->'''Milhouse:''' What are they saying?\\
'''Bart:''' I'm not sure.\\
'''Milhouse:''' I thought you said you could read lips.\\
'''Bart:''' I assumed that I could.
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'', "Lemon of Troy"

Characters being able to understand what others are saying by reading their lips. Usually an [[DisabilitySuperpower ability]] of deaf people, though anybody with good eyesight at least can have it. However, this ability is greatly overstated in fiction where the deaf are concerned, since it's fairly difficult to master and not all deaf people can do it, and even those that can are never perfect. In English, less than half of spoken sounds can be seen on the lips; the rest rely on the throat and tongue movements. That's how we get the joke about how "olive juice" looks exactly like "I love you." This trope is arguably similar to how so many blind people in fiction have SuperSenses, in that it introduces a character with a disability while minimizing the issues such a person would realistically face.

Can be used when two characters want to communicate silently. Alice wants to give Bob a message, so she mouths it to him. If PlayedForLaughs, then Bob will reveal that he can't read lips, making the whole thing pointless.



[[folder: Anime and Manga ]]

* ''Anime/GhostInTheShellStandAloneComplex'': in one episode, a Tachikoma reads the lips of the Major and Batou as a ShoutOut to ''Film/TwoThousandOneASpaceOdyssey''. Subverted because they know they're being watched and have their conversation via wireless communication with their cyberbrains and have a fake conversation for the Tachikoma to lip read [[spoiler: leaving them falsely reassured that The Major was merely chewing Bateau out for being too much of a DrillSergeantNasty and the Tachikoma weren't being decommissioned]].
* ''Manga/SoulEater'': Justin Law can read lips, which is good considering he has ear phones on most of the time...but he can't understand Shinigami (without removing his earphones), thanks to his mask.
* ''Manga/{{Gangsta}}'' features the deaf mercenary Nicolas, [[DisabilitySuperpower who can use his lip reading skills to understand what his targets are saying from a mile away.]]
* ''{{Manga/Golgo 13}}'': In "Melancholy Summer", Duke Togo reads the lips of a woman who's been waiting for her husband to return for six years. Unfortunately the man is Togo's target, and Togo reads his FamousLastWords through the scope as he's shot while calling out to her.
* There's a chapter devoted to Hayate trying to eavesdrop on Saki during an arranged marriage meeting in ''Manga/HayateTheCombatButler.'' Even as good as Hayate is at most things, [[SubvertedTrope he can't actually read the conversation nearly as well as he thinks.]] His attempts to interpret what's going on end in disaster.


[[folder: Comic Books ]]

* In ''Comicbook/AvengersAcademy'' #1, Finesse reads Speedball's lips and learns that [[spoiler: the students are there because they are the most likely to become supervillains]].
* Comicbook/{{Superman}} used a viewer that gathers "light rays" to see past. As it's all light, superman had to use lipreading to see what was spoken. There was some oddities like blank talk bubbles from some people facing away from viewpoint. How would he know those people were speaking in first place?
* Occasional [[Comicbook/TheAvengers Avenger]] Echo can read lips as part of the implication that she's a deaf counterpart to Comicbook/{{Daredevil}}. However, the realistic limitations of this skill are still explored, since she has trouble communicating with heroes whose costumes cover their mouths like Comicbook/SpiderMan or Comicbook/IronMan, and she obviously can't respond to someone if her back is to them and she doesn't know they're talking.
* In the Matt Fraction Hawkeye, Hawkeye who was deaf as a child loses his hearing again and is shown reading lips. Is a bit Trope/Main/TruthInTelevision since it shows blanks on words he cannot fully read and him guessing words based off context
* In the third and final part of ''ComicBook/TheSupergirlSaga'', when Pocket Universe Lex Luthor's resistance team has been nearly wiped out along with the people left in Smallville, Lex Luthor communicates to Franchise/{{Superman}} what he wants the hero to do by reading his lips so that the Phantom Zone criminals would not find out. [[spoiler:Lex wants Superman to find Superboy's secret lab and use the Green and Gold Kryptonite to put an end to the criminals' threat once and for all.]]

[[folder: Fan Fiction ]]

* ''FanFic/RosarioVampireBrightestDarkness'': As he's almost constantly listening to an [[HeadphonesEqualIsolation MP3 player]], Dark typically communicates by reading lips. A RunningGag is that he has difficulty understanding what Mizore is saying because of her [[OralFixation ever-present lollipop]].


[[folder: Film ]]

* In ''Film/TwoThousandOneASpaceOdyssey'', Dave and Frank lock themselves in a soundproof pod so they can safely talk about the project computer, HAL, who seems to be acting strange. It doesn't occur to them that HAL can read lips...
* Dr. Richardson teaches Belinda the deaf-mute to read lips in ''Film/JohnnyBelinda''. As usual in fiction, she gets unrealistically good at it.
* Two movies in which Creator/CharlesBronson plays a hitman -- ''Film/TheMechanic1972'' and ''Film/TheEvilThatMenDo'' (1984) -- have the VillainProtagonist discovering information about the mark by watching them through a telescope and lipreading their discussion with another person. The latter movie foreshadows the skill by having a woman complain to her friend how Bronson's character never smiles. Bronson (who's across the room) picks that moment to smile at her, apparently disproving her point. She just says sourly that she knows he can read lips.
* [=McCall=] shows that he can use this in ''Film/{{Metro}}'' when he relays the conversation between his would-be partner and the chief to them after they had it behind soundproof windows. He gets use it again during the climax when he has to cover Scott during a hostage exchange.
* ''Film/{{Casino}}''. The FBI are shown using lipreaders to put surveillance on mafiosi who [[OvertRendezvous hold their meetings in the open]], paranoid as they are about bugs and wiretaps.
* ''Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon''. Film/DetectiveDee puts this skill to use when he first arrives in the city, to uncover a kidnapping plot.
* ''Film/{{Species}}'' has a scene where Fitch says "Tomorrow Night We'll go back to the Club". Sil is in a car down the street lip reading him. She'd [[ChekhovsSkill learned to do that]] in her GlassyPrison at Fitch's lab.
* In ''Film/WildWildWest'', one of Dr. Loveless's female assistants is the aptly-named Miss Lippenrieder, who is able to do this quite effectively with a spyglass even in darkness.
* In ''Film/SeeNoEvilHearNoEvil'', Gene Wilder's character Dave Lyon is deaf and reads lips. However, this only works when people are facing him, which led to his retirement from acting due to missing cues when other actors turned away. He also confuses "shit" for "ship" and (Ayatollah) "Khomeini" for "comedy."
* In the comedy ''Hero'' (1992) while Bernie is TalkingDownTheSuicidal under the glare of media cameras, a lipreader watching the footage claims that they're talking about religion. GilliganCut to Bernie agreeing with John not to reveal he's a fraud in exchange for financing his child's education.


[[folder: Literature ]]

* Literature/EncyclopediaBrown realizes that the thief who "overheard" the owners of a barber shop could do so while sitting under a hair dryer because she could read lips.
* In the classic SciFi novella ''E for Effort'' a couple of guys invent a machine that films historical events (like Napoleon at Waterloo); they hire expeert lipreaders to figure out what exactly the people they film are saying - it comes without audio.
* In ''Literature/JudgeDee'', Tao Gan mentions that among his many skills of questionable legality, he can read lips (it's easier on children and women than on bearded men).
* In the book ''A Maiden's Grave'', a girl only realizes she's going deaf and reading lips to compensate when she "mishears" "Amazing Grace" as "A Maiden's Grave".
* At one point in ''Literature/TheMalloreon'', the heroes have to come up with fairly elaborate ways to hide what they're saying in a city of spies; they've learned that some of the spies are deaf and read lips, so just masking their voices isn't going to work. They take to meeting at night.
* In one [=WW2=] prisoner of war novel whose title escapes me, the protagonist is warned that some of the German guards have lipreading skills.
* During ''Literature/TheNewRebellion'' both Luke and Leia prove to be able to do this.
* In ''Literature/GalaxyOfFear'', Tash tries her best to make Zak understand that they're inside a biological weapons plant, but even when she mouths it slowly, he doesn't get it.
* The titular character of ''Literature/HarryPotter'' regularly does it. However, the lines he "read" are often the most obvious and logical in the given situation, so he may just predicting what the other person will say instead of actually reading the lips.
* Nick in ''Literature/TheStand'' is deaf and mute, but his ability to read lips allows him to understand anything people are saying as long as he's looking at them. Unfortunately, for much of the story he's traveling with Tom, a mentally retarded man who can't read. While Nick can understand him just fine, he can't communicate anything complex to Tom.
* Literature/MikeHammer keeps bumping into a deaf man outside the DA's office, and eventually works out he's being used to pass on information on impending raids from a DirtyCop who's under surveillance.
* ''Literature/TortallUniverse''
** In ''Literature/ProtectorOfTheSmall'', Neal learned how to read lips at university purely because he's nosy and wanted to know what the professors were talking about.
** Aly in ''Literature/DaughterOfTheLioness'' can do this thanks to her spy training, and her magical Sight allows her to "zoom" even on distant individuals.


[[folder: Live Action TV ]]

* One episode of ''Series/{{Monk}}'' involved a murderer who could read lips, which is how he managed to "eavesdrop" on a trader in a building from afar.
** EpicFail version in ''Mr. Monk Goes to the Firehouse'': when Natalie talks to firefighter Joe Cochran about the death of Cochran's dog Sparky, Monk stays back because Cochran is feeding some cats and he has allergies. He says he can lip-read, but when he is asked if he got everything, what he claims to have heard is nothing like the conversation.
* The ''Series/{{Seinfeld}}'' episode "The Lip Reader" centered around this. Jerry was dating a deaf woman who misread his saying "six" as "sex."
-->'''Jerry:''' So we'll swing by and pick you up. How about six? Six is good. You got a problem with six? ... What? What?
* Kensi from ''Series/NCISLosAngeles''
* In ''Series/ThePretender'' episode "Flyer", the hero takes lip-reading lessons from a deaf woman in order to be able to figure out a conversation on a piece of surveillance footage.
* ''Series/TheWire'' has a few scenes with a lip-reader -- Herc manages to plant a camera overlooking Marlo's preferred meeting-spot but not a microphone, so he brings one in to tell him what Marlo is saying.
* ''Series/{{Scrubs}}'': JD zones out and tries to recreate the lip motions so that they can be read.
* In ''Series/TheHardyBoysNancyDrewMysteries'' episode "Silent Scream", a deaf girl finds out about a Las Vegas bomb plot by reading the lips of a man in a phone booth.
* The deaf characters in ''Series/SwitchedAtBirth'' are proficient at this- namely, Daphne, Emmett and Melody.
* Sue in ''Series/SueThomasFBEye'', who is Deaf, uses her lip-reading abilities to do surveillance work for the FBI. The show is loosely based on the real-life Sue Thomas, who was the first deaf undercover investigator for the FBI.
* PlayedForLaughs in ''Series/SonnyWithAChance'' where Grady tries to read Chad's lips. [[TruthInTelevision His translation is probably as accurate as he could make it in real life.]]
--> '''Chad''': I'm getting a limo to take us at eight o'clock to a nice dinner.
--> '''Grady''': He's getting a pillow, two steaks plus, he ate a sock, and a rice dinner.
* ''Series/{{Warehouse 13}}'': Pete Lattimer can read lips because of his deaf sister. Proved useful when they used an artifact that could create soundless projections of past events.
* Done more realistically in ''Series/BurnNotice'', where Michael is trying to spy on a guy at a party. His voice-over explains that true lip reading is unreliable and is best paired with being just close enough to sort of hear the conversation and use lip reading to fill in the blanks and confirm what's heard.
* The ''Series/DoctorWho'' episode "Under the Lake" features ghostly apparitions which appear to be silently speaking. Cass, one of the people trapped by the manifestation, is deaf, and is able to read their lips. It is shown not to be perfectly easy, with some words taking her several attempts to figure out.
* In ''Series/Brooklyn99'', Amy demonstrates the ability to lip-read in a Halloween episode... mostly. She gets the majority of what Captain Holt is saying (enough to formulate her plans) but then translate the rest as something something waffles. She admits it's not perfect when she recounts this.


[[folder: Tabletop Games ]]

* ''Starblazer Adventures'', based on the 1970's-80's British science fiction comic book. The Lip Reading stunt allows you to do this.
* ''TabletopGame/DungeonsAndDragons'': the 2nd Edition Player's Handbook introduced the Reading Lips non-weapon proficiency.


[[folder: Web Original ]]

* This is the general principle behind Music/BadLipReading - [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin they read lips, badly]], and then put the resulting "lyrics" to music (generally; some shorts based on footage of the 2012 presidential candidates was just read back verbatim, instead). {{Hilarity ensues}}.
* [[WebVideo/JulianSmithDotTv Julian Smith]] as the Bad Dad of "Reading Lips" claims he can do this, but it's incredibly clear he's just making up whatever the subject in question is saying.


[[folder: Visual Novels ]]

* Near the end of [[WhatCouldHaveBeen beta version]] of ''VisualNovel/KatawaShoujo'' [[spoiler:Shizune (who is deaf) reveals to Hisao that she's able to read lips]].


[[folder: Western Animation ]]

* Franchise/{{Batman}} does this in the ''WesternAnimation/BatmanTheAnimatedSeries'' episode ''Shadow of the Bat''.
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}'' parodies the ''2001'' scene described above with one where a spaceship's controlling computer, attempting to listen in on a conversation, bemoans the fact that it ''can't'' read lips.


[[folder: Real Life ]]

* In practice, lipreading is fairly difficult skill, with around 25-50% success on identifying words; the rest is using logic to fill in the blanks. Not all deaf people can lipread, as some would assume, and to top it off, it also varies depending on the individual deaf person's hearing level. ''And'' to add to mess, it also depends on the person speaking, especially if the person mumbles, has a strong accent, or has facial hair that covers the lips. Generally, deaf people have a much easier time understanding someone they know personally--family and friends--than complete strangers.
* Deaf model Nyle [=DiMarco=] learned lip reading from his deaf school. [[https://twitter.com/nyledimarco/status/635537515160715264 He says that he has trouble there with people with accent or small lips, when people speak too fast or when it's dark]].