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->'''Nicodemus:''' What would you say if I told you that you and I might have a great many common interests in the future?\\
'''Harry:''' I wouldn't say much of anything. I would be too busy laughing in your face.
-->-- ''Literature/SmallFavor'', ''Literature/TheDresdenFiles''

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Sometimes GoodIsNotNice, hence a hero can be obnoxious and rude. Similarly, sometimes an AffablyEvil villain could be friendly or polite. When either or both of these work their way into to the tone of a conversation between a hero and a villain, you end up with conversations in which the villains sound more respectful than the heroes.

Depending on how this is treated in the context of a story, it could serve as a PetTheDog moment, or alternatively, it could serve as a sign that the villains really, REALLY don't deserve respect and hence the heroes will not give it to them. Then again, that would by its very nature imply the villain's at least humble enough to be polite to the heroes... or at least not too proud to pretend to be.

Can be a sign that EvilCannotComprehendGood -- the villain sees the hero as a WorthyOpponent who happens to be working at cross-purposes to him, but doesn't understand the hero's visceral hatred of everything he stands for. It can also be a character flaw for the AntiHero, who when confronted by evil may act so tactlessly as to seriously disgrace his own reputation.

Sometimes, the moral is that actions speak louder than words; while the villain in the picture might be ''speaking'' courteously, there is the small matter that he has just poisoned the hero. Some works take it so far that the [[BrokenAesop moral seems to be]] "politeness is deceptive, bluntness is honest" -- a message that all those RealityShow contestants who "speak [their] mind and don't care what anyone thinks" must have taken to heart.

See also SoftSpokenSadist, FauxAffablyEvil. UglyHeroGoodLookingVillain is this applied to looks.

!! Examples

[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* ''Manga/InuYasha'': Inu-Yasha and his half-brother have no love lost between them. Sesshomaru is formal but contemptuous while Inu-Yasha is generally rude to almost everyone to begin with. Though Sesshomaru also does [[FantasticRacism insult Inuyasha over being a Hanyo/Half-Demon]], so it's kinda hard to think of him as polite when he does that.
* ''Anime/GunXSword'' seems to fit. Although Wendy and Joshua are nice enough, Van and Ray and to a lesser extent Carmen 99 are pretty jerkish, while the Claw and all of his minions are a really nice bunch.
* ''Anime/PantyAndStockingWithGarterbelt'' [[ZigZaggingTrope zigzags]] this one a bit, although that shouldn't surprise anyone given [[Creator/StudioGainax the show's creators]]. The angels are always contemptuous toward the demons, but said demons alternate -- sometimes mid-conversation -- between subverting this trope, acting respectful, and (extremely rarely) genuinely ''being'' respectful toward the angels.
* ''Manga/FullmetalAlchemist'' has Edward Elric, the bratty teenage genius protagonist who's brash, short-tempered, and swears quite a bit. He is constantly calling his opponents (and his own father) "bastard" and "third-rate novice". In contrast, the main villain, Father, heals his broken arm, inquires after his health and family, and allows Ed to live and continue his journey while he casually plans the [[spoiler:death of over 50 million people]]. The Fuhrer of Amestris, King Bradley, even invites Edward and his brother Alphonse to tea. There's also Solf J. Kimblee, the Crimson Alchemist, a mass-murdering psychopath who treats Edward's mechanic, Winry Rockbell, with genuine respect and kindness while politely asking Ed to [[spoiler:stage a massacre at Fort Briggs.]] She doesn't even realize she's a hostage without being told.
* ''Franchise/DragonBall'': A common theme. Goku is a country bumpkin with NoSocialSkills and a tendency towards BrutalHonesty, while several of the series' main villains, like Frieza, Cell, King Piccolo, and Goku Black, are FauxAffablyEvil people who have polite mannerisms and often compliment their opponents before mercilessly torturing and killing them.
* In ''Manga/DeathNote'', Light, the cold and manipulative mass murderer with a bad god complex, is almost always polite and well-mannered; while L, the detective trying to stop him and bring him to justice, is usually very blunt and has little regard for others' feelings.
* ''Anime/{{Scryed}}'' [[ZigzaggingTrope plays with]] this one. At first you have the angry, loud-mouthed Kazuma opposing the calm, controlled Ryuhou. [[spoiler:After Ryuhou's HeelFaceTurn]], the main villain is Kyoji Mujo, who is FauxAffablyEvil at first, and then becomes full-blown AxCrazy.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* In ''ComicBook/ChickTracts'', the angels helping the "good guys" tend to be rude and uptight, and aren't above punching sinners/devils like bullies. And many of said good guys are often condescending, disrespectful, and arrogant to the others.
* In ''Comicbook/SinCity'', almost all of the "heroes" are brutal and rude, befitting an AntiHero status. While the villains tend to be just as nasty, we do have Herr Wallenquist, who is polite to the point of not seeking vengeance after a major defeat.
* Usually {{Inverted}} in ComicBook/DisneyMouseAndDuckComics stories from Italy (and Italian translations of foreign stories), where the heroes tend to be politer than villains. The only regular exceptions are Donald Duck, whose temper and [[DeadpanSnarker sarcasm]] make him about as rude as the average villain, and Phantom Blot, [[AffablyEvil who is just that polite to everyone]].
* When we finally meet [[BigBad the Adversary]] in ''ComicBook/{{Fables}}'', he turns out to be [[spoiler:the soft-spoken, grandfatherly Gepetto]] who is philosophical about the trouble Boy Blue has caused him and just generally acts as hospitable as you can while still keeping your "guest" in a cage. Blue, meanwhile, smirks and spits his contempt at the Adversary all through their conversation.

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* In ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/3442555/1/Street-Sharks-Redux Street Sharks Redux]]'', this just about sums up every interaction between [[MadScientist Dr.]] [[BigBad Paradigm]] and [[WesternAnimation/StreetSharks the protagonists]] in a nutshell.
* In ''WebVideo/DeathNoteTheAbridgedSeriesKpts4tv'', Light is outraged over Near's poor manners:
-->'''Light:''' [[FoeYay He was supposed to call me back!]] I wanted [[EvilGloating to gloat]] some more before my flash mob tore him apart! A child I have never met before ''LIED'' to me! His parents should've taught him better... Oh! Oh, [[ParentalAbandonment orphan]]. Right.
* In ''WebVideo/HellsingUltimateAbridged'', Luke Valentine and Alucard (for a rather loose definition of hero).
-->'''Luke:''' I'm trying to have a civil conversation with you here.\\
'''Alucard:''' Oh, so am I. And I'm failing. And I'm sorry for that. It's just that I'm so agitated, because this blond little shit stormed into my room, destroyed my 70 inch plasma wide screen TV, and is trying to impress me like I'm his alcoholic father.

[[folder:Film -- Animation]]
* ''Disney/{{Frozen}}'': Even after TheReveal that he is the BigBad, [[spoiler:Hans]] is still smooth, charming, and well-dressed in contrast to Kristoff, who is the snarky, impolite and sometimes insensitive {{Tritagonist}} of the film.
* ''Disney/TheGreatMouseDetective'': Basil is a GoodIsNotNice heroic mouse and Ratigan is a FauxAffablyEvil villainous rat.
* ''Disney/PeterPan'': The [[FauxAffablyEvil gentlemanly]], [[TheDandy elegant]] Captain Hook and versus the bratty Peter Pan.

[[folder:Film -- Live-Action]]
* ''Franchise/IndianaJones'': In ''Film/RaidersOfTheLostArk'', this happens with most of Indy and Belloq's interactions.
-->'''Belloq:''' How odd that it should end this way for us after so many stimulating encounters. I almost regret it. Where shall I find a new adversary so close to my own level?\\
'''Indy:''' Try the local sewer.
* ''Film/InglouriousBasterds'', has a Nazi, of all people, as one of the more polite characters in the film. When Hans Landa captures some of the heroes, he remarks how much he is impressed by them. The Basterds reveal they don't know nor care who he is and openly insult him. Landa lampshades this by complaining about the lack of mutual respect.
* Mandi and Tyler in ''Film/MeanGirls 2''. Only those two however; Mandi's horrible to everyone else.
* In ''Film/PhoneBooth'', the protagonist is a rotten liar and the antagonist teaches him the better way to live.
* According to the official visual companion, the Operative in ''Film/{{Serenity}}'' was intentionally written to seem like a better, more refined man than Malcolm Reynolds.
* ''Franchise/StarWars'': Count Dooku from the prequel trilogy is far more polite than Obi-Wan, if not more polite than most of the Jedi as a whole.
-->'''Dooku:''' You have fought gallantly. Worthy of recognition in the archives of the Jedi Order. Now it is finished. Surrender -- and your lives will be spared.\\
'''Mace Windu:''' We will NOT be hostages to be bartered, Dooku.\\
'''Dooku:''' Then, I'm sorry, old friend.

* Deliberately invoked in the penultimate book of the ''Literature/{{Animorphs}}'' series between team leader Jake and his infested brother Tom. Tom, playing up his role as SmugSnake to the hilt, is attempt pleasant banter with the Animorphs, but neither Jake nor his team is having any of it. A few pages later, he betrays them and tries to have them all killed.
* The chapter "The Voice of Saruman" from ''Literature/TheLordOfTheRings'' comes to mind. Saruman is (faking) pleasantness, the good guys respond harshly.
* In the book ''Literature/TheRobotsOfDawn'' by Creator/IsaacAsimov, Elijah Baley reflects at one point how the supposed "good guy", Dr. Han Fastolfe is unpleasant and antisocial, while Kelden Amadiro, the "villain", seems friendly and accommodating. The "wolf" behind Amadiro's apparent friendliness becomes apparent to Baley later.
* This sort of contrast happens a lot between Harry Dresden and "Gentleman" John Marcone in ''Literature/TheDresdenFiles''. Marcone is usually polite to Harry; Harry rarely shows Marcone much respect in return, since Marcone is a mob boss. This happens a lot between Harry Dresden and practically any villain he talks to; the supernatural [[BigBad big bads]] of the Dresdenverse generally try to maintain a pretense of civility, and Harry... [[FirstPersonSmartass generally doesn't.]]
** Harry actually [[JustifiedTrope justifies this]] by saying that you never show fear or weakness to a predator. His snarkiness is actually an attempt to keep them off-balance and stop them from thinking that he's an easy target.
* Galbatorix's conversation with Oromis at the end of ''Brisingr'' in the ''Literature/InheritanceCycle''. He tries to convince Oromis to join him using smooth speech -- Oromis calls it "A balm of honeyed lies." After this, Galbatorix gives up and his voice is said to have "acquired a harsh, angry cast."
* In ''Literare/PlayingForKeeps'', the villains tend to be AffablyEvil and fairly polite to the main characters, in stark contrast to all the "heroes" save Pallas, who, besides the FantasticRacism towards the protagonists and abusing their power, quickly prove to really care little for the civilians of Seventh City.
* ''Literature/TwentyThousandLeaguesUnderTheSea'': This is the dynamic between WickedCultured [[TheCaptain Captain]] Nemo and IdiotHero Ned Land. Nemo is AffablyEvil, and Ned Land doesnít lost any chance to insult Nemo, no matter how petty. Nemo is a WellIntentionedExtremist that maintains Ned in a GildedCage, and then you realize that DumbassHasAPoint.
* Seen in ''Literature/JourneyToTheWest'': Sun Wukong (especially before the CharacterDevelopment kicks in) is very rude, disrespectful, aggressive and short-tempered, while almost all the monsters that he encounters on his journey are surprisingly good-mannered even if man-eating, some of them bordering with NobleDemon.
* In ''Literature/LeSilenceDeLaMer'', the French uncle and niece who are forced to provide lodgings for a soft-spoken, Francophile German officer resist by completely ignoring him.
* In ''Discworld/WitchesAbroad'', Lilith de Tempscire (actually [[spoiler:Granny Weatherwax's sister Lily]]) is the villain, a HappinessIsMandatory type who thinks she's a good fairy godmother, so she's all about being refined and polite. The heroes are the witches, and they're impolite in different ways; Granny Weatherwax is [[GoodIsNotNice arrogant, pushy and constantly complaining]], Nanny Ogg is a DirtyOldWoman, and Magrat is an awkward GranolaGirl who ''tries'' to be kind but just isn't very good with people.
* In ''{{Literature/Twilight}} New Moon'', when Edward, Alice, and Bella are brought before the Volturi, Aro is very pleasant and is perfectly willing to let them off as long as the Cullens agree to have Bella be turned into a vampire to preserve their secrecy. Edward reacts rather rudely, repeatedly making thinly-veiled accusations of Aro being corrupt.
* ''Literature/{{Warbreaker}}'': This is a major twist in the book. [[spoiler:Polite, friendly, and affable Denth is the villain who is trying to start a world war that will kill millions of people. Rude, angry, and unhappy Vasher is the hero who is trying to stop it. Compare and contrast their methods of getting Vivenna to help them: Denth carefully steers her towards [[GladYouThoughtOfIt suggesting his own ideas]], making her think they will weaken her enemy in the war that he has convinced her is inevitable, while Vasher throws her into a meeting with a bunch of peasants and says "See, your princess doesn't want war. Now stop being stupid and make peace."]]
* ''Literature/{{Victoria}}'' plays this straight with Captain Halsing, the [[AffablyEvil charming and polite]] Nazi officer, when contrasted to the often abrasive hero of the story, Captain John Rumford. Also compare the AntiVillain President Warner earlier in the story, who never uses any foul language. Otherwise generally averted.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* Garibaldi vs Bester in ''Series/BabylonFive''. Though Garibaldi isn't really rude -- he's just rough hewn.
-->'''Bester:''' If I had [[PsychicPowers my talent]] working, I could have warned you when he was coming.\\
'''Garibaldi:''' And if I had a baseball bat, we could hang you from the ceiling and play piñata.\\
'''Bester:''' A piñata, huh? [[AnalogyBackfire So, you think of me as something bright and cheerful, full of toys and candy for young children]]? [[SarcasmMode Thank you! That makes me feel much better about our relationship.]]
* ''Series/DoctorWho'': The Twelfth Doctor and the Missy incarnation of the [[ArchEnemy Master]] have this dynamic, as the former is a KnightInSourArmor who is rude and snarky to everyone while saving the universe, while the latter is AffablyEvil and generally polite and charming to others, all while casually murdering anyone in her way.
* Played quite straight in ''Series/{{Hannibal}}''. Protagonist Will Graham is gruff, shabby looking, and has NoSocialSkills, but genuinely cares for people and takes in stray dogs. Hannibal Lecter is a cultured, refined, Renaissance man with impeccable table manners... and a cannibalistic mass murderer who blackmails and exploits his patients.
* This is the impression Chirs Sims and David Uzumeri had when they [[http://www.comicsalliance.com/2010/12/27/recap-smallville-episode-1-1-pilot/ recently watched]] the pilot episode of ''Series/{{Smallville}}'': Pa Kent is a dick who eventually pushes Lex into supervillainy.
* ''Series/{{Supernatural}}'':
** The show in general. While some monsters are flat-out dicks (such as the crocotta) or non-sentient (such as the wending), most demons and sentient monsters tend to be [[FauxAffablyEvil mockingly]] ([[AffablyEvil or even genuinely]]) [[FauxAffablyEvil polite]], while Sam and Dean make very clear their contempt for them.
** In the episode [[Recap/SupernaturalS02E21AllHellBreaksLoosePartOne "All Hell Breaks Loose, Part One" (S02, Ep21)]], Sam threatens the Yellow-Eyed Demon while the demon complements Sam.
--->'''Yellow-Eyed Demon:''' Youíre awfully quiet, Sam. Youíre not mad at me, are you?\\
'''Sam:''' Iím gonna tear you to shreds, I swear to--\\
'''Yellow-Eyed Demon:''' (''chuckles'') When you wake up, Tiger, you give it your best shot.
* The Cylons in ''Series/BattlestarGalactica2003'' are polite, religious and well-dressed, while the heroes are a scruffy bunch of shell-shocked veterans with a laundry list of [[DysfunctionJunction personal defects]].

[[folder:Print Media]]
* The page image is from a ''Magazine/{{MAD}}'' article parodying this trope, and for what it's worth, there are [[http://i245.photobucket.com/albums/gg78/evalana/madheroesvillains01.png more]] [[http://i245.photobucket.com/albums/gg78/evalana/madheroesvillains02.png images]] where that came from.

* From Music/RhapsodyOfFire there are some, well, interesting lines spoken by the main hero against the BigBad Akron in "The Mighty Ride of the Firelord", including calling him bloody bastard, spit on him and threaten to burn him and ''[[WhatTheHellHero eat his brains]]''. [[spoiler:Granted, he has just [[FamilyUnfriendlyDeath raped to death Princess Airin]] and killed the warrior Arwald, but still...]]. They also don't exitate to refer to the Queen of the Dark Horizon as the "God-forsaken Bitch".
* In the Music/BlindGuardian song "Time Stand Still", [[Literature/TheSilmarillion Melkor]] is quite affable and polite, while Fingolfin curse him on sight.
* The zombie "Bob" in Music/JonathanCoulton's song "Re: Your Brains" speaks as if narrating an excessively polite corporate email while trying to convince the survivors to leave their safehouse.

* In the opera ''La Fanciulla del West'', the bandit (love interest of the heroine) is kind, chivalrous, and charming, while the Sheriff of the mining post is a self-absorbed, greedy, would-be adulterer. No surprise on who gets the girl.
* In ''[[Theatre/TheRingOfTheNibelung Siegfried]]'', the hero Siegfried is rude and contemptuous of his IllegalGuardian Mime, who affects politeness in dealing with him. This is taken furthest in their final scene, where Mime affects polite, friendly and fatherly manners while inadvertently revealing his evil intentions. This leads Siegfried to ask him increasingly angry questions and finally kill him on the spot.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* ''VideoGame/LegacyOfKain'': Raziel is one of the more moral characters in the series, which is saying something considering that it runs on BlackAndGreyMorality, and displays far less respect towards Kain and Moebius than they show him in turn.
* ''Franchise/{{Castlevania}}'':
** The opening of ''VideoGame/CastlevaniaSymphonyOfTheNight'', in which Richter barges into Dracula's castle and interrupts the Count's relaxed wine(?) drinking, greeting him with "Die, monster!" He then insults Dracula, to which Dracula replies very calmly and philosophically. Richter continues insulting Dracula until he provokes a fight. Now that's rude!
** The same is true for every conversation between the protagonists and Death prior to the ending split in ''[[VideoGame/CastlevaniaPortraitOfRuin Portrait of Ruin]]''. However, Death does have an instance of mocking both Jonathan and Charlotte in the same breath, when, in response to Charlotte scolding Jonathan for antagonizing him by reminding him of what happened to his father, Death mockingly says "To think he needs a little child to admonish him!"
** In ''[[VideoGame/CastlevaniaChroniclesOfSorrow Aria of Sorrow]]'', a perfect contrast exists between the snooty and closemouthed Arikado and the helpful and friendly Graham.
* This seems to define Edge and Rubicant in ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyIV''.
* In ''VideoGame/ShadowHearts'', the hero Yuri is a rough brawler; before he's given a name, he's even referred to as "Rude Hero". His main antagonist is a dapper English Gentleman with a top hat who begins battle with a polite bow.
* In ''VideoGame/{{Bayonetta}}'', Bayonetta is pretty flippant and mean to the angels she fights; the big bosses among them, the Cardinal Virtues, are very pleasant in conversation. Also done with [[BigBad Father Balder]], who also maintains his manners with Bayonetta while she outright loathes him. Though in Balder's case, he crossed the MoralEventHorizon three times in one scene, and even AxCrazy Bayonetta is disgusted by what he's done.
* Part of the reason why ''VideoGame/ZeroWing'' was so badly translated is that CATS is using a very formal and polite form of Japanese, while the Captain and his crew are using a brusque, informal form. Even in the GoodBadTranslation, contrast "How are you, gentlemen?" with "It's you!"
* Subverted in ''VideoGame/DmCDevilMayCry'': At first it seems that Mundus is the soft-spoken, polite business man contrasting Dante, who's much more rude and disrespectful than his previous incarnations and will use swearwords often here and there. The subversions comes from later in the game, when we find out that even Mundus isn't above using F-bombs here and there.
* In ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVII'', AVALANCHE are a rowdy, rather sweary bunch, with even more demure characters like Aeris and Tifa talking with tough slang at times. Sephiroth's dialogue, however, is hugely polite and clinical. (He talks more normally in a flashback before his StartOfDarkness.) Cloud, as Sephiroth's specific rival, is a PerpetualFrowner with an overly blunt and arrogant way of talking.

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* In ''Webcomic/SequentialArt'', Hilary is very pleasant and polite to Art, when they meet at Kat's high school reunion. Kat, on the other hand, starts screaming the word "BITCH!" repeatedly the instant she lays eyes on her. Kat is very polite to everyone else, but Hilary bullied her so much that she became her BerserkButton.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* ''WebVideo/DoctorHorriblesSingAlongBlog'': Doctor Horrible is an intelligent, respectable guy who happens to be a supervillain, while his archenemy, Captain Hammer, is basically a huge jerk who mocks the homeless. Dr. Horrible seems to think of them as dirty and gross, but at least tries to keep his opinions to himself, and is interested in helping improve their situation (by taking over the world and re-ordering society) even if he doesn't want to ''touch or be touched'' by them. Their interactions with Penny are even more telling -- Dr Horrible is genuinely interested in her but unsure of how to proceed. Captain Hammer, meanwhile, is blatantly disrespectful of her and goes after her just because it gives him one more thing he can rub Dr Horrible's face in.
* Parodied in WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic's review of ''Film/SmallSoldiers'', with Lady Lovembrace, a DesignatedVillain PrincessClassic, opposite Devil Boner, a manic, shouting, hyper-macho DesignatedHero.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Archer}}''. Everyone who works at ISIS, especially Archer, has strong {{Jerkass}} tendencies, with the only exception being the TokenEvilTeammate Krieger. KGB agents and other villains will tend to be very polite to the heroes even as they're trying to kill them.
* ''WesternAnimation/StarWarsRebels'': Grand Admiral Thrawn is a WickedCultured strategic genius who is polite enough to tell off a subordinate for disrespecting a captive rebel in her own house, which the Empire has taken over as a headquarters. The rebel in question, Hera Syndulla, is just as abrasive towards Thrawn as she is towards all the other Imperials she's interacted with.