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->'''Dr. Finegarten''': Coogan, come over here and help!\\
'''Coogan''': I can't; I'm peeing!\\
'''Dr. Finegarten''': Well, pee your way over here and help me move Felix!
-->-- ''Film/{{SOB}}''
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When a PottyEmergency goes past critical, you get Potty Failure.

Essentially, Potty Failure is when a character wets [=him/herself=], [=soils him/herself=] or both and the act is PlayedForLaughs. This is a common type of ToiletHumour.

May also happen if people hear a joke so funny that they have to pee themselves, or to anyone who's the victim of a LaxativePrank.

Compare and contrast ExcrementStatement. Compare BringMyBrownPants, when this happens to a character whose loss of control is fright-induced. Also Compare UrineTrouble and TinkleInTheEye, for non-house-broken pets and children. Also compare EmbarrassingDampSheets, for when a character urinates or whatever else in their bed. Finally, see NoDeadBodyPoops for loss of control, or lack thereof, upon death.

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* A couple of Clorox Bleach commercials have featured this:
** One commercial involves two dads talking and one kid is desperately trying to get his dad's attention, [[NotNowKiddo but they dismiss him.]] Then they smell something and [[OhCrap realize what the kid was trying to tell them.]]
** Another one has a kid in the bathroom, but he can't unbuckle a complicated belt until it's too late.

[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* ''G-Spot Express'': In the first episode, Sayaka needs to piss really badly, but thanks to a certain subway groper, well... and believe it or not, this is actually the SignatureScene of that very {{Hentai}}.
* Lambo has a PottyEmergency in an episode of ''Manga/KatekyoHitmanReborn''. It doesn't end well...
* In ''Manga/ElfenLied'', Yuka and Kouta can't tell what is wrong when Nyuu starts showing signs of pain and moving desperately, until she ends up peeing on the floor.
* ''Manga/FutabaKunChange'': Futaba is participating in a beauty contest. TheRival puts laxatives in her tea. Some other contestants, who don't like Futaba either, deliberately drink the unattended tea to annoy her. [[HilarityEnsues I think you can guess where this is going.]]
* ''Anime/OjamajoDoremi'':
** There's a scene where Pop is taking her first trip alone and doesn't make it to the restroom in time. Fortunately, Doremi is watching from the shadows and conjures a magical washing machine (the scene ignores the fact that Pop's legs would need washing too...)
** In an episode of Naisho, Pop wonders what it is like to be Hana, and the two switch bodies. When Hana is in Pop's body, Doremi excuses her out, and then Hana (who is in Pop's body) wets herself.
* In ''Manga/{{Naruto}}'', the title character in a half hour special has diarrhea and every time he has a chance to go he is interrupted by someone or something -- eventually at the end he just lets it go.
* ''Anime/DigimonAdventure'':
** This implied to have happened to Koromon in "Home Away From Home" after eating a lot of eggs.
** Koromon defecates himself in "Almost Home Free" whilst in Duane's car, and the rest of the gang get kicked out because of this.
** In "Digibaby Boom" a baby Yuramon soils itself.
* ''Manga/DragonBall'':
** After failing to get away from Broly long enough to go to the washroom in the ''Dragon Ball Z'' Movie ''Broly: Second Coming'' Trunks is captured by Broly and is unable to hold it any more.
** Bulma pees herself in the first episode of the original series, right after Goku rescues her from a monster that attacked her while she was trying to find privacy to pee in the first place. The same scene is in the manga. The scene is even present in the edited version of the anime.
* A ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'' [[BonusMaterial Omake]] has Vice-Captain Tetsuzaemon Iba desperately needing to use the bathroom. His captain (an anthropomorphic wolf) directs him to the bathroom from where he just came from, but when Tetsuzaemon sees a dog peeing on a post, he immediately assumes that was what his captain was talking about and runs out of time. The actual human bathroom was in fact next to the post.
* ''Manga/ChisSweetHome'' has preschooler Yohei having an accident at the same time his mother is litter training Chi. Chi herself simply fails at first to grasp that her litter box is just that.
* The {{Ecchi}} anime ''Manga/FightIppatsuJuudenChan'' has become noted mainly for its heroine wetting herself frequently, usually when scared or struck.
* Subverted in a chapter of ''Ichinensei Ni Nacchattara'', Iori (a seventeen year old boy in the body of a [[FountainOfYouth seven year-old]] [[GenderBender girl]]), falls asleep in class and wakes up wet. He freaks and has to work up the guts to confess this fact to the teacher. Only after he does so is it learned he never wet himself at all, merely fell asleep under a leaky sprinkler nozzle.
* In ''Anime/GirlsBravo'', Fukuyama {{blackmail}}s Kirie into competing in his all girls fighting tournament with an embarrassing picture of her from when she was little.
* ''Manga/NanaToKaoru''. She held out as long as she could, but this eventually happened to Tachi the first time she participated in one of Nana & Kaoru's bondage-based "breathers". Kaouru, being Kaouru, ''[[InvokedTrope actually planned for that to happen]]'' by giving her lemonade beforehand and even bound her on a sheet to prevent damaging the floor.
* ''Manga/DetectiveConan:''
** There was once this was humorously applied when Eri got Kogoro BoundAndGagged on his sofa. While Eri was out with Ran and Conan, Kogoro complained about a PottyEmergency... When they came back, they noticed a strange smell from the sofa, which Kogoro said was "dog pee."
** In the "Ran Girl / Shinichi Boy" arc, showing how Ran and Shinichi met as preschoolers, Shinichi notes several acts of favoritism towards Ran by their teacher, one of which was his reserving the naptime spot closest to the door for her. Shinichi inadvertently embarrasses Ran when the teacher explains that he was doing that to avoid a repeat of a previous accident. That however, was not the real reason, as the putting her close to the door was intended to [[spoiler:facilitate kidnapping Ran by placing her close to the door where the actual kidnapper would break in. When explaining his deductions, Yusaku notes that the teacher was also drugging Ran with sleeping pills to cause the original accident and justify moving her]].
* Implied at the end of episode 8 of ''Anime/SoundOfTheSky''. Kanata suffered a PottyEmergency while having to wait for a phone call, when someone finally relieves her so she can relieve herself, she runs into Noel, is knocked to the ground and knows she's doomed if she tries to move. Cue Filicia and Kureha arriving in time to see her in distress and help her up to her feet.
* A minor one happens in ''Manga/MahouSenseiNegima'', when the group ends up high in the air. After somewhat safe landing Konoka jokes how she almost wet herself... right next to clearly embarrassed Yue.
* Happens a few times in ''{{Manga/Berserk}}''. It's justifiable for the most part, since if you were faced with any one of the {{Eldritch Abomination}}s presented in the series, [[BringMyBrownPants you'd piss yourself too]]. However, there was one part that was PlayedForLaughs, while Guts was fighting some snow demons to protect Casca and she left his protective grasp. After it was over, he wondered why she went away so suddenly... Turned out she picked a great time to go number one.
* Frequently happens to Mikan in ''Go! Go! Itsutsugo Land''. After Kinoko inadvertently caused her to wet herself in kindergarten, Mikan spends the second half of the series trying to put Kinoko in situations of both artificial wetness and genuine wetness. Her plans [[FailureIsTheOnlyOption inevitably backfire]], causing her more embarrassment than what she had started with. The dub censors any wetting and changes the embarrassing fact to, "spilling juice on herself," which to be fair she actually does on more than one occasion.
* The rare PlayedForDrama example happens in ''Anime/MawaruPenguindrum''. [[spoiler: A not-older-than-five-years-old Ringo gets up to ask either Mom or Dad to help her go to the bathroom... and walks on them having a fight. As she watches them verbally discuss how they should deal with the loss of her sister Momoka (Dad believes they should let go, Mom says she can't do it), little Ringo quietly pees herself while standing.]]
* Yoshitake from ''Manga/DailyLivesOfHighSchoolBoys'' probably soiled himself frequently when he was younger, but any memories of that are not attributed to the local ButtMonkey Mitsuo.
* Akatsuki Ousawa from ''LightNovel/AestheticaOfARogueHero'' can invoke this trope by using his powers to make girls lose control of their bladders.
* Koichi Hirose in the fourth part of ''Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventure'' gets kidnapped by an extreme {{Yandere}} Yukako, who is rigging the house with sadistic tests designed to help him "become a better student". At the end of the chapter we see Koichi desperately trying to open the lock of the bathroom, which uses as a combination the date of birth of Christopher Columbus. The next chapter starts with Yukako depositing the just washed pants and underwear of Koichi on a table, while he looks embarrassed. Unfortunately for Koichi, this didn't make her dislike him, in fact she affirmed that doing his laundry made her happy.
* The manga ''Asuka Hybrid'' features the main character Asuka getting {{Gender Ben|der}}t into a girl. She wets herself the first time she tries to use the toilet because, out of habit, she peed while standing up.
* ''Manga/IkkiTousen'':
** Several of the girls pee their panties during fights, and some of them actually consider it an achievement to make their opponent wet herself. This actually became a plot point at one time as Tanfuko could tell his plan to weaken Kan’u was working because of the liquid coming down between her legs.
** For the anime: In Season 1, Hakufu wets herself when Ryomou is strangling her, and Chinkyu does the same when Rikaku beats her up (though it's hard to notice). In Dragon Destiny, Bashoku Youjyou wets herself when Kakuka is about to rip out her heart [[spoiler: shortly before she kills him]], Teni when Ryomou is strangling her, and Kan'u twice (first when Genchoku weakens her with the incense, similar to the above mentioned instance with Tanfuko, and again when being tortured by Chouko).
* In chapter 11 ''Manga/BokuGirl'', due to a prank by Loki, Mizuki is caught above a tug-of-war rope which is pulled very vigorously by both sides causing a very tingly reaction from Mizuki. In the aftermath, Mizuki wonders if he wet himself. Subverted in that, due to Mizuki having been recently {{Gender Bender}}ed into a girl, it was [[JizzedInMyPants actually something else]].
* In episode 6 of ''Anime/DeathParade'', Mayu is forced to play Twister with her favorite IdolSinger. The problem is this is not a game but a SecretTestOfCharacter to decide which one reincarnates and which one is sent into the Void. They are meant to play until one of them loses. It lasts so long Mayu has to use the restroom but isn't allowed to stop. Too embarrassed to pee herself in front of Harada she throws herself into a pit of spikes as a 'sacrifice' but the two have been DeadAllAlong so nothing can kill them, and the spikes turn into balls. She ends up peeing herself and is more distraught over that than that she died, and switches into a kimono for the remainder of the episode as her clothes are wet.
* The main teacher has one at the end of Chapter 1 of Sayaka Yamazaki's PsychologicalHorror ''Minus'', thanks to holding it all class long.
* ''Manga/AoiHana'': From a rather embarrassing memory that Fumi has from kindergarten. Akira came to the rescue.
* Takeo from ''Manga/MyLoveStory'' told Yamato a story from when he was in first grade. He used to hold it in a lot but one day he peed his pants. His friend Suna splashed a bucket of water on him so everyone would think he just got water on his shorts.
* ''Manga/AssassinationClassroom'': As revenge for a humiliating breakup, Class-E students dose the other Class-A couples tea with a powerful laxative, named ''Niagara Falls''. They also make it impossible for them to make it to a bathroom, either discretely or in time.
* ''Manga/OmujoOmutsuJoshi'':
** The story kicks off with male lead Shouta's discovery that his classmate Ichigo wears diapers. The reason for this is because Ichigo has issues with bladder control when she gets nervous. She's especially prone to problems if it's a male like Shouta making her nervous. As a result Ichigo wetting herself while interacting with him is a OncePerEpisode occurrence.
** In chapter six, Shouta's childhood friend Morei reminds him of an incident in elementary school where she had an accident and he covered for her by throwing a bucket of water on her. She tells this story because it was the moment she fell in love with him. However, between the act having been completely unintentional on Shouta's part, Morei stumbling on the actual words "I love ''you''", and showing off that she was wearing a diaper to appeal to what she thought to be Shouta's fetish after seeing him with Ichigo, Shouta ends up misinterpreting what she intended as a love confession as her confessing when she developed ''her'' fetish.
** Chapter twelve features Morei intending to deliberately wet herself in front of Shouta, chicken out, then wet herself for real while she and Shouta are LockedInARoom together and can't get out in time.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* ''Comicbook/JohnnyTheHomicidalManiac'' has this in one of the Meanwhile's (Although due to the Director's Cut, only containing the plot related stuff, you'll now find it in Squee's Wonderful Big Giant Book of Unspeakable Horrors), where a woman has a date with someone who suffers an extreme Potty Failure.
* ''Comicbook/ArkhamAsylumASeriousHouseOnSeriousEarth'':
** Taken to literally insane extremes by Maxie Zeus - he strews his stool around, convinced he is fertilizing the barren Earth. In the context of his particular delusion (He thinks he is God) it is in fact a sacred act. ''Holy shit, Batman!''
** Before that, Two-Face pees himself because trying to make a decision on whether to go to the bathroom using tarot cards takes a very long time.
* In a crossover between ''ComicBook/{{Runaways}}'' and ''ComicBook/AvengersAcademy'', Molly Hayes pees herself after running into Mettle (she was already in the middle of a PottyEmergency and getting surprised by a huge metal guy with a skull for a face pushes her over the edge.) She promptly punches him through a wall.
* In ''ComicBook/MadwomanOfTheSacredHeart'', living with Elizabeth and her friends stresses Alan Mangel out so much that he starts losing control of his bowels.

[[folder: Fan Works]]
* Pops up in several ''{{Series/Emergency}}'' fics in justified incidents, played seriously, though.
** In "[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/5435148/1/Right-Place-Wrong-Time Right Place, Wrong Time]]" John Gage is tied up and left in a basement for two days. You can guess what happens.
** In "[[http://web.archive.org/web/20080424102900/exit3.i-55.com/~ffaller/dark.html One Dark And Stormy Night]]", Gage is, you guessed it, kidnapped, and this happens. Roy is so angry later, when John tells him in humiliation that though he got clean jeans, but not underwear, that he wishes he could leave the guys tied up to see how they like it.
** In a non-Gage one, it happens to Chet in "[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/1282739/1/The-Other-Foot The Other Foot]]" after he'd been shot and tortured. It was somewhat fear of his captor but also his injuries and being bounced around in Gage's rover.
* Invoked by [[{{Gasshole}} Blowhorn]] (''twice'') in chapter 12 of ''FanFic/WhatLiesBeyondTheWalls''. The first time Blowhorn shits himself, he does so in a stream [[ItMakesSenseInContext in order to catch fish]]. The second time, he claims he didn't feel like pulling his shorts down, so he squats and soils himself instead.
* In ''{{FanFic/MANE}}'', Fluttershy suffers from this while hiding in a bomb shelter during a nuclear attack.
** Another MLP fanfic ''Fanfic/PattyCakes'' has Fluttershy have a SanitySlippage when she's gotten into a habit of feeding ponies a potion called Foalmula which makes them feel like newborn foals. Notable characters who had this trope happen to them are Scootaloo and Twilight.
** Pound Cake has one in ''Fanfic/PoundAndPumpkinCakesAdventuresAndMisadventuresInPottyTraining'' in the chapter "Missed".
* In the ''Anime/{{Pokemon}}'' fanfic ''Fanfic/TooMuchH2o'', Ash has a PottyEmergency, leading to this.
* The ''Series/StarTrekVoyager'' fanfic ''Fanfic/BetterOffBorg'', Janeway has a PottyEmergency while tied up, leading to this, probably because Seven of Nine was talking about peeing, which was not helping.
* The ''Franchise/ScoobyDoo'' fanfiction ''Fanfic/VelmasAccident'' has Velma have one of these due to being too shy to admit she has to pee.
* In [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAH7BQd5-t8 this]] rather crude parody of ''Series/TheAddamsFamily'', Lurch wets his pants.
* ''FanFic/EscapeFromTheMoon'': Doa apparently experienced this during her second [[spoiler: or so the reader is lead to believe]] trip outside, but omits it from her journal entry.

* ''Franchise/NationalLampoon's Film/VanWilder'', when Gwen Pearson puts "Colon Blow" into Richard Bagg's drink. Though technically its not quite a failure. He ends up using a trash can, in front of his professor and (not likely after this) future boss.
* ''Film/EscapeToAthena'' (1979). The [=POW=]s slip a laxative into the Germans' food because WeNeedADistraction while the Greek Resistance take the camp.
* Japanese SliceOfLife comedy ''Film/GoodMorning'' features a group of schoolkids who like to have pull-my-finger style farting contests. The movie ends with one of the kids pooping his pants and making the awkward, shuffling walk home.
* In ''Film/AlongCamePolly'', Creator/BenStiller's friend (played by Phillip Seymour Hoffman) informs him that they have to leave a nightclub immediately because he [[http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=sharted&page=2 "sharted."]]
* ''Film/DumbAndDumber'':
** In ''Dumb And Dumberer When Harry Met Lloyd''. Harry suffers from a PottyEmergency and rushes to the bathroom. He then digs into his pants, pulls something brown and slimy out, and ''[[{{Squick}} eats it]]''. [[SubvertedTrope It turns out to be a melted chocolate bar]]. Which he then proceeds to smear on ''every'' surface in the bathroom, leading to [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8geLnpGmQAQ this]]:
-->'''Jessica's Dad''': Oh, my God. He shit ''everywhere''. There's shit everywhere! Dammit! There's shit on the windows! Oh, my God! My house is full of shit! He shit everywhere! Look what he did! He shit all over the walls! There's shit everywhere!
** In the first movie, Harry wets himself while he and Lloyd are riding their Moped to the ski resort. Lloyd seems to appreciate this, since it was cold.
* PlayedForDrama in ''Film/{{Frozen 2010}}'' when Parker pees her pants after holding it in all night.
* Deliberately invoked (on his rival's shoes!) by Creator/JackNicholson in ''Film/{{Wolf}}''.
* In ''Film/MajorPayne'', the six-year-old cadet tells the titular character he needs to use the bathroom only to be told to hold it until he wets himself.
* [[{{Gasshole}} Cletus Klump]] soils his pants in the remake of ''Film/TheNuttyProfessor'' after farting too hard.
* In ''Film/The51stState'', Elmo offers a gang of skinheads a choice between two different drugs: a bowl of blue pills, and a bowl of red pills (he claims that the red pill is the stronger version). He tricks them into eating several red pills, [[HilarityEnsues which turn out to be a powerful laxative.]]
* In the Christian movie ''Tribulation'' from the {{Film/Apocalypse}} film series, young Calvin Canboro wets his pants while he and his brother Tom wait for their sister Eileen to finish her prayer to God about the tree she carved their names into. Years later, Calvin can NeverLiveItDown.
* In ''Film/YearOne'', the characters played by Creator/JackBlack and Creator/MichaelCera are chained up in a dungeon in one scene. [[ButtMonkey Cera's character is chained up upside down]], and he yells that he has to pee. Pretty soon, he pees all over his face.
* This happens to the bride from ''{{Film/Bridesmaids}}'' who takes a dump, in the middle of a street, after they all contract food poisoning. Made worse by the fact that she was trying on an expensive wedding dress at the time.
* ''Film/BillyMadison'': Billy helps a classmate who peed in his pants by saying that is what cool people do.
* In ''Film/MissMarch'', the main character has recently gotten out of a coma, so a lot of his muscles have atrophied, including the ones that let him hold it in.
* PlayedForDrama in ''Five Fingers''. The main character has been captured and brutally tortured by terrorists. In the middle of the night, the man (who is heavily restrained) shouts that he has to use the bathroom, but no one is there, so he soils himself. The next morning, his captors angrily strip him naked and force him to clean himself up.
* Another non-comedic example in the German film ''Film/DerLetzteZug'', about the six-day journey of a group of Berlin Jews to Auschwitz, with a bucket serving as the only toilet for the hundred inhabitants of a cattle car. Due to the crowded conditions, Nina Naumann is unable to get to it on time, and wets herself.
* In ''The man Who Fell To Earth'' Music/DavidBowie's girlfriend pisses herself in sheer fright at realising her boyfriend is a weird extraterrestrial.
* In ''Film/ScottPilgrimVsTheWorld'' record executive G-Man compliments the group Sex Bob-omb as "music to my earholes." Lead guitarist Stephen Stills promptly wets himself in sheer excitement [[PaintingTheMedium (with "Pee" pointed out onscreen).]]
* PlayedForDrama in ''Film/{{Testament}}'': a small boy suffering from severe radiation sickness loses control of his bowels. The really horrifying thing is that you can see bloodstains on the towel his mother wraps him in -- it's not just potty failure, it's organ failure. This is one of many RealLife symptoms of radiation poisoning.
* In ''Film/{{Unfriended}}'', a video of Laura Barns was uploaded to Youtube showing her at a party black-out drunk and having soiled herself. The harassment she received as a result [[DrivenToSuicide led to her suicide]].
* In ''Film/StillAlice'', Alice wets herself because her Alzheimer's made her forget where the bathroom in her house was.
* In ''Film/TheJudge'', Joseph's cancer medication causes diarrhea and memory loss, so he ends up soiling himself in one scene.
* Part of the HumiliationConga Ben suffers while attempting to send off Felix's body in ''Film/{{SOB}}'':
-->'''Dr. Irving Finegarten:''' What is that? \\
'''Tim Culley:''' Sounds like someone left a faucet running.\\
'''Ben Coogan:''' I'm peeing!\\
'''Dr. Irving Finegarten:''' Into what?\\
'''Ben Coogan:''' My pants!
* In the first ''Film/SexAndTheCity'' movie, Charlotte is hit with a bout of Montezuma's Revenge in Mexico while walking back from the gym. She almost makes it to a toilet but a locked door delays her and causes a loud accident in her gym clothes in front of her friends. PlayedForLaughs, as Charlotte's discomfort and reaction to the messy embarrassing accident in her pants causes Carrie to pull herself out of her depression.

* In ''Literature/TheBlackTattoo'', Charlie is empowered with a CompellingVoice by the PowerTattoo. After being hit in the head with a football, he orders the culprit to wet himself. "The eyes of the hapless footballer fell closed. A blissfull expression crossed his face: there was a moment of silence, then a soft, trickling sound, and now everyone was staring at the dark stain that was spreading down one leg of his shorts."
* In ''Literature/ATreeGrowsInBrooklyn'', Francie wets her pants at school when her teacher won't allow her to leave the room to use the facilities.
* In ''Literature/WordsOfRadiance'', Shallan wonders what her fiancée, Prince Adolin, does when he has to go to the bathroom in his PoweredArmor. Turns out that he has had to crap his pants three times over the past few years, being unable to disengage from the battle to take a bathroom break.
* In the novelisation of the BBC miniseries ''Chelworth'', HardDrinkingPartyGirl Tish is having a really rotten morning after the night before: she's woken in a trashed flat to find her fellow partygoers have deserted her, and two policemen have come to see what all the trouble was. Then, just to add a finishing touch to her humiliation, when they arrest her she wets herself.
* At the start of ''[[Literature/MissBindergarten Miss Bindergarten Has A Wild Day In Kindergarten]]'', Christopher has one, and has to wear extra pants for the rest of the day.
* ''Literature/ShadowPolice'': In ''The Severed Streets'', Sefton makes a hallucinatory journey to visit the Rat King. When he wakes up, he finds that he is lying in the street near a bus shelter and that he has peed over himself.
* The Creator/RosemaryWells picture book ''[[https://www.amazon.com/Fionas-Little-Accident-Felix-Fiona/dp/0763689823 Fiona's Little Accident]]'' is about the title character being so excited for show-and-tell that she forgets to take a bathroom break and has an accident.

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
* There was ''Series/TheYoungOnes'' episode where Rik tried to commit suicide by overdosing on pills, not realising that pills in question were laxatives. HilarityEnsues.
-->'''Neil:''' Vyvyan,can you actually kill yourself with laxative pills?
-->'''Vyvyan:''' I dunno Neil,but I'm gonna stick around to find out!
* There's an episode of ''{{Series/Friends}}'' which ends with Joey having a Potty Failure whilst a famous director is hugging him. It's a long story. The gist of it was during his auditions, Joey noticed that he seemed to do better when he really had to go to the bathroom, thus every time he went to auditions, he'd make sure he had to go and hold it in so his performance wouldn't falter. As stated above, Joey pushed his luck and suffered wet pants when the director hugged him.
* In an episode of ''Series/{{Hollyoaks}}'', India eats a pizza that Hayley has laced with laxatives. This leads to her winning the contest for Josh's car when she has an accident and causes everyone else to flee in disgust.
* In an early ''{{Series/ER}}'' episode, Benton asks his girlfriend to look after his aging mother for a night, and she chews him out the next morning for not warning her that the old woman suffers from incontinence.
** In another episode, a nurse from the neurology ward is "floated" down to the ER to cover short staffing, and promptly discovers herself dangerously in over her head. After she botches several physician orders and nearly overdoses a patient, Carol and Lily assign her to clean up a nursing home patient, who promptly suffers a massive "Code Brown."
* Justified in ''Series/BearInTheBigBlueHouse'' episode "When You've Gotta Go." Ojo has an accident and Bear cleans up, telling her that accidents happen to everyone.
* Twice in ''{{Series/Degrassi}}'''s tenth season. The first by Jenna, who's been abusing diet pills; the second, by Holly J., who ignores what she believes to be DefinitelyJustACold. It isn't definitely just a cold.
* A girl on MTV's ''Series/{{Next}}'' wet her pants - and left her entire chair dripping - during a date, because she really had to go already but was given no opportunity to pee once she was called off the Next Bus. She was Nexted for this.
* Number 32 on Creator/VH1's ''100 Most Shocking Moments in Music'': when [[Music/BlackEyedPeas Fergie]] wet her pants on stage at the San Diego Street Scene concert.
* On ''Series/LawAndOrderUK'', when Ronnie Brooks' [[DirtyCop corrupt ex-partner]] blasts him for turning him in, he cites the many favors he'd done to cover for Ronnie during his drinking days, including, "loaned you a pair of trousers when you'd pissed your own".
* A female contestant did this once on ''Series/ThePriceIsRight'' while playing Plinko.
* One ''Series/CrankYankers'' sketch involves the mentally handicapped character "Special Ed" tearfully phoning a health club to apologize for peeing in the pool. The manager acknowledges his apology, and kindly reassures him that it's okay...which prompts Ed to happily shout, "I peed in your pool! YAAAAAAYYY!" repeatedly.
* A demon from ''{{Series/Angel}}'' to Fred: "My feelings for you are changing. I feel... warmth. Wait, no I don't. That's just me wetting myself because you wouldn't let me pee!"
* King Boz from the Disney show ''Series/PairOfKings'' wets himself in the episode "Wet Hot Kinkowan Summer."
* ''Series/MontyPythonsFlyingCircus'' in the "Visitors" sketch, since the uncouth crowd gathering at Victor's apartment weren't disgusting enough, Mrs. Equatol (Terry Jones), during a frequent shrieking laughing fit, declares "Oh. I ''wet'' 'em!"
* On ''Series/{{Awkward}}'', Tamara wets her pants in the episode "My Love Is A Black Heart."
* At the end of the second season of ''Series/TheInbetweeners'' Will indulges in excessive quantities of energy drinks to get him through his end-of-year exams. This causes him to develop stomach trouble, and when Mr Gilbert doesn't let him go to the toilet, he follows through and soils himself.
* At the end of the first season of ''Series/YoureTheWorst'' Gretchen goes on a health kick which involves drinking smoothies and jogging. Unfortunately, on her first run, her stomach rumbles and her gait becomes slow and awkward as she tries to stop the inevitable. She is later shown sheepishly hosing off her legs while a gardener stares at her.
* In a Christmas episode of ''Series/TheBigBang'', Leonard says that he would have still asked Penny out at The Cheesecake Factory, even if he didn't live next door. Penny gives the scenario: he'd have nervously tried, then wet himself while asking for the bathroom.
** Leonard counters that she would have married Zack, and they ''both'' wet themselves, during normal conversations.
* ''Series/HorribleHistories'': Happens to one of the ladies in the Georgian Court Toilets sketch, where they have to wait in line to ask the queen permission to use the toilets.
* ''Series/JessicaJones2015'': [[Creator/DavidTennant Kilgrave's]] [[MindRape control over his victims]] is so absolute that they can't even go to the bathroom and often have accidents on themselves.
** When Kilgrave invites himself into a family's apartment, he tells the children to go into the closet to not be seen or heard. When the daughter protests that she has to go to the bathroom, Kilgrave says, "Go in the closet. It will be fine." After the children get into the closet, urine is shown leaking out beneath the door.
** When Kilgrave is experimenting with greater range and duration for his powers, he practices by giving instructions to a large club at once. One of the patrons not affected by his powers [[AllPartOfTheShow mistakes it for some sort of staged comedy act]], and when he tries to compliment Kilgrave afterwards, Kilgrave is in the midst of an angry conversation with his father:
--->'''Kilgrave:''' ''[to the heckler]'' Cross the street, face that fence and stay there, forever! ''[The heckler leaves to carry out the order]''
--->'''Albert Thompson:''' Kevin, be reasonable.
--->'''Kilgrave:''' Well, it won't actually be "forever", because it's incremental, not exponential, remember?! Come on, we've got work to do.
*** When Jessica and Luke Cage show up at the club the next day to track down Kilgrave, [[BrickJoke the camera pans over to show that the man is still there]], and has wet himself in the time he was standing there. And he can't call for help because, right before Kilgrave told him to "stand there forever", he also told him to [[AndIMustScream stop talking.]]
** When trying to find a way to increase his power, Kilgrave forces the researchers at a lab to work non-stop on a mechanism. Jessica tells Luke that she had to drag the lab assistant outside to talk to him, not because he was unwilling to talk, but because she couldn't tolerate the foul stench in there.
* On ''Series/StarTrekEnterprise'' in the episode 'Minefield', Lt. Malcolm Reed is subjected to this humiliation while pinned to the NX-01 Enterprise's hull by a Romulan mine.
--> '''Archer:''' I won't tell a soul.
-->'''Malcolm:''' In my EV suit, sir?

* The song "Ranchera" by Chilean group Fiskales Ad Hoc is about a guy who pisses in his pants and can't go to the bathroom to, uhm, "evacuate" the rest since he's stuck with his GirlOfTheWeek.
* Actually averted in the song "Mi agüita amarilla" ("My yellow water") by Spanish group Los Toreros Muertos. It's not about a guy leaking his "yellow water" like this, and more about a guy who's bored while peeing and tries to imagine where does the pee go.
* Music/DaYoopers' song "Diarrhea" is an apology for why the singer has to break his date. He thought that "it was only gas..." By the end, he's [[AssShove come up with a scheme]] to stop it.
* The classic PlaygroundSong "The Diarrhea Song" is usually about having this happen while participating in a mundane activity such as driving a Chevy (and you feel something heavy) or climbing a ladder (and you feel something splatter).
* The Music/AmateurTransplants song "[=ABBAtoir=]", a parody of Music/{{ABBA}}'s "Mamma Mia", is about an unfortunate episode of diarrhoea at a performance of ''Theatre/MammaMia''
* This is a favourite trope of Music/TheLonelyIsland.
** One of their earlier songs before they got their ''Series/SaturdayNightLive'' boost, "Ardy Party" touches on this. Says Jorm of its title character...
--> '''Jorma:''' He'll rub up on your leg without warning and start humpin' it'\\
What's that smell in his pants? He's been dumpin' it!
** "Trouble on Dookie Island" comes close, but it is more a case of BringMyBrownPants.
** "Perfect Saturday" is about Jorma and Akiva inviting two women over for sex, but their plans are foiled when Andy shows up with the urge to use the toilet. They refuse, and after much flatulence he eventually craps his pants, causing Jorm and Kiv's dates to storm off furiously.
* The Judy Pancoast song "The Potty Dance" doesn't include this but it is mentioned in the lyric "I'm doing the PottyDance, doing the potty dance, if I don't get to a bathroom soon, I'm gonna have to change my pants."

* Cottar "Teeny" Gamwich ([[{{Hobbits}} Ratling]] sniper, chef, and resident butt-of-all-jokes, played by Daniel) cooked (and served) a batch of poisonous space tubers in [[Podcast/{{Fandible}} Fandible's]] single Actual Play session of ''TabletopGame/OnlyWar''. Almost the entire group of hardened guerilla soldiers ended up needing a change of pants. In his defense, Teeny [[LaxativePrank didn't]] ''[[LaxativePrank intend]]'' [[LaxativePrank for them to get explosive diarrhea]], and he'd even warned them that he'd only managed to get ''most'' of the poison out of the tubers.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* In ''VideoGame/TheSims'', if your Sims don't get sent to the bathroom quickly enough, they leave puddles, and their stats crash from the embarrassment. This is one method of [[VideoGameCrueltyPotential torturing Sims]]. And it sometimes happens without the PottyEmergency coming first, if a Sim is subjected to Extreme Tickling.
* The objective in one level of ''VideoGame/ParappaTheRapper'' is to prevent one of these. Do badly and it starts raining. Do well and a toilet starts chasing you. Fail the level and a cutscene shows a rocket taking off inside the titular Rapper.
* Being based off its own virtual pet toy, the first ''VideoGame/DigimonWorld'' includes pooping as a factor the tamer has to take care of. Not getting in time to a nearby toilet will end up with the Digimon leaving a stool in place. Enough accidents and the Digimon will turn into a Sukamon as punishment.
* During the Horde quest in Silverpine Forest in ''VideoGame/WorldOfWarcraft'', you have to pour booze over some orc sea dogs who got whooped in battle for being stone cold sober. Sometimes they will say, "I may or may not have pissed myself."
* Everyone knows of Johnny Sasaki's [[ToiletHumour infamous bowel issues]] from the ''VideoGame/MetalGear'' series, but he usually ends up making it to a nearby bathroom on time before he craps his pants. However, there was one incident in ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid4GunsOfThePatriots'' where his bowels flared up ''in the middle of a massive gunfight''. [[{{Squick}} We'll let you connect the dots]].
* In ''VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoV'', Franklin, when high, discusses this.
--> '''Franklin''': I'm happy as a motherfucker. I could shit myself. I hope I didn't shit myself. ''[beat]'' Did I? No, not ''[[OhNoNotAgain again]]''....
* Can be inflicted on yourself if you overload your mana for your "[[{{Fartillery}} magic]]" in ''VideoGame/SouthParkTheStickOfTruth.'' Jimmy also has an attack called Brown Note which can be used to cause this.
* ''[[VideoGame/DontShitYourPants Don't Shit Your Pants]]'', a game revolving around creative ways to shit yourself... or not. Its sequel is called "Don't ''Wet'' Yourself".
* In ''VideoGame/Left4Dead'', when Bill revives Zoey, Louis, or Francis for the final time, one of the things he can say is "No shame, kid. I would have pissed myself too." It is unclear whether this trope only applies to when Bill says it, or if it happens every time any survivor, including Bill, is knocked down twice in a row.

[[folder:Visual Novels]]
* ''Sucre Portable'': Sayoko winds up pissing herself after needing to pee quite badly while out on a walk with Keiichi.
* In several instances of ''VisualNovel/CorpseParty'', Yuka has to pee, forcing her big brother Satoshi (and by extension, the player) to find a working bathroom for her. [[spoiler:In one instance, thanks to [[AxCrazy Kizami]], she can't hold it anymore.]]
* Early on in [=ClockUp=]'s ''Euphoria'', Rika ends up having an accident after a prolonged PottyEmergency.
-->'''[[TeamMom Aoi]]:''' It happens to everyone once in a while. Don't cry, Makiba-san...
* In ''Lovely Day of Girlfriends & Me'', Yuka has an accident as a result of holding her PottyEmergency in while on a date with Shou at an amusement park.

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* Happens to Julia between [[http://thinkbeforeyouthink.net/?comic=20090718-becky-gets-pulled-over these]] [[http://thinkbeforeyouthink.net/?comic=20090801-introductions two]] pages of ''Webcomic/ThinkBeforeYouThink''.
* Happens in ''Webcomic/BittersweetCandyBowl'', starting [[http://www.bittersweetcandybowl.com/c65/p11.html here]].
* Lampshaded in ''GoshDarnitCrud'' during a classic PottyEmergency [[http://www.graycontrast.com/gdic015.html here]].
* In the ''Webcomic/PennyArcade'' strip ''[[http://penny-arcade.com/comic/2007/04/06 In the Before-Now]]'', this was what happened when Gabe wore his pants backwards like Kris Kross.
-->'''Gabe''': Well, you used to roll with Doobie Howser back in the day.\\
'''Tycho''': Yeah, and you used to wear your pants backwards like Kris Kross. Are you an expert at making people "Jump, Jump"?\\
'''Gabe''': I only did that ''once''.\\
'''Tycho''': Why only once?\\
''[Cuts to a flashback of Gabe in high school, standing next to a urinal, with his pants soaked in urine]''
* Subverted in ''Webcomic/TimesLikeThis''. [[spoiler: In the future, everyone will poop their pants... but their nanotech-enhanced underwear will instantly vaporize the excrement.]]
* ''Webcomic/KarinDou4koma'':
** Tamaryu voids herself on the fifth page after imagining something scary.
** Tamaryu and Shizuki void themselves in terror when Ran's attempt at a laugh turns into something like a SlasherSmile.
** Catherine pisses herself laughing when her rush to the bathroom is interrupted by Ran floating through the bathroom wall with a bald cap on her head.
** Catherine pisses herself [[UrineTrouble and Tamaryu]] after Tamaryu interrupts another rush with a caressing session.
* On [[http://basicinstructions.net/basic-instructions/2006/7/8/how-to-deal-with-embarrassment.html this]] page of ''Webcomic/BasicInstructions'', the topic is "how to deal with embarrassment" and the example is a guy who peed his pants.
* Happens on [[http://iamarg.com/2011/08/22/08222011/ this page]] of ''I Am Arg!'' Also [[http://iamarg.com/2014/01/13/practice/#comment-21755 here]].
* Happens to Star Mica [[http://h4ab.smackjeeves.com/comics/1972279/h4ab-0-11/ here]] in ''Hope for a Breeze'' when she inevitably has an accident at school as a result of being pee shy and is thus subsequently bullied as a result.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* Lupis from the rebooted ''Roleplay/DarwinsSoldiers'' Furtopia RP occasionally wets himself and spends a fair portion of the RP in diapers. {{Justified|Trope}} by the fact that he is four years old and not fully toilet trained.
* "Where will you be when your diarrhea comes back?" Hopefully, not [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIvtVJV-RpY in the hot tub.]]
* Fluttershy from A Collection of Pointless Adventures '''is''' this trope. It happens to her whenever she passes out, [[BringMyBrownPants is scared]], or [[ForTheLulz just plain wants to]].
* ''WebVideo/PotterPuppetPals'': "Pantaloonius Poopicus!"
* When playing ''VideoGame/{{Parodius}}'', [[WebVideo/GameGrumps Arin]] spends most of the episode having to use the bathroom. Eventually, he gets so angry at having died at one point that [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fEVdtr6k0bU&t=6m30s he soils himself during his rage.]]
* ''WebAnimation/TheMostPopularGirlsInSchool'':
** [[spoiler:This was the reason Deandra left Atchison and moved to Overland Park—in Episode 29, she reveals she [[ExaggeratedTrope pooped all over her cheer squad, everything within a 30-foot radius,]] [[UpToEleven and the city]] due to a wrong combination of different foods and chronic IBS.]]
** Subverted in Episode 53. Deandra thinks [[spoiler: Saison peed on the cafeteria floor, but it turns out that Saison's water has broken]].
* ''[[WebAnimation/ShutUpCartoons Smosh Babies]]'':
** In "Potty Training", after Ian finds out that Anthony is potty-trained, he and his friends exile him to the playground. After getting bullied by [[TerribleTrio Lenny, Bruce, and Melvin]], Anthony wets his pants in front of them and Penny, and thus [[StatusQuoIsGod goes back to wearing diapers for the rest of the series]].
** In "Extreme Desert Dodgeball", Ian has full bladder from drinking several boxes of juice, having misinterpreted P.E. Class as "Pee Class". At the end of the episode, after he and Anthony decide to lose the dodgeball game on purpose just to save their friendship, Ian ends up with a soaked diaper.
** In "Bathroom Confusion", Anthony, Singh, Hector, Isla and Ian wet themselves ''until they cause a gigantic puddle with their urine.''
* In ''Literature/TailsOfFame'', Seamus soils or pisses himself a few times purely because [[FatSlob he's too lazy to find a bathroom]], or just to gross out his partners in crime.
* Used in WebOriginal/RebelTaxi's "Top 10 WORST Animated REBOOTS REVIVALS" on the introduction of ''WesternAnimation/XiaolinShowdown'':
-->'''Pan:''' ''Xiaolin Showdown'' was my shit. ''(fart sound)'' Oh no, and there was my shit! Whoops! ''(voice lowers into a depressed tone)'' Oh, no. ''(squishing sound)'' This is a mess.
* Jeffy from ''WebVideo/SuperMarioLogan'' soiled his pants in the episodes, "Mario the Babysitter!", "Jeffy's Bedtime!", "Jeffy Gets Potty Trained!", "Jeffy's Mistake!", "Jeffy Sleepwalks!", and "[[BirthdayEpisode Jeffy's Birthday!]]" hence why he has to wear a diaper. However, because his diaper is taped over his pants, it stays clean while his pants get dirty. "Jeffy Gets Potty Trained!" focuses on Mario and Rosalina's unsuccessful attempts to potty-train him to prevent future accidents.
* Creator/SamAndMickey's "Baby Shower" has Barbie complain that becoming pregnant causes her to involuntarily pee at inconvenient times.
* When describing the days just before her friend Yumiko's disappearance in episode two of ''Podcast/{{Rabbits}}'', Carly describes an incident in which Yumiko sat hypnotized by a video on her computer. When she finally gets into the apartment, Carly notices several signs that Yumiko has sat there mesmerized for more than a full day. One of those​ signs is that Yumiko had peed herself multiple times.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* Justified in ''{{WesternAnimation/Rugrats}}''; Chuckie and Angelica (who has one when Chuckie goes to the bathroom properly for the first time) are at normal potty age, so it's natural to have at least one accident. Lou does mention that Stu took a lot longer, though.
* In ''WesternAnimation/TotalDramaIsland'', Izzy [[PuttingThePeeInPool does this in the pool - on purpose!]]
* ''{{WesternAnimation/SpongeBob SquarePants}}'':
** Patrick in the episode "The Fry Cook Games" after he's seen wearing yellow underwear: [[LampshadeHanging "You know, these were white when I bought them..."]]
** Patrick also has one in the episode "Snowball Effect", though it's only implied. Patrick asks Squidward if he can use his bathroom; eventually, Squidward gives in, but Patrick already went.
** Patrick has yet another in the episode "Tentacle-Vision". He announces that he has to go to the bathroom after Squidward ties him to his video camera to hold it steady, but Squidward refuses to untie him. A few minutes later, Patrick exclaims that his shorts are wet.
* In the episode "Keeping Up With the Bigheads" of ''WesternAnimation/RockosModernLife'', after Rocko tells Ed that his house will be the nicest house of the neighborhood, even going as far to say it will be nicer than Ed's, the latter ends up laughing and says he might wet himself, which he literally does.
* An episode of ''{{WesternAnimation/KaBlam}}!'' had the hosts Henry and June as astronauts in spacesuits. Henry commented that he needed to use the bathroom and June asks why he doesn't just do what she did: Use her spacesuit like a real astronaut. June runs off embarrassed when Henry informs her that they aren't wearing real spacesuits, merely cheap Halloween costumes.
-->'''Henry''': I think June just went where no cartoon character has gone before. In her pants!
** In one "Sniz and Fondue" short, Fondue is addicted to Solitaire on the computer. He comments that he needs to tinkle, but continues to play. He soon notes he no longer has to go.
* It happens ''WesternAnimation/TheVentureBrothers'' when Doctor Venture is informed that the spacesuits they were wearing did not, in fact, have a waste containment system.
* In ''WesternAnimation/DanVs.'' "Traffic," Dan swears revenge on traffic in general, after various traffic jams keep him from getting home in time, if you know what we mean.
* ''WesternAnimation/HelloKitty'': Implied in "Going to the Bathroom". Kitty is seen having a PottyEmergency and in the next scene, her overalls are in the washing machine.
* In ''WesternAnimation/HomeMovies'', Brendon keeps good-naturedly mocking classmate Junior Ahlberg, then gets karmic payback at the end of the show when a 'funny home video' show makes a big hit of his mom's tape where a younger Brendon sings and then wets himself. It gets shown repeatedly on the evening news.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'':
** In "Love Is A Many Strangled Thing", Homer, trying to make Bart look happy on the Jumbotron, tickles him. Big mistake.
** On the ride home from an apple orchard.
--->'''Marge''': Careful of the apple pie on the seat.\\
'''Grandpa Simpson''': Uh oh!\\
'''Marge''': Grandpa, are you sitting on the pie?\\
'''Grandpa Simpson''': I sure hope so.
** "Treehouse of Horror III"
--->'''Bart''': I've got a story so scary you'll wet your pants!.\\
'''Grandpa''': Too late.
** Ralph Wiggum on an occasional basis. Most notably in "Little Girl in the Big Ten".
* ''WesternAnimation/AmericanDad'': In "An Incident At Owl Creek", Stan dines on a particularly greasy brisket at a neighbour's pool party, feels the urge to poop, and attempts a cannonball into the pool. Do the math. An interesting side note: the ensuing Failure is actually the kickoff point for the rest of the episode.
* ''WesternAnimation/HeyArnold'':
** In one episode, Harold gets up to make fun of Phoebe for a previous incident in which she accidentally farted into a microphone in front of the whole school. [[spoiler:Ironically, Harold ends up wetting his pants in front of the whole school, right after making fun of her.]]
* ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'':
** The episode "World Wide Recorder Concert" features the {{Brown No|te}}ise which, when heard, causes a person to lose control of their bowels. The boys slip this into the sheet music of rivals, but it accidentally gets added to the sheet music for the entire concert, which is being broadcast worldwide...
--->'''Reporter:''' Like the rest of the world, everyone here has crapped their pants. Some crapped themselves to death. And still others ...ruined perfectly good pairs of pants.
** "Bass To Mouth" combines this with LaxativePrank. The school staff tells Cartman they want him to ensure Pete Melman won't kill himself like a previous student did after being ridiculed for crapping his pants. His solution is to give Jenny Simon a laxative-laced cupcake; Cartman figures this will guarantee that attention is diverted from Melman, but now Jenny ends up attempting suicide. Cartman decides to fix everything by having all the students eat pizza with laxatives so no one gets singled out.
** In "I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining", Cartman gets diarrhea from the tacos he ate earlier, and shits his pants.
--> '''Kyle''': Dude, did you just shit your pants?
** In "Taming Strange", it's revealed towards the end of the episode that Ike's laxatives were switched with Tom Brady's steroids. Cue Tom Brady shitting himself so hard that his pants sag to the ground.
** "Erection Day" gives us a scene where during the talent show, Butters tries to sing on stage... only for him to forget his words and find himself [[BringMyBrownPants wetting himself from the stage fright.]]
** ''WesternAnimation/SouthParkBiggerLongerAndUncut'' has a FreezeFrameBonus moment where Kyle pees himself when Terrence and Phillip are shocked in their electric chairs.
* In ''WesternAnimation/BobsBurgers'', this happens to Bob in "Sexy Dance Fighting", when Jairo makes Bob fall on his butt after the latter [[BerserkButton insults Capoeira in front of him.]]
* ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'':
** In "Brian in Love", Brian suffers from this problem, and repeatedly blames Stewie for it. However, the rest of the family learns the truth after he wets himself in a supermarket.
** In "The Splendid Source", Peter craps his pants every time he hears a joke that Joe and Quagmire recently learned about, which the two then decide to tell it every single time to Peter just to prank him so he keeps soiling himself. It stops when Peter tries to get revenge by wearing Quagmire's pants and awaits the joke, causing Quagmire to stop.
** Eliza suffers this in "One If By Clam, Two If By Sea" whilst at her birthday party.
** Peter in "Mom's the Word" after eating a lot of cookie dough.
** In a cutaway of "When You Wish Upon a Weinstein" Peter soils himself during a dinner party.
** Happens to Stewie in "Peter-assment" when he gets a severe case of [[PerformanceAnxiety stage fright]] while performing in a school play.
* ''WesternAnimation/CowAndChicken'': In "Chicken in the Bathroom", after spending most of the episode having to go to the bathroom and being unable to because Chicken was told not to leave until he took a bath (which he refused to do), Mom, Dad, and Cow get fed up and decide to try and bathe him themselves. Unfortunately, while they're doing so, Cow just can't hold it anymore, and the resulting explosion ([[FauxSymbolism of milk]]) drowns everyone.
* ''WesternAnimation/MagicAdventuresOfMumfie'' had an episode where a cloud named Fluffy [[FauxSymbolism leaks water]] on Scarecrow's chair.
** Scarecrow pees himself in "A Grouper's Tooth" when running away from a shark, as we see a puddle underneath him when he runs from the shark for a brief second.
* In an episode of ''WesternAnimation/CatDog'', Lube the Greaser Dog wets his pants after riding a giant rollercoaster.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheFairlyOddParents'':
** At the end of the episode, "Home Wrecker", Tootie [[PottyEmergency has to go to the bathroom]] when Timmy [[SomethingWeForgot forgets that he left her locked up in her (boarded-up) closet]]. She wets herself because she's unable to get out.
** In the episode, "The Big Bash", Cupid gives us this little gem just before being attacked by the episode's cast because the wild goose chase they just sent them on was merely a quest to serve him breakfast:
--> '''Cupid''': ''Good thing I'm wearing a diaper!''
* In one episode of ''WesternAnimation/NerdsAndMonsters'', Dudley becomes completely dependent on a pet he domesticated. He orders the pet to carry him to the outhouse, then a few seconds later tells him not to bother and to take him to the shower instead.
* ''WesternAnimation/TeenTitansGo'' has done this a lot.
** The very first instance happened to Beast Boy in "Caged Tiger" when he is stuck in an elevator after drinking water.
** In "Halloween", this is the first thing that happens when Beast Boy [[FountainOfYouth turns back into a toddler]].
** This happens to Robin in "Serious Business" during the [[PottyDance "The Pee-Pee Dance"]].
** Happens twice in "Operation Dude Rescue"'s first part: first, Beast Boy dehydrates himself after drinking tea, and Robin wets himself when captured.
* In the ''WesternAnimation/MyLifeAsATeenageRobot'' episode "Tuckered Out", an embarrassing home movie shows Tucker wetting himself while sitting on the lap of a MallSanta.
* Adam Lyon from ''WesternAnimation/MyGymPartnersAMonkey'' once wet his pants in the first grade.
* Summer from ''WesternAnimation/RickAndMorty'' does this ''twice'': Once in "A Rickle in Time", out of shock of Morty knocking out Rick (this isn't explicitly seen but is mentioned by Morty), and again in "Total Rickall", during the elevator flashback where she says she peed her pants the moment they got stuck.
* {{Defied}} in ''WesternAnimation/DanielTigersNeighborhood's'' {{Toilet Training Plot}}s:
-->'''Teacher Harriet:''' I know you want to stay and play, [[PottyEmergency but it's important to stop, and go to the bathroom right away.]]
-->'''Prince Wednesday:''' Why?
-->'''Teacher Harriet:''' Because I don't want you to have a potty accident.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheGrimAdventuresOfBillyAndMandy'':
** Billy, having become sick of Grim's rules, decides to try and fart on him. After some struggling, he says "Here it comes," but it doesn't go as planned then he remarks "Aw, now I gots to change my pants".
** In ''Billy & Mandy Save Christmas'', we get this gem as Billy sits on Skarr's lap while he's a MallSanta.
--->'''Skarr:''' Have you been relieving yourself on me this whole time?
--->'''Billy:''' Ahh, tis the season to be giving.
* At the end of the ''{{WesternAnimation/Clarence}}'' episode "Classroom", Brady pees his pants after holding it throughout the entire episode. It ends up relieving the tension that had been built during the episode, to the point where even Brady ends up laughing.
* In the ''WesternAnimation/WhatsWithAndy'' episode "The Show Must Go On", a preschooler says, "I wet my pants."
* ''WesternAnimation/WeBareBears'': Cub Panda has a PottyEmergency in the short "Potty Time". But just when Cub Panda finds a bathroom after too long, the woman they met before hugs him, which results in Cub Panda wetting himself on her. Later on, the baby bears are given a JarPotty for their box, likely preventing any more of these in the future.