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->'''Messenger:''' This is blasphemy! This is ''madness''!\\
'''Leonidas:''' Madness? '''…[[MemeticMutation This! Is! SPARTA!]]'''
-->-- ''Film/ThreeHundred''
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[[DescribeTopicHere Describe! Punctuated! For! Emphasis!]] '''[[DescribeTopicHere HERE!!!]]'''

[[SelfDemonstratingArticle LINES. DELIVERED. WITH. EXTREME! EMPHASIS! ON… EVERY!]] ''[[SelfDemonstratingArticle WORD!]]'' '''[[SelfDemonstratingArticle ESPECIALLY. THE.]] ''[[SelfDemonstratingArticle ENDING!!!!]]'''''

This is {{dialogue}} [[MundaneMadeAwesome transformed into]] {{spectacle}}. It is normally used in ChewingTheScenery and with accordance to the RuleOfCool, and is a favorite {{handwave}} for AcousticLicense. A person who does this often will come across as a LargeHam or just someone with NoIndoorVoice. Done badly, [[{{Narm}} it can torpedo a dramatic scene]]. Done well, it can be part of a SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome, although rarely the ''only'' component.

Often it's done with exclamation points to invoke the dramatic power of an emotional character, who's showing that you'd better take him seriously.

For a character who's cool, calm and unfazed (but no less professional and serious) it is done with periods, sometimes to show being serious, others to show whomever just used the exclamation points that [[NoSell they're not impressed]].

Many times invokes the RuleOfThree. Sometimes a part of a SkywardScream. If each word is accompanied with an attack then it's a PunctuatedPounding. If the delivery ends with a swear, then it's ThisIsForEmphasisBitch.

A frequent variant, notably in AnimeAndManga, is when a [[AlwaysFemale female character]] articulates the end of a sentence on a quiet, seductive tone to tease a male one ([[SayItWithHearts heart optional]]). Just. Like. This. ♡

Often leads to the line [[MemeticMutation becoming memetic.]] An interesting experiment is to go on a MemeticMutation page and see how many of the entries ''aren't'' due to ChewingTheScenery, Punctuated! For! Emphasis!, or hilarious {{Narm}} (often because of the other two).

Here is a [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExAkOgEUq58 compilation]] with a lot of examples.


* [[PunctuatedForEmphasis/AnimeAndManga Anime! and! MANGA!]]
* [[PunctuatedForEmphasis/{{Advertising}} Advertising! and! COMMERCIALS!]]
* [[PunctuatedForEmphasis/FanWorks Fan! WORKS!]]
* [[PunctuatedForEmphasis/ComicBooks Graphic! Novels! And! COMICS!]]
* [[PunctuatedForEmphasis/{{Film}} Live! Action! and! Animated! MOVIES!]]
* [[PunctuatedForEmphasis/{{Literature}} Literature! and! BOOKS!]]
* [[PunctuatedForEmphasis/LiveActionTV Live! Action! TV!]]
* [[PunctuatedForEmphasis/{{Music}} Music! and! SONGS!]]
* [[PunctuatedForEmphasis/NewspaperComics News! Paper! COMICS!]]
* [[PunctuatedForEmphasis/{{Pinball}} Pin! BALL!]]
* [[PunctuatedForEmphasis/ProfessionalWrestling Professional! WRESTLING!]]
* [[PunctuatedForEmphasis/{{Radio}} RA… DI… O!]]
* [[PunctuatedForEmphasis/{{Theatre}} Theatre! and! PLAYS!]]
* [[PunctuatedForEmphasis/VideoGames VIDEO! GAMES!]]
* [[PunctuatedForEmphasis/WebAnimation Web! ANIMATION!]]
* [[PunctuatedForEmphasis/{{Webcomics}} Web! COMICS!]]
* [[PunctuatedForEmphasis/WebOriginal Web! ORIGINAL!]]
* [[PunctuatedForEmphasis/WesternAnimation Western! ANIMATION!]]
* [[PunctuatedForEmphasis/RealLife Real! LIFE!]]

THIS! IS! '''TVTROPES!''' ''[kick]''