[[http://thejuicemedia.com/ Rap News :: Juice Media]]. [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin News commentary done as rap.]] Published online, and with a liberal bias. Anchored by Robert Foster.

!!Provides examples of the following tropes:
* AnAesop: At the end of every segment is a summary, usually delivering one of these.
* ConspiracyTheorist: Terence Moonseed, Alex Jones
* MemeticBadass: Julian Assange, particularly when
-> Foster: Is there a danger that you could leak something that should genuinely remain classified?
-> Assange: Oh, what, Robert, you mean something like this?
-> [[NoNameGiven Woman of unknown name in leak]]: Welcome to Gamma Phi Delta, now you're my bitch!
-> Foster: How did you get those portraits?!
-> Assange: I told you, Robert, ([[Film/TheMatrix fade out in a field of moving, green, text]]) we never reveal our sources...
* NoCelebritiesWereHarmed: Except perhaps their reputations...
* OldMediaAreEvil: Hey, it's NewMedia, what do you expect.
* Playful Hacker: Julian Assange
* YouHaveNoIdeaWhoYoureDealingWith: Julian Assange and General Baxter played this on each other:
-> Baxter: You'd better listen, and do what you're told to do. Your grave will be hidden, when we get ahold of you. [[ColdBloodedTorture We'll tuck you on the barby flames like shrimps! Don't you remember what we did to Davy Hicks!]]
-> Assange: I was going to wait until the end of the week, but I think it's time to release the next Wikileak. After collatoral murder, this is collatoral killing spree. A voice you recognize, committing acts of infamy. (video of Baxter [[AxeCrazy ordering an attack on random farmers]])