There are many types of prose fiction that vary in length. These can range from extremely short flash fiction, to a very big {{Doorstopper}}. This index is a list of all the different types of stories. The only limitation is that all examples must be types of stories that are written in prose. This means no {{Poetry}} which is done in verse, or {{Theater}} as the performance aspects of a script would warrant a separate index.

Please list examples in ascending order based on length. Shortest on top, longest at the bottom.

* FlashFiction
* {{Novelette}}
** ShortStory
*** {{Anthology}}
** PulpMagazine
* {{Novella}}
** LightNovel
* {{Novel}}
** AirportNovel
** SerialNovel
** {{Novelization}}
** {{Doorstopper}}
* MultiVolumeWork
** DividedForPublication
* {{Omnibus}}