeries'', the characters find themselves in the future, and come across a cinema that was showing ''Franchise/{{Ghostbusters}} 10''.
* On ''WesternAnimation/LiloAndStitchTheSeries,'' Lilo ends up in the future [[MentalTimeTravel in her own adult body]] and is excited that she is finally old enough to go see a movie by herself. Sure enough, the theater's playing ''Wasp Mummies IX: Return of Another Final Chapter Part 2.''
-->"I guess we missed a few sequels."
* Inverted in ''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}'', when the [=PlanEx=] crew meet the Music/BeastieBoys. The Boys' later albums are all separated by several years, but this takes it further.
--> '''Fry''': I love you guys! Back in the 20th century, I had all five of your albums.\\
'''Ad-Rock''': That was a thousand years ago. [[SelfDeprecation Now we got seven.]]
* A variant shows up in the ''WesternAnimation/MuppetBabies'' episode "It's Only Pretendo" -- The titles of all of Gonzo's video games are variations "Son of Super Barrio Bros," including "Second Cousin of Super Barrio Bros."