When it is stated or implied that a character is gay because of sexual assault. The rapist is [[AlwaysMale usually male]], and the rape itself is usually penetrative.

According to this trope, both male and female victims exhibit the same response to rape, which is to become attracted to the same sex. Men become attracted to men, and women become repulsed by men. This trope is based on the premise that heterosexuality is the "default" state, and that people are only gay as psychological response sexual trauma: addiction for men and revulsion for women. The further implication is that being gay is inherently unhealthy and interferes with a "normal" sex life.

A variant is where a secretly ([[TransparentCloset or not-so-secretly]]) gay character is propelled violently from the closet by unwelcome sexual contact. This version is always the male/male subtrope, and verges on "victim falls for rapist." While this ''can'' happen, it is not likely. The PG version of this reduces intercourse to some milder form of sexual contact, usually a kiss.

Finally, there's the [[TruthInTelevision real life]] hate crime of [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corrective_rape corrective rape]], where the victim is raped in order to force conformity for the social norms of the place and time; commonly but not exclusively targeted at gay people in order to [[CureYourGays turn them heterosexual]]. Some men who were raped/molested as boys, thinking they did something to attract the rapist, report coming to the conclusion that they must be gay and behaving accordingly in adult life.

It is Administrivia/NotASubversion when a rape survivor does not become gay, nor is it automatically played straight if a gay person reveals that they were sexually assaulted/abused in the past. Abuse survivors are as likely to be any sexual orientation as anyone else. For this reason, this trope is passing into DiscreditedTrope territory, as there is no single cause of homosexuality, forced or otherwise.

An exception is fanfiction. Many fanfics ''love'' this trope, using it [[SturgeonsLaw to an absurd degree]]. Hentai and other pornographic stories involving some form of rape of a target whose sexuality is [[IncompatibleOrientation not in preference of the rapist's gender]] are often guilty of this as well. Related to CureYourGays (if the character embarks on pleasant heterosexual sex and consequently has a change of heart). May overlap with PromiscuityAfterRape.

[[{{Snowclones}} Has no relation with]] BaitAndSwitch.

!!Examples of raped men turning gay:


[[folder: Anime and Manga]]

* Legato Bluesummers from the ''Manga/{{Trigun}}'' manga is shown to have been raped (possibly numerous times) by the town mayor, or someone like a mayor. After he gets rescued by Knives he is later seen being only attracted to and in love with men (namely Knives and possibly [[FoeYay Vash]]).[[note]]Though [[TwinThreesomeFantasy that could be considered]] SingleTargetSexuality.[[/note]]
* Suzu from the ''Manga/PeacemakerKurogane'' manga. He was "adopted" by a rich old man and raped. [[UnfortunateImplications This apparently caused him to become gay]] (as well as AxCrazy). It's pretty obvious when he wears nail polish, effeminate clothes, lipstick, flirts with men, and acts like a StalkerWithACrush with Tetsunosuke.
* Genkaku from ''Manga/DeadmanWonderland'', after getting repeatedly raped and beaten by a group of bullies (who were monk trainees like him) at the temple during his childhood, became gay. He seems to express disgust and contempt towards women, and is [[InLoveWithYourCarnage shown to have a strong attraction to Nagi]]. In fact, he pretty much confesses to Nagi that he "loved him."
* [[CreepyChild Alois Trancy]] in the second season of ''Manga/BlackButler''. In the beginning of the first episode, Alois is shown with many bruises all over his body and marks around his ankles, and he is shown laying in bed naked next to an old man who likewise unclothed. This is confirmed in episode 8 where we see Lord Trancy made him is favorite SexSlave. Following that we see him do things like alternate between being AxCrazy and [[StepfordSmiler cute and innocent at the drop of a hat,]] treat his female maid like complete crap, act in a flamboyant manner, wear black stockings with high-heeled boots and short-shorts, act [[HoYay very attached]] to his butler Claude and pretty much flirts with Sebastian when he first meets him by leaning into him, smelling him and proclaiming that Sebastian "smells good". In the fifth episode he cross-dresses as a maid, pretty much tries to seduce Ciel and outright tells Ciel that he "wants" him. He also confesses his love for Claude and is a {{Yandere}} for him. This is only a partial example, since we don't know for certain that the rape ''caused'' his status as a DepravedHomosexual, but it's heavily implied that it lead to him becoming [[MindRape tremendously twisted,]] perhaps affecting his conceptions of sex worst of all.
* Gilbert Cocteau from ''Manga/KazeToKiNoUta'', who is believed to be the inspiration for Alois Trancy. He was raped first by his father (whom he believed to be his uncle), and then by Bonnard. Auguste himself was raped by his brother, and in fact, he adopted Gilbert solely for that purpose.
* ''Manga/SakuraGari'': Definitely [[spoiler: Masataka]] is going this way, but he manages to ''just'' scrape through on a subversion in that [[spoiler: Masataka ''was'' turned on when Souma hit on him in the library back in the very first chapter, indicating at least [[BiTheWay some kind of attraction before that point]] ]], but it still swerves close enough to this trope played straight to be a little [[UnfortunateImplications uncomfortable]]. The fact that their relationship before this point was rather more pure and platonic with serious HoYay subtext could also be seen as another way this trope was subverted. It's still not a nice outcome for the poor boy, though.
** [[spoiler: ''Souma'']] on the other hand, has this trope played rather more straight, where he was raped and used for sex by so many people that he eventually came to just not distinguish between genders and would sleep with men or women.
* This seems to be the case with Jeremy from ''Manga/ACruelGodReigns''. A the beginning of the series, he has a girlfriend and has no interest in other men that he shows, but the longer Greg sexually and physically abuses him, the more interested in men (or more specifically, Ian), he becomes, although he does have feelings for Nadia for a short period. Eventually Jeremy becomes[[spoiler: a {{Hooker with a Heart of Gold}}]] because of his blatant post-traumatic stress disorder and consequential drug addiction, which probably doesn't help him out either. If anything, Jeremy is probably BiTheWay.
* ''Anime/MobileSuitGundamUnicorn'''s Angelo Sauper, one of the few canonically gay ''Gundam'' characters, is implied to have been turned gay by his sexually abusive stepfather in the novel version. This was, understandably, omitted from the more well known anime version.
* ''Anime/RevolutionaryGirlUtena'': [[spoiler: Touga]] is revealed to have been raped by his stepfather as a child in the movie which makes all his relationships with both men and women fall into nightmare territory. He [[TheCasanova goes through woman like tissue paper]], [[spoiler: sleeps with Miki in a scene hinting at dubious consent in the novels]], has a close relationship with his adoptive sister Nanami, has a thing for Utena (and approaches her in the novels after his 'scene' with Miki which makes Miki worry for her), and is implied to have slept with Akio and had a three way with Saionji (who he manipulates very cruelly) and Akio The relationship between Nanami and Touga especially falls into NoYay, thanks to her sheer obsession with him and the way he emotionally manipulates her. It all reaches a head in episode 32, in which Touga suddenly tries to rape Nanami in Akio's car (which she fights off in horror) and gets angry because if sex isn't what she wanted, then what does she want? Actually, the sheer level of bullshit he pulls on her in that episode is nightmarish in itself. That Touga's idea of family love has been so completely warped by the rape makes the entire mess chilling, to say the least.
* Anri's past as a SexSlave in ''Manga/{{Adekan}}'' is implied to have had a hand in turning him into a psychotic DepravedBisexual that is so depraved he'll even go after a male panda. Not to mention going through the motions of attempting rape himself on males and females.
** Shiro is implied to have been a SexSlave as well and while he's primarily into women, his heart has considerably softened in regards to the kindhearted Kojiro and it's implied that he's fallen in love with him. He also has numerous intimate scenes with his sworn brother Anri.
* ''Manga/OkaneGaNai'': In an example of rape leading to romance, Ayase is raped by Kanou and is made a SexSlave. He's terrified of Kanou at first but Kanou's soft spot and love towards him makes him fall in love with Kanou as well, partially because he DesperatelyCravesAffection. As of chapter 37, it's made pretty clear that Ayase has developed into being IfItsYouItsOkay for Kanou.

[[folder: Comic Books]]

* Averted with Herr Starr, the main villain of the Creator/GarthEnnis series ''ComicBook/{{Preacher}}'': he stays straight but can't orgasm with a woman unless she penetrates him anally with... something. Of course by the time he gets to the fish-ramming stage (... don't ask, please), he has no genitalia -- but presumably does still have a prostate. Also [[LampshadeHanging lampshaded]] while he was beating his assistant, who hired the man who raped him (again, don't ask), for "Turning him into a homosexual", his other assistant chimes in with "I don't think it works that way..."
* ''ComicBook/ChickTracts'' have this trope [[IncrediblyLamePun up the ass]]. To the point that the change in sexual preference is explained by possession by a 'demon of defilement' because of rape that occurred during their childhood. It's not just men turning gay, but it usually is.
* [[Franchise/SpiderMan Electro]] attributes his [[BiTheWay wanting to experiment with his sexuality]] [[PrisonRape with the time he spent in prison]].
* It was implied that this might be the case for Striker in ''Comicbook/AvengersAcademy'', who was molested by his manager as a young boy. However, his classmate [[ComicBook/PowerPack Julie Power]] shoots down this notion, and tells a crying Striker that his abuser does not hold that sort of power over him.

[[folder: FanFic]]
* A variation is referenced but not actually accurate in ''FanFic/{{Hivefled}}'', where the victim wonders if his abuse caused his [[{{Transgender}} genderfluid]] status. It didn't, but he hadn't really thought about it until that point.

[[folder: Film]]

* In the Creator/PaulVerhoeven film, ''Spetters'', a character preys on gay men, leading them on before beating them up and robbing them. The tables are turned when he is gang raped, accepts himself as gay and begins a relationship with one of his rapists. Steven Spielberg recommended Verhoeven for ''Film/ReturnOfTheJedi''. Then he saw this. The rest is history.
* Though not a true example of this trope, ''Film/KickAss'' deserves mention here. Early on, the main character removes his secret superhero costume after being severely beaten, and his dad and his schoolmates believe that he has been raped by muggers and that he is now gay or had been working as a male prostitute.

[[folder: Literature]]

* Creator/AnneMcCaffrey's ''Literature/DragonridersOfPern'' series. [=McCaffrey=] herself once said in [[http://web.archive.org/web/20140215152959/http://www.journalfen.net/community/fandom_wank/187049.html an interview]] that being anally penetrated will cause a man to become gay and mentioned that she once a knew a guy who [[SuddenlySexuality became gay]] after being raped with a tent-peg. The tent-peg story has undergone much MemeticMutation, especially in {{fanfic}} criticism circles where a tent-peg will often be blamed if a character in a fic inexplicably switches orientation. Make comparisons to trying to fit [[IncrediblyLamePun round pegs into square holes]] at your own discretion.
* Possibly the reason for Jarl's sexuality in Brent Weeks' ''Literature/TheNightAngelTrilogy''. Early in the first book, as a child, Jarl is raped by Rat (or at least such is implied), and upon his return to the plot as an adult, it is revealed that he is bisexual.
* In Creator/ChuckPalahniuk's novel ''Literature/{{Pygmy}}'', the titular VillainProtagonist (a TeenSuperspy sent by a PeoplesRepublicOfTyranny to destroy America) brutally sodomizes a [[TheBully bully]] named Trevor in a bathroom stall as revenge for harassing him, causing him (referred to as "Trevor bitch anus" from there on out) to grow sexually attracted to Pygmy. This may be some kind of commentary on this phenomenon in fiction, since Palahniuk himself is gay and has written several gay characters before.
* In Creator/StephenKing's ''Literature/RoseMadder,'' a minor character reminisces about having been gay ever since two of his father's friends took turns performing oral sex on him when he was a young child.
** Ambiguous, actually--the character is referring to his fucked-up approach to sexuality, but it's not actually clear that he is gay. [[BigBad Norman]] clearly thinks he is, but Norman doesn't exactly have the most sane and balanced relationship with reality.
* Ellen Hopkins' novel ''Literature/{{Impulse}}'' uses this trope. After being raped by his mother's boyfriend at age 8 and later men in jail, Tony assumes himself to be gay for many years. However, he later finds himself attracted to and begins a relationship with a young woman. At any rate, it's heavily implied that Tony was not born gay, but "never really had the chance" not to be.
* Implied in ''Literature/TheSilenceOfTheLambs''. "Jame is not really gay, it's just something he picked up in prison."
* In the Norwegian book ''Yearning'' (Part of a long series called ''Literature/LegendOfTheIcePeople'') a male character was molested as a child and later get [[CureYourGays "Cured"]] [[NoBisexuals when falling in love with the heroine]]. It's unclear if it's a case of UnfortunateImplications and ignorance or homophobia.
* Played with in the [[UsefulNotes/FurryFandom furry]] novel ''Literature/AFoxTail'', a psychologist suggests that [[CampGay Vulpie]] isn't actually gay but thinks he is due to being raped repeatedly by a PedophilePriest and his buddies. His loving relationship with Polar notwithstanding.
* Rusty Godowski by the end of ''Film/MyraBreckinridge''; his rapist is a woman.
* ''Hamlet's Father'' by ''Creator/OrsonScottCard'' has as part of its backstory Hamlet's father raping pretty much the entire male cast (except maybe Claudius and Polonious), turning the lot of them gay. This is why Hamlet's insane. Also, [[spoiler:Horatio killed Hamlet's dad as revenge for the aforementioned orientation-destroying sodomy]].
* In ''Literature/IHaveNoMouthAndIMustScream'', Benny was gay, before meeting AM. However, it should be noted that AM is a psychotic almost physical god, who tortured him for a hundred and nine years, made him from beautiful to looking like a monkey, and exaggerated his [[MurderArsonandJaywalking sexual]] [[BiggerisBetterinBed organs]].

[[folder: Live-Action TV]]

* The victims of [[spoiler:Woody Goodman]] on ''Series/VeronicaMars''. Of the 4 we know about, one was definitely gay, another was sexually "on the fence" (as another character put it), and one... well... it's subject to AlternateCharacterInterpretation, but there's definitely subtext. The fourth victim we know about (or was strongly implied) doesn't have his sexuality brought into the whole thing, but he was less important than the first 3.
* Beecher from ''Series/{{OZ}}'' becomes bisexual after being raped in prison.
** Franklin Winthrop, a straight man, is about to willingly go down on Keller [[spoiler:right before Keller kills him in revenge of Beecher's father.]]
*** Oddly enough, both of these men were the prags of Vern Schillinger.
* Implied by Mike Tyson in a press conference, where he responded to a (male) heckler in the crowd with "I'll fuck you 'til you love me, faggot!"

[[folder: Theatre]]

* This is assumed (by the other characters) to be the case with Beethoven in ''Theatre/DogSeesGod''. Even after [[spoiler:he enters a relationship with CB]] it's unclear.

[[folder: Web Original]]

* In [[http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=DEBCC868724EAA19 kpts4tv, mac_sly56, and Arkonid's]] ''[[WebVideo/DeathNoteTheAbridgedSeriesKpts4tv Death Note Abridged Series]]'' this happens to [[Manga/DeathNote Light]] [[BlackComedyRape after being molested by Ryuk.]] [[TransparentCloset Though it's implied he was already gay; just in the closet.]]
* There's a CreepyPasta where the main character becomes gay after his girlfriend turned out to be some kind of {{succubus}}.

!!Examples of raped women turning lesbian:

[[folder: Anime and Manga]]

* In ''Manga/AfterSchoolNightmare'', DamselInDistress Kureha falls in love with protagonist Mashiro for this reason: she was raped when she was in kindergarten, and overheard her father saying some very brutal things to her mother, which lead her to severely distrust and hate men. So when she finds out that Mashiro is pretty much a [[{{Bifauxnen}} flat-chested girl that looks like a guy]], she falls in love with him/her.
* In ''Manga/HaruNatsuAkiFuyu'' both Natsuki and Fuyuka have an aversion to men due to traumatic past experiences, although it's never claimed that this is the cause of their lesbianism.
* An unusual case occurs in ''Manga/BlueDrop'', where women are trained from youth to be lesbian {{Sex Slave}}s for the Arume. This is an example of women being raped by women with the intention of turning them gay.

[[folder: Fan Fiction]]
* At least one ''{{Series/Firefly}}'' fic does this, though the character wasn't raped, just threatened with rape (for specifics, the paring was River/Kaylee, where Kaylee was really shaken up by Early's threats in Objects In Space).
* Subverted in the Lyrical Nanoha fic, ''Behind The Smile''. Hayate was sexually abused in her childhood, and becomes quite uncomfortable around men, decidingto act as though she's attracted to her female friends to get the boys at school to leave her alone. She does, however, eventually fall for Yuuno.
* While she's bisexual for most of the story, Blackjack of ''FalloutEquestriaProjectHorizons'' becomes deathly afraid of stallions after she's brutally gang raped as part of a TraumaCongaLine that involved her horn getting smashed off, her legs ''nailed to the floor, necessitating them to be sawed off'', and eventually ''dying'' of her injuries and only getting better due to a scientist character giving her her prosthetics, leaving said scientist as a BrainInAJar. When she leaves the group for a while as a part of it she has to physically restrain herself from lashing out against another stallion she meets when he playfully slaps her behind. She gets better, though.

[[folder: Film]]

* [[DiscussedTrope Discussed]] in ''Film/ButImACheerleader'' when Jan says that she's actually straight and that she was just sent to the camp because she's butch, but the counselors told her that she ''has'' to be lesbian because she was molested as a child.

[[folder: Literature]]

* In the ''Literature/ApprenticeAdept'' series by Creator/PiersAnthony, a female Adept[[note]]Brown, if you must know[[/note]] is lesbian because of rape in her childhood. Note that this was Anthony ''trying to be nice'' about lesbians, after people misinterpreted the [[DoesNotLikeMen man-hating]] Red Adept as lesbian earlier and wrote him angry letters. He was trying, but still missed the mark.
* Pussy Galore in the novel ''Literature/{{Goldfinger}}'' became a lesbian after she was molested by her uncle as a child. She "changes back" when Literature/JamesBond's appearance seduces her. In an interview, when discussing inspirations for playing her character, the actress who played Pussy Galore said something along the lines of "I knew she was a lesbian, so I tried to play somebody who had been abused as a child."
* A rather bizarre version occurred in the Creator/ChristopherMoore novel ''Literature/FlukeOrIKnowWhyTheWingedWhaleSings''. A pair of female marine biologists are at sea researching the mating patterns of humpback whales, when their tiny boat is caught between a female humpback and a pair of males. After [[spoiler:being savagely beaten by ten foot long penises and covered in gallons of whale semen]], they promptly decide to become lesbians and start dating each other. Slightly excusable in that the story is a very dark comedy and not meant to be taken seriously.
* The novel ''Literature/DeadSleep'': a murdered woman's close friend was raped as a child or young teen, and became a lesbian later on.
* In the novel ''Literature/{{Hannibal}}'', Margot Verger becomes a lesbian after her horrible childhood of being [[BrotherSisterIncest raped by her brother, Mason]]. It's briefly implied that she may actually be bisexual when there seems to be mutual attraction between her and Barney when they're in the showers together, but it never goes any further. When the novel was adapted for the TV series of ''{{Series/Hannibal}}'' WordOfGod says the part where it caused her lesbianism (though she is still a lesbian) was specifically left out because of the UnfortunateImplications.
* Averted in ''Literature/TheSwordOfTruth'' where Richard assumes one of the Mord-Sith became a lesbian after the "rape" section of her TrainingFromHell, to be informed that no, she was before this ordeal. One of the vanishingly rare instances of [[MartyStu Richard]] actually being wrong about something (note it happened in the first third of the series), as well as him wanting to keep her as a friend even though he wasn't sure about the morality of it. Of course, if Creator/TerryGoodkind believed this trope there wouldn't be [[AuthorAppeal any straight women left in his novels]].
* Discussed in ''Literature/HowNOTToWriteANovel''. One small segment has you fill in the blank after each question with one of four responses, then scores your response based on how much of a cliché it was - '''In her childhood, the lesbian:''' "was sexually abused" is ranked as most cliché, with the others, in decreasing order, being "[[ButchLesbian liked to play with trucks, not dolls]]," "[[KissingCousins had a crush on her pretty aunt]]" and "[[RefugeInAudacity made porcupines cry with the sheer beauty of her knitting]]."
* In ''Literature/TheHotelNewHampshire'', Franny decides to try out women after being raped. But she later decides it isn't for her. The author is too good to try to claim a RapeAndSwitch, he just notes she is quite confused about her emotional state.
* Molly, from Rubyfruit Jungle, was [[NotIfTheyEnjoyedItRationalization raped by her female roommate]], which helped her realize that was a lesbian.
* ''Steel Beach'' approaches this in a more "realistic" fashion. The character who was raped is bisexual, and in fact is attracted to the male main character, but can't quite bring herself to have sex with him until [[spoiler:[[GenderBender he becomes a woman]].]]
* A debatable example in one of Creator/TamoraPierce's ''Literature/ProtectorOfTheSmall'' characters. Lalasa has had a seriously shitty life; she's been raped, attempted-raped, or otherwise abused by a variety of men including her own brother. Sure enough, WordOfGod has it that [[WordOfGay she's a lesbian]], and while the sexual abuse she's suffered isn't said to have caused it per se it does leave the interpretation open.
* Mistle from ''Literature/TheTimeOfContempt'' and ''Literature/BaptismOfFire'' is revealed to have been gang-raped and left for dead by the soldiers of an invading army. She survived and found her will to fight again, but only had relationships with women thereafter. In ''TOC'', she also gives Ciri the LovingForce treatment, making her if not lesbian, then at least bisexual.
* Maybe Celie from ''Film/TheColorPurple''. She says she is rather afraid of men when contemplating her attraction to women.
* In the second book of the Great and Terrible Beauty trilogy, it's revealed that Felcity was molested by her father as a child. In the third book, her relationship with Pippa is revealed as explicitly romantic, just in time for Pippa to [[DepravedBisexual go mad with power and die]].

[[folder: Live-Action TV]]
* Tara from ''Series/TrueBlood'' is dating a woman as of the fourth season. While it's explicitly stated that she's bi, there are still UnfortunateImplications that she only gave women a try because she was raped by a male vampire in season 3.
* In one episode of the Creator/{{Netflix}} original series ''Series/OrangeIsTheNewBlack'', Vause threatens to rape Pennsatucky, and implies that [[HeteronormativeCrusader Pennsatucky]] will enjoy it so much that she will become gay. This is an unusual example in that it is a case where rape by another woman is implied to turn a woman gay, although it should be noted that this does not actually happen; Vause only threatens it.
** Should also be noted that Vause likely doesn't believe what she's saying, she's simply using Pennsatucky's deluded notions about gay people.

[[folder: Theatre]]

* ''Theatre/TheVaginaMonologues'' has rather controversial piece where a character is raped by men multiple times as a child... but becomes a lesbian because she is "healed" when seduced (while underage, making it statutory rape) by another woman. This piece is censored to remove lines like her declaring the experience to be "[[NotIfTheyEnjoyedItRationalization good rape]]" and raising her age from 13 to 16, mostly because in the view of the monologues, this experience is a ''[[FamilyUnfriendlyAesop good thing]]''. Some performances cut this monologue entirely because for many people, it makes the rest of the play almost unwatchable.

[[folder: Web Original]]

* Relatively justified in Literature/IlivaisX, because for Iriana, straight sex would feel the same as getting repeatedly electrocuted for anyone else (due to inverting reception of pain and pleasure), which she found out the hard way. Several times. Before the age of 15. It makes sense that for her to enjoy any kind of intimacy at all, it would have be with a girl simply because the painful aspect isn't even possible.

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* Rocky from ''Webcomic/TooMuchInformation'' at least had the false memory of her father raping her put into her head by suggestion, and likely was raped by one or more of his friends. As a result, as becomes clear when she sleepwalks into a male roommate's bed, her bisexuality is repressed by a complex over the idea of sex with men, until she ultimately starts a relationship with a male-identified full-time transvestite (who, interestingly, [[IfItsYouItsOkay had previously identified as gay]], with no such "excuse") who lets her, uniquely, refer to him with female pronouns.

!!Examples of raped women turning straight:

* The VillainProtagonist of Creator/LRonHubbard's ''Literature/MissionEarth'' series gets tortured by a pair of lesbians hoping to use this trope to turn him gay, as outlined in the strategy of "[[AuthorTract Psychiatric Birth Control]]." The next book he gets them back by raping them, and the experience not only cures them of their psychologist indoctrination, but leads them to not only beg him to stay and have sex with them every night, but actually pay him to do so. Then the book after that, they start rounding up their other lesbian friends and bringing them over for him to have sex with, in one case forcing a woman to submit.