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[[caption-width-right:325:EverythingsBetterWithDinosaurs? You wouldn't say that if you met this guy...]]

->''"Try to imagine yourself in the Cretaceous Period. You get your first look at this "six foot turkey" as you enter a clearing. He moves like a bird, lightly, bobbing his head. And you keep still because you think that maybe his visual acuity is based on movement like ''T. rex'' -- he'll lose you if you don't move. But no, not ''Velociraptor''. You stare at him, and he just stares right back. And that's when the attack comes -- Not from the front, but ''from the side'', from the other two raptors you didn't even know were there."''
--> -- '''Dr. Alan Grant''', ''Franchise/JurassicPark''

Ever since ''Franchise/JurassicPark'' made ''Velociraptor'' a household name, its iconic image — a man-sized, [[ItCanThink intelligent]], vicious, [[MoreTeethThanTheOsmondFamily toothy]], [[ReptilesAreAbhorrent scaly killer]] — has appeared countless times in popular culture, usually as a ShoutOut to, well, ''Jurassic Park''.

Meanwhile in RealLife, the fact that the wrong dinosaur gained undeserved fame causes [[ArtisticLicensePaleontology paleontologists an unending amount of sweet, tasty tears.]]

''Velociraptor'', while still believed to be an agile and clever predator in its own right, was actually a bird-of-prey-like solo hunter about the size of a turkey. The actual inspiration for the creatures found in the book and film are its larger, possibly pack-hunting, cousins ''Deinonychus''. Later books and films also pull in elements of the ''Utahraptor'', TheBigGuy of the family which actually exceeds the size and build of the creatures in the film.

Besides ''Velociraptor'', ''Deinonychus'' and ''Utahraptor'', this trope potentially encompasses all portrayals of other [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dromaeosauridae#Deinonychosauria deinonychosaurian]] dinosaurs in media as well, such as the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dromaeosauridae dromaeosaurids]] and [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Troodontidae troodontids]]. In reality, the group is made up of many species with various hunting strategies ranging from tiny to huge in size, sharing traits like their famous sickle claws, carnivorous diet, bipedal stance, and recently discovered feathers. In fiction, however, the family shares traits like near-human intelligence, green or brown scaly skin, roughly human size, an insatiable desire to kill, and the name ''Velociraptor''.

ScienceMarchesOn has further complicated things. At the time Creator/MichaelCrichton wrote ''Jurassic Park'', subfamily Velociraptorinae was classified as a large collection of species resembling its namesake member, which included ''Deinonychus''. Thus this species ''was'' at the time considered to technically be a ''Velociraptor'''ine,''' '' [[note]]Including in reference books such as Gregory Paul's ''Predatory Dinosaurs of the World'', which was a major reference source for Michael Crichton while writing ''Jurassic Park,''[[/note]] and the RuleOfCool dictated Crichton use the name that could be shortened to [[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast "raptor"]].

This is no longer the case, however, thanks to some shuffling of classifications. ''Deinonychus'' is no longer a velociraptorine. There are analyses that suggest troodontids and dromaeosaurids were not close relatives at all, and/or that some groups traditionally considered to be dromaeosaurids were not, instead being closer to modern birds. Some recent analyses also suggest that the so-called "first bird" ''Archaeopteryx'' may either be a dromaeosaurid as well (in other words, closer to ''Velociraptor'' than to modern birds), or farther from modern birds than dromaeosaurids are. This has even led to speculation that traditional dromaeosaurids may have had ancestors who ''became'' flightless. And in a final hilarious twist, there is still no universal agreement on where ''Deinonychus'' fits in the raptor's TangledFamilyTree.

In any case, it's worthy to note that there is very little difference between the body plans of ''Archaeopteryx'', troodontids, dromaeosaurids and a number of other (relatively) small birdy things in that part of the family tree. Much like modern birds of prey, size and potential color patterns aside, the average person would probably have little luck telling them apart in life, even before they tried to claw your eyes out for being too close to their nest.

For a more thorough listing of the inaccuracies that tend to show up in various works, see the folder below. For good examples of ''accurate'' deinonychosaur portrayals, see [[http://mpm.panaves.com/nh/paleoart.htm these]] [[http://emilywilloughby.com/gallery/paleoart websites]].

Subtrope of StockDinosaurs. Usually an example of ArtisticLicensePaleontology, what with ''Film/JurassicPark'' being the TropeCodifier, and sometimes of EverythingsBetterWithDinosaurs, if raptors are added just for coolness. See also PteroSoarer and TyrannosaurusRex.

For the other kind of raptor, see NobleBirdOfPrey.



[[folder:List of Common Inaccuracies in Media]]
* Being covered in scales instead of feathers. If present in older works this is a victim of ScienceMarchesOn, but we've known since 1999 that deinonychosaurs had feathers[[note]]Indeed, some possible deinonychosaurs such as ''Archaeopteryx'' and ''Rahonavis'' already showed evidence of feathers before then, but had not been recognized as deinonychosaurs when first discovered.[[/note]]. On real deinonychosaurs, scales were only present on the feet, if at all (known specimens with feathers had completely feathered feet, [[http://dinogoss.blogspot.pt/2013/09/youre-doing-it-wrong-dino-foot-scales.html meaning that scaly feet were probably]] [[{{Irony}} a bird-exclusive trait]]).
* In the event that deinonychosaurs are portrayed with feathers, it is [[http://dinogoss.blogspot.com/2010/03/youre-doing-it-wrong-1-archaeopteryx.html very, very unlikely]] that the feather distribution and structure will be portrayed accurately. One of the most common mistakes on this front is to have the wing feathers end at the wrist, even though we know that deinonychosaurs actually had wing feathers attached to the second finger as well. Only partially feathering deinonychosaurs is also generally incorrect. It is common for many depictions of feathered deinonychosaurs to portray them as a [[MixAndMatchCritter weird hybrid]] between a bird and a lizard, probably to highlight their "[[HollywoodEvolution missing link]]" iconism. However, we know that deinonychosaurs were almost entirely feathered other than the tip of the snout and sometimes the feet (though it is not unreasonable to suggest that the largest deinonychosaurs may have had some naked patches similar to ostriches today). For a long time it was thought that deinonychosaurs only had pennaceous (modern-style) feathers on the wings and tail (and sometimes the legs), with the rest of the body being covered in protofeathers, but a new study has shown that these protofeathers are likely just misinterpreted pennaceous feathers. So, like modern birds, deinonychosaurs actually [[FeatheredFiend had pennaceous feathers all over the body]]. Incidentally, the pennaceous feathers of many modern flightless birds (such as [[LandDownUnder kiwis]]) are degraded and hair like, so it's possible that flightless deinonychosaurs were similar.
* The hands will be twisted around so that the palms point backwards towards the body, kind of like a zombie. In reality, deinonychosaurs (in fact, most dinosaurs) have palms that naturally face one another, like someone about to clap, and [[ArtisticLicenseBiology twisting them around like that would break the wrists]]. Biomechanical studies have shown that deinonychosaur palms would actually rotate ''upwards'' when the wrists were extended, which would have helped them clutch objects to the chest.
* Deinonychosaurs will often be depicted as {{Lightning Bruiser}}s, among the speediest of all dinosaurs. While troodonts and basal dromaeosaurids were well built for running, the larger, more derived dromaeosaurids (including ''Velociraptor'' and ''Deinonychus'') were not (they are, however, still much faster than a person, but not nearly as fast as pop culture depictions). In fact, going by leg proportions alone, derived dromaeosaurids were among the ''worst'' runners among ''all'' theropods (meat-eating dinosaurs), with only a few specialists (''Therizinosaurus'', etc) being much slower. As early as the 1960s, scientific analyses have concluded that advanced dromaeosaurids were built for short-range and fast bursts of speed (similar to modern big cats and the cougar) and low-speed endurance running instead of high-speed sprinting for long distances (like modern canids, to which dromaeosaurs often get compared), and the bone walls of ''Utahraptor'' are around twice as proportionally thick as those of ''Allosaurus''. However, the leg structure ''does'' indicate that they do appear to have been very agile and had a good sense of balance (which is more important to chasing things anyways), which sort of makes up for it. In sum, advanced dromaeosaurs were more akin to [[JackOfAllStats Jacks of All Stats]] or [[MasterOfAll masters of all]] than what the movies say, in that they stressed more emphasis on CombatParkour (which ironically qualifies a raptor as a LightningBruiser) and [[http://dinogoss.blogspot.com/2011/12/waddle-achillobator-waddle.html claw-to-claw dogfighting than fleetness of foot.]]
* AnimalEyes, combined with RuleOfScary and, to some extent, ReptilesAreAbhorrent. Cat-like eyes [[HellishPupils with slits for pupils]] are the most common, which ''might'' be reasonable considering that the only non-dinosaurian archosaurs alive today, crocodilians, have slit pupils as well. However, given the fact that raptors are much more closely related to birds than to crocodilians, their eyes may well be more bird-like with round, fixed pupils. On the other claw, however, the typical raptor skull does not have a supraorbital ridge, so it would be rather unrealistic to give your raptor the same "eagle scowl" as that of the other type of raptor, the NobleBirdOfPrey. Thus dromaeosaurs would look less like grounded eagles and more like [[NightmareFuel stout, flightless and carnivorous geese with teeth]]. Not that geese are already horrifying enough as is, but scale it to ''Utahraptor'' size (as big as a adult man '''[[NightmareFuel OR BIGGER]]''', give it the bite of a hyena, teeth and jaws of a crocodile, clawed wings, a long tail and a sickle-shaped claw and you get something akin to what dromaeosaurines looked like.
* BiggerIsBetter combined with TaxonomicTermConfusion, where works depict "''Velociraptor''" as being more similar to ''Deinonychus'' and sometimes nearing the size of ''Utahraptor'', the TropeMaker being ''Franchise/JurassicPark'', due to Michael Crichton using paleo artist Gregory Paul's book (which considered ''Deinonychus'' a species of ''Velociraptor'') as a source for his novel. This is typically a result of FollowTheLeader when present in other works.
* Overly flexible or overly stiff tails. Due to their tails being surrounded by ossified tendons, deinonychosaur tails were probably not sinuous and whip-like as shown in ''Franchise/JurassicPark''. At the same time, it is a common meme among paleo artists to draw deinonychosaur tails as being stiff rods almost incapable of bending except at the base. Though true to a degree, fossils of sleeping deinonychosaurs such as ''Mei'' show that their tails were flexible enough to curl around the body.
* [[IntellectualAnimal Extreme intelligence]], in stark contrast to [[DumbDinos other types of dinosaurs]]. Prior to the discovery that modern birds are dinosaurs, deinonychosaurs were widely considered "the most intelligent dinosaurs". (Just look at the door-opening raptors from ''Franchise/JurassicPark''.) Based on brain-to-body ratio and brain structure, deinonychosaurs do appear to have been quite intelligent among Mesozoic dinosaurs. In fact, their encephalization quotient is actually much higher than that of modern-day crocodilians (which may not sound like that much of a compliment, at first, until you remember that, according to a recent study, crocodilians are [[RealityIsUnrealistic actually as intelligent as dogs]]) and comparable to those of some modern birds. However, they were almost certainly not as intelligent as the most intelligent birds alive today. A common paleo meme that arose in the 1980s was the idea that if dinosaurs never became extinct, the most intelligent species (i.e.: deinonychosaurs) would [[LizardFolk develop into]] [[TheReptilians humanoid forms]]. This overlooks the fact that the most intelligent dinosaurs (modern-type birds) ''were'' [[OvershadowedByAwesome the ones that survived]] to begin with, as well as demonstrates something of a HumansAreSpecial attitude. After all, there isn't any good reason why [[http://scienceblogs.com/tetrapodzoology/2008/03/dinosauroids_2008.php hypothetical highly intelligent dinosaurs]] would necessarily develop a human-like body plan.
* [[RuleOfCool Being capable of taking on impossibly large prey.]] Due to their reputation as pack hunters (which is in itself debatable), deinonychosaurs are popularly shown killing prey much, much larger than themselves with ease. Although we know that some dromaeosaurids definitely preyed on larger prey (for example, one famous fossil preserves a ''Velociraptor'' fighting a ''Protoceratops'', a herbivore that could have been up to twelve times its size in mass), many of these depictions show coyote-sized dromaeosaurids killing prey not just ten times their size, but ''several hundred times'' their size, such as adult hadrosaurs or even sauropods. This paleo-meme may have originated from John Ostrom's description of ''Deinonychus'' as a big-game hunter, using its claws to slash at its prey, but it is now known that its claws did not have the sharp lower edges required for this purpose. Instead, the more advanced dromaeosaurs would have used the hooked claws as [[http://www.plosone.org/article/info:doi/10.1371/journal.pone.0028964 piercing implements,]] hooking onto moderate to large but not huge-sized targets (which, however, still can be larger than the raptor itself) such as juvenile iguanodontians or small ceratopsians, and skewering their vitals (the ''Velociraptor'' vs. ''Protoceratops'' fossil, for example, shows that the raptor's killing claw is embedded in the ceratopsian's throat, where the jugular would be IRL). Furthermore, many other deinonychosaurs (such as troodonts and basal dromaeosaurids) likely specialized in small prey, not large ones. (Check out how comparatively [[http://shartman.deviantart.com/art/Wounding-Tooth-200043202 small]] those teeth and claws are in ''Troodon''.) The often invoked predator-prey relation between ''Deinonychus'' (3.4 meters long) and ''Tenontosaurus'' (6 to 8 meters long) is not [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tenontosaurus#Predators as set in stone]] as commonly presented either, despite being actually possible in RealLife with a family group of ''Deinonychus'' and a single herbivore.
* [[FeatherFingers Overly useful hands.]] Many deinonychosaurs had long arms and big hands, and it is therefore tempting to think that they were actually ''used'' like human hands. It is not uncommon to see deinonychosaurs (again, especially ''Troodon'') shown with opposable thumbs, even though the only deinonychosaur that has so far been biomechanically demonstrated to have had opposable thumbs is ''Bambiraptor'', so most deinonychosaurs could only hold objects two-handed (or clutched them towards the chest). In reality, long as their arms were, deinonychosaurs couldn't reach further with their hands than they could with their mouths, and the large feathers known to have been present on the arms and hands of deinonychosaurs would have prevented their use in picking up food from the ground or digging (known traces of digging deinonychosaurs show they dug with their feet, as modern ground birds do). The hand claws were useful as grappling hooks and for holding food that couldn't be eaten in one gulp, but they likely weren't as dexterous as often portrayed.
* Pseudobeaks. In the same vein as the previous, another common way artists attempt to make their deinonychosaurs more birdlike is to add a beak-like sheath on the snout of deinonychosaurs. In fact, we know that deinonychosaurs actually had feathers covering most of the snout, and as they had a full complement of teeth, they didn't really need a beak as well. (Even in prehistoric birds with both beaks and teeth, the beak [[http://dinogoss.blogspot.com/2011/04/youre-doing-it-wrong-birds-with-teeth.html doesn't occupy the same space as the teeth]].) Deinonychosaurs that preserve facial integument show a featherless region at the very tip of the snout, but even then there's no evidence for a keratinous sheath there.
* Killing by disembowelment. The claw is often depicted being used like a blade, slashing the soft underbelly of prey. While this seems initially plausible, the deinonychosaurs' legs are not flexible enough for the task and the "killing claw" is built incorrectly for slashing, since it's curved and lacks a sharp edge. [[CaptainObvious It's also highly dangerous to attack a large prey animal]] ''[[CaptainObvious by getting under it]]''. The most likely theories are that raptors used their claw like daggers, stabbing weak points like the jugular to kill larger game, or that they hunted like extant eagles; using the enlarged pedal claw as a gripping aid as the dromaeosaur ''ate the prey item alive'' while pinning it down with its feet.
* Inaccurate family life. Possibly due to extrapolation from modern predatory birds, it is popular to portray dromaeosaurids as living in mated pairs feeding their young and sometimes nesting in trees. However, young deinonychosaurs were capable of running around after hatching, so it's not unlikely that they hunted at least some of their food on their own instead of being fed. The discovery of possible nests means the adults may have cared for the young at the start, but it was probably more akin to crocodilian parental care than avian. Although deinonychosaurs (especially the smaller ones) may have climbed trees, ground nesting appears to be basal among birds, even flying ones[[note]]Even basal birds that ''have'' evolved tree nesting, such as wood ducks, tend to nest in tree hollows instead of building a nest in the branches.[[/note]], so deinonychosaurs probably mostly nested on the ground as well (and, indeed, are known to have done so).
* MisplacedWildlife mixed with AnachronismStew. Due to the fact that pretty much every dinosaur related anything seems to have a need for every {{Stock Dinosaur|s}} ever to make an appearance, you'll often see animals labelled "Velociraptor", "Deinonychus" or "Utahraptor" living alongside ''Tyrannosaurus rex'' and ''Triceratops'' (and in extreme cases, ''Stegosaurus''). In reality, ''Deinonychus'' and ''Utahraptor'' went extinct long before ''T. rex'', and even though ''Velociraptor'' lived during the Late Cretaceous, it lived a few million years earlier and on the other side of the world. That said, this inaccuracy may have been vindicated somewhat, as two dromaeosaurs that resemble ''Velociraptor'' and ''Deinonychus'' have been discovered to have lived alongside ''T. rex'': ''Acheroraptor'' (discovered in 2013) and ''Dakotaraptor'' (discovered in 2015).
* Probably thanks to ''Film/JurassicPark'', it was a bit of a trend for a while to depict raptors as being AlwaysChaoticEvil. [[PrehistoricMonster It should probably be obvious why this is inaccurate]]. Fortunately, this is less common nowadays, to the point that [[Film/JurassicParkIII the Jurassic Park]] [[Film/JurassicWorld franchise]] is both averting it and giving a kind of justification for past depictions: They were violently sociopathic due to being "raised" without proper role models (read: isolated in artificial pens since a very early age, being fed remotely, and pretty much zero socialization).
* RealIsBrown. Like many dinosaurs, raptors will often be depicted as green or brown, even with feathers, with writers acting like it's more realistic for them to be dull colored. In reality, we know from groundbreaking fossils of ''Anchiornis'' and ''Sinornithosaurus'' that many maniraptors would have been [[AmazingTechnicolorWildlife very brightly colored]]. Like birds, raptors had great eyesight and therefore would likely have been capable of seeing in color. That said, there are a few species proven to be somewhat darker in color, like the iridescent, starling-like ''Microraptor''.
* Giving raptors two fingers, likely a result of MixAndMatchCritters, combining them with ''TyrannosaurusRex'' for maximum RuleOfCool. This mistake is particularly egregious because every known dromaeosaur had three-fingered hands (while the two-fingered theropod ''Balaur'' was once considered a dromaeosaur, it's now thought to be have been a flightless bird).
* Yet more proof that it's possible to go too far in one's attempts to highlight the avian characteristics of dromaeosaurids: portraying medium to large-sized species as being capable of sustained and powered flight. While all deinonychosaurs were feathered with "wings", and several smaller raptor genera such as ''Microraptor'' and ''Rahonavis'' may indeed have possessed limited flying (or at least gliding) abilities, the relatively small wing-to-body ratio of the majority of the group indicates that ([[ArtisticLicensePhysics unless the laws of physics were somehow radically different in the Mesozoic]]) they were flightless; they likely used their wing feathers for other purposes such as display, insulation, and/or balance while tackling prey.



* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTSwASZ6Iss&feature=related This]] Gatorade commercial from the 90s featuring velociraptors from ''Franchise/JurassicPark'' taking on Vince Carter of the Toronto Raptors... in a basketball game.

[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* The manga of ''Manga/{{Gantz}}'' featured aliens taking the form of raptors (with feathers, thankfully) pretending to be display models in a museum.
* ''VideoGame/DinosaurKing'' had feathered ''Velociraptor'' (without wings or a tail fan, though), ''Deinonychus'' with only a crest and thin coating of fuzz, and a scaly ''Utahraptor''. It also had a deinonychosaurian ''Megaraptor'', [[ScienceMarchesOn though this was disputed in 2003]].
** The Japanese website has a ''Troodon'' with feather coating (but no wings or a tail fan). On the other hand, the ''Archaeopteryx'' looks pretty good (it even has [[ShowingTheirWork raptor-like footclaws]]), although the coloring is [[AmazingTechnicolorWildlife off]].
* DinosaurHour actually used ''Velociraptor'' in a chapter about feathered dinosaurs, which was about 2 ''Protoceratops'' discussing about the appearance of a "feathered ''Velociraptor''". They sketch a ''Velociraptor'' and try to add plumage to it, and it ends up looking so ridiculous that they find it amusing. The ''Velociraptor'' is later revealed to have... rather interesting feathering: [[spoiler: it looked like it stuffed its head and torso into 2 giant puffballs, making it look like a cartoonish duckling.]]
** Unfortunately, its ''Troodon'', ''Deinonychus'', and ''Utahraptor'' lack feathers. ''Dromaeosaurus'' is scantily feathered.
* ''Anime/JuraTripper'' has typical Jurassic Park-styled raptors, although a ''Utahraptor'' with a feather crest appeared in one episode.
* The Kawasaraptor from ''Anime/KirbyOfTheStars''.
* Averted in one episode of ''Anime/{{Doraemon}}'', which showed an anatomically accurate ''Velociraptor''. Previous episodes however had featherless raptors.
* ''Anime/Cyborg009'' has one of the earliest examples of this trope by having a chapter involving a living ''Deinonychus'' in the modern era [[spoiler:which turns out to be a robot.]]

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* Old Lace from the comic book series ''ComicBook/{{Runaways}}'' is a genetically engineered ''Deinonychus''. Interestingly enough, she looks just like the ''Jurassic Park''-style ''Velociraptor'' and has been mistaken for one as well. She also resembles ''Troodon'' as well, in regards to the shape of the skull and exaggerated large eyes.
* ''Jurassic Park: Dangerous Games'' managed to avert this trope with completely feathered raptors (although a flashback showed them scaly like in the movies).
* ''GI Combat: The War That Time Forgot'' actually has [[ShowingTheirWork feathered raptors]].
* ''ComicBook/DinosaursVsAliens'' did not shy away from giving their raptors and troodonts feathers. WordOfGod stated that this was not only for accuracy but also to differentiate them from ''Film/JurassicPark'' raptors.
* ''Tyrannosaurus Rex'' managed to avert this with [[http://bloody-disgusting.com/photosizer/upload/T-Rexpg17_02.jpg feathered raptors]]. Strangely, the comic has humans and dinosaurs coexisting (although this was only for fantasy).
* ''Franchise/StarWars'' gives us the [[http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Tiss%27shar Tiss'shar,]] who are, for the most part, Jurassic Park raptors, although there are feathered Tiss'shar. It also gives us the [[http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Ssi-ruu Ssi-ruu,]] though they take more traits from TyrannosaurusRex and [[DinosaursAreDragons dragons, of both the Eastern and Western variety.]]
* Cooper the ''Utahraptor'' from ''The Midas Flesh'' is certainly feathered, but he lacks primaries on his arms.
* ''TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles: Turtles in Time'' averts this (except the primaries are attached to the wrists).
* One of ComicBook/AtomicRobo's recurring enemies is Doctor Dinosaur, a superintelligent dromeosaurid. He's loaded with scientific inaccuracies, but these are justified by Robo pointing them all out and concluding that he's a genetic experiment created by people who had watched ''Jurassic Park'' too many times.
* ''ComicBook/{{XTNCT}}'': Raptor is a programmed dinosaur with SuperSpeed who always talks in LeetSpeak.

[[folder:Comic Strips]]
* ''ComicStrip/CalvinAndHobbes'' has Calvin giving a report about overpopulation, which involves a pack of ''Deinonychus'' devouring Susie. Though the detailed dinosaurs look like something out of the movie version of ''Film/JurassicPark'', the strip actually predates it -- and Watterson gives the dinosaur its correct name, though of course he couldn't know about the feathers back then.
* More recent strips of ''ComicStrip/{{BC}}'' features raptors.

* Three episodes of the Creator/DiscoveryChannel miniseries ''Series/DinosaurPlanet'' featured "raptors". The first one was about a female ''Velociraptor'' named "White Tip" (due to her white feathers) trying to find a new pack. The second was about a male ''Pyroraptor'' named "Pod" who ends up on an island inhabited by dinosaurs much smaller than he is including a pack of mini troodonts. In a third episode, ''Troodon'' proper shows up. They were commendably portrayed with feathers, but not quite extensively enough (for example, they lacked pennaceous feathers).
* In the SpeculativeDocumentary / parody ''Series/PrehistoricPark'', a ''Troodon'', later named Rascal, causes trouble by attempting to steal the bait truck. [[spoiler: This sets off a chain reaction of accidents in the park, culminating in the climactic T-Rex escape scene.]] This one [[ArtisticLicensePaleontology lacked feathers]]. Another episode also featured the troodont ''Mei'' and the dromaeosaurid ''Microraptor'', the former of which also lacked feathers, and the latter of which suffered some mild AnachronismStew and splayed its legs while gliding, something that has [[ScienceMarchesOn since been debunked]].
** Actually, the ''Troodon'' do have some very light feathers if you look closely.
* ''Series/WalkingWithDinosaurs'' had scaly raptors and in one episode, ''Utahraptor'' [[MisplacedWildlife was shown living in Europe]]. ''Velociraptor'', also in need of plumage, turn up in the ''Chased By Dinosaurs'' spinoff, where they're correctly shown as fairly small, though still fairly dangerous.
* ''Series/ClashOfTheDinosaurs'' had feathered ''Deinonychus'', though again not quite extensively feathered enough. Two ''Deinonychus'' also kill a subadult ''Sauroposeidon'' with a few superficial scratches. Its sort-of sequel ''Last Day of the Dinosaurs'' has something similar: two ''Saurornithoides'' (which used the same model as the ''Deinonychus'') kill an adult ''Charonosaurus''. To make things worse, they're referred to as "saurornithoidids" (Troodontidae has been used for the group since 1987).
* ''Series/JurassicFightClub'' featured ''Deinonychus'', ''Dromaeosaurus'', and ''Utahraptor'', all of which either lacked feathers altogether or had only a tiny crest of them.
* ''WesternAnimation/MarchOfTheDinosaurs'' had ''Troodon'' as one of the main characters. They also aren't feathered properly (though they have feathers), but behavior—wise are mostly plausible.
* ''Series/MonstersResurrected'' briefly featured ''Deinonychus'' in one episode (''sans'' feathers).
* ''Series/TheTruthAboutKillerDinosaurs'' focused on ''Velociraptor'' in one of the two episodes, discussing how ''Velociraptor'' may have used its killing claw in predation. The fact that dromaeosaurids had feathers is given some attention, though ([[OverlyLongGag as usual]]) the feathering given to the animated ''Velociraptor'' isn't entirely accurate.
* ''WesternAnimation/WhenDinosaursRoamedAmerica'' was one of the first documentaries to feature feathered dromaeosaurids. The scientific consultants [[http://dml.cmnh.org/2001Jul/msg00239.html pointed out]] that the feathers should've been more pennaceous, but they reportedly didn't have enough of a budget to do realistic-looking pennaceous feathers.
* ''Series/AnimalArmageddon'' featured half-arsed ''Velociraptor'' with the wrong skull shape and a pair of naked ''Troodon'' that take down a subadult hadrosaur.
* ''Series/DinosaurRevolution'' averts this trope with flying colors by having [[ShowingTheirWork raptors with clawed wings, male deinonychosaurs sitting on the nests and omnivorous troodontids.]]
* ''Series/PlanetDinosaur'' went both ways by producing some of the most well-feathered dromaeosaurid television reconstructions to date, but the modelers still attached the wing feathers to the wrong finger, and their troodontids are no more than old-fashioned, lizard-like critters outfitted with a ''very'' thin feather coating, and have no wings, nor a tail fan.
** They also made ''Sinornithosaurus'' venomous, which was a theory that was panned some months before it was released (even though they included research that was ''more'' recent than the rebuttal to the venomous ''Sinornithosaurus'' hypothesis).

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* Creator/{{Swing 123}}'s ''Triassic Park: Into the Past'' has ''Deinonychus'' as recurring antagonists in the [[AnachronismStew Late Cretaceous]]. They are as usual depicted as very intelligent and speedy (Calvin at one point said they can run 60 to 70 miles) and as pack-hunters. The fic doesn't specify whether they are feathered or not, although it receives points for comparing them to birds.
* The ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'' fanfic ''[[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8085799/1/Pinkassic-Park Pinkassic Park]]'' has ''Deinonychus'' that attack the main characters after being accidentally freed from their pens, only to be knocked out after attacking Pinkie Pie's pony decoys stuffed with sleeping gas. They are [[ShowingTheirWork explicitly stated to have bird-like feathers]], and WordOfGod said they were used because the ''Velociraptor'' from ''JurassicPark'' were actually based on ''Deinonychus'', [[ShowingTheirWork which is quite true]].
* Similarly, ''Fanfic/RiseOfTheGaleforces'' has the protagonists regularly do battle against ''Deinonychus'' {{Mooks}}. Most of them are WeaponizedAnimal version of the standardized JP-style "raptors", but one particular antagonist stands out in this case: Velociripper, a genetically modified, sentient specimen who is also weaponized - [[ShowingTheirWork and is explicitly stated to have turkey-like, blood-red feathers.]]
* A ''Deinonychus'' christened Sharpclaw by the islanders in ''FanFic/KataangIslandAdventure'' has only an island to claim as his territory, so he contends with the islanders. He and other raptors are shown with scales instead of feathers, though it was said in the epilogue that they grew feathers for winter. He is also a shout-out to supposed living dinosaurs like Mokele Mbembe.
* ''Fanfic/TheSevenHunters'' follows a relatively accurate portrayal of ''Utahraptor'' in the case of Littlefoot's pack by including feathers and other traits, but uses the inaccurate portrayal from ''WesternAnimation/TheLandBeforeTime'' films for other ''Utahraptor''. This discrepancy is eventually explained away by the rainbowfaces.
* ''FanFic/TheWorldOfTheCreatures'' zig zags between the inaccurate media depictions like the raptors from ''Jurassic Park'' and accurate depictions that represent our current understanding of dinosaurs. Seeing as this all takes place in a character's mind, this zig zagging is justified.
* [[OneOfUs Our very own]] Albertonykus' ''[[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic My Little]] [[http://albertonykus.deviantart.com/gallery/37284443/My-Little-Maniraptor Maniraptor]]'' series averts this trope. The ponies are all translated to different types of [[ShowingTheirWork highly accurate]] maniraptors; the unicorns are oviraptorosaurs (their crests taking the role of their horns), the Earth ponies are flightless dromaeosaurs and troodontids (lack of flight ability and strong legs) and pegasi are flying deinonychosaurs (for obvious reasons; Fluttershy, a basal troodontid, is the exception due to being a weak flyer). The Princesses are MixAndMatchCritters with features of all three raptors, plus some extant birds, like swans and cranes.
* The Jurassic Park and Mass Effect Crossover ''FanFic/TyrantKings'' has Jurassic Park-style Velociraptors, which is to say "Deinonychus-sized." However, the story decides to take it in a rather fascinating direction- in the story, not only are Raptors (and related races, including Microraptors and Utahraptors) sentient, there is an all-Raptor combat unit known as the Velociwreckers, outfitted with [[CrazyAwesome jetpacks, shotguns, and mono-molecular foot claw omni-blades.]]

[[folder:Films -- Animation]]
* The third ''WesternAnimation/TheLandBeforeTime'' movie features JP-style raptors as the main [[CallARabbitASmeerp sharptooth]] opponents.
* Disney's ''Disney/{{Dinosaur}}'' provides a rather... interesting handling of this. The ''Velociraptors'' that attack Aladar and the lemurs just right before they are all rescued by the Herd are the first of their kind to be drawn anatomically correct in film history -- small, weedy, and with properly oriented wrists -- but unfortunately they still don't have feathers. In fact, they may even avert this trope if it weren't for the fact that they were scaly. This may probably have been due to ExecutiveMeddling, since the higher-ups apparently thought it was cheaper and creepier that way, although ScienceMarchesOn may have also seeped in a bit.
* Averted in "The Rite of Spring" segment of ''Disney/{{Fantasia}}'' where no raptors are to be seen anywhere, as they all weren't even discovered at the time of that film's release (''Fantasia'' was released in 1940, the first raptor skeleton wasn't discovered until the 1950s). However, there was an Archaeopteryx that flapped its wings like a bird, real Archaeopteryx cannot flap their wings, and most likely glided.
** The small dinosaur attacking the ''Archaeopteryx'' is a ''Troodon'' according to WordOfGod, but it is depicted with a domed head and horns as at that time [[ScienceMarchesOn it was considered to be a pachycephalosaur]].
* ''Animation/SpecklesTheTarbosaurus'' has scaly ''Velociraptor'' with feathers on its head and arms. Its ''Microraptor'' is decently portrayed, however.
* The small carnivorous dinosaurs that attack our heroes in ''WesternAnimation/IceAge3DawnOfTheDinosaurs'' are vaguely reminiscent of raptors, including the killing claws, but they are ''Guanlong,'' a genus of ''[[ArtisticLicensePaleontology primitive tyrannosaur.]]'' In fairness to the movie, there ''ARE'' deinonychosaurs, but the ''Troodons'' ([[AllThereInTheManual identified as such in the game]]) are depicted as naked vegetarians, [[ScienceMarchesOn although in reality they would have technically been omnivorous.]]
** And then there's the ''Archaeopteryx'' that was to be fed to the baby ''T. rexes'', whom Sid threw off a cliff expecting it to fly off but dropped like a stone. Kinda TruthInTelevision, although ''Archaeopteryx'' most likely glided.
** The game app ''Ice Age Village'' has a scaly, JurassicPark-styled ''Velociraptor''. ''Pyroraptor'' has feathers, however.
** ''WesternAnimation/IceAge5CollisionCourse'' has a family of feathered dromaeosaurids serve as antagonists. They are of unspecified species, referred to as "Dino-birds" in official merchandise, although fans and TheOtherWiki believe they are ''Dakotaraptor''. To their credit they at least have wings, only problem is they're able to ''fly'' with them (something ''Dakotaraptor'' almost certainly couldn't do as an adult in RealLife).
* ''Turok: Son of Stone'' featured ''Velociraptor'' with protofeathers.
* ''Anime/YouAreUmasou'' has a pack of ''Troodon'' raiding the ''Maiasaura'' nests in the opening scene. While the ''Troodon'' were correctly depicted with feathers, they lack the killing claws on their feet. In a later scene, Heart chases a pair of red dromaeosaurs during his frantic search for Umasou. Both dromaeosaurs have scutes on their backs similar to the film's ''Tyrannosaurus'' and lack wings and a tail fan, but judging by their coloring they appear to have a feather coating (though the art style makes it hard to tell). Although to be fair, none of the dinosaurs in the movie look realistic.
** A corpse of a feathery dromaeosaur makes a cameo during the eruption of Egg Mountain.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheGoodDinosaur'' features a pack of ''Velociraptor'' presented as rustlers trying to steal a herd of long-horned bison from a family of ''Tyrannosaurus''. They do have feathers, but only mane that goes down their necks to the ends of their tails as well as small tufts on the back of their legs. They are also, as usual, oversized, but thankfully have long and narrow snouts appropriate for ''Velociraptor''.

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* ''Franchise/JurassicPark'', naturally, is the TropeMaker and TropeCodifier. They seem to grow in intelligence with each movie; the original could at least be fooled by [[HallOfMirrors reflective sheet metal]].
** The third film gave them some color -- to the male raptors. Somewhat justified, in that the first and second film's raptors were female, or, thanks to faulty DNA hybridization to fill in the damaged strands, changed to males.
** In ''Film/JurassicWorld'', four of them (Blue, Delta, Echo, and Charlie) are being trained by an ex-Navy man named Owen Grady and appear to, for the most part, respond to him. He admits that it's helped by the fact that he was the first being they saw upon hatching and, since these raptors have been spliced with bird DNA (instead of frog DNA as the original ones were), he imprinted on them. It's also implied that Owen has devoted an enormous amount of time to raising and bonding with the sisters, which has effectively made him a trusted ParentalSubstitute and their alpha/father-figure. Even then, his control over them is shown to be extremely fragile and they'll gladly kill anyone besides Owen on sight.
** Vic Hoskins wants to use the raptors as weapons against insurgents and, eventually, forces Owen to use the raptors to help them hunt down the ''Indominus rex''. [[spoiler:Unfortunately, the ''I. rex'' turns out to have some raptor DNA and manages to turn the raptors against the humans until the very end, when Owen reasserts his control and sends the raptors to attack the ''I. rex'']].
** The sisters also feature a wide variety of color patterns as a direct result of their individual genetic mixes. Blue is [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin blue]] with patterns from a Black-throated African Monitor Lizard, Charlie is brownish-green (like the raptors in the original movie) with striped patterns from an Iguana, Delta is green, and Echo is sandy yellow. The film also acknowledges that the franchise's ''Velociraptors'' (or dinos in general) look nothing like the real animals by emphasizing that these were not, and never will be, "pure" dinosaurs, due to the incomplete nature of DNA from amber or bones and the non-dinosaur genes used to fill in the gaps.
** There's a reasonable fan theory that Michael Crichton may have based or confused the velociraptors in Jurassic Park with Achillobator, which were the size of Jurassic Park raptors and also from Mongolia.
* The remake of ''Film/KingKong2005'' introduces the ''Venatosaurus'', a fictional genus of dromeosaurid. For starters, they have scaly skin, pronated hands, and slit pupils. They are shown possessing [[LightningBruiser great speed and strength]], and make the examples involving deinonychosaurs bringing down adult hadrosaurs seem plausible, because they are shown [[UpToEleven hunting a large herd of adult sauropods]]. In the book it's said they give ''live birth'' and are specialized just to kill large dangerous game even the island's tyrannosaurs can't hunt. The book also includes three other species: a smaller, blue-tailed variety of ''Venatosaurus''; the crested fish-eater ''Ambulaquasaurus''; and strangest of all, the ''Arsarticaedes'', a mountain predator that ''runs on all fours''.
* Raptors appear as the antagonists in the found footage film ''Film/{{Tape 407}}''.
* Raptors appear in the appropriately titled ''Film/RaptorRanch,'' though surprisingly have very little screentime compared to the larger meat-eating dinosaurs.
* ''Film/{{Godzilla 1998}}'': Godzilla's offspring turns the last half of the film into a fusion between ''Film/JurassicPark'' and ''Film/{{Aliens}}'', with Nick and Philippe's team fighting the baby Godzillas, which act ''very'' closely to ''Film/JurassicPark'''s velociraptors.
* ''Film/Tremors2Aftershocks'': The shriekers, a velociraptor-like "nymph" stage (this movie premiered 2 years after the first ''Film/JurassicPark''). They're not even close to dinosaurs, however.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* ''Series/{{Primeval}}'' features raptors in some episodes, ''Jurassic Park''-styled. All of them have head plumage, in the style of the raptors in ''Film/JurassicParkIII'', they also have quills covering much of their body to show they at least did a little [[ShowingTheirWork research]].
** A [[SuperPersistentPredator Super Persistent]], time-traveling, Raptor is even used to deliver some LaserGuidedKarma to one of the {{Big Bad}}s, tracking them through multiple temporal leaps.
** Tree Creepers, a hypothetical climbing dinosaur, resemble muscular, long-armed raptors, but lack feathers and the killing claws.
** Finally, the raptor model was once more reused to be an unnamed Jurassic theropod that swims between islands in search of food. It's not supposed to be a raptor, and the dim lighting, dark coloration of the creature, and camera angles make damn certain that you can't see the sickle claws. Originally the creature was to be a ''Eustreptospondylus'', which [[ShowingTheirWork actually did live on islands in the Jurassic]], but a lack of funds meant they couldn't make a new model. Luckily, instead of re-painting the raptor black and calling it ''Eustreptospondylus'', they re-painted it black and referred to it as just a "theropod" (which means it could be virtually any kind of two-legged carnivorous dinosaur).
* In the BBC show ''My Pet Dinosaur'', speculating on human's relationships with dinosaurs had the meteor not hit, had scaly ''Troodon''s as the equivalent of raccoons and foxes.
* ''Series/TerraNova'' gives us the ''Nykoraptors'', a fictional breed of dromaeosaurid said to have 3 rows of incisors. And they have feathers, if you look at them closely. The equally fictional ''Acceraptors'', called [[BewareMyStingerTail "slashers"]] by the characters and not named onscreen, are sometimes thought of as raptors, but lack the toe claws and more closely resemble primitive tyrannosaurs like ''Guanlong'' (see the example from ''Ice Age'' above).
* The ''Series/DoctorWho'' episode "Dinosaurs On A Spaceship" features "Raptors" that look more like [[Franchise/{{Godzilla}} baby Zillas]] than they do actual Velociraptors. In fact, they actually look very much like the raptors from ''Primeval''.
** In fact, they ''are'' the raptors from ''Primeval'' - the animation model was reused. (Potential CrossOver, anyone?)
* ''Franchise/SuperSentai'' and ''Franchise/PowerRangers'' have had raptors in some of their dinosaur-themed series. In every case, they're some form of biomechanical, so don't bother expecting strict accuracy:
** ''Series/BakuryuuSentaiAbaranger'' and ''Series/PowerRangersDinoThunder'' gave the Rangers velociraptors as steeds (though ''Dino Thunder'' downplayed them in favor of using motorcycles for personal transportation instead).
** In ''Series/ZyudenSentaiKyoryuger'', the Green Ranger is Velociraptor-themed, and the entire team can summon sets of twin Deinonychus mechs that combine into motorcycles.
* The ''Series/StarTrekEnterprise'' two-parter "In a Mirror, Darkly" mentions the trope when a mirror-RedShirt on the captured starship ''Defiant'' is found killed by what Phlox describes as "a particularly large reptile."
--> '''Reed:''' Perhaps it was a pet owned by one of the crew.\\
'''Phlox:''' Unless one of them owned a ''Velociraptor'', I find it highly unlikely.

* ''Literature/RaptorRed'', a novel by paleontologist Bob Bakker, is told from the POV of a female ''Utahraptor''. ''Deinonychus'' and troodonts also show up in the story. Speculation aside, the deinonychosaurs are portrayed accurately for the time - 1995, just a few years before [[ScienceMarchesOn it was confirmed feathers were basal to the dromaeosaur lineage]]. (And to be fair, it's just about the only avian trait the raptors ''don't'' have.) Also, ''Deinonychus'' and ''Utahraptor'' weren't actually contemporaneous, though both lived in North America in the Early Cretaceous.
* The protagonist of ''Literature/AnonymousRex'', Vincent Rubio, actually ''is'' a velociraptor (and a PrivateDetective in modern UsefulNotes/LosAngeles). He describes his hide as green and scaly, claiming that his species allegedly having had feathers, and in fact ''the entire K-T extinction'', are part of an elaborate hoax designed to keep humans in the dark about the continuing survival of the dinosaurs. (He also mentions his ''external'' ears and the very lizardy HealingFactor of a group of ornithomimids, so... yeah.) For the most part, [[TheMasquerade he acts human]], but can jump and fight like a true dino if there's a need for it.
* In ''Literature/{{Dinotopia}}'', it is almost a given that some deinonychosaurs crop up from time to time, due to the [[LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters Loads And Loads Of Dinosaurs]] in this work. Two examples are Malik the ''Stenonychosaurus'' (today believed to be a synonym of ''Troodon'') and Enit the ''Deinonychus'', who both work in Waterfall City as the Time-Keeper and the Chief Librarian respectively. Both of these are victims of ScienceMarchesOn and lack feathers, which probably explains why they don't show up in the fourth book (which is ''filled'' with feathered depictions of deinonychosaurs and other dinosaurs, including [[spoiler:Emperor Hugo Khan the ''Microraptor'']]).
* Creator/StephenBaxter's ''Literature/{{Evolution}}'' has a scaly ''Deinonychus'' [[AnachronismStew in the end of the Cretaceous Period]] that appears to be cold-blooded, despite the fact that [[CriticalResearchFailure this is the very dinosaur that sparked the idea dinosaurs were warm-blooded]]. Fortunately, its ''Troodon'' and ''Velociraptor'' are feathered.
* The 2010 National Geographic book ''The Ultimate Dinopedia: The Most Complete Dinosaur Reference Ever'' is a mixed bag, ranging from the dated but otherwise good (''Microraptor'') to the otherwise decent ones lacking primaries (''Buitreraptor'') to those lacking wing feathers altogether (''Troodon'', ''Velociraptor'' & ''Deinonychus'') to the completely naked ones (''Utahraptor''). To make things worse, it uses Dromaeosauridae to encompass every coelurosaur that isn't a tyrannosauroid, ornithomimosaur, therizinosaur or bird (and some non-coelurosaurs, such as the carnosaur ''Xuanhanosaurus'', the chimeric archosaur "Protoavis" and the ankylosaur ''Struthiosaurus'').
* ''Z. Raptor'' has genetically-enhanced ''Velociraptor'' and ''Utahraptor''. Both are sparsely-feathered and the latter spits acid (due to DNA splicing).
* ''{{Literature/Dinoverse}}'' has a deinonychus pack with an extremely structured social hierarchy and set of mores. They even punish members they think have withheld food from the group. One of them also learns how to make fire and [[AmplifiedAnimalAptitude many other things]] by watching a human do it. They're scaly, highly dextrous, fast, and can take huge prey.
* ''Velociraptor'' are recurring villains in the ''Astrosaurs'' series. Not only they are scaly and oversized as usual but have forked tongues, which aren't even an archosaur trait. However, the books try to justify this as evolution in space over 65 million years.
* ''Dinosaurology'' (a 2013 installment in Dugald Steer's ''Dragonology'' series) featured feathered ''Deinonychus'' (not feathered enough, though) that bring down a juvenile ''Brachiosaurus'' and more accurately feathered ''Velociraptor'' frightening a herd of hadrosaurs. The events of the book is set in 1907, and yet ''Velociraptor'', discovered in 1924, was able to be identified. Interestingly, the equally identical ''Deinonychus'' is treated as a creature unlike any other. However, the book somewhat HandWaved these inaccuracies in that it is supposed to be the facsimile of a traveler's journal.
** The venomous ''Sinornithosaurus'' speculation was also brought up, but this was just treated as a hypothesis as only the tooth of the animal was featured.
* Averted in ''Literature/{{Animorphs}}'', when they're sent to the time of dinosaurs. Tobias played with toy dinosaurs as a kid, and when they find a pack of ''Deinonychus'' Rachel calls them "raptors," but Tobias corrects her -- he does however note they are still fast, dangerous, carnivorous dinosaurs they should really run from because they're actually ''worse'' than ''Velociraptor''. The book loses points for no feathers, however, on the count of being [[ScienceMarchesOn written in 1998]]. Plus, ''Deinonychus'' is shown living at the end of the Cretaceous period alongside ''TyrannosaurusRex'', in spite of being an early Cretaceous dinosaur (though this is lampshaded by Tobias at the end of the book).
* In ''Literature/{{Destroyermen}}'', the [[TheReptilians Grik]] are described as very raptor-like: bipedal, with sharp claws and teeth, fast and vicious. The resident scientist who cuts one up points out that they share some kinship with birds thanks to their hollow bones and feathered skin. This is deliberate, as the scientist (from the [=40s=]) would not know that raptors really are related to modern birds. Unlike the raptors described in ''Literature/JurassicPark'', the Grik prefer an AttackAttackAttack mentality, coming in as a disorganized mob without regards for tactics or casualties. However, this is later revealed to have been the result of deliberate cultural tendency, as the Grik cull all non-aggressive hatchlings. When they stop doing that, the non-aggressive ones show real aptitude for tactics.
* ''{{Literature/Carnosaur}}'' might actually be the unsung TropeMaker, predating ''{{Literature/Jurassic Park}}'' by over half a decade. While featherless, due to being written in 1983, and featuring incorrect claw usage; it was actually ahead of works following it for years by depicting it's ''Deinonychus'' as behaving very bird-like. In a case of possibly AccidentallyAccurate writing, the animals' primary killing/feeding method of pinning down with the feet and tearing with the arms and jaws actually lines up quite well with modern theories. The two ''Deinonychus'' in the book are still portrayed as [[PrehistoricMonster voraciously seeking out humans are prey]], but it's given the justification that since they were feed livestock since infancy, they associate all mammals with easy food.
* ''Literature/TheDinosaurLords'' prominently features dromaeosaurids and troodontids as wild or domesticated animals. Victor Milán clearly [[ShownTheirWork shows his research]] and depicts them as appropriately feathered, not to mention ''Velociraptor'' isn't confused with ''Deinonychus''.

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* In ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer}}'', there are raptor-like creatures called Cold Ones. The Dark Elves and Lizardmen tame them and use them as mounts for knights and riders. In the case of the former faction, they also use them to pull chariots. Elves in the ''Warhammer'' universe are generally supremely badass like that.
* ''TabletopGame/MagicTheGathering'': [[http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?multiverseid=5562 Shivan Raptor]].

[[folder:Theme Parks]]
* The beginning of the climax of ''Ride/SkullIslandReignOfKong'' at [[Ride/UniversalStudios Universal's Islands of Adventure]] involves the guests being pursued by a pack of Venatosauruses.
* The theme Park Lightwater Valley in the UK opened a new ride around 2010 called the Raptor Attack. The ride is based on a an old coal mine, with newspaper reports about raptor fossels being found inside. The visitors then wait for a rollor coaster cart at the end of the mine to continue the tour, while the lights start to dim and a miner via a video camera screams "Do not send anyone else down, their's something moving down here, Smith is dead. Repeat, do not send anyone else down" and the video goes dead. The ride then proceeds to a dark ride coaster with animatronic raptors and dead miners. At the end of the ride, when the vistors are leaving, a raptor jumps out of the water and hisses and a metal doorway clangs as another raptor tries to break out.

* The ''WesternAnimation/DinoRiders'' toy line had not one, but two different sets with a ''Deinonychus''. Until the introduction of a Rulon ''Quetzalcoatlus'', it was therefore the only species that was ridden both by the heroes and the bad guys.
* The ''Franchise/JurassicPark'' toy line had a dozen different variations of the franchise's "trademark" dinosaur, the Velociraptor, ranging from simple repaints to completely different molds. Oh, and two Utahraptors. And three mutant raptors (from the Chaos Effect toyline, whcih featured mutant dinosaurs and ugly recolours of existing toys) - one a mix between it and an Archaeopteryx that, in flavor text, ambushed from the sky, the second a dark-blue recolor of previous velociraptors, stated to be faster, more active, smarter, and extremely sadistic, and a cross between Parasaurolophus and Deinonychus, who would chase prey into waters to tire/drown them.
** Interestingly, some of the raptors have their hands set up correctly (palms inwards), while others have their palms facing down.
* There was a Meanie (Gross-out parodies of Toys/BeanieBabies) named [[StockDinosaurs Veloci]]''[[{{Squick}} crapper]]''.
* Dinobot from the ''WesternAnimation/BeastWars'' line of ''{{Transformers}}'' toys, as well as his various repaints and retools. Hailing from the '90s, he was naturally a scaly, very robust looking ''Velociraptor'', who strangely had six toes on each feet. In the animated show, he had only three (four would have been correct), and an incredibly bendy tail -- [[JustifiedTrope Justified]] in that he was really a robot. In the 2008 Universe 2.0 toy-line, he received a new mold, up to modern engineering standards but sadly not to modern dino-science: instead, they went for a more [[ShowAccuracyToyAccuracy show-accurate]] look, and gave the toy a wavy tail where the original had a stiff one.
** Grimlock form the comics was a step in the right direction: though his toy form was just a recolored, scaly Dinobot, he was illustrated with a thin covering of fuzz.
** Archadis and Airraptor (basically same toy, but different characters) turn into the classic, green-blue colored lizard-headed ''Archaeopteryx'' with hands that look glued onto their wings.
** Slash from the recent toy franchise for ''Film/TransformersAgeOfExtinction'' is on its way of averting this, being covered in metallic feathers.
* Two of the Toys/{{LEGO}} ''Dino'' sets have a giant, ''JP''-styled, striped raptor.
** The twin LEGO-lines [[Toys/LEGODinoAttack ''Dino Attack'' and ''Dino 2010'']] also had a figure called "raptor", but it was more like a random, generic theropod dinosaur with horns and a tailfin, in keeping with the mutant theme of the set-line.
*** In the same line, there were the "Mutant Lizards" which were rather raptor-like in appearance, and were the same size as most raptors in pop culture.
* The Cuddlekins (a line of plush animals made by the company Wild Republic) has both a Velociraptor and Utahraptor plush. On the one hand, both toys have accurate (at the time the toys were made) information on each of the dinosaurs, look fairly realistic (for plush toys), and have feathered bodies. On the other hand, the Utahraptor plush isn't quite as "fluffy" as the Velociraptor and both plush have their hands facing downwards (something that's impossible for real-life Dromaeosaurs).

[[folder:Video Games]]
* The ''Franchise/JurassicPark'' licensed games capitalize heavily on the raptors' appeal. The raptor is a playable character in both UsefulNotes/SegaGenesis games, with Dr. Grant serving as the main antagonist, and ''The Lost World'''s 3d platformer also had a raptor as one of the playable characters.
* ''VideoGame/DinoCrisis'' had ''Franchise/JurassicPark'' style "raptors", which disappointingly served as low-level [[TheGoomba goomba]]s.
** And for its next trick, it had {{Super Persistent Predator}}y... therizinosaurs. (To be fair, that particular group of animals was very poorly understood at the time. For ''Therizinosaurus'' itself, all we had were a pair of terrifyingly huge claws -- it has since turned out that their owner looked less like a giant murderbeast and more like Big Bird.)
* ''VideoGame/SecretOfEvermore'' opens with a HeadsIWinTailsYouLose battle against a pair of raptors. These foes tend to pounce forward with their clawed feet extended, making them an annoyance even into the late phase of the game. In the final dungeon, you confront robotic versions.
* The game ''[[http://raptorsafari.com/ Off-Road Velociraptor Safari!]]'' is a work that features Velociraptors with feathers for once, if only because [[RefugeInAudacity raptors getting hit by a car driven by a Velociraptor wearing a pith helmet]] [[RuleOfCool looks cooler]] with PerpetualMolt.
* ''Franchise/{{Pokemon}}''
** ''VideoGame/PokemonBlackAndWhite'' has Archen and Archeops, who appear to based on deinonychosaurs/archaeopterygids and are (thankfully) covered in feathers. They lack the killing claws on their feet, however...but [[ShownTheirWork on the other hand]], Archen can do Wing-Assisted-Incline-Running as shown in the anime while Archeops has the oft-forgotten smaller wings on its hindlegs and is a poor flyer like ''Archaeopteryx'' in real life (meanwhile Archen cannot fly at all).
** Grovyle and Sceptile, the evolutions of the 3rd gen Grass starter Treeko, have some raptor elements to them, such as inward-facing hands and leaves as "feathers". While they may be inaccurate, the line is mostly based on lizards.
** Scyther from the first generation is supposed to look like a praying mantis, but it also has many traits similar to those of a ''Jurassic Park''-esque raptor, being swift, territorial, worryingly intelligent and having an overall dinosaur-like design.
* ''VideoGame/DeadSpace2'' features Necromorphs called Stalkers, whose shape, mannerisms, attack patterns, and vocalizations are clearly influenced by ''JP''-style raptors. In a ShoutOut, the console version features a trophy/achievement (earned by surviving the first encounter with them) called "Clever Girls".
* ''VideoGame/MonsterHunter'' has many ''Velociraptor''-like monsters, which are classified as "Theropod Bird Wyverns":
** The series started with the Velociprey type enemies, which were actually more ''Velociraptor''-sized, but it turns out they were just immature versions. The larger Velocidrome Alphas were the first "large" monster most players fought.
** ''Tri'' introduced the Jaggi family, which lacks the "beak" of the Prey/Drome family.
** ''Generations'' introduced the Maccao and Great Maccao, which are finally accurately feathered.
* ''VideoGame/PrimalCarnage'' has the "Novaraptor" (deliberately made to explain why it's not as massive as ''Utahraptor'' or ''Dakotaraptor''), which are Jurassic Park-style raptors, save their non-pronated hands. There's actually two variants - one that's feathered, and one that isn't. Loading screens and backstory said the geneticist had to make two variants because the eccentric millionaire who commissioned them [[RealityIsUnrealistic didn't like the feathered raptors.]] You can also play as an ''Oviraptor'', which is accurately feathered in all variants.
* {{Nanosaur}} has you playing as one. With a jetpack and a blaster than can fire lasers, missiles, and nukes.
* ''VideoGame/FossilFighters'' has several vivosaurs revived from fossils of deinonychosaurs like ''Velociraptor'' (V-Raptor), ''Bradycneme'' (Breme), ''Troodon'' (Tro), etc that play this trope straight. To be fair, none of the vivosaurs are realistic. They do however receive points for at least feathering the deinonychosaur vivosaurs, save for ''Deinonychus'' (Nychus) until ''Fossil Fighters Frontier''.
* In ''VideoGame/{{Turok}}'', raptors are common enemies, ranging from plain ol' raptors, ones captured by the various bad guys and turned into cyborg, {{Arm Cannon}} wielding nasties, or evolved, humanoid versions that fight alongside their cousins.
* There is a video game released in Japan called ''DinosaurHunting'', and it has deinonychosaurs actually cloaked in feathers! And it was made in 2003! This game would be an aversion if they hadn't made ''Velociraptor'' too big, along with an albino big as a ''Utahraptor''.
* Raptors were enemies in ''VideoGame/TombRaider'' 1, 3, and [[VideoGame/TombRaiderAnniversary Anniversary]].
* ''SixtyFiveMillionAndOneBC'' has (once again) Jurassic Park styled velociraptors. However, the reason why they are scaly was because feathers made it difficult for the sprites to animate. The game did, however, have a white raptor with a red crest of feathers.
* Raptors are a fairly common creature in ''VideoGame/GuildWars2''. They're covered in feathers and some are designed to resemble modern day bird species like eagles and vultures. The [[VideoGame/GuildWars original game]] had them as well, though located only in the [[LostWorld Tarnished Coast]] regions.
* Fangy from ''VideoGame/ConkersBadFurDay'' is supposed to be a raptor, but he looks more like a generic tyrannosaurid in that he has 2-fingered hands and no killing claws on his feet. He was, however, given the footclaws in ''Live and Reloaded''.
* {{VideoGame/Tekken}} 2 features Alex, a ''kickboxing velociraptor''. He's scaly, but that's the least of his problems. He stands up straight, resembling the classic theropod tripod pose, and has long, powerful arms with boxing gloves on the end. His strange posture comes from the fact that he's basically a PalletSwap of Roger, a BoxingKangaroo. And he's ''awesome''. Could be justified in that he's genetically engineered.
* Scaly raptors are [[http://www.wowhead.com/npcs=1?filter=fa=11#0+2+1 fairly common]] in ''WorldOfWarcraft''. They are particularly heavily associated with trolls, especially the playable Darkspear tribe, who use them as [[HorseOfADifferentColor mounts]] and hunting companions (troll hunters start with a raptor pet). Among their pantheon of loa spirits, the Darkspear seem to follow Gonk the Hunter, who takes the form of a raptor, most closely. To complicate matters slightly, some strains of raptors express ''tribal'' behaviors, like wearing feathers and fetishes. Later on, feathered raptor-shaped dinosaurs called falcosaurs are introduced -- but they're also beaked and generally bird-themed.
* The Chult sections of the ''VideoGame/NeverwinterNights2'' expansion ''[[NeverwinterNights2/StormOfZehir Storm of Zehir]]'' have featherless ''Deinonychus'' as possible encounters. There's also ''Megaraptor'', which surprisingly are portrayed as not dromaeosaurids but [[ShownTheirWork large carnivorous dinosaurs with the big claws on their hands]].
* ''VideoGame/ClubPenguin'' has a feathered dromaeosaurid as a new dinosaur transformation for Prehistoric Party 2014.
* Talon, the skyscraper-sized, LightningBruiser ''Deinonychus'' God of Survival from ''VideoGame/PrimalRage'', who interestingly has feathers on his head - not bad, for a game that came from the 90s and in the wake of Film/JurassicPark. He lords over human-sized raptors, as well.
* Riptor from ''VideoGame/KillerInstinct'' is a human-raptor hybrid, with a hunched-over, barrel-chested human slouch. In the 2013 game it's a {{Cyborg}} raptor on top of that.
* ''theHunter: Primal'' does a partial aversion in that its ''Utahraptor'' have non-pronated hands and fine-looking primaries, although they didn't have a feather coat until the official release of the game. There's also ''Velociraptor'', which are thankfully small.
* ''Marvel Avengers Alliance'' features several missions that take place in the Savage Land, where many enemies are various versions of ''Jurassic Park''-style ''Velociraptor'' (some with laser cannons strapped to their backs.) One variant even has a summon-style attacked called "Clever Girl."
* {{Zigzagged}} by the ''Film/JurassicWorld'' [[VideoGame/JurassicWorldTheGame phone game]]. ''Velociraptor'' itself is naked, of course, but several of the other raptor species you can put in your park, like ''Pyroraptor'' are decently feathered.
* Jurassic Marsh's Raptors from ''VideoGame/PlantsVsZombies2ItsAboutTime'' lack feathers and are larger than the zombies. While they thankfully do not attack plants, they ''do'' attack the zombies... [[DungeonBypass by kicking them 4 squares forwards into your defences]]. If the raptor is charmed by the Perfume-Shroom, however, it plays this trope straight as it kicks zombies away for a OneHitKill (Gargantuars aren't safe either).
* ''VideoGame/TokyoJungle'' features ''Deinonychus'' (featherless and with pronated hands, though appropriately muscular) as playable characters and ''Archaeopteryx'' (more anatomically-accurate, even having [[ShownTheirWork wings on its back legs]]) as huntable animals.
* ''{{VideoGame/Saurian}}'' aims to avert this with both their ''Acheroraptor'' and ''Dakotaraptor'', both of which are appropriately feathered and birdlike.
* ''VideoGame/ArkSurvivalEvolved'':
** The raptors are sparsely feathered and have pronated hands. They're also of large size, though this is more appropriate than most examples, on the count of their dossier identifying their genus as ''Utahraptor''. It should be noted, however, they are ''bigger than trucks''. Unsurprisingly, they're the bane of survivors everywhere.
** ''Microraptor'' is more accurately feathered, but is portrayed as a ferocious pack-hunter using ZergRush.
** The ''Troodon'' have inaccurate feathering and is described as the most intelligent animal on the island next to humans. They also have paralyzing venom, as inspired by ''VideoGame/JurassicParkTheGame''.
* ''VideoGame/Hex'' has the card Pack Raptor, which looks like a Jurassic Park raptor. It also gets more powerful the more Pack Raptors you have in play. And when you play it, you get four new copies of the card randomly inserted into your deck.

[[folder:Web Originals]]
* [[MemeticMutation Philosoraptor]]: [[http://www.makemymood.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/philosaptor-30.jpg Seen here]] getting all chemistry nerdy.
* Blog/TheTyrannosaurChronicles: Subverted by a naked ''Deinonychus'' character, who is said to have shaved all her feathers off in order to [[ShoutOut star in]] ''Franchise/JurassicPark''. The other deinonychosaurs are portrayed with feathers, though mostly not pennaceous ones, probably due to massive work load. More properly feathered deinonychosaurs have been shown to be in the works, but the SeriesHiatus on this project has prevented them from yet making an appearance in the story.
* Website/SpecWorld: More or less completely averted, a little bit of ScienceMarchesOn aside[[note]]Most acutely, some of Spec's dromaeosaurids being descended from ''Megaraptor'', now known to have been a carnosaur rather than a giant dromaeosaurid[[/note]], to the point that the creators decided to kill off nearly all troodonts as a stealth TakeThat to humanoid dinosauroids (and indeed, no dinosauroids at all are allowed for the project).
** Among the different kinds of dromaeosaur families that ''DO'' appear, only three are labeled as "raptors" per se. Other families include mattiraptors, hesperonychids, draks, [[GratuitousNinja ninjas]], and arbros.
* [[http://deinonychosauria.deviantart.com/ These]] [[http://feathernazis.deviantart.com/ two]] Website/DeviantArt groups were created specifically to avert this trope.
* Massively averted by ''Blog/AskAVelociraptor'', much to the delight of dinosaur enthusiasts.
* Averted with quite bird-like raptors in the ''WebAnimation/ReverseJurassicPark'' AKA ''Quaternary Park'' videos, which are spoofs of key scenes of the first JP movie. In fact, paleontologist Thomas Holtz has deemed these the most anatomically accurate animated ''Velociraptor'' ''ever''.
* One short ''WebAnimation/HappyTreeFriends'' smoochie focusing on Disco Bear had him being shredded apart by a raptor after being stomped by a T. rex as one of his many deaths.
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWNyYjZch2Y This]] fun little [[EdutainmentShow edutaining]] song about ''Archeopteryx'' plays with this trope; on the one wing, it's correctly stated to have been from the Jurassic period, referred to as a dinosaur instead of a bird and [[ShowingTheirWork is even referenced as being a maniraptor]]. On the other wing, the cartoon ''Archeopteryx'' has a toothy beak (while ''Archeopteryx'' had teeth, it did ''not'' have a beak) and lacks its sickle claws. Interestingly, the show never gives an answer as to whether or not ''Archeopteryx'' could fly, and the entire video features an {{Adorkable}} cartoon ''Archeopteryx'' trying everything he can to get airborne. HilarityEnsues, naturally.
* [[http://tomozaurus.deviantart.com/art/Meet-The-Pseudosaurs-282772529 "Meet the Pseudosaurs"]] parodies this trope, along with others of its stripe.
* Absolutely parodied with WebOriginal/{{Mortasheen}}'s [[http://www.bogleech.com/mortasheen/bucbuclaw.htm Bucbuclaw]], an ugly chicken-looking thing, whose main attack involves [[NauseaFuel parasitic poop-eggs.]]

* In the ''Webcomic/GiftsOfWanderingIce'' webcomic one of the "ice gifts" turned out to be a living raptor.
* Referenced numerous times in ''Webcomic/{{xkcd}}'', [[http://xkcd.com/87/ like here]].
** They also apparently ''[[BerserkButton really]]'' hate [[http://xkcd.com/292/ badly-written code]].
** Also this little gem: [[http://xkcd.com/758/ Raptor Fences]].
** [[ShowingTheirWork Averted]] in this one: [[http://xkcd.com/1104/ Feathers]]
* ''[[SpeciesSurname Utahraptor]]'' from ''Webcomic/DinosaurComics''. By the way, if you want to see ''Utahraptor'' (and his two theropod friends) portrayed in a [[TitleDrop more historically accurate]] way (meaning feathered), just type in ''&butiwouldratherbereading=somethingmorehistoricallyaccurate'' behind the html-adress of a ''qwantz''-comic of your choice, [[http://www.qwantz.com/index.php?comic=1&butiwouldratherbereading=somethingmorehistoricallyaccurate like this for example]]. Or check out [[Webcomic/DresdenCodak Aaron Diaz']] awesome [[http://www.qwantz.com/index.php?comic=996 guest comic]]!
* Yoshi from ''[[WebComic/TheAdventuresOfDrMcNinja Dr McNinja]]'' is a "classic" ''Franchise/JurassicPark'' Velociraptor (unfeathered, Deinonychus-sized). The authors admit that they do care more for RuleOfCool rather than scientific accuracy.
* Marvin, Libby's [[CoolPet pet dinosaur]] from ''Webcomic/BloodyUrban'' is a partial aversion- he's only about as big as a medium-sized dog with feathery tufts on his head and tail.
* Some of the earlier pages in ''Webcomic/DawnOfTime'' (intentionally) depict ''Franchise/JurassicPark'' style dromaeosaurids. However, a feathered ''Velociraptor'' ''does'' show up in a flashback later on, and the dinosauroids that also feature in one of the story arcs refreshingly avert the "LizardFolk dinosauroid" trope.
* Skull and the Eumaniraptor Trio from ''Webcomic/{{Raptormaniacs}}'' avert this.
* ''Webcomic/ParryAndCarney'' averts this, in spite of some of its deinonychosaurs having been drawn in 2005!
* Averted and lampshaded in this ''Webcomic/SandraAndWoo'' [[http://www.sandraandwoo.com/2013/02/28/0459-velociraptor/ comic]].
* ''Webcomic/NuzlockeComics'' parody this trope with Scythers.
* ''WebComic/ManlyGuysDoingManlyThings'': Averted. [[http://thepunchlineismachismo.com/archives/comic/i-didnt-even-have-a-joke-for-this-week Jet's raptors]] are realistically sized (somewhere between a chicken and a turkey), brightly plumaged, coo like pigeons, docile enough to be picked up and more interested in begging for scraps of roast chimera than savaging anyone. They also are tame enough to be trained as Ace's waiters (complete with tiny bespoke tuxedos) [[spoiler: and possibly accept a modern-day turkey as their alpha.]]

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* ''WesternAnimation/TheLandBeforeTime'' television series had a pair of villainous ''[[ThoseTwoBadGuys Utahraptor]]'' named Screech and Thud who were often seen with the BigBad Redclaw. Both lack feathers and have two fingers instead of three.
* The villain of ''WesternAnimation/DinoSquad'' is a humanoid ''Velociraptor'' named Victor Veloci. Curiously, the mentor figure of the titular Squad is also a velociraptor-person.
* Averted by the ''Velociraptor'', ''Archaeopteryx'', and ''Microraptor'' in ''WesternAnimation/DinosaurTrain'' (ScienceMarchesOn for the coloration of the latter two). The ''Troodon'', ''Utahraptor'' (which initially even gets mispronunced as "Ultraraptor"), and ''Deinonychus really'' lack plumage, however.
* ''WesternAnimation/IlEtaitUneFois'':
** In an episode of the French animated {{Edutainment}} show ''Once Upon a Time...'', the characters watch as a group of '80s-styled, kangaroo-''Deinonychus'' attack a large Sauropod dinosaur. What makes them so "kangaroo" is that not only are they shown standing fully erect, they move around by hopping. Raptors can hardly get more retro than this!
** The first episode of ''Once Upon a Time... Man'' had a four-fingered ''Archaeopteryx'' evolving out of "thecodonts" through the hypothetical "''Proavis''" phase.
* The ''Velociraptor'' that gets locked into Jimmy's closet in a ''WesternAnimation/JimmyNeutron'' episode is the standard ''JP''-styled fare.
* In ''WesternAnimation/ExtremeDinosaurs'', three anthropomorphic raptors are the main villains. Even before being transformed, they are much larger than real ''Velociraptors'' and don't have feathers (although feathers were unknown at the time the show was made).
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Dinosaucers}}'' may or may not have one deinonychosaur with [[ADogNamedDog Teryx]] the ''Archaeopteryx'', depending on the issue if her genus belongs into this clade or not. (See the paragraph in the introduction.) On the villains' side, Princess Dei, Genghis Rex's sister, is another example. She is featherless, besides the issue of her being a ''Deinonychus'' and him being a TyrannosaurusRex.
** The fact that she's featherless is a case of ScienceMarchesOn, as the show was made in the 1980s.
* ''[[WesternAnimation/ImADinosaur I'm a Dinosaur]]'' had a very sparsely feathered ''Velociraptor'' with too broad a skull, a ''Troodon'' that might as well be a ''Coelophysis'' (yeah, have fun in the Arctic without feathers), a decently-feathered ''Sinornithoides'' that [[NoPronunciationGuide can't pronounce its own name]][[note]] Actually sine-OR-nih-THOY-deez, suh-NOR-nith-oyds in the show[[/note]] and a deinonychosaurian ''Megaraptor'' (which wasn't even considered a coelurosaur, let alone a deinonychosaur, at the time).
* ''WesternAnimation/TheMagicSchoolBus'' episode "The Busasaurus" featured a ''Troodon'' pack. Amusingly, they're sized accurately if you pay close attention, but they sort of tried to hide this using ForcedPerspective. Being outright inaccurate wouldn't do on a science show, after all. They're also scaled, but [[ScienceMarchesOn the episode is from 1995]].
* One episode of ''WesternAnimation/AceVentura: Pet Detective'' TheAnimatedSeries had the eponymous detective go into a cage inhabited by a velociraptor the size of a small bear.
* ''WesternAnimation/ScoobyDooLegendOfThePhantosaur'' REALLY messes up ''Velociraptor'' by not only using the classic ''Jurassic Park'' design, but also giving them [[ArtisticLicensePaleontology HORNS]]. Then again, they turned out to be yet another ScoobyDooHoax but still.
** Then again, the perpetrator apparently found the ''Velociraptor'' costumes in a ''museum''.
* An episode of ''WesternAnimation/IAmWeasel'' has the Red Guy as a cavewoman try to woo Weasel by offering him a Velociraptor pie. [[HilarityEnsues A live Velociraptor then pops out of the pie and mauls "her"]].
* The two villains of ''WesternAnimation/KungFuDinoPosse'', Skor and Skrap, are called "raptors", but they don't look like real dinosaurs in any way. They don't have feathers and they have frills like the ''Dilophosaurus'' in ''JurassicPark'' and head quills similar to the ''Velociraptor'' from the third ''Jurassic Park'' film.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'' episode "The Days of Future Future" featured ''Utahraptor'' with feathery tufts on their heads, necks, and arms.
* The ''WesternAnimation/GoDiegoGo'' special "The Great Dinosaur Rescue" featured ''Troodon'' with only a coating of fuzz (no wings or a tail fan).
* The ''WesternAnimation/LittlestPetShop2012'' episode "A Day at the Museum" had what was referred to as a ''Velociraptor'', but it was more identical to an ''Allosaurus'' and lacked both feathers and the killing claws.
* In the ''WesternAnimation/PhineasAndFerb'' episode "Mandace", Doofenshmirtz is turned into a dinosaur that he calls a ''Velociraptor'', but has little specific resemblance to ''Velociraptor'' besides its size and generic theropod shape. Then again, knowing [[{{Cloudcuckoolander}} Doofenshmirtz]], he either thought it was cooler to call it ''Velociraptor'' or simply doesn't know what ''Velociraptor'' really looks like.
* The ''WesternAnimation/GravityFalls'' episode "Land Before Swine" had a typical ''Film/JurassicPark''-styled raptor with two-fingered hands (which doesn't correspond with any known deinonychosaur).
* Sylvia of ''WesternAnimation/WanderOverYonder'' bears some raptor-like similarities such as an S-shaped neck and even "feathers" on her head and the tip of her tail, although she's an alien rather than an actual dinosaur.
* Photography Raptor from ''WesternAnimation/RickAndMorty'' is your typical oversized scaly JP raptor. Justified, in that [[spoiler:he's an alien parasite in disguise.]]

[[folder:Real Life]]
* A six-eyed, cave-dwelling spider was given the name ''Trogloraptor'' due to its distinctive sickle-shaped claws.
** This sounds relatively tame compared to ''Tyrannobdella rex'' a parasitic leech named after ''T. rex''.
* The NBA UsefulNotes/{{Basketball}} team the UsefulNotes/{{Toronto}} Raptors' [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Toronto_Raptors.svg imagery]] is directly inspired by the ''Jurassic Park'' craze of the mid-90's, as the team was founded in 1995 during the NBA's expansion into Canada.
->''"[[Film/JurassicPark Clever]] [[FamousLastWords girl...]]"''